Caster of Magic


Part 0 - Important, read this!

How do I install Caster of Magic?

-Install Master of Magic 1.31, then overwrite with the contents of the CoM zip file. Then if you also ant the optional anime portraits, overwrite again with the contents of the “optional” folder.

What DOSBOX settings do I need to play?

-Core = dynamic and Cycles = 100000 or higher (use the highest number your CPU can handle. If you set it too high you'll notice frame skipping, lag, broken sound.)

Map generation is broken, I can't start a new game, it freezes!

-Patience! It might take a full minute or even 2-3 to generate a map if it's of smaller land sizes, as it's harder to do so if the map is more crowded. This wait is very much worth it considering you'll be spending hours on playing the map and an extremely poor starting position will waste all that time.

Can I use save game editors?

No, the save file contents are slightly different, unless you find an editor that was speficially made for the latest verison of the mod, they will be incompatible. You can still edit your game data by connecting to the running game ni memory using the Tweaker though.

Can I use modding tools or LBX/EXE editors?

While you can usually edit most LBX files safely as they only contain data, avoid using editors that change the EXE files which contain game code. Doing so will likely result in a broken file that crashes.

How up to date is the information in this document?

The changelog section is always perfectly up-to-date, but the other sections (spells/units etc) might be slightly outdated. I'll plan to update those eventually but as long as there are constant changes, it's hard to do so. In general, trust the in-game help over this file, in-game help should always be accurate. If not, report it as a bug and it'll be fixed immediately.

I heard this mod is very difficult. What difficulty level should I play?

If you've never played the mod before, start on Normal. Even if you have regularly beaten the original Master of Magic on Impossible! If you have no experience with 4X games in general, start on Easy. If you've already beaten Normal, I suggest playing Fair or Advanced for a while before moving up to the higher difficulty levels. In general, every starting choice should be able to win the game up to Advanced if played well, but you generally want to avoid below average picks for Expert and want only the best for Master and Lunatic.

What about the other map settings?

The game is balanced towards all settings being on “Fair”. Changing map size, magic power, etc will affect balance and favor some strategies over others, so keep that in mind. Larger map sizes in particular heavily favor rapid expansion, as there is no way to raise the number of enemies to keep that in check. Some of these settings will make the game feel more, or less difficult - in general, more abundant resources tend to favor the AI, while smaller maps and poor resources tend to favor human players.

Part I

Gameplay mechanic changes

Ranged attacks :
Penalty is -1 to hit for each 4 squares of distance, not 3.
Large Shield adds +3 defense against ranged attacks.
Magical ranged attacks do not use MP, instead they use ammo even on units that do have MP.

See :
CoM's diplomacy system is identical to 1.50's, except for
-When the players casts Spell Blast, Disenchant, or Spell Binding against an AI wizard, it causes a Negative Diplomatic Reaction, with a power equal to the cost of the spell/10+3.
-As the AI plays much better in the mod, several formulas have been tweaked to require worse relation for a war declaration, and the chance of AI alliances is also a bit lower.

AI Aggression :
Earliest turn for Declaring War on the human player : 40
Earliest turn for Hostility (attacking without declaring war) : 40?

If unit speed < Fastest Enemy speed -1 : Unit has a 100% chance to die.
If unit speed = Fastest Enemy speed -1 : Unit has a 50% chance to die.
If unit speed = Fastest Enemy speed : Unit has a 50% chance to die.
If unit speed > Fastest Enemy speed : Unit has a 1/(2+X) chance to die where X is the difference between the speed values.

Maximum number of combat turns : 25

Terrain :
-Mountains give +10% production.
-Arcanus nodes have 4-14 tiles
-Myrran nodes have 7-20 tiles

Ore Bonus :
Silver : +4 gold
Gold : +8 gold
Gems : +12 gold
Quork : +5 power
Crysx : +10 power
Iron : 10% cheaper units
Coal : 20% cheaper units.

Range penalties for casting :
Fortress – 1x
1-8 distance : 1x
9-13 distance : 1.2x
14-18 distance : 1.5x
19-24 distance : 2x
25+ distance or other plane : 3x

Removed Random Events :
-Mana Short

Added Random Events :
AEther Flux : All spells cost 50% less to cast.
Stroke of Genius : The current spell being researched is done the next turn for everyone. If Spell of Mastery is being researched, instead it progresses by 10000 RP.

Modified Random Events :
Depletion, New Minerals : Fixed to now appear
Nature Conjunction : Fantastic units gain +2 DEF and RES.
Chaos Conjunction : Direct damage spells do 33% more damage.
Sorcery Conjunction : Casting Skill increases 4 times as fast from mana spent on it (not including spell effects)
Bad Moon : All units lose 2 resistance in combat.
Good Moon : Unit enchantments are 50% cheaper.
All of these are in addition to the original effect.

Treasure : see the patch files in the MoM 1.5 wiki entry in the "M" category

Maximum amount per realm : 10
(Guaranteed means you will be able research that spell but you do not get it already researched!!! Guranteed turn 1 means it will appear on turn 1.)

Each book contains/allows :

C/U/R/VR , C Starting/ U Guaranteed/ U Guaranteed turn 1/ R Guaranteed, other effects
Book 01 : 3/1/0/0, 0/0/0/0, Find/Trade common
Book 02 : 3/2/1/0, 1/0/0/0, Find/Trade Uncommon
Book 03 : 4/3/2/1, 2/0/0/0, Find/Trade Rare
Book 04 : 5/4/3/2, 3/0/0/0, Find/Trade Very Rare
Book 05 : 6/5/4/3, 4/1/0/0,
Book 06 : 7/6/5/4, 5/1/0/1,
Book 07 : 10/7/6/5, 5/2/0/1,
Book 08 : 10/10/7/6, 5/0/2/1,
Book 09 : 10/10/10/7, 5/0/2/0, +8% research, -5% casting cost
Book 10 : 10/10/10/10, 5/0/2/0, +16% research, -10% casting cost

Books found in treasure contain the same type and amount of spells as if you picked the book at the beginning (not true for original game!)
Life and Death allowed together.

The fortress produces 1.5 power for each book owned, but 3 for every book after the 8th.
The fortress casts a lightning bolt on the enemy army every turn. The lightning bolt strength is 10+(Casting Skill)/8, but no more than 32.
Heroes in the fortress only contribute 1/6 of their casting skill instead of 1/2.

-Each unit consumes 0.5 food instead of 1.
-Ships have no gold and food upkeep. Catapults have no food upkeep.
-All units (including heroes and fantastic) reduce unrest by 1 per 2 units.
-Death units can heal naturally except raised undead, zombies and skeletons.

-Excess food now converts into gold at 1 for 1.
-New tax tables : Maximal tax is now 2.5 gold per turn for an unrest of 55%, minimal tax is 1 gold for 1% unrest.
-Buying costs 2x the required production.
-Excess production carries over to next project and also if you change the build order.

-Building and population destruction base chance after combat depends on difficulty with the highest being at Lunatic at 45%.
-Gold transferred after combat is total gold production of the city*2.
-Banishing a wizard no longer gives you half of their mana reserves.
-You can gain new units (zombies, undead, prisoners) after combat even if that would exceed 9 units. Excess units are going to be pushed to the nearest adjacent square (or desert if none are available).

For normal units :
Regular : + 1 melee, +1 ranged, +1 resist total.
Veteran : + 2 melee, +2 ranged, +1 defense, +1 resist total.
Elite : + 2 melee, +2 ranged, +2 defense, +2 resist, +1 health total.
U. Elite : + 3 melee, +3 ranged, +3 defense, +2 resist, +1 health total.
Champion : + 3 melee, +3 ranged, +3 defense, +2 resist, +2 health, +1 hit total.

For heroes :
+1 melee for each level.
+1 ranged for each 2 levels.
+1 health for each level.
+1 resistance for each 2 levels.
+1 defense at level 4 and 8.
+1 to hit at level 5 and 9.

Exp tables :
Level 1 : 30
Level 2 : 80
Level 3 : 180
Level 4 : 300
Level 5 : 550
Level 6 : 900
Level 7 : 1400
Level 8 : 2000

Exp gained in combat : 1+floor(cost/32) for each dead enemy unit that stays dead. +7 for each unit raised as undead or zombie.

Razing : Instead of a fame loss, there is a fame gain.

Abilities :
Weapon Immunity now adds 8 DEF instead of raising to 10.
New ability : Quick Casting (only the Illusionist hero has this)

New ability : Primal Force (produces 20 power/turn)

New ability : Supernatural (Unit deals a small amount of minimal damage even if all of its damage would be blocked)
New hero abilities : see hero section.
Immunites raise defense to 100 instead of 50.
Scouting : Displayed level now matches description meaning I gives +1 radius, raising it to 2. (Original game showed II for this effect)

Range Penalty
Fortress – 1x
1-8 distance : 1x
9-13 distance : 1.2x
14-18 distance : 1.5x
19-24 distance : 2x
25+ distance or other plane : 3x

Node dispelling power : 60 (uses a new formula, see Counter Magic in Sorcery)

Grand Vizier :
Can only build buildings.
Will not change orders if you are producing units.
Will use the priorities of a pragmatist AI wizard.

Can be ordered to nly build non-military buildings.

Picks, Retorts
You start the game with 12 picks. Default wizards use 12 picks.
AI wizards have 12 picks on Easy,Normal, Advanced and Expert, 13 on Master, and 14 on Lunatic.
AI wizards no longer use a portrait based generation system, instead they generate a wizard based on preset rules then pick the closes matching free portrait.

See part III for retorts.

Each defeated wizard : +100
Each wizard in the game : +40
Time : +800 if winning in 2020 or earlier. 0 if winning in 2040 or later, score decreases linearly between these two. Now rewarded if losing.
Combat Rating : +16 for each % of percentage.
Difficulty multiplier : 0.5* for Easy, 1 for Normal, 1.5* for Hard, 2 for Extreme and 2.5* for Impossible. Not used if losing.

Combat rating is a weighted average of the units lost relative to the enemy for each combat. At least twice as much enemy losses as own is worth 100%, losing units when the enemy has no losses is 0%, value increases linearly between these two.

Bugs fixed : too much to list, see changelog...

AI advantage multipliers per difficulty :
See changelog.

Roads : now cost 1 to move on them, 0.5 if enchanted.

Outpost Growth

Growth per turn = ((Max Pop+10)*2*(100+RaceModifier)/100))

Change to shirnk = (12-Max Pop) %

Amount of shrinking each time : -240.

Starting size : 300

Completed size : 1000

Stream of Life : double the growth rate

Gaia's Blessing : +40

Iron, Coal : +12

Gems, Gold, Silver, Mithril, Admantium, Crysx, Quork : +5

Chaos Rift : Chance to shrink +12%

Evil Presence : Chance to shrink +7%

Famine : Chance to shrink +15%

Pestilence : Chance to shrink +25%


Banished wizards can now cast combat spells, but have to pay a 4x distance multiplier for them. Banished wizards now get their usual power income. However banished wizards still can't cast overland spells other than the Spell of Return and cannot participate in diplomacy. They are shown as a colored empty gem instead of a shattered one, and right clicking allows checking their data.

Part II

Normal Units

All data below is the basic unit, without racial special bonuses.Resistance is unlisted because it depends on the race far more than the unit type. The number of figures are unchanged for all basic units. Changes to racial exclusive units are mentioned in the “races” section instead.

-Spearmen (10) : 2 attack, 1 defense, 1 health, 2 movement, 6 figures, 3 resistance.

-Swordsmen (30) : 3 attack, 3 defense, 1 health, 2 movement, 6 figures, 4 resistance. Large Shield.

-Halberdiers (60) : 5 attack, 4 defense, 2 health, 2 movement, 6 figures, 5 resistance.

-Bowmen (30) : 1 attack, 3 Ranged (8 ammo), 1 defense, 1 health, 2 movement, 6 figures, 4 resistance.

-Cavalry (40) : 4 attack, 2 defense, 3 health, 5 movement. 4 figures, 4 resistance, First Strike.

-Shamans (50) : 2 attack, 3 ranged, 3 defense, 1 health, 2 movement. 4 Figures, 6 Resistance. Healer, Purify, Healing Spell

-Magicians (120) : 1 attack, 7 ranged, 3 defense, 1 health, 3 movement. Missile Immunity, Caster 20.

-Catapults (80) : 1 attack, 15 ranged, 2 defense, 10 health, 1 movement. 1 figure, 3 resistance. Long Range, Wall Crusher.

-Settlers (150) : No change, except the cost being standardized and higher.

-Trireme(60) : Now has 15 health, 12 attack and 3 movement.

-Galley(100) : Now has 14 attack, 9 ranged attack, and 3 movement.

-Warship(140) : Now has 16 attack, 14 ranged attack, and 4 movement, but only 15 shots.

Part III


Alchemy : Unchanged

Warlord : Unchanged

Channeller : Now reduces the cost penalty for banished wizards to half

Archmage : The 50% bonus applies to starting SP pool as well, instead of a flat+10 addition.

Artificier : All arcane spells cost 25% less except item creation which remains at 50%.

Conjurer : Unchanged

Sage Master : Grants +33% research and +5 RP a turn.

Myrran : Unchanged

Guardian : New, when defending your own city, all units gain +1 To Hit, +1 To Defend, +1 Resistance. Costs 2 picks.

Famous : Now quadruples the chance of mercenaries, and allows heroes with additional levels to appear for hire.

Runemaster : Spells are 150% harder to dispel and the wizard's own dispels are 100% more effective. Arcane spell research has a 25% bonus. Costs 2 picks.

Charismatic : Additonal effect : Treaty offers by the player are more likely to get accepted.

Specialist : +15% research bonus in the primary realm, spells of that realm cost 12% less to cast and are 100% harder to dispel. Replaces the 3 old “Mastery” retorts.

Tactician : All of the wizard's units gain +1 defense and heroes gain +2 attack, defense and resistance.

Cult Leader : +75% power generated by religious buildings, +50% unrest reduction from the same.

Astrologer : Nodes can't counter the wizard's spells and each node produces 2 additional power for each year elapsed since the start of the game. (Replaces Node Mastery)

Spellweaver : Overland casting skill is 50% higher and power income from all sources is 25% higher. Costs 2 picks and is mutually exclusive with Archmage.

Omniscient : All of the wizard's cities gain additional benefits based on the wizard's book realms and amounts. (see ingame description for details)

Removed retorts : Mana Focusing, Infernal and Divine Power, Sorcery, Chaos and Nature Mastery.

Part IV


Buildings have been separated to multiple braches, opening up more choices.

The religion tree

Shrine → Cathedral

Shrine+Builder's Hall → Oracle

Cathedrals now generate 6 power. Shrines generate 2. Temples are removed. Oracle reduces 3 unrest.

This tree provides a total of 8 power and 5 unrest reduction. Shrine unlocks shamas, Parthenon unlocks priests where available, which is part of the avanced tree.

The magic tree

Library → Sage's Guild, Wizard's Guild and Alchemists Guild

Alchemist's Guild → Amplifying Tower

Wizard's Guild now produces 10 Power and 4 Research, making it the ultimate building of magic power. It also unlocks Magicians and Warlocks where available.

Alchemists Guilds now only generate 2 power because the main purpose of that building is enabling magical weapon/armor on units. This balances out magic and religious buildings to each generate 12 power total.

Sage's Guild is the new ultimate research building, producing 10 research, but nothing else.

With this change, research, weapon bonus, and power are separated into 3 different choices.

Amplifying tower is a new building that raises the owner's casting skill by 7.

The military tree(s)

Smithy → Stables, Fighter's Guildand Maritime Guild, Colosseum

Fighter's Guild → Armorer's Guild

Barracks →War College, Colosseum

Stables → Fantastic Stables

Ship Wright's Guild → Ship Yard → Maritime Guild

Armory has been removed. Colosseum is new, and reducest unrest by 1 as well as increases fame by 5. Isn't required for producing units.

The food tree(s)

Granary and Marketplace → Farmer's Market

Forester's Guild and Granary → Animist's Guild

These buildings serve their original purpose. Note that you no longer need additional buildings to construct them, like the Builder's Hall. Animist's Guild no longer reduces unrest.

The production tree(s)

Sawmill → Forester's Guild

Miner's Guild+University → Mechanician's Guild

These are significantly changed. The Sawmill now produces a flat +8 production, and doesn't require a forest. It's meant to accelerate the production of the early game, low population towns, intead of the endless waiting in the original game. In a low population or new town, you always want a Sawmill first, but in already developed towns, it's less important. Forester's Guild now only adds 10% production but 3 food, Miner's and Mechanician's Guilds add +25% each. You no longer need a special ore on the map to build a Miner's Guild. This change means you don't actually need to build the Miner's Guild right away, as you need a sizeable population for it to really matter.

The advanced tree

Builder's Hall → University, Parthenon, Bank, Merchant's Guild

As you can see, Univerity and Parthenon are now separated from their original trees, and are independent, extra resource generators, which only races access to the advanced tree can utilize.

They provide a better cost/effect rate than the original trees, but consist of only one building without unlocking further options for Research/Power/Units.

Additionally, the Parthenon now generates 4 power instead of 3 and Universities produce 6 research.

The economy tree(s)

Marketplace → Bank

Ship Wright's Guild → Merchant's guild

The markatplace now generates a flat 8 gold instead of +50% but it adds to the base gold so it scales up by trade and other buildings.

Banks now provide +30% gold only and require access to the advanced building tree.

Merchant's Guilds now provide +40% gold only and require access to the advanced building tree and must have access to sea for the Ship Wright's Guild.

Part V


Population Growth : +90
Forbidden Buildings : Builder's Hall, Cathedral, Miner's Guild, Library, Fantastic Stables, Armorer's Guild, Colossuem
Standard Units : Spearmen, Swordsmen, Bowmen, Cavalry, Shaman, Trireme, Galley, Warship
Unit resistance : 1 lower than normal
Other unit modifiers : Pathfinding, Thrown 1
Race specials : Settlers is 33% cheaper
Racial Unrest generated by Barbarian rulers : Dark Elf +3, High Elf +2, Beastmen, Draconian, Dwarven, Gnoll, Halfling, High Men, Klackon +1.
Racial Units
Berserkers (Fighter's Guild)
Cost : 100
Melee Attack : 7
Ranged Attack : 3 Thrown
Defense : 3
Health : 3
Movement : 3
Resistance : 3
Figures : 6
Abilities : Pathfinding, +1 to hit.

Barbarians are one of the races meant for early offense. They move faster, terrains can't slow them down, and they both hit hard and are capable of hitting flying units, so they are quite difficult to stop by military forces. Despite all of these advantages,
they also grow quickly, and their units are cheap. In exchange, Barbarian cities can build barely any buildings, which means they have to be successful in conquest to stand a chance in the late game, and their unit are extremely vulnerable to curses. They are unable to build an Alchemist's Guild, and although their Berserkers have the additional To Hit by default, Weapon Immunity can be hard to overcome with this race without proper spells.
Barbarians now have the racial advantage Gnolls used to have, early game strong military :
Berserkers now require only a Fighter's Guild. Due to their low resistance, and no magical weapons, they have vulnerability to several common magic spells and aren't too hard to stop. This definitely needs some testing for balance, might be a bit too powerful.

Population Growth : +60
Forbidden Buildings : Builder's Hall, Fantastic Stables, Fighter's Guild, Maritime Guild, Amplifying Tower, Wizards Guild.
Standard Units : Spearmen, Swordsmen, Halberdiers, Trireme, Galley
Unit resistance : normal
Other unit modifiers : +2 melee attack
Race specials : -

Racial Units
Wolf Riders (Smithy,Stables)
Cost : 100
Melee Attack : 7
Ranged Attack : -
Defense : 3
Health : 5
Movement : 4
Resistance : 4
Figures : 4
Abilities : Pathfinding

Jackal Riders (Armorer's Guild,Stables)
Cost : 150
Melee Attack : 6
Ranged Attack : -
Defense : 3
Health : 3
Movement : 3
Resistance : 4
Figures : 8
Abilities : Fear

Gnolls are another early offense race, and the second best such race in the game, as their racial unit only requires a Stables and Smithy to produce. This is even faster than Barbarians', but the unit is much weaker than Berserkers. They are however more versatile, as they can build at least some of the resource producing buildings, although they are still behind late game races in that. While having an even faster start than Barbarians as far as producing units goes, their Wolf Riders are less powerful, and their infantry units lack the additional movement and pathfinding, and the racial resistance is as low as Barbarians, so they are also very vulnerable to curses. In exchange, they can, however, build Alchemist's Guilds.

Population Growth : +70
Forbidden Buildings : Builder's Hall, Miner's Guild, Fantastic Stables, Ship Wrights Guild, Forester's Guild, War College
Standard Units : Spearmen, Swordsmen, Halberdiers, Shaman
Unit resistance : 1 lower
Other unit modifiers : Swimming, +1 health
Race specials : Settlers costs only 120 and move 2.

Racial Units
Dragon Turtle (Armorer's Guild, Stables)
Cost : 100
Melee Attack : 10
Ranged Attack : Fire Breath 5
Defense : 9
Health : 20
Movement : 2
Resistance : 10
Figures : 1
Abilities : Fire Immunity
A unit with outstanding defense capabilities for a normal unit, but pretty weak offense.Low tier units can't hope to damage it.

Javelineers (Fighter's Guild)
Cost : 75
Melee Attack : 5
Ranged Attack : 4 (6 ammo)
Defense : 4
Health : 2
Movement : 2
Resistance : 5
Figures : 6
Abilities : -
A mixture of bowmen and halberdiers. Less health but more resistance and has a ranged attack.

Lizardmen are a special race which plays very differently from all others. Due to no production boosting buildings, but discounted faster Settlers, and ability to move across water, they can spread and build a large amount of cities earlier than anyone else. Their units are hard to kill, so they are effective at defending these cities, although their performance on offense is not particularly outstanding. They are weak to curses, but their Dragon Turtle has a very high resistance, so once they can build them, this vulnerability becomes less of an issue. Unlike other early game races, Lizardmen can build an Alchemist's Guild, which makes their Javelineers a potentially effective early offensive unit. (but building the Alchemists' Guild might slow the expansion down due to low production).
Testing has shown this race is viable and actually quite potent due to high growth and spread. Now they even have some additional way to utilize this through building Amplifying Towers and Colosseums.

Population Growth : +60
Forbidden Buildings : Barracks, Armorer's Guild, Stables, Animists Guild, Shipyard
Standard Units : Spearmen, Swordsmen, Shaman, Magicians, Trireme, Catapult
Unit resistance : normal, but lucky raises it by +1.
Other unit modifiers : Lucky. Swordsmen and Shaman have 1 lower melee. Swordsmen have 2 extra figures. Units cost 50% more than normal.
Race specials : Farmers produce food as though there was an Animist's Guild. Research production is doubled.

Racial Units
Slingers (Fighter's Guild)
Cost : 100
Melee Attack : 1
Ranged Attack : 3 (6 ammo)
Defense : 2
Health : 1
Movement : 2
Resistance : 4
Figures : 8
Abilities : Lucky
Halflings have very weak military power by default, but their large number of figures and Lucky ability makes them quite effective when buffed. Unlike other races, you usually do not play Halflings for using Halfling units (unless playing Life), but for their increased food production, and very beneficial racial unrest table. Cities of other races you conquer will provide military for you, while your halfling cities produce food or other resources. They can build every nonmilitary building, so they are ideal for a resource production center. They aren't as extremely resistant to curses as they used to be in the vanilla game, but their Lucky trait does make them have at least slightly above normal resistance.
Additional research production gives them a unique ability that makes them a more viable choice for late game strategies.

Population Growth : +110
Forbidden Buildings : War College, Fantastic Stables, Ship Yard, University, Cathedral, Marketplace, Merchant's Guild
Standard Units : Spearmen, Swordsmen, Halberdiers, Engineers, Trireme
Unit resistance : normal
Other unit modifiers : +2 defense
Race specials : Workers generate +50% production

Racial Units
Stag Beetle (Armorer's Guild, Stables)
Cost : 160
Melee Attack : 15
Ranged Attack : 5 Fire Breath
Defense : 7
Health : 20
Movement : 4
Resistance : 7
Figures : 1
Abilities : -
I feel the armor on this unit might be a little too high, 7 armor, when further increased by levels, is pretty hard to damage for most normal units.

Klackons are halfway between an early military race and an economic late game race. They have excellent growth, bonus production, and they have less unrest in their cities, allowing for above average gold income. To offset this, they cannot build any gold production buildings, but they do not need to, either. Their units are able to compete with other early game races due to their improved defense, and Stag Beetle is a quite powerful single figure late game unit which is pretty easy to mass-produce due to improved workers and access to all production boosting buildings. While not as good at producing resources as specialized races, Klackons can do an acceptable job at it. Klackons are not good at holding cities of other races, this usually generates large unrest. When playing as Klackons, building as many Klackon cities as possible, and relying on a large army of beetles is necessary. Due to this, facing enemies that can deal with beetles too easily can put a halt to klackon expansion, however, beetles are rather hard to kill and easy to produce in large quantities, which makes achieving that quite difficult.

High Men
Population Growth : +60
Forbidden Buildings : Fantastic Stables
Standard Units : Spearmen, Swordsmen, Bowmen, Cavalry, Engineers, Trireme, Galley, Warship, Catapult
Unit resistance : 2 below normal
Other unit modifiers : Magicians have +2 figures.
Race specials : -

Racial Units
Pikemen (Fighter's Guild)
Cost : 75
Melee Attack : 4
Ranged Attack : -
Defense : 2
Health : 2
Movement : 2
Resistance : 4
Figures : 8
Abilities : Armor Piercing, Negate First Strike

Priests (Parthenon)
Cost : 100
Melee Attack : 3
Ranged Attack : 5 (4 ammo)
Defense : 4
Health : 2
Movement : 2
Resistance : 6
Figures : 4
Abilities : Healing, Healer, Purify, Resistance to All +1.
An upgraded Shaman with more health and attack power. The main value of the unit lies in the ability to boost resistance, which this race needs badly.

Paladins (Armorer's Guild, Cathedral)
Cost : 240
Melee Attack : 6
Ranged Attack : -
Defense : 6
Health : 5
Movement : 4
Resistance : 8
Figures : 4
Abilities : Armor Piercing, First Strike, Illusions Immunity, Death Immunity, Holy bonus 1
This is the main reason for playing the race, a very powerful, outstanding unit, the best you can build on the Arcanus plane.

High Men have average growth but high unrest, bad racial unrest tables, and very poor resistance on their units. In exchange for that, most of their higher end units have some additional benefit, Priests boost resistance, Magicians and Pikemen have extra figures, and Paladins are by far the best Arcanus normal unit in the game. They can also build any resource production buildings, and lose to no one except High Elves in resource production, but their significantly better growth offsets this difference easily.

High Elves
Population Growth : +20
Forbidden Buildings : Maritime Guild, Colosseum
Standard Units : Spearmen, Swordsmen, Halberdiers, Cavalry, Magicians, Trireme, Galley, Catapult
Unit resistance : 1 above normal
Other unit modifiers : +1 to Hit, Forester, costs 20% more than normal.
Race specials : Produces 0.5 power per population

Racial Units
Longbowmen (Smithy, Forester's Guild)
Cost : 50
Melee Attack : 1
Ranged Attack : 3 (8 ammo)
Defense : 2
Health : 1
Movement : 2
Resistance : 6
Figures : 6
Abilities : Long Range, Forester, +1 to hit
Identical to normal bowmen aside from the additional hit and long range, which boosts damage output tremendously.

Elven Lords
Cost : 160
Melee Attack : 5
Ranged Attack : -
Defense : 4
Health : 4
Movement : 4
Resistance : 10
Figures : 4
Abilities : Armor Piercing, First Strike, +2 to hit, Poison Immunity.
Albeit weaker on defense than Paladins, and lacks the Holy Bonus, these unis are the second best you can get on Arcanus, and due to the bonus To Hit, their damage output is actually equally high.

Cost : 120
Melee Attack : 5
Ranged Attack : 3 (8 ammo)
Defense : 4
Health : 4
Movement : 5
Resistance : 10
Figures : 4
Abilities : Flying, +1 to hit
Highly mobile units that have the killer flight+ranged combo, but their actual damage output is weaker than the significantly cheaper longbowmen's. They are decent in melee combat though, maybe even too effective at that.

The ultimate late game race of Arcanus, they excel at resource production and have pretty powerful military units available, second only to High Men. Their population growth is very poor, but Longbowmen are usually good enough to overcome any obstacles in the early game and reach the end game where they really shine.

Population Growth : +70
Forbidden Buildings : Armorer's Guild, Maritime Guild, Granary
Standard Units : Spearmen, Swordsmen, Magicians, Trireme, Galley, Catapult
Unit resistance : +3 above normal (best in Arcanus, second best in the game)
Other unit modifiers : basic units have a ranged bow attack
Race specials : Nomad cities have a +50% trade bonus, as though they had roads built for that amount. Settlers are 33% cheaper.

Racial Units
Pikemen (Fighter's Guild)
Cost : 75
Melee Attack : 4
Ranged Attack : -
Defense : 2
Health : 2
Movement : 2
Resistance : 5
Figures : 4
Abilities : Armor Piercing, Negate First Strike

Horsebowmen (Smithy, Stables)
Cost : 45
Melee Attack : 4
Ranged Attack : 3 (8 ammo)
Defense : 2
Health : 3
Movement : 5
Resistance : 4
Figures : 4
Abilities : -
Cavalry and Bowmen in one, effectively. High mobility archers are quite valuable especially in the early game. Bowmen are cheaper and have more figures, and are built using the Sawmill instead of the Stables, so they still have a role and aren't rendered useless by this unit.

Priests (Parthenon)
Cost : 100
Melee Attack : 3
Ranged Attack : 5 (4 ammo)
Defense : 4
Health : 2
Movement : 2
Resistance : 7
Figures : 4
Abilities : Healing, Healer, Purify

Rangers (Fighter's Guild, Forester's Guild)
Cost : 70
Melee Attack : 4
Ranged Attack : 5 (8 ammo)
Defense : 4
Health : 3
Movement : 3
Resistance : 6
Figures : 4
Abilities : Pathfinding, Poison Immunity
Another archer unit, this one has the role of granting Pathfinding to the army, as well as having the highest attack strength. Not as mobile as Horsebowmen, but more effective against armored targets while still faster than infantry.

Griffins (Fantastic Stables)
Cost : 200
Melee Attack : 9
Ranged Attack : -
Defense : 5
Health : 10
Movement : 4
Resistance : 7
Figures : 2
Abilities : Flying, First Strike, Armor Piercing
Effectively the flying version of Elven Lords, but with less figures and a higher cost, it is not as effective as them. Still, it it by far the most powerful flying melee unit in the Arcanus plane.

Although Nomad high end units are not as powerful as High Elf, or High Men, and their growth is not as good as Orcs, they come with the unique advantage of having high resistance, and also a gold bonus! Their early game units are quite versatile and useful, too!

Population Growth : +90
Forbidden Buildings : -
Standard Units : Spearmen, Swordsmen, Bowmen, Magicians, Halberdiers, Cavalry, Shaman, Engineers, Trireme, Galley, Warship, Catapult
Unit resistance : normal
Other unit modifiers : standard units have 1 lower maintenance.
Race specials : -

Racial Units
Wyvern Riders (Fantastic Stables)
Cost : 150
Melee Attack : 7
Ranged Attack : -
Defense : 5
Health : 10
Movement : 5
Resistance : 7
Figures : 2
Abilities : Poison 6

Horde (Armorer's Guild)
Cost : 75
Melee Attack : 6
Ranged Attack : -
Defense : 4
Health : 2
Movement : 2
Resistance : 4
Figures : 8
Abilities : Large Shield, Negate First Strike

The most "standard" race, they can build every non-racial unit and every building. Their population growth is high and they have no disadvantages at all, but they also have no advantage whatsoever, aside from having a flying racial unit, which has a strong poison attack. Due to the low resistance of Arcanus races, this attack is actually quite powerful.


Population Growth : +60
Forbidden Buildings : Builder's Hall, Fantastic Stables
Standard Units : Spearmen, Swordsmen, Shaman, Halberdiers, Magicians, Trireme, Galley, Warship
Unit resistance : Normal
Other unit modifiers : Regeneration. Only 4 figures per unit but 4 more health per figure. Units cost 50% more.
Race specials : -

Racial Units
War Trolls (Armorer's Guild)
Cost : 150
Melee Attack : 8
Ranged Attack : -
Defense : 4
Health : 8
Movement : 3
Resistance : 7
Figures : 4
Abilities : Regeneration
One level above Halberdiers, these are still no different except having higher stats. Higher stats per unit, however, is extremely valuable for a race that regenerates.

War Mammoths (Stables, Armorer's Guild)
Cost : 180
Melee Attack : 12
Ranged Attack : -
Defense : 6
Health : 12
Movement : 2
Resistance : 8
Figures : 3
Abilities : First Strike, Wall Crusher, Cold Immunity
The only Troll unit that does not regenerate, in exchange it is tougher, and has some nice abilities.

Trolls are a rather simple race, you play it for having regenerating, very durable armies. As such, it does not have any other racial benefits, but it can build most buildings, and is decent even in the late game.

Population Growth : +50
Forbidden Buildings : Mechanician's Guild, Fantastic Stables
Standard Units : Spearmen, Swordsmen, Shaman, Halberdiers, Bowmen, Magicians, Trireme, Galley, Warship
Unit resistance : 1 above normal
Other unit modifiers : Flying, Fire Breath 1, +1 defense, units are somewhat more expensive than normal
Race specials : Generates 0.5 power per population

Racial Units
Doom Drakes (Armorer's Guild, Stables)
Cost : 240
Melee Attack : 10
Ranged Attack : Fire Breath 7
Defense : 5
Health : 10
Movement : 5
Resistance : 8
Figures : 2
Abilities : Fear, Flying
A powerful, durable, fast flying melee unit. Absolutely devastating especially against Arcanus races who have low resistance and cannot fight back against fear.

Air Ship (Maritime Guild)
Cost : 200
Melee Attack : 5
Ranged Attack : 15 (10 ammo)
Defense : 5
Health : 20
Movement : 4
Resistance : 8
Figures : 1
Abilities : Wind Walking, Wall Crusher
The only normal unit with flying transportation capabilities. Aside from that, it is similar to, but weaker than a Warship.

The strategic advantage of flight makes this race top tier, and their racial units are excellent. Unit stats are also above average, and there are no racial disadvantages to speak of whatsoever. Production is slightly weaker due to the lack of Mechanician's Guild, and units are expensive, but the power of these units make up for that so it's not a real disadvantage. As a Myrran race, this advantage is acceptable.

Population Growth : +30
Forbidden Buildings : Stables, Colosseum, Sages Guild, Marketplace, Merchant's Guild, Wizard's Guild, Amplifying Tower.
Standard Units : Swordsmen, Halberdiers, Engineers, Trireme, Galley, Warship, Catapults
Unit resistance : 4 above normal
Other unit modifiers : +1 health, only 1 movement.

Racial Units
Hammerhands (Armorer's Guild)
Cost : 220
Melee Attack : 8
Ranged Attack : -
Defense : 4
Health : 4
Movement : 2
Resistance : 9
Figures : 6
Abilities : -
The most powerful melee unit with no abilities in the game.

Steam Cannon (Miner's Guild, Smithy)
Cost : 100
Melee Attack : -
Ranged Attack : 17 (10 ammo)
Defense : 7
Health : 12
Movement : 1
Resistance : 9
Figures : 6
Abilities : Death Immunity, Long Range
Only marginally more powerful than catapults on the offense, but significantly tougher, sporting a high defense and resistance stat, making it an efficient and reliable ranged unit which does not get killed or possessed easily before doing its job.

Golem (Mechanician's Guild, Fighter's Guild)
Cost : 180
Melee Attack : 14
Ranged Attack : -
Defense : 9
Health : 20
Movement : 3
Resistance : 15
Figures : 1
Abilities : Death Immunity, Poison Immunity, Magic Immunity
An extremely durable unit, sporting higher defensive stats than even Dragon Turtles, while also being completely immune to magic. Their attack power is not particularly good, but it's not bad either. This is the hardest to kill normal unit in the game.

The Dwarf race is a military race, which has good production and economy to ensure those superior military units will be produced as quickly and effectively as possible. Their magic related resource production is weak, but far from non-existent, and they can produce a lot of power from minerals. Careful use of the terrain can result in producing more power than any other race is capable of! The main weak point of the race is relatively low mobility. To balance out all the advantages they have, their population growth is low.

Dark Elf
Population Growth : +20
Forbidden Buildings : Maritime Guild
Standard Units : Spearmen, Swordsmen, Halberdiers, Cavalry, Trireme, Galley, Catapults
Unit resistance : 2 above normal
Other unit modifiers : all units have magical ranged attacks, but cost more to build.
Race specials : Produces 1 power per population

Racial Units
Priests (Parthenon)
Cost : 120
Melee Attack : 3
Ranged Attack : 7 (4 ammo)
Defense : 4
Health : 2
Movement : 2
Resistance : 10
Figures : 4
Abilities : Healing, Healer, Purify

Nightblades (Armorer's Guild)
Cost : 150
Melee Attack : 5
Ranged Attack : -
Defense : 4
Health : 3
Movement : 2
Resistance : 7
Figures : 6
Abilities : Invisibility, Poison 2.
The only pure melee unit the race has, and the only one capable of directly fighting other high end melee units. It's still weaker than the top melee units of most other races, but the Invisibility and Poison abilities make up for that.

Warlocks (Wizard's Guild)
Cost : 210
Melee Attack : 1
Ranged Attack :9 (4 ammo)
Defense : 4
Health : 1
Movement : 3
Resistance : 10
Figures : 4
Abilities : Doombolt Spell, Missile Immunity
Twice as expensive as normal Magicians, despite no Caster ability, but the power of Doom Bolt still makes this unit the best spellcaster there is, now even more powerful as Righteousness is no longer in the game to block Doom Bolt.

Cost : 240
Melee Attack : 8
Ranged Attack : 8 (4 ammo)
Defense : 4
Health : 8
Movement : 4
Resistance : 12
Figures : 2
Abilities : +2 to hit, Flying
By far the most powerful flying ranged attacker in the game, and for that power, it also has the highest price per unit.

Dark Elves are the slowest growing race, but in exchange they have access to some of the best military units in the game, all of which provide a large tactical advantage (doom bolt, invisibility, magical ranged attacks). They also have access to all buildings aside from Maritime Guilds, and produce twice the usual amount of power per population, making them the best race for raw magical power (although Dwarfs can rival them if lucky with ores).

Population Growth : +60
Forbidden Buildings : Fantastic Stables, Ship Yard
Standard Units : Spearmen, Swordsmen, Halberdiers, Bowmen, Engineers, Trireme, Catapults
Unit resistance : Normal
Other unit modifiers : +1 health and attack power per unit.
Race specials : Produces 0.5 power per population

Racial Units
Priests (Parthenon)
Cost : 100
Melee Attack : 4
Ranged Attack : 5 (4 ammo)
Defense : 4
Health : 3
Movement : 2
Resistance : 5
Figures : 4
Abilities : Healing, Healer, Purify

Centaurs (Stables, Fighter's Guild)
Cost : 60
Melee Attack : 4
Ranged Attack : 5 (6 ammo)
Defense : 1
Health : 3
Movement : 4
Resistance : 5
Figures : 4
Abilities : -
Serves a similar role as Horsebowmen for Nomads, but one tier higher, requiring a Fighter's Guild, so their ranged attack power is better.

Manticores (Animists Guild)
Cost : 80
Melee Attack : 5
Ranged Attack : -
Defense : 3
Health : 5
Movement : 3
Resistance : 6
Figures : 3
Abilities : Weapon Immunity, Flying, Poison 4.
A cheap but weak flying unit which is actually easier to produce than most other flying units in the game, making it a decent scout. However, due to its abilities, it can do significant damage to enemies lacking Magical Weapons, and/or having low resistance as well if needed.

Minotaurs (Armorer's Guild)
Cost : 200
Melee Attack : 12
Ranged Attack : -
Defense : 4
Health : 12
Movement : 3
Resistance : 7
Figures : 2
Abilities : +2 to Hit, Large Shield
The top melee unit of the race, it does outstanding damage, but due to the low number of figures, it's less outstanding than the top units of other high tier races, and a poor target for buffing.

Beastmen are the Myrran version of Orcs, they are a quite generic race, they can build most stuff, and are average for myrran standards. Their special units are good, but not as outstanding as of the other 4 Myrran races. They have no significant weakness or strength to speak of, but the extra stats on their basic units makes them probably the best choice for an early game expansion on Myrror, and unlike Trolls, Beastmen are quite versatile, having access to a wide variety of units.

Racial unrest tables :

Note that you can no longer change your starting race using Move Fortress!

Part VI : Spells

Arcane Magic

Common” - Research cost is set to 100.

1. Magic Spirit

No Change

2. Dispel Magic

No Change

3. Summoning Circle

Casting cost is now zero.

It really makes no sense that you have to spend time and cast a spell just to be able to change the city of summoning, when you can summon ANYWHERE during combat. To make it worse, you can end up having to wait a turn to cast it, and forgetting why and where you wanted to move/ what you wanted to summon. Note that the two spells that could have been abused by this are no longer available.

4. Disenchant Area

Now restricted to overland only.

Mass dispelling all enchantments on all enemy units is far too influential for a spell of the Arcane realm. Any wizard being able to remove any combat enchantment significantly reduces the value of those type of spells, and mass-removal of unit enchantments makes those very risky to use as it takes a lot of time to cast them all.

5. Recall Hero

Removed from the game.

It was way too easy to abuse. Have a single powerful hero and no armies? Summoning Circle first, then cast this and voila, your hero is wherever you need it, whenever you need it. Well equipped and leveled heroes are powerful enough even without having access to almost free infinite overland movement. This spell made keeping defending armies almost obsolete on its own.

5. Heroic Shout

New Spell. Can only be cast if you have a hero in battle. Does a 12 strength fireball effect to a single target unit.

This spell promotes the early use of heroes, and makes them relevant even when they are too low level to kill anything stonger than swordsmen.

6. Detect Magic

No Change

7. Enchant Item

Item Power costs and book requirements have been changed. Max value of item powers you can select is now 400.

These changes make Enchant Item much more useful, now it can make low to mid tier items instead of only low tier ones. Details in the “Item Powers” section.

Uncommon” - Research cost is set to 400.

1. Summon Hero

No Change. Heroes are much more useful now on lower levels, so it is now worth the 300 mana.

2. Awareness

Removed from the game.

This spell was boring and didn't give anything interesting to the game, instead it took away the importance of scouting the map, as well as the point of preventing enemy wizards from discovering the location of your cities.

4. Move Fortress

Casting cost is increased to 250. Now an Arcane spell instead of a Nature rare. No longer changes starting race.

A nice utility spell that had nothing to do with Nature. I don't see how Spell of Return, which puts your fortress into a city, is Arcane, and this one that does the same thing isn't. However, the ability to negate the unrest tables of your main race by a single spell was overpowered and had to go.

3. Disjunction

New formula : Success rate = (Disjunction Strength/1.5)/(Target Strength)

Now uses a more linear formula, so higher amounts are much more effective at dispelling. In fact, spending 50% more than the targeted spell's cost results in a 100% successful disjunction. AI uses the same formula.


1. Create Artifact

See the “Item Powers” section for changes on items. Research cost is high because it can create items that allows heroes to rival and even surpass very rare creatures.

2. Summon Champion

Casting cost is reduced to 600.

Compared to what 750+ mana summons are generally capable of, an inexperienced Champion is a pretty bad deal at 750, even considering the long term potential and the early boosts. By the time you get there, your fame might be high enough to actually get them for gold, and filling up your hero slots does mean you won't be able to find any more for free either. While champions are certainly more powerful than regular heroes, what makes them so are your efforts to keep them alive, gain experince, and find equipment, and not the initial summoning.

Other spells

1. Spell of Mastery

Costs 15000 to cast. Researching it is 4 times slower than any other spell's.

Unfortunately, raising the cost wasn't possible due to number limits, so instead research speed is cut down while the spell is being researched.

2. Spell of Return

No Change

Nature Magic


1. Resist Elements

Maintenance is now zero. Casting cost is 5 (combat) or 25 (Overland). Grants +4 defense against all spell, magical ranged, breath attacks, and 4 resistance against petrify effects.

2. Stone Skin

Removed from the game.

3. Giant Strength

Removed from the game.

These two spells were way too lame and worthless. +1 attack to a unit? Why not build another unit that has most likely 2-3 attack to begin with, for the same cost in overland? In combat, adding 1 attack is a little bit more useful, but still inferior to all other options available including summons, nukes and even other enchantments. While starting level magic obviously needs to be weak, for the price of an entire decent common summoned unit, adding a mere 1 attack to one existing unit is not worth it, unless it happens to have +5 to hit and 8 figures (no, that's not going to happen at all). Even as an Item enchantment, this is really lame as you can just take 1 higher attack instead.

Stone Skin is guilty of the same problem. 1 defense is nice to have but nothing you would want to pay for, especially using your precious casting skill and mana crystals

2. Fairy Dust

New spell : casts a strength 7 armor piercing all figure hitting cold type direct damage spell.

Nature didn't have a common nuke, and that free slot had to be used for something. Now has a more interesting effect than just a weaker Cold Bolt.

3. Call Centaurs

New spell : Summons a unit of centaurs (same as the normal unit) for 20 mana.

Nature, the Realm most focused on summoning, had no battle summons available except one at Rare. This spell should fix that. Centaurs are not very strong but highly versatile units with fast movement, and acceptable health, attack and defense. For 16 mana, this summon is a bargain.

4. Earth Lore

Now reveals monsters inside lairs in the target area. Costs 40.

A great spell to get a head-start, revealing neutral towns for early conquest.

5. Water Walking

Maintenance is now 0. Cost is now 20.

It affects only one unit so it's far less cost-efficient than Floating Island, or building ships, even without maintenance. On the plus side, the unit can fight and move in sea battles, so the cost of 50/unit can be justified.

6. War Bears

Cost reduced to 55, Maintenance to 1. 7 figures : Melee 7, +1 To Hit, Defense 5, Resistance 7, Moves 2, 7 health, Forester.

7. Sprites

Sprites now have 5 figures at 4 attack strength each and cost 80.

These units were way too underpowered for their high cost of 100+3 maintenance. With this new strength they are more closer to Magicians, but lack the Fireball ability, instead they fly, and can be summoned early without requiring a wizard's guild. 1 Health per figure still makes them very vulnerable and easy to kill, so they are best used against neutral enemies who don't cast direct damage spells.

8. Wall of Stone

Removed from the game.

If you want City Walls, build them. If you want them faster, use gold. A complete waste of a spell slot that could be used for something much more interesting.

8. Nature's Eye

Now common rarity. Casting cost reduced to 40, maintenance to 0. Adds +2 Research points to the city's total on top of the scouting effect.

As an effect which is available as a byproduct of building an Oracle, this spell doesn't deserve to be uncommon, nor to cost 75 and have a maintenance. Even at a cost of 30 and common rarity it is an underwhelming and uninteresting enchantment, especially as higher unit movement means you'll often get attacked by a stack moving from a distance higher than 4. To make this spell worth using, it now adds 2 points of research, which is a very useful early game bonus.

9. Earth to Mud

Now affects a 7x7 area.

10. Web

No Change

A pretty nice spell all around. Removing flying is always a good thing, making enemy units skip their turn, even more so.


1. Ice Bolt

Now casts a strength 35 bolt for 25 mana, no slider.

Exact same numbers as Lightning Bolt, but no armor piercing because Nature is less good at direct damage compared to Chaos.

2. Great Lizard (replaces Basilisk)

Loses Gaze, gains Regeneration.

Cost : 250
Maintenance : 5
Research : 50% higher.
Effect : Summoning 1 figure : Melee 18, +2 To Hit, Defense 6, Resistance 7, Moves 3, 30 health, Regeneration.

3. Giant Spiders

Cost : 90
Maintenance : 2
Research : Halved
Effect : Summoning 4 figures : Melee 6, +1 To Hit, Defense 5, Resistance 9, Moves 5, 5 health, Web spell, Poison 4.

4. Nature's Cures

Casting cost reduced to 50.

A pretty good spell with only one major flaw : at a cost of 75, you most likely won't be able to cast it instantly, which is generally when you would need it. If you have time to wait, you can let the units stay in a town for a few turns, if not, then you don't have the one or two turns to finish casting this either, as you'll be attacked before then. Needless to say, you need to win a battle and have signifiactly wounded but surviving units if you want this to be useful, preferable multiple such units, which is not that common.

5. Construct Catapult

New spell : Grows a catapult unit from nearby vegetation. Costs 25 mana.

Another new Nature summon. Unlike the common Centaurs, the Uncommon Catapult does heavy damage, but is highly vulnerable and moves slowly, making it riskier to use. Catapults are made from wood and rubber, both materials obtained from trees, making this a reasonable Nature summon.

6. Crack's Call

Costs 25 mana. Danage is 21 or 5*figures whichever is higher.

7. Change Terrain

No change.

Unimpressive at first sight, this wonderful spell lets you have cities with much larger populations, especially in deserts, ultimately making you a lot more powerful. The best thing to cast if you aren't at war.

8. Transmute

Now transforms

Silver->Mithril->Quork->Iron-> Silver and


The new effect makes this a much more valueable spell, especially as ore bonuses are increased. Transformations are grouped in two tiers, so you can turn a weak ore into any other weak ore, or a strong one into any other strong one. This makes Gold and Coal on Arcanus especially valuable as they can be turned to adamantium or crysx crystals. It can also be used to deny Mithril and Adamantium to opponents. Despite this, the power of the spell is not overwhelming, as other ores now provide a much more sizeable bonus : to gain that adamantium, you need to sacrifice 8*multiplers gold or a 20% production bonus or 10 power.

Note that gems cannot be transformed but provide a sizeable 12 gold bonus instead.

AI is aware of change and will attempt to make Mithril and Adamantium from Iron,Coal,Silver and Gold Ore, but does not transform his crystals. It doesn't target player cities with this spell, as the alternative bonuses are not weak enough to waste resources on doing that.

9. Cockatrices

Cost : 150
Maintenance : 4
Research : Normal
Effect : Summoning 4 figures : Melee 4, +1 To Hit, Defense 5, Resistance 7, Moves 3, 7 health, Stoning Touch -4, Flying.

10. Land Linkning (replaced Path Finding)

Grants Path Finding and If cast on a summoned creature, grants +2 attack and defense.

Note : The ability “Pathfinding” now allows movement over any terrain for 1 point instead of 0.5.


1. Elemental Armor

Casting cost is reduced to 15(battle) or 75 (overland), and maintenance is reduced to 1. Now grants +12 defense but no resistance against any magical ranged attack from any realm.

2. Stone Giant

Cost : 450
Maintenance : 5
Research : Normal
Effect : Summoning 1 figure : Melee 20, Ranged 20 (2 ammo), +2 To Hit, Defense 12, Resistance 9, Moves 3, 25 health, Stoning Immunity, Poison Immunity, Wall Crusher, Mountaineer.

3. Gorgons

Cost : 600
Maintenance : 8
Research : Normal
Effect : Summoning 3 figures : Melee 15, +2 To Hit, Defense 7, Resistance 9, Moves 3, 14 health, Stoning Gaze -3

4. Survival Instinct

Cost : 500
Maintenance : 15
Research : 50% more
Effect : All fantastic units owned by the caster gain +2 resistance, +1 melee, and +1 defense. Global enchantment.

5. Blizzard (renamed Ice Storm)

Casting cost is now 120. Damage type is armor piercing but not immolation, it hits the unit once, not once per figure. Strength is 14.

6. Earthquake

Building destruction chance is now 40%. Unit destruction chance is 4%. Now costs 150 mana.

This spell actually had a pretty different effect than the original description. It had a 25% chance to kill units and 15 for buildings. While the latter is unimpressive for a city destroying spell, the former is pretty overpowered to say the least. For 200 mana, you have a 25% chance to destroy any non-flying units, even Great Wyrms, or fully equipped heroes, which sounds barely fair as it does cost 200...until you realize you roll for that 9 times in a fully stacked city, meaning you'll be killing 2.25 units on average, which, even if said units are medium tier, is already cost effective, and if they are high tier, well, killing 2 Wyrms or heroes for 200 is just broken.

7. Earth Elemental

Now costs 50.

8. Gaia's Blessing

Now triples forest bonus. Now costs 250.

A strong city enchantment, which, due to reduced food costs, is somewhat less important, but still quite powerful because it allows your cities to grow larger.

9. Petrify

Casting cost reduced to 20. Save at -3 instead of +0.

10. Iron Skin

Casting cost is 24 (combat) or 120 (overland). Maintenance is 3.

A great defensive enchantment, but even so, a bit inferior to Invulnerability, meaning it shouldn't have the same cost. Guaranteed prevention of damage is better than shields that may, or not not block the damage.

Very Rare

1. Earth Gate

Casting cost reduced to 125. Research costs only 1000, 25% of the standard Very Rare cost. Maintenance is only 1 mana/town.

A somewhat weaker replacement of Word of Recall, providing a powerful advantage nontheless. By creatively rearranging units through gates as needed, you can protect your cities with much fewer units, saving a lot on both maintenance and production. Although unimpressive at first sight, the tactical advantage of having this is huge, warranting it to stay Very Rare.

2. Seismic Mastery (new)

Reveals the map, increases node power production by 15 each, and whever the wizard casts a cost 370 or higher spell, it autocasts an Earthquake spells for free.

3. Great Wyrm

Cost : 500
Maintenance : 15
Research : 1/3 more.
Effect : Summoning 1 figure : Melee 36, +3 To Hit, Defense 8, Resistance 14, Moves 3, 45 health, Poison 40, Merging, Armor Piercing.

4. Behemoth

Cost : 480
Maintenance : 12
Research : Normal
Effect : Summoning 1 figure : Melee 25, +2 To Hit, Defense 14, Resistance 13, Moves 3, 42 health, Regeneration, Caster 40.

5. Herb Mastery

Additional effect : units heal 2 health per turn in combat

A pretty nice enchantment, that will make Nature's Cures obsolete. Isn't very impressive with the original effect, so a new effect is added : units gain 2 health per turn in combat, like regeneration, but they do not revive if dead.

6. Colossus

Cost : 450
Maintenance : 12
Research : Normal
Effect : Summoning 1 figure : Melee 25, Ranged 25 (4 ammo), +3 To Hit, Defense 12, Resistance 15, Moves 3, 37 health, First Strike, Poison Immunity, Stoning Immunity, Illusions Immunity, Wall Crusher, Pathfinding.

7. Entangle

Units lose 2 movement points instead of 1.

Due to the change in unit movement points, this needs to be stronger to retain the original effectiveness. A very powerful, top tier spell.

8. Call Lightning

Bolts are now strength 10.

9. Regeneration

Upkeep cost reduced to 5. Now heals 2/turn in combat.

10. Nature's Wrath

Removed from the game.

10.Fairy Ring

Cost : 1200
Maintenance : 40
Effect : Whenever any other player casts a spell costing 301 or more, gain a free summoned creature of a random type you could summon at the summoning circle. Rarity of the creature is at least Uncommon but for each 30 casting skill of the owner, an additional die is rolled to offer a chance to raise it by one tier. Note that this formula is different for AI players to interact correctly with their resource advantages.

Life Magic


1. Star Fires

Cost : 12
Research : Normal
Effect : Does a strength 23 attack against any fantastic creature.

2. Bless

Maintenance is now zero. Casting is 7 (combat) or 35 (Overland), bonus is +5. No longer works against normal melee attacks from Chaos or Death units.

3. Healing

No Change

4. Endurance

Now grants +1 to defend. Costs 70, maintenance of 1.

With units having more movement in general, +1 movement is not very impressive. However, +1 to defend is a valuable bonus that's not available from any other overland spells.

5. Holy Weapon

Costs 10/40. Maintenance is 0.

Fixed to work in combat!

6. Holy Armor

Costs 7 in combat, 35 overland. Maintenance is 0.

A decent buff but 2 armor isn't all that great of an effect to pay maintenance for it. Useful against multi-figure units but pretty useless otherwise and a lot of effects ignore or reduce armor in the game.

7. Just Cause

No change

A pretty good early enchantment that gives you an extra 10 gold and -1 unrest in all cities. Long term benefits are a lot more valuable that what you'd expect for the casting cost, but at the time it is available, this cost is fair as you won't be able to get high taxes anyway due to lack of population. You might not even have 10 gold worth of armies due to spearmen being free. Late game value is diminished due to better availability of religious buildings and unrest reduction in general, as well as less revolting tax tables. Also Stream of Life eliminates unrest completely once you have it.

8. True Light

Removed from the game.

Really useless aside from hurting Death realm units which...isn't fair and not what you generally want in a common spell anyway.

8. Heavenly Light

Grants +3 power to the enchanted city, and defenders gain +1 melee, defense and resistance.

Buffing Life units is largely irrelevant due to lack of such units in the game. Moving it here frees up a slot for a spell of higher rarity.

9. Guardian Spirit

Defense increased by 2. Chance to hit increased to +3 but attack reduced to 7. Cost reduced to 60. No longer counters melding, but prodives the same bonus as Heavenly Light : +3 power from the node and +1 to defender stats.

Random chance to prevent melding is a poor and unfun game mechanic that doesn't really belong to a strategy game, especially outside the Chaos realm.

10. Heroism

Casting cost is now 15/75, maintenance is 1.

Elites no longer gain +1 to hit, making this buff less powerful.


1. Exorcise (renamed from Dispel Evil)

Cost : 20
Research : Normal
Effect : Each figure in target fantastic unit must resist at -1 or be disintegrated (cannot heal or regenerate), undead suffer an additional penalty of -3.

2. Heavenly Light

Moved to common.

Replaced by :

2. Astral Gate

Maintenance cost reduced to 1, casting cost is 200.

This is now uncommon because it is not worth a very rare slot. Lower costs, to provide an acceptable alternative to Plane Shift and Planar Travel.


Cost : 250
Maintenance : 4
Research : Normal
Effect : Summoning 4 figures : Melee 6, +2 To Hit, Defense 4, Resistance 7, Moves 4, 8 health, Resistance To All +2, Poison Immunity, Teleporting

4. True Sight

Cost is reduced to 15 in combat, 75 in overland, zero maintenance.

A situational spell that can save the life of your units from sorcery magic. The skill needed for casting this overland to multiple units is restrictive enough, so maintenance is unnecessary. Sorcery wizards can dispel it more easily so it's not as powerful as it looks, failing that, they can just target something else or use other types of magic.

5. Plane Shift

Removed from the game.

8. Stream of Life

Now an uncommon.

As base population growth is now faster, and unrest is easier to reduce, this is no longer the extremely overpowered spell it used to be. You also cannot abuse it by setting the otherwise unusable 3 gold tax rates, as the maximum tax rate is now 2.5. Now comes earlier as population growth is not relevant in the late game.

6. Prayer

Casting cost increased to 40.

This is an extremely powerful buff, especially for an Uncommon spell. Only costing 30 was not reasonable.

7. Planar Travel

Casting cost reduced to 50, maintenance to 1.

This was very overpriced considering it only works on a single unit.

8. Raise Dead

Raised unit cannot be healed or raised against until the end of combat.

9. Planar Seal

Removed from the game.

Aside from the obvious issues with the AI not being able to recognize situations where dispelling or cancelling it is needed, this spell is also very uninteresting and has pretty much one function, to force the player to cast a disjunction spell to remove it, unless the player can abuse the AI's stupidity to win with minimal effort, which is also not fun.

9. Divine Order

New enchantment, 250 mana, 10 upkeep.

Effect applies equally to everyone.

City and unit enchantments are 25% cheaper. Global enchantments are 10% cheaper. Summons are 10% more expensive. Combat spells are 20% more expensive. Uses the category in the spell book to determine cost. Multiple copies from different players are multiplicatively cumulative.

A spell that suits the image of the removed Planar Seal, which I wanted to use, and is more beneficial to Life, while more harmful towards Death and Chaos in general, but not directly. All realms can benefit from it, even those two, and it can potentially be harmful for all realms as well, depending on the situation. Casting cost is low, so it can be easily dispelled if getting in the way too much, but maintenance is high because the benefit can be significant to the caster if used carefully.

10. Resurrection

Casting cost doubled.

Bringing back dead heroes means you can keep feeding them experience and they'll eventually be really powerful. Great spell although can be useless if you manage to avoid your heroes dying the whole game. Cost was unreasonable though, specifically bringing back the hero of your choice which is already leveled up should not cost less than summoning a random level 1 hero.


1. Righteousness

Removed from the game.

Provides more specific immunity than Magic Immunity, but very overpowered against the targeted realms. Other buffs, healing and resurrection should be enough to protect units, total immunity to almost all harmful spells in the game is overkill.

1. Inspirations

Casting cost reduced to 200. Now a rare spell.

+50% production from a city is awesome, but at the original cost and rarity, it came too late to be relevant.

2. Incarnation

Casting cost increased to 700. Hero stats and abilities changed.

3. Invulnerability

Cost reduced to 30/150

A powerful defense boost. Unfortunately, Weapon Immunity has no effect on magical weapons, and a damage reduction of 2 is not very effective against units or spells that deal a large amount of damage at once. Devastating against large armies of weaker units however, as they'll be unable to do any damage at all.

4. Prosperity

Gold bonus is reduced to +50%. Research cost is 50% of standard amount. Casting cost is reduced to 175.

5. Lion Heart

Now costs 36 in combat, 180 overland with a maintenance of 3.

Now grants floor(8/figures) health to the unit instead of a flat +3.

Note : Overland displays will always show +1 health but it will get adjusted in combat.

The health bonus was way too insane for units with many figures, while it wasn't particulary good for units that had only one figure. Attack and resistance bonus is still a flat +3.

6. Altar of Battle

No change.

All units coming out of the town as elite is a pretty awesome bonus, does not need a buff.

7. Angel

Cost : 310
Maintenance : 8
Research : Normal
Effect : Summoning 1 figure : Melee 18, +2 To Hit, Defense 9, Resistance 11, Moves 5, 27 health, Holy Bonus +1, Exorcise, Illusions Immunity, Caster 20.

8. Exaltation

New Spell

Heals a targeted unit in combat for 8. This healing can surpass the unit's maximum health, in that case, the unit gains extra hearts equal to the excess heal amount divided evenly between all figures rounded down.

Sometimes healing is too late, but with this, you can be faster than your opponent's Doom Bolt!

9. Mass Healing

Now costs 35.

It's quite rare to have all of your units damaged, or at least 4 to make it worth the 50 mana. This spell was far to worthless especially for a rare, but with a low cost, now it's better than using Healing spells if 3 or more units are damaged, a much more likely scenario.

10. Holy Word

Extra penalty for undead reduced to -3 from -5, that was way too powerful for a mass targeting spell.

A powerful mass-kill spell, but it only works on fantastic units, and has a not-so-high penalty of -2. It'll never kill high end units and will rarely kill more than a few figures in most uncommon or better units. Also, battles where the enemy army is built almost entirely from fantatic units is rare. It is devastating to undead, but considering how cheap and easy it is to generate them, this is a fair tradeoff.

Very Rare

1. New Spell : Call to Arms

Summons a unit of Paladins in combat only for 70 mana.

Life didn't have any combat summons, and the only unit in the game that feels “holy” enough to appear from a Life spell and strong enough to be very rare is Paladins. Note that Paladins no longer have Magic Immunity but still provide Holy Bonus.

2. Charm of Life

Maintenance cost is tripled. Casting cost is increased to 1500. Research cost is 50% above standard.

An extremely powerful spell that generally increases the effective health of your weaker units by 50-100%, and grants a minimum of 25% bonus to even your strongest units. If you can keep this in play and aren't already completely overwhelmed, it will guarantee victory.

4. Arch Angel

Cost : 600
Maintenance : none, has Primal Force
Research : 1/3 more expensive
Effect : Summoning 1 figure : Melee 21, +4 To Hit, Defense 12, Resistance 18, Moves 4, 37 health, Holy Bonus +2, Illusions Immunity, Wind Walking, Caster 40, Healer, Negate First Strike.

Arch Angels and Demon Lords always felt really underwhelming compared to the ultimate summons of other realms, especially considering how you'd normally expect the ultimate forces of Light and Darkness to be outstanding. Although the Arch Angel was a decent unit, it had a few problems : First of all, its defenses were too weak. As a unit usually targeted by the AI direct and ranged damage first, 18 health simply wasn't enough : in a mere 1-3 battles, it received enough damage from various bolt or other spells to die, even if those battles were against vastly inferior armies. It usually got wiped out in a fight against any other very rare unit as well. The fast movement was hard to use because it is a support unit, if you want to take advantage of the Holy Bonus, you would need to slow down to match the remainder of the army : Wind Walking now negates this problem. Healer is an obvious choices for the ultimate Light creature, and Negate First Strike is mainly there for flavor. Due to now having Wind Walking, his movement is not buffed further, unlike most other units. With all these improvements, this unit is now comparable to the advantage the other very rare life spells provide, especially the global buff enchantments.

5. Consecration

Casting cost is halved, now 200, maintenance is only 2.

Research costs only 25% of the standard Very Rare cost.

A nice defenseive enchantment, but too late and too overpriced at the original costs.

6. Life Force

Now costs 900, maintenance 25.

New effect : All population in the caster's cities generate 1 power, cumulative with racial bonus where available. Old effect of countering Death spells is removed.

Spells that counter specific realms are neither fair nor fun, and too situational to be Very Rare. A new global enchantment that makes population more valuable is suitable for Life as a replacement.

7. Enlightenment (renamed Tranquility)

Now costs 750, maintenance 20.

New effect : All population in the caster's cities generate 1 research, cumulative with racial bonus where available. Heroes gain +10 exp per turn instead of 1. Old effect of countering Chaos spells is removed.

See Life Force for the reason. Bonus is higher because research is less relevant than power, especially this late in the game.

8. Inspirations

Moved to Rare

8. Supreme Light

New spell.

All friendly casters, life creatures and units with magical ranged attacks gain +2 ranged and melee attack, regeneration, and + defense equal to one third of their resistance rounded down.

Most existing Life buffs and buffs in general don't help magical ranged attacks, and these units are also very fragile by nature. Regeneration and a massive defense buff can help them significantly. This spell also makes the otherwise quite underused Life creatures a potential strategy rivaling a normal unit or hero based tactic.

9. Holy Arms

Casting cost is reduced to 600.

As a replacement for a common unit buff, and no additional effect on top, 900 was a bit overpriced.

10. Crusade

Maintenance is now 20. Casting cost is 1200.

A very powerful global army buff, which is slightly less overpowered as Ultra-elites no longer gain +1 to hit. Only 10 mana a turn was way too cheap for this effect.

Sorcery Magic


1. Word of Recall

Removed from the game.

Same problem as Recall Hero but on steroids. With this you can have your unbeatable stack of 9 units appear wherever needed, whenever needed, making all other armies, both defensive or offensive, unnecessary. This spell kills strategy 100%.

1. Focus Magic

New spell : unit enchantment, overland only, 80MP.

The game had plenty of spells to buff various attack types, but nothing buffed magical ranged attacks. Also, there were no ways to improve the MP of units, nor was there a spell to grant a ranged attack to a unit not already having one. Now, you can do all of these.

2. Resist Magic

Maintenance is now zero

Even at a lowly 25 mana/unit overland casting cost, your casting skill limits the uses, so you won't cast this on all of your units. Even more so considering that resistence does nothing against combat damage and direct damage spells, so your unit is not stronger at all unless targeted by a curse. Later, Magic Immunity is a much superior option for your top tier units.

3. Guardian Wind

Maintenance is now only 1.

Does not protect from magical or rock type ranged attacks, which is about 75% of the units using ranged attacks in the game. Underwhelming effect on its own, unless you happen to fight a stack of bowmen, which doesn't happen all that often.

4. Nagas

Now has 3 figures with 5 attack and health each and 4 defense. Movement is now 3. Costs 70.

This unit was severly underpowered with only two figures, barely stronger than a ghoul each. Although poison is strong at 4, it doesn't really do much to anything except the weaker normal units. At that strength, the unit was nearly useless, and far from the power expected for 100 mana and 2 upkeep.

5. Blur

Moved to common. Now has a chance of 25% to block damage.

Now works correctly with Illusions Immunity : has no effect if the enemy has immunity, not you.

Now works correctly on the number of rolls : Successful rolls no longer cause skipping another roll for each success.

Despite what the original description implies, this spell only grants your units a 10% chance to not take damage for each point of damage incoming. While this can actually influence the outcome in a major battle of 9 vs 9 units (10% of them is almost a whole unit worth of survivors if lucky), it's completely worthless in any small to medium scale battle. Overall, the effect is pretty much equivalent to granting an extra 11% health to your army's total, which is not that bad, but definitely not worth 25 mana. So now it is buffed to reduce damage by 25% granting +33% effective health to your units while in effect. This effect is applied before Invunerability, so the 2 damage reduced by that are rolled for, making the two stack the best way possible. Fixed the bug of checking Illusions Immunity on the wrong unit. Fixed the bug of losing from remaining rolls on success.

6. Confusion

Casting cost increased to 18. Resistance penalty reduced to -2. Research costs triple the standard common cost. Fixed bugs. Affected unit always dies at end of combat unless dispelled and cannot regenerate.

An exceptionally good spell even after these changes, you can effectively take control of enemy units for a mere 20 mana, and at an outstanding resistance penalty of -3! The original version (15 mana, -4 save) was outright crazy, especially for a common.

7. Floating Island

Maintenance is now 1.

A pretty good early game replacement of ships, saving you the trouble of building a town near sea and a ship wright's guild. On top of these, your walking units can participate in sea battles when using these, while in ships, they can only watch the ship getting sunk by the enemy and die. The Floating Island itself cannot fight, but the army carried by it will most likely be stronger than the ship you would use otherwise to carry it, even if they cannot move. A maintenenance of 5 is pretty unreasonable for a ship, though. At that cost, it was often cheaper to just disband and re-summon the island when needed again.

8. Dispel Magic True

Removed from the game.

Redundant effect.

8. Aether Sparks (New)

Singe target direct damage spell that halves the targeted unit's mana and magical ammo. Strength 18 for 12 mana.

9. Phantom Warriors

Casting cost increased to 15. Figures increased to 7.

Way too underpriced at 10, this unit is capable of dealing a strength 18 armor ignoring attack, and, if lucky, some figures can survive it and attack again.

10. Psionic Blast

Does a strength 16 illusion attack for 24 mana, no slider.

Much less cost-effective than Fire Bolt, Ice Bolt and other similar spells, but the damage is illusion type, which ignores shields completely, making it better on high defense targets.


1. Aura of Majesty

Casting cost reduced to 200, maintenance reduced to 1.

Now performs a +2 diplomatic action every turn instead of a +1.

Now with fixed diplomacy, this spell is really valueable. However, it has to come early, because it's too late for it if you're already at war.

2. Counter Magic

Uses a new, linear formula : Spell success chance = Spell cost (*modifiers)/ Counter Strength.

Power only decreases when countering a spell, and by 10 instead of 5.

Costs 50 to cast, but generated a counter pool of 80.

An especially powerful combat enchantment, which is going to be useful for you for the entire game, despite being common. However, now expensive spells have a much higher chance of bypassing it, while cheap ones have even worse, so it's less threatening in the endgame.

3. Spell Lock

Overland only.

With lower mainenance costs on unit enchanetments in general, there is a much better chance you'll want to use this, and it was cheap to begin with, so no need to buff. However, the ability to counter a possible very expensive dispel or disechant by merely spending 20 to recast the removed spell lock – if it was even successful – is now gone.

4. Spell Blast

No change

5. Vertigo.

Casting cost reduced to 10. Resistance Penalty is -4. Now adds -3 To Hit and -1 To Defend.

6. Dispelling Wave (renamed from Disenchant True)

Cost is 25-125. No triple effectiveness. Cannot remove curses on the overland maps. Cannot dispel combat global enchantments. Dispel effectiveness is half of the mana spent.

7. Water Elemental (new)

Summons 1 figure, 3 movement, water walking, 14 melee, 14 ranged, 4 ammo, +2 to hit, 15 health, poison immunity, fire immunity, weapon immunity creature.

8. Flight

Maintenance reduced by 1

Flying is an excellent ability, no significant change needed.

9. Wind Mastery

Removed from the game.

Uninteresting global enchantment with a pointless and underwhelming effect. Now with boosted movement, ships are fast enough without it.

9. Aether Binding

New global enchantment

Increases the casting skill of the owner by 1 every 2-3 turns. All dispel type spells cast are twice as effective.

Casting cost : 400, Maintenance : 20

There were a suprisingly few ways to gain skill in the game, originally none at all outside using power or the drain life spell. Now sorcery has an additional alternative.

Puts power equal to the current casting skill into the skill pool every turn, and it does not show up on the skill wand. Yes, that's only 1 point less than needed to gain the skill every 2 turns instead, so it's effectively once every 2 turns. Also serves as a replacement of the removed “true” spells.

10. Phantom Beast

No change.

A pretty good summoning spell, much better than Phantom Warriors. However, its lack of defense can backfire easily.


1. Mind Storm

Melee is only reduced by 3.

An extremly powerful spell that can render most muli-figure units harmless, and weaken the resistance of 1 figure powerhouses to the point where spells might actually kill them. One of the best combat spells in the game.

2. Air Elemental

Defense is now only 5.

A powerful summon definitely worth the 50 mana. The strategic advantage of pulling out an invisible, flying unit in situations when the enemy cannot touch it and has to retreat is priceless.

The improved weapon immunity makes them have 12 defense against normal weapons even though base defense is lower.

3. Disjunction True

Removed from the game.

Redundant effect.

3. Uranus' Blessing (new)

Enchanted city gains these benefits :

4. Invisibility

Maintenance reduced to 4.

A really nice enchantment, no need to change the rather high cost.

5. Wind Walking

Maintenance reduced to 7.

A really great movement buff that helps an entire stack of 9 units, so a high upkeep is justified, but 10 is overkill.

6. Banish

No slider. Costs 35 mana and has a resistance penalty of -4.

The ability to pump this to -8 is too powerful, that could kill most very rare summons at a considerably high chance even without further decreasing resistance with other spells. At the same time, you usually don't want to use this without a penalty.

7. Storm Giant

Cost : 330
Research : Normal
Maintenance : 5
Effect : Summoning 1 figure : Melee 18, Magical ranged 18 (5 ammo), +2 To Hit, Defense 7, Resistance 9, Moves 3, 25 health, Missile Immunity, Armor Piercing, Wall Crusher.

8. Stasis

Now costs 125. AI will not disband units affected. Can be used in combat for 25 with the effect “save at -5 or this unit cannot act until the end of combat”.

Now can't be abused by forcing the AI to disband affected units. You can, however, use it to force them to pay upkeep for worthless stacks, but as soon as the AI gold income drops below zero, it'll start disbanding units...and crappy ones with 5 or less resistance are much more likely to get chosen as decent units usually have more overland resistance than that.

9. Magic Immunity

Cost 35/175.

10. Flying Fortress

Now costs 200 and has a maintenance of 3. Move to Rare.

A pretty decent city defense spell but at the original cost it was unusable and as a very rare it came far too late to be relevant to the game.

Very Rare

1. Spell Binding

Cost raised to 1200.

The 100% success rate of working makes this a very good spell that can easily generate over 1000 mana advantage in a single cast (you can steal a 1000+ mana spell gaining it while the enemy loses it) on top of stealing the victory outright. Most realms have powerful very rare enchantments that win the game if you steal them.

2. Mass Invisibility

No Change

A very powerful combat enchantment, but illusions immunity isn't too hard to get.

3. Suppress Magic

New, linear formula : Spell success chance = cost/5 %. Spells costing 500+ are never countered due to 100+% success. Casting cost of Suppress Magic is now 1200 mana.

The new formula allows Disjunction to bypass the spell, granting a reasonable chance of dispelling it, although you do need Disjunction True for 100% success. It also makes it generally less overpowered, but more effective at denying low cost magic like city enchantments, unit buffs, spirits, so it's stronger at the same time, too. In general, spells below Very Rare rank are harder to cast now and those are easier.

4. Djinn

Cost : 375
Maintenance : 9
Effect : Summoning 1 figure : Melee 18, Magical ranged 15 (8 ammo), +3 To Hit, Defense 8, Resistance 12, Moves 4, 29 health,
Wind Walking, Flying, Caster 40.

5. Spell Ward

Casting cost is 150, maintenance is 1.

Now counters all combat spells of the chosen realm, including your own. Now allows fantastic units to enter but penalizes them in combat by -2 to hit, -4 defense and resistance.

6. Creature Binding

Casting cost is reduced to 50. Resistance penalty increased to -4. Now affects units immune to illusions.

7. Haste

No longer doubles counterattacks.

8. Sky Drake

Cost : 500
Research : 33% higher
Maintenance : 15
Effect : Summoning 1 figure : Melee 28, Lightning Breath 21, +3 To Hit, Defense 10, Resistance 14, Moves 4, 30 health,
Flying, Magic Immunity, Illusion Immunity.

One of the best summoned units in the game due to Magic Immunity, but the stats are not that outstanding for an endgame unit.

9. Time Stop

Maintenance is now 30 more for each turn used, but starts at 0.

10. Great Unsummoning

No longer hits own units, cost 700.

Death Magic


1. Skeletons

Movement is now 2. Maintenence is 0.

A very cost effective unit that's a bargain for a mere 25 mana. However, their maintenance made them more of a disadvantage as their actual combat strength is quite weak so you needed large numbers. Although slightly better than Swordsman for a similar cost, summoning is more limited as it requires casting skill, also, Skeletons cannot gain experience to level up and become stronger. Movement increased to match other infantry units, otherwise this spell is perfect. As they reduce unrest like all other fantastic untis, they are a dirt cheap way to keep your garrison full, but your city can be easily defeated if protected by them.

2. Life Drain

Cost is now 10, the slider has been removed. Resistance roll at -4. Skill pool gained is 5*damage done.

Now has the same effect as 30 mana used to have with the slider, but only costs 15, making it much more cost effective, and comparable with nukes in other colors. With no ability to pump it, you can no longer kill high tier units with this common spell, unless they had low resistance to begin with. However, against normal units, especially of low resistance races, this can be expected to do servere damage.

3. Darkness

No change, research cost is double the normal common cost.

+1 to attack, defense, and resistance for all units benefits large armies consisting of mainly Death units...which is exactly what the realm is good at, creating a large amount of weak-ish, but free or ultra-low cost units. This spell powers up Death significantly for a common spell.

4. Ghouls

Now has a ranged attack. Now can heal naturally (but not from spells). Now move 2.

Changed this because they were too identical to zombies after I added create undead to those.

5. Wraith Form

Casting cost reduced to 15/75, maintenance to 2. Also grants Poison Immunity and the ability to bypass Weapon Immunity like magical/holy/flaming weapons. No longer rare.

Although Weapon Immunity now has a more useful effect (+7 defense instead of raising it to 10, so the benefit is higher on any units having 4 or more natural defense), this is still very weak for a Rare spell, considering weapon immunity is easy to bypass by that time.

6. Black Sleep

No change.

This was a pretty good spell to begin with, effectively killing any target unit if they fail a resistance roll at -2, as long as you can walk to them and attack afterwards. -2 is a pretty harsh penalty for such a low cost and powerful effect.

7. Cloak of Fear

Resistance penalty is now -3.

This actually is a pretty nice spell, I misunderstood the effect and believed it only triggers when attacking to prevent counters, but no, it also protects your unit against incoming attacks. At a more impressive resistance penalty, this spell is now quite strong.

8. Summon Zombies

New Spell : Summons a Zombie unit in combat for 20 mana. (Dark Ritual from this slot moved to Rare)

Death cannot do much in combat if the enemy units have high it needed a combat spell that does something independent of enemy resistance, summoning is the most obvious choice.

Zombies can now create undead, so this spell is actually capable of adding to your overland armies from defeated enemy troops, something Death should excel at.

9. Mana Leak

No Change, but research costs double the default cost of commons.

An unusual approach to victory : eliminating enemy mana reserves, causing them to be unable to cast spells in combat, AND fail to summon or use spells overland to a certain extent. The ability to drain magical shots from enemy units can also turn around a battle on its own. Situational, but when it works, it's excellent.

10. Weakness

Resistance penalty is -7. Costs 7 mana. Reduces attack by 3.

-2 attack is a quite low effect on all but the weakest multi-figure units. Even -3 isn't that much considering there is a resistance roll, although success is now guarateed at 7 or lower resistance.


1. Black Channels

Removed from the game.

Originally an overland spell, but limited to normal units only, and makes them unable to heal. Due to the low numbers on the bonus, this only really benefitted units with a high number of figures (and low stats) like Spearman, Swordsman etc. Unfortunately, casting Lycanthrope on those is a much superior option, not only do they gain more stats, but better abilities and regeneration too!

The possibility of changing this into a combat only spell is interesting (Zitro seems to have done that), but I believe giving your units Illusions Immunity on-the-go is way too powerful bundled with decent stat improvements and 5 immunities total in one casting.

1. Syphon Life

New Spell : a more powerful Life Drain, costs 35 and has a penalty of -10 to resistance.

The new uncommon nuke of Death, as it was lacking one, and with the removal of the Life Drain slider, it could no longer fulfill this role. Note that this has a better resistance penalty at 35 mana than the original had at 50, making it much more cost effective and comparable to the uncommon nukes of other Realms.

2. Possession

Resistence penalty is now -3.

Same penalty as confusion, very similar but somewhat stronger effect – you control the unit every turn not just at a 25% chance each turn - limited to normal units only. Cost remained more expensive because taking control is less suitable for the Death Realm than Sorcery, and it does have a better effect, although for normal units only.

3. Drain Power

Gain points to your skill pool equal to the mana drained.

Now drains 120+5% of the target's total mana.

Casting cost is 100.

Serves the same purpose as Mana Leak but is less efficient. Also, you have mutliple enemies, and they have a significant boost to resource income on any difficulty above the lowest. Can be taken advantage of by zeroing the mana pool of an enemy before attacking their cities to prevent spellcasting, but only if their mana reserves were low to being with. Wizards banished with 0 mana don't start casting the spell of return either, for added abuse potential. A candidate for removal and replacement, especially as it is bugged for the AI, they can cast it but you lose no power. Unfortunately the AI can use it, so replace options are limited, probably wouldn't work unless it's a new overland summon spell.

4. Lycantropy

Upkeep cost reduced to 2, casting cost to 125.

A pretty good unit, much better than it appears. Regeneration allows you to turn obsolete spearmen defenders into much superior defending units, that actually can heal after battle. 6 figures with 5 attack and health each is decent, and Weapon Immunity can be a battle winning ability if the enemy fails to bring magical weapons. Cost had to be lowered because they cannot hope to compete with Shadow Demons and 180 was too near to 325.

5. Wall of Darkness

Cost reduced to 30 (battle) and 150 (overland), upkeep reduced to 1.

A nice defensive enchantment, but quite overcosted, especially in terms of upkeep. If you want to protect at least the frontline cities, it still means several cities, and it doesn't help if the enemy is not using ranged units. Situational+cannot be used for offense = low upkeep needed.

6. Black Prayer

No Change. Research costs 50% higher than the standard uncommon cost.

A powerful battle enchantment that gives you a 20% better chance of landing any curse, or doing 2 more damage with each life drain spell, on top of reducing enemy attack and defense by 1 per figure. All of that is a bargain for 35 mana, really.

7. Reaper Slash

New Spell : Does a strength 45 magical attack to the target unit for 32 mana which is poison type (poison immunity blocks it, but it does damage through normal attack rolls not resistance).

The Death realm had zero spells that were not resistance based, making it extremely vulnerable to opponents playing high resistance races. Additionally there were no sources of Poison damage besides the melee ability in the game, despite it even having a specific immunity. This spell should help both problems.

8. Night Stalker

Cost : 225
Research : Normal
Maintenance : 1
Effect : Summoning 1 figure : Melee 7, +1 To Hit, Defense 4, Resistance 8, Moves 3, 18 health, Death Gaze -3, Invisibility, Weapon Immunity, and the usual immunities of Death units.

9. Subversion

Removed from the game.

A spell that makes the AI fight itself...or it is supposed to do so. Problem is, the AI vs AI diplomacy behavior is both unknown to the player and looks pretty poorly done. Without proper feedback of the spell's effect, no one would bother...and there is a pretty good chance the AI does the diplomacy at random anyway. I have seen an AI being at war with another, then next turn they were allied, and another few turns later at war again. Waste of a spell slot.

9. Shadow Demons

Cost : 175
Research : 50% higher
Maintenance : 4
Effect : Summoning 4 figures : Melee 5, Ranged 5 (8 ammo), +2 To Hit, Defense 4, Resistance 7, Moves 2, 5 health, Flying, Regeneration, Plane Shifting, Non-Corporeal, Weapon Immunity.

10. Berserk

Removed from the game.

10. Blood Lust (new)

Cost : 50

Research : Normal

Maintenance : 0

Effect : Enchanted unit has double melee attack strength against normal units and is undead.

A quite powerful spell, especially on regenerating units.


1. Evil Presence

Spell effect is now fixed : The target town's religious buildings stop producing mana. Spell works regardless of target's books. Spell increases unrest by +3. Maintenance is 3.

2. Cloud of Shadow

Now grants the effects of Darkness, Black Prayer, Terror and Mana Leak to battles in the city. Cost 200 to cast, 4 to maintain.

Much better spell than the Life version, as you are much more likely to have cities fully stacked with Death units, both undead and summoned. However, only casting Darkness, and only when defending a ciry is way too limited use for a Rare spell.

3. Terror

Resistance Rolls are now at -3 instead of +1. All enemy units are penalized by -1 to hit even if they do not fail their roll to be able to move. Now rare instead of common.

4. Wrack

Fixed the bug of it dealing the square of the intended damage. Now resist at +0 or take damage.

Normal units tend to have weaker resistance, so this is now a bit better, but +1 resistance still felt too weak for a rare costing 40 mana without the bug. Units move faster so combat isn't as long as it used to be, which reduces the effectiveness, adjusting the penalty was necessary to compensate.

5. Wraiths

Moves 5. Costs 350, Melee increased to 10.

6. Warp Node

Now drains 15 power.

7. Black Wind

Removed from the game.

7. Wave of Despair

Cost : 66

New spell : All enemy units not immune to cold or magic are hit by a (222/(2+number of targets) strength attack that is reduced as though the unit's resistance was its defense. Bless and Resist Magic are ignored.

8. Zombie Mastery

No Change but zombies now create undead which makes it have much more potential.

An expensive, but great spell that creates powerful defending armies for your newly conquered cities. Zombies might not look like much, but at 6 figures of 3 health each, they surpass most elite basic units in survivability. The 4 attack and 3 defense is medicore, but Darkness can easily buff them en-masee, and Cloud of Darkness can make sure the enchantment will always be in effect in your zombie protected cities, regardless of your mana or skill available. Future goal is to make this work even if you would exceed 9 units, the same way as city production.

9. Famine

Maintenance reduced to 2. Casting cost is 150. Cuts food to 1/3.

A decent spell that severely reduces city production and population growth. Not sure about actual ingame effectiveness as AI players have crazy bonuses on army food maintenance. Needs more testing.

10. Cursed Lands

Removed from the game.

Famine decreases production more! Completely useless and redundant.

10. Dark Ritual

Casting cost increased to 150. moved to Rare from Common. No longer reduces growth rate.

Up to +12 power every turn (and double that with Infernal Power) made this pay for itself in just 2 turns at the original cost, and the drawbacks are not that significant.

Moved to rare because you definitely do not want to cast this early in the game, you neither have the cathedrals to fuel it, nor do you want less population growth. Also, the only spell that directly enhances the caster's power base in the game, Rare is where it belongs.

Very Rare

1. Annihilate (renamed from Word of Death)

Costs 1 more mana (41) now.

Although very powerful at a -5 save, and even more so when cast by a hero stacking multiple – save bonuses, I prefer to deal with the problem by increasing the resistance of high end units instead, as it is a very rare spell : obliterating all but the best units is expected. Righteousness and Magic Immunity both protect against it as well. However, to make it impossible to be used by Demons, who now have caster 40, it has to cost 1 mana more.

2. Demon Lord

Resistance increased to 15. Health Increased to 30. Casting cost is now 666, research is 50% higher than standard very rare costs. Gained Fire, Stoning and Missile immunity. Added Doom Bolt spell. Now has no maintenance and has Primal Force. Summoned demons now have Caster 40 or Death/Life Steal touch.

Now can heal naturally (but not from spells)

This spell simply lacked the impact I would expect from a unit called “Demon Lord”, very much like the Archangel. His offense was already decent, so I focused on making it tougher to defeat, and added even more spellcasting. The old Demon Lord was unremarkable compared to the best summons of Chaos, Nature and Sorcery, and even to Death Knights, now he does feel like the threat of an evil force taking over the world. Note that you cannot use the Doom Bolt until all 3 minions have been summoned. It's still weaker in direct combat than a Wyrm or Drake, but the spellcasting ability is even more valuable.

3. Cruel Unminding

Removed from the game

This spell is impossible to make fair as the cost of improving casting skill is very high and non-linear. At high skill, this can remove thousands of mana worth of skill while at lower amount it's not even paying for itself. The spell also makes all mana draining skills redundant as you either eliminate their skill, or their mana, no point doing both.

3. Summon Demon

New Spell : Summons a Demon.

Can be used both in combat (50 mana) or overland (250 mana). Demons have Caster 40 and Weapon Immunity, among other abilities, but are not very strong in direct combat.

Now can heal naturally (but not from spells)

The only summon spell in the game where the caster actually gets to choose between overland or combat summoning, which is more than enough to make it very rare. Combat summoning is very cost effective, as you pay 50 for a unit that casts 40 mana worth of Death spells himself. If summoned in combat, there is a 50% chance to get a Death Demon instead, which has a -4 Life Steal and Death touch but cannot cast spells.

4. Death Knights

Now costs 420, moves 5, is noncorporeal, and has a melee of 12.

Now can heal naturally (but not from spells)

One of the most powerful summoned units in the game, this was very undercosted for 600 mana.

5. Massacre (renamed from Death Spell)

No change.

A really nice mass kill spell, that is balanced by having a resistance roll so most high end units can survive it.

6. Animate Dead

Now grants “Animated” buff on top of “Undead”. Grants +1 to hit, 1 attack strength (all types), +1 defense, and Weapon Immunity.

Originally way too disappointing compared to Raise Dead, considering that one is Uncommon, while this is Very Rare, yet this has a huge disadvantage by turning the unit undead, while the advantages are marginal. The new buff is replacing the no longer used “Black Channels” buff slot. It has no maintenance.

7. Pestilence

Casting cost reduced to 250.

A loss of 1000 people per turn can quickly reduce a city to one that's unable to pay for its own buildings and defenders. A very powerful spell but it's a slow enough tactic, no need to slow it even further by the spell costing 350.

8. Eternal Night

Casting cost reduced to 800. Maintenance reduced to 15. Additional effect on top of original : All enemy religious buildings produce halved power. More additional effect : All nondeath enemy units lose 1 resistance.

Free Darkness everywhere? Great effect but wasn't worth it at the original cost. And yeah I mean sure it's more cost effective not to cast it in every battle -at 1000 mana, hell no – but come on, it's boring to have 3 spells do the exact same thing. Now produces half of Evil Presence's effect on top of the original effects, but on every enemy city of every enemy wizard which is a whole level more awesome than a single targeted city.

9. Evil Omens

New effect : All ENEMY spells cost 50% more regardless of realm. Own spells are unaffected. Maintenance increased to 25, casting cost to 1250.

Spells only affecting specific realms are not fit for a Very Rare as they are situational. A Very Rare spell possibly hurting yourself is even less acceptable. Effect does include all spells, even Arcane.

10. Final Wave (renamed from Death Wish)

Cost raised to 1000.

Kills off a large percentage of enemy armies, affects all enemy wizards, and even works on lower level heroes. Good.

Chaos Magic


1.Hell Hounds

Cost : 40
Maintenance : 1
Research : Normal
Effect : Summoning 4 figures : Melee 4, Fire Breath 3, +1 To Hit, Defense 2, Resistance 5, Moves 3, 4 health.

2. Corruption

No change.

You can deny Mithril, Adamantium, the gold and power bonus from various ores. As they are more relevant now, this spell becomes useful.

3. Eldritch Weapon

Removed from the game

3. Flame Blade

Moved to common. Now costs 10/50 to cast and 1 to maintain. Now grants +3 melee.

4. Fire Elemental

Now has weapon immunity and 5 defense.

The description in the game mentions it, but it was missing from the unit. The original Fire Elemental was somewhat weak, barely a match for a unit of swordsman or similar as it is single figure. Magical weapons are easier to get (Alchemist Guild is now directly unlocked by Libarary), so this spell is not a major threat even with this change, but you can take advantage of it if the opponent neglects to build one, and it helps conquering early neutral towns too.

5. Warp Creature

Resist at -5. Cost reduced to 10. No longer crashes the game if all 3 effects are already on the target.

Restored the original random functionality. Always getting the effects in the same order makes the spell less interesting and versatile.

6. Shatter

Resist at -2, costs 10.

Lower resistance penalty and only valid on normal units compared to Warp Creature, but the attack reduction is much more potent. A unit with 1 attack is unlikely to do any damage at all, making this essentially a weaker Black Sleep at a lower cost. Original was next to useless at 0 resistance penalty and units having higher default resistance values.

7. Fire Bolt

Does a fixed strength 24 attack for 10 mana, no slider.

A rather weak direct damage spell, capable of doing about 5.4 damage on average before defense, but it's still more cost effective than the original. Best used on shamans, sprites and other similar low health high threat units.

8. Wall of Fire

Now costs 100 overland, 20 in combat. Maintenance is zero. Does a strength 10 attack instead of strength 5.

This spell was far too weak especially as it was only working on defense against melee units.

9. Disrupt

Now costs 5.

A decent spell, but 15 for destroying one wall section is unreasonable.

10. Warp Wood

No change.

Situational, but cheap and renders an entire unit useless without a resistance roll.


1. Raise Volcano

Casting cost reduced to 50. Chance to destroy buildings : 5%. Now able to create an ore when the volcano is raised. Now can target mountains, hills and volcanoes. Volcanoes now generate 2 power.

Now a viable spell that destroys terrain in a more effective way than corruption, while also paying for itself on average. Low chance of destroying buildings mean it's no longer too good against cities for this low cost.

2. Fire Storm

Now costs 180 mana and does a strength 12 immolation type attack. No longer rare.

Albeit less powerful than Flame Strike and for much more mana, this spell is overland only, which is a lot more advantageous. Original strength 8 attack wasn't enough to seriously hurt anything but 1 health multi-figure units with low defense.

3. Immolation

Casting cost is now 12 in combat, 60 overland. Strength is increased to 10.

A powerful anti-multi-figure ability, or so it was supposed to be, but at strength 4 it barely had an effect and was completely blocked by armor.

4. Gargoyles

Cost : 110
Maintenance : 1
Research : Normal
Effect : Summoning 4 figures : Melee 5, +1 To Hit, Defense 9, Resistance 9, Moves 2, 4 health, Stoning Immunity, Poison Immunity, Flying.

5. Flame Blade

Now costs 10/50 to cast and 1 to maintain. Now grants +3 melee.

+2 attack is a reasonably decent buff but a bit lacking, and at the original cost of 125 mana, you can get an entire new summoned unit, almost an uncommon one, even. Holy Weapon is stronger on anything that has 6 base attack or more unless they already have + to hit bonuses, but this is better for weaker, multi-figure units, and obviously, units already having maximum chance to hit.

6. Chimeras

Cost : 180
Maintenance : 6
Research : Normal
Effect : Summoning 4 figures : Melee 10, Fire Breath 6, +1 To Hit, Defense 5, Resistance 8, Moves 3, 8 health.

7. Fireball

Now casts a fixed strength 12 attack for 15 mana.

8. Lightning Bolt

Now casts a fixed strength 35 armor piercing bolt for 25 mana.

Following the other spells, this also is more cost-effective although by a lower amount, and cannot be pumped. Best used against single-figure units.

9. Fire Giant

Cost : 110
Maintenance : 3
Research : Normal
Effect : Summoning 1 figure : Melee 18, Magical Ranged 12 (3 ammo), +1 To Hit, Defense 5, Resistance 7, Moves 3, 18 health, Mountaineer, Fire Immunity, Wall Crusher.

10. Chaos Channels

Fire breath strength is 3. Flight is now available on ships.

A pretty good buffing spell that can grant flying (always useful), fire breath (allows attacking flying units which is nice), or +3 defense at no maintenance whatsoever. Not a fan of it though as Chaos units are more easily destroyed by Life spells, but it's pretty good on normal units with many figures.


1. Efreet

Cost : 333
Maintenance : 9
Research : Normal
Effect : Summoning 1 figure : Melee 15, Ranged 18 (8 ammo), +2 To Hit, Defense 7, Resistance 12, Moves 4, 27 health, Fire Immunity, Caster 40, Flying.

2. Warp Lightning

Now costs 30 and has a strength of 12.

A pretty good spell that only needed a minor cost adjustment to be a viable alternative of other options.

3. Flame Strike

Now casts a strength 32 Fire Bolt to all enemies.

Originally did 15 immolation damage, which obliteraltes all multi-figure units mecilessly, while barely doing damage to single-figure ones. Now it treats all units evenly, regardless of figures.

4. Doom Bat (no longer uncommon)

Cost : 320
Maintenance : 7
Research : Normal
Effect : Summoning 1 figure : Melee 16, Doom, Defense 5, Resistance 9, Moves 6, 30 health, Flying, Immolation.

5. Magic Vortex

No change.

Extreme unblockable damage potential to any unit while also destroying towns. Inconvenient to use, but when all else fails, this spell will still be able to win the game for you.

6. Blazing March (renamed from Metal Fires.)

Now costs 50 mana. Now adds +3 attack and is cumulative with Flame Blade. Now works on fantastic units too.

+1 attack is extremely disappointing for a Rare spell. Compared to High Prayer buffs, (+2/+2/+3/+1/+1 a total of 9 stat points) even a +3 looks weak but that spell is Very Rare.

7. Doom Mastery

Now rare. Costs 666.

8. Chaos Rift

Upkeep cost halved. Now does strength 11 bolts. Now costs 200.

A lasting effect that weakens the defense of the town and even destroys buildings over time. Best used several turns before a major invasion. Strength 8 was not strong enough to even outdamage the healing effect of the city in most cases.

9. Chaos Spawn

Cost : 303
Maintenance : 8
Research : Normal
Effect : Summoning 1 figure : Melee 1, Multigaze 4, Defense 8, Resistance 10, Moves 2, 22 health, Causes Fear, Flying.

10. Doom Bolt

Now costs 41.

The best damage based nuke in the game. However, heroes now have enough health to usually survive at least one, and high end units generally have more life. Despite that, a guaranteed kill of a top tier unit if you use it 2-5 times if needed, only your casting skill is the limit. Other nukes are generally more cost-effective on units not having a huge defense, but those are not guaranteed. One of the two “10 or die” spells.

Very Rare

1. Disintegrate

No change.

The best instant kill spell in the game although Word of Death can kill units even stronger than this, it does have a roll while this is guaranteed. Combine with spells that grant resistance penalties for maximal effect. The stronger “10 or die” spell, as 10 resistance is less common than 10 health.

2. Meteor Storm

Casting cost is 800, fire damage is strength 6.

You can expect to destroy ~5-10 buildings every turn with this, and enemy armies made of magicians, shamans and the like are going to die before reaching your cities. Good spell if you can't directly conquer enemy towns for any reason, but not powerful enough to have a cost of 900.

3. Great Wasting

Now causes +5 unrest in all enemy cities. Corruption rate is faster and depends on land size.

Inferior to Armageddon in all regards, this needs to be buffed somehow, and more unrest is the most straightforward as it threatens everyone with the destruction of the world as a habitable planet.

4. Armageddon

Volcano rate is faster and depends on land size. Volcanoes produce 2 power.

5. Call Chaos

Reduced cost. Disintegrate has a -3 penalty. Warp Creature has a -15 one. Flame Pillar has strength 30. Healing is now Healing Charge instead. Fixed bug of targets getting killed regardless of resistance. “Do nothing” option replaced by Confusion, which always works and bypasses any immunity or resistance.

Expensive and random, but still extremely cost-effective. When casting this on a stack of 9 units, you can expect it to cast expensive doom bolts, disintegrates, and warp lightnings to at least 3 targets, saving you mana in the process. The real strength lies on hurting multiple units in only one battle turn instead of doing it one at a time. As the top tier Chaos combat spell in the game, this is the best candidate for an effect that can harm overpowered units that are unstoppable and invincible to all other effects. The random chance, and the nautre of the effects makes Confusion and Warp Creature's zero resistance option a great option to achieve this.

6. Hydra

Movement increased to 2. Fire Breath increased by 2 to 7. Maintenance reduced by 3. Costs 480.

7. Warp Reality

Casting cost increased to 75. Now very rare.

This spell effectively cuts enemy damage output to 1/3 to ½ of the normal value unless they have some massive to hit buff or bonus. Even more broken than High prayer, but you need Chaos units to take advantage of it. Less potent if enemy has Prayer.

8. Chaos Surge

Maintenance reduced to 30. Now grants 3 Melee, 2 breath and 2 resistance. Now is cumulative if there are multiple copies but additional copies only increase the bonus by 1 on each stat.

This+Doom Mastery+Metal Fires and your lame recruit spearmen for 10 production points is now a 7 attack, 5 fire breath slaughtering machine surpassing even elite swordsmen in effectiveness! At only 2 attack and no other bonus, the effect was not really worth it without having Doom Mastery or Hydra.

9. Great Drake

Cost : 500
Maintenance : 15
Research : Normal
Effect : Summoning 1 figure : Melee 35, Fire Breath 35, +3 To Hit, Defense 11, Resistance 15, Moves 4, 40 health, Flying.

10. Call of the Void

Now deals 12 damage, destroys 60% buildings/population.

Item Powers

All items cost 100 to make except Chain mails and plates (250 and 500), as those gain extra defense.


Swords, Maces, Axes, Bows can have +1 to +6 attack.

Now all weapon types can have maximum attack. The difference between the types is in the available other stats instead.

Accessories can have +2 to +6 attack.

+1 is removed because of the lack of space in the window. +5 and 6 added to enable more powerful accessories. These cost double on accessories, balancing out the benefit.

Wands can have +1 to +3 attack.

Staves can have +4 to +6 attack.

In general, Staves can receive higher stats than wands, but in exchange, only wands can have a +hit bonus.

Shields, Chain and Plate mails cannot have an attack bonus.

The crafting cost of attack bonuses are unchanged.


Shields, Plate Mails can have +1 to +6 defense.

+5 and 6 added to enable more powerful accessories.

Chain Mails, and Accessories can have +1 to +4 defense.

These are lighter armor than plates, and in exchange, can have better movement stats.

Swords can have +1 to +4 defense.

Maces can have +1 to +3 defense.

Axes cannot have defense.

Bows can have a +1 to +4 defense.

Staves can have +2, +4 or +6 defense.

Wands can have +1,+3 or +5 defense.

In general, slightly higher amounts are available, but no more than 4 on melee weapons. Stacking too much defense on a melee hero makes it almost impossible to kill. Mages now have better survivability with a higher potential defense on both accessories and staves, but taking advantage of this is costly, unless you find them in lairs.

The crafting costs of defense are increased across the board, it's one of the most powerful stats you can get.

To Hit

Shields, Chain Mails Plate Mails, Staves and Accessories cannot have a + hit bonus.

Now your only source of + to hit is your weapon. A + to hit bonus is extremely powerful, each point effectively increases the damage output by 33% on average compared to base stats.

All weapon types except staves can have +1 to +3 hit.

As this is the only way to have + to hit, all weapons types can have the maximum value available.

The crafting cost of To Hit bonuses are more expensive.

+1 To Hit is very powerful, and this has to be appropriately represented in the cost of items.


Movement is very powerful so the amounts available has been reduced to at most 2 per item,but some types cannot grant any.


Shields and Staves can have up to +4 Resistance. Accessories, Wands, Maces and Chain Mails can have +3. Plate Mails can have a max of +2.

Now maxes out at +4 and has generally lower value, as you need much fewer points to be immune to most spells as you need defense to block damage.

Resistance costs 150,275,350,420.

As the first few points of resistance are the most likely to actually make a difference, these points cost more, while later points cost less.

Casting Skill

Shields cannot have a casting skill bonus.

Maces, Axes and Bows can only have +5 or +10 Skill.

Swords, Staves, Wands, Plate Mails, Chain Mails and accessories can have +5 to +20 casting skill.

Swords now can have a maximum casting skill bonues, making this the advantage of the type. Now your caster warriors can actually have a +20 skill weapon! Armors gained the ability for the same reason, several caster heroes have an armor slot where this ability wasn't available before.

Casting Skill now costs 50,100,150 and 200 respectively.

As you can no longer use this bonus to boost your own skill by keeping the heroes at your fortress, casting bonus is now less valuable.

Spell Save

Staves and Wands can still have up to -4 Spell Save.

Accessories can only have -1 Spell Save, with the exception of some premade items having up to -3.

Spell Save is exceptionally powerful when stacked, with the old setup you could stack 3x -4 save items for an impressive -12 bonues, which is enough to have a 100% success chance with any spell on almost any high end unit in the game, even without counting the up to -5 bonus from the spell itself. Guaranteed killing (or stealing) of Great Drakes, Angels, Death Knights, Hydras, even Paladins or Colossus is just sick, this feature had to be limited.

Spell Save now costs 250, 500, 1000, 1500 for each level.

As it is an exceptionally powerful effect that allows you to kill higher tier units than intended with spells, a higher cost is required.


No change. Cost : 200

Required Books : 2 Chaos.


Cost : 4200

Required Books : 3 Chaos.

Armor Piercing is a pretty nice ability, so a medium tier cost is fair. The original 800 was overpriced.


Cost : 800

Required Books : 4 Chaos.

Doom damage is nice, but at a halved attack, not so much. Increasing the hit bonus to have a 100% hit rate usually results in better damage even without ignoring shields. Despite being one of the best armor piercing abilities, the original 2000 cost was nearly impossible to afford.


Cost : 450

Required Books : 4 Chaos.

Now affects the entire unit instead of 1 fgure.


Cost : 225

Required Books : 3 Death.

Now has a save penalty of -2.


No change - Cost : 350

Required Books : 3 Death.

The only fairly priced resist-or-die ability, no change needed. I have no idea why Destruction at +0 costed 2.5 times more than this at -3.

Power Drain

Removed form the game.

This ability is bugged and has no effect anyway.


New ability, weapons only.

Required Books : 3 Death

Cost : 410

The equipped hero gains a Thrown attack equal to half its base melee attack strength. Has no effect if the hero already has a ranged or breath attack, and replaces existing thrown if there was one.


Cost : 300

Required Books : 2 Life

Another overpriced resist-or-die ability. Having a big resist penalty makes it at least useful in some situations.

True Sight

Cost : 300

Required Books : 3 Life

Now also available on armor.

A pretty excellent item power that saves your hero from illusion damage and sorcery spells on top of being able to see invisible units. Despite that, the original cost was unreasonable. You are still paying 4 times the normal overland cost for it, which is justified for being immune to dispelling, but any higher would be pushing it.

Resist Elements

Cost : 80

Required Books : 1 Nature

A weak item power for a low cost. Now only needs 1 book.

Elemental Armor

Cost : 500

Required Books : 3 Nature

Giant Strength

Removed form the game.

Use 1 more attack instead of wasting your slot on this.


No Change. Weaker than death but costs much less.


Cost : 700

Required Books : 4 Sorcery

Probably the best defense ignoring ability, but Illusions Immunity potects against it.

Guardian Wind

Cost : 125

Required Books : 1 Sorcery

No longer available for weapons.

Cheaper, and removed from weapons because it's a defense spell, also to reduce the chance of the too many powers on the screen bug.


Cost : 1100

Required Books : 6 Sorcery

Now available on all items.

A very powerful buff for a very high price, but still below the original.

Resist Magic

Required Books : 3 Sorcery

Cost raised to 300.

Effectively granting +5 resistance, and it still costs less than an item that would grant 3, making this a bargain for Sorcery wizards.

Pandora's Box

Cost : 400

Required Books : 5 Chaos

The item will summon random fantastic creatures during combat. Quality and qunatity depends on hero level. Summoning does not use up the hero's turn and the target tile will be picked automatically. Summoning happens at the end of each player's turn once.

Wraith Form

Cost : 420

Required Books : 2 Death

Useful and has many advantages but nothing significant enough to require a large number of books.

Cloak of Fear

Cost : 125

Required Books : 1 Death

Now it's worth 200 because the effecti is improved.


Cost : 150

Required Books : 1 Life

A weak item power for a low cost. Now only needs 1 book.




Cost : 800

Required Books : 4 Life

A really powerful defensive enchantment.


Removed form the game.

I removed this before I made Endurance grant +1 to def because only 1 movement is not worthy of having a dedicated slot when you can get up to 4 from stat bonus alone. However, too much + to def on items would be quite overpowered, so I don't regret it. Teleporting makes this power available as a secondary effect, so you can still get the +1 to def, at a higher cost and in Sorcery though.

Planar Travel

Cost : 180

Required Books : 2 Life

Lion Heart

Cost : 600

Required Books : 3 Life

Now available on armor as well as accessories.

Water Walking

Cost : 80

Required Books : 1 Nature

An insignificant ability for a cheap cost. Flying is better if you have it.


Cost : 900

Required Books : 5 Nature

Now available on armor as well as accessories.

A very powerful ability that makes sure your hero won't get killed off by nukes in battles you won. The original 1500 cost was unreasonable though.

Path Finding

Cost : 100

Required Books : 1 Nature

No longer doubling movement, so this is now a fairly average low tier ability.


Now available for items and works.

Cost : 800

Required Books : 4 Nature


New item power.

Grants Teleportation movement type and Endurance (+1 movement, +1 to defend)

Cost : 1100

Required Books : 5 Sorcery

Inner Fire

New item power.

Grants Immolation, Fire Immunity, Cold Immunity.

Cost : 250

Required Books : 3 Chaos

Divine Protection

New item power.

Grants Death Immunity and Lucky.

Cost : 800

Required Books : 4 Life


Cost : 420

Required Books : 3 Sorecry

One of the abilities that was somewhat underpriced.


Cost : 800

Required Books : 4 Sorecry

Spell Charges

Now available on all weapons, so heroes with sword or bow slots aren't left out. Cost is halved.


All heroes have a total of 4 movement.

All heroes have +2 starting defense.

All heroes have +4 starting attack.

All heroes have +5 starting health.

All mage heroes start with an additional +8 mp.

For individual changes on heroes, refer to the changelog.

New hero abilities

Capacity, Capacity*

The hero gains additional ammo when leveling up.

Guiding Beacon

The hero buffs the ranged attack of the army in combat.

Aether Master, Aether Master*

The hero produces SP for the owner.

Ritual Master, Ritual Master*

The hero produces power for the owner.

Battlemage, Battlemage*

The hero gains MP when fighting in melee combat.

Soul Linker, Soul Linker*

The hero buffs friendly fantastic units in combat.

Divine Barrier, Divine Barrier*

The hero buffs the defense of the army in combat.


The hero buffs the movement of the army in combat.

Supply Commander

The hero boosts the ammo of the entire army in combat by 2.


Diplomacy has been completely redisgned and fixed up in the mod. As the game never had functional diplomacy, this chapter will explain the code rules of the diplomacy system.

  1. Total Army strength as show in the astrologer now matters a lot. The stronger you are the more likely they'll listen to your proposals.

  2. Doing something harmful to another wizard will trigger warning messages, which may lead into a declaration of war or loss of your treaty!

    III. Militarists and expansionists declare war on anymore less powerful than them, unless they are also peaceful or lawful.

    IV. Allies declare war on the common enemy.

    V. Anyone can declare war if the relation is bad enough or if it's neutral but they perceive the other party a threat.

      VI. Wizard's Pacts require you to stay away from their cities. However, AI doesn't need to observe this restriction.

      VII. An Alliance allows you to enter their territory.

      1. A Peace Treaty means the other party is unable to declare war or intentionally attack for a minimum of 15 turns most of the time. Accidents might happen though, and exceptional cases of provocation can disregard the treaty.

        IX. Peaceful and Lawful wizards cannot attack first without a formal declaration or war, others might do that.

X. Breaking a treaty will cause a penalty on all future diplomatic actions with that wizard only.

XI. Killing enemy units actively, or otherwise hurting a wizard or their towns will make them less interested in accepting or offering peace.

XII. Too many offers to a wizard will make them tired of you for a while and they will not listen. Be patient.

XIII. Chaotic wizards may declare war for no reason at all, disregarding their Pact or Alliance. They cannot break a Peace Treaty this way, however.

XIV. Higher difficulty level generally means a disadvantage to the player specifically, and/or an advantage to the AI.

XV. Better relations mean a better trade offer if the AI is proposing it. Not the other way around, though.

XVI. Killing units have a direct penalty of relations based on the amount of troops, but heroes, settlers and engineers are worth extra.

XVII. Killing units will earn relationship points with wizards who are at war with the target. You can even get a gold reward for doing this from an Ally. However, both of these benefits are for the player only.

XVIII. Banishing or defeating a wizard will earn a penalty from others if they were at good terms with the banished wizard, but will earn bonus to your relations if they were enemies.

Known, unfixable Bugs

AI does not lose the offered gold, and does not require to actualy have it in the treasury for diplomatic offers when proposing a treaty to the player. (The player receives the gold as intended regardless). [Lack of space to code a check and a subtraction. Situation is rare anyway and the AI usually has tons of gold.]

Heroes/units ignore all casting cost modifiers including Evil Omens, new events, and spells. [Impossible to fix. Cost is calculated separately in far too many locations]

Units with spell abilities under the AI control, including Healing Spell, Fireball Spell, etc, ignore Counter Magic, Node Aura, or Spell Ward. [Impossible to fix. AI makes these units cast spells through an entire different way, completely bypassing the pre-casting procedure.]

Control changing spells : Possession, Confusion, Creature Binding allows a wizard to control over 9 units. If the other player summons creatures to raise their own total to 9, thus exceeding 18 creatures in combat, the game will crash immedaitely.

Terrain changing spells do not update movement costs of the affected tile. [Impossible to fix. Cost per terrain type data is not even loaded or used in wizards.exe, it's a “new game” exclusive feature for map generation. After that point, only roads can alter costs.]

Version History


-Major : Generating Books/Retorts in treasure no longer causes the rest of the treasure to get discarded.

-Major : AI is now able to keep casting spells overland during their turn instead of being limited to one spell a turn as long as their skill and mana allows. No more wasting a whole turn on casting Skeletons.

-Major :AI Overland casting BUGFIX : Enchantments that were cast without checking if they are already in effect now check it instead of wasting the skill and mana: Nature's Wrath, Tranquility, Life Force, Evil Omens

-Gold and Mana picks now spend points equal to the mana/gold added instead of a fixed 100 for a random amount between 10-200, possible putting only 10 gold into a value100 lair.

-Encounter zones now have a flat +120 added to their treasure pool to prevent disappointing lairs with no treasure or just a few gold coins. This replaces the old check of treasure having a minim value of 50, which I broke when I tried to change to160 (used a signed byte value so 160 = -32, which made it even worse than having 50.). Note that the new version actually adds to the pool instead of just raising it to a minimum value if below.

-Halberdiers now have 1 more defense. Troll Halberdiers also have 1 more health for a 6 total.

-Warships now have only 12 shots.

-Fixed Djinn's movement (was set to 2 instead of the intended 4)

-AI decision : AI now ignores Evil Omens when deciding which overland spell to cast, as it no longer differeniates between realms.

-AI now recognizes Nature's Wrath as anti-Life when selecting spells to cast. Unfortunately, checking for Sorcery cannot be done in a simple way as no anti-Sorcery spells existed in the original game.

-AI Overland casting priority : Resist Elements is now only 2 instead of 5.

-AI Overland casting priority : Regeneration is now 50 instead of 10.

-AI Overland casting priority : Flame Blade is now only 5 instead of 20.

-AI Overland casting priority : Eldritch Weapon is now only 8 instead of 20.

-AI Overland casting priority : Resist Magic is now 6 instead of 2.

-AI Overland casting priority : Immolation is now 20 instead of 2.

-AI Overland casting priority : Holy Weapon is now only 4 instead of 15

-AI Overland casting priority : Bless is now only 3 instead of 5.

-AI Overland casting priority : Holy Armor is now only 6 instead of 10.

-AI Overland casting priority : Heroism is now only 18 instead of 40.

-AI Overland casting priority : Invulnerability is now 40 instead of 25.

-AI Overland casting priority : Lionheart is now 50 instead of 40.

-AI Overland casting priority : Magic Immunity is now 35 instead of 20.

-AI Overland casting priority : Cloak of Fear is now 1 instead of 10.

-AI Overland casting priority : Path Finding is now 5 instead of 20.

-AI Overland casting priority : Endurance is now 1 instead of 10.

-AI Overland casting priority : Nature's Cures is now 0. Casting this spell without checking in advance if the AI has wounded armies is worse than not casting it at all. (Originaly priority was a mere 2, anyway)

-AI Overland casting priority : Enchant Road is now 0. I want to remove this spell later anyway, and enchanting roads only hurts AI as it's easier to reach their cities and fortress.

-AI Overland casting priority : Chaos Channels is now 15 instead of 30.

-AI Overland casting priority : Guardian Wind is now 6 instead of 15.

-AI Overland casting priority : Summon spell priority is no longer based on a (casting cost/multiplier)^2 formula but instead is a fixed value for each spell as follows :

War Bears : 2

Sprites : 5

Giant Spiders : 15

Basilisk : 25

Stone Giant : 32

Gorgons : 50

Behemoth : 40

Colossus : 100

Great Wyrm : 100

Nagas : 8

Storm Giant : 32

Djinn : 40

Sky Drake : 100

Hell Hounds : 30 (this is pretty awesome for 40 mana now that the AI can use the remaining skill on something else)

Gargoyles : 15

Doom Bat : 25

Chaos Spawn : 20

Fire Giant : 15

Chimeras : 25

Efreet : 40

Hydra : 32

Great Drake : 120

Unicorns : 20

Angel : 35

Arch Angel : 120

Skeletons : 50 (Dirt cheap for 25 and no maintence, worth summoning one or two between each stronger summon just to fill ranks, see Hell Hounds)

Ghouls : 5

Night Stalker : 20

Wraiths : 45

Shadow Demons : 32

Death Knights : 100

Demon Lord : 200

Cockatrices : 25

Enchant Item : 5, 0 if artificier

Create Artifact : 20, 60 if artificier

Resurrection : 100

Summon Hero : 20

Summon Champion : 64

This allows a more reasonable distribution of summoning, unlike the original which basically made the AI summon the most expensive unit all the time, even more so if it had a good modifier. Example : Behemoth had a modifier of 10 (average), while Basilisk had a modifier of 7(frequent). With the origial formula, this gave basilisk a chance of (325/7)^2=2135 chance and Behemoth a (900/10)^2=8100 chance, so Behemoth was summoned 4 times as often even though Basilisk was given an increased chance and Behemoth wasn't. The squaring in the formula also caused these priorities to skyrocket at high casting costs, so spells in the same group without this modifier were selected way less often once high casting cost options were opened, including guardian spirits, resurrection, enchant item Create Artifact.

-AI Overland casting priority : Enchant Item is now zero prioroty for Artificiers (they have Create Artifact instead)

-AI Overland casting priority : Global Enchantments are also no longer priorized based on their casting cost, instead have a fixed value.

Herb Mastery : 10

Aether Binding : 100

Aura of Majesty : 5

Great Uncummoning : 30 – The AI is using this without checking how many of its own units are vulnerable, suicide much? Fortunately most high end summons are immune. Added an extra considition : Priority is 0 if the AI has Zombie Mastery in effect. Hopefully, other than that, it won't have too many low resistance units left by the time it's first casting the spell.

Suppress Magic : 100

Spell Binding : 0 because it has no effect when cast by AI. Need to make that work first. Also, it was casting this without checking if any enemy had any good enchantments to steal, ewww.

Great Wasting : 20

Chaos Surge : 0, but 200 if Doom Mastery is in effect. Again, casting this without checking who has more chaos units in play is meh, could even help the enemy as it buffs ALL chaos units not just own. Funny enough, the AI does cancel this after casting it, if his main realms are not set as Chaos.

Doom Mastery : 80

Meteor Storm : 40

Armageddon : 300

Just Cause : 50

Planar Seal : 50, this actually does a check to see if it's beneficial, yay!

Holy Arms : 60

Charm of Life : 120

Crusade : 200

Eternal Night : 50. Again, no check to see if it even has Death units. Fortunately the new added effect makes it valuable even if not.

Death Wish : 75

Zombie Mastery : 100

Awareness : 5

Nature's Wrath : 200 (Uses a different spell group “anti-color enchantments”)

Life Force : 300 (Uses a different spell group “anti-color enchantments”)

Tranquility : 120 (Uses a different spell group “anti-color enchantments”)

Evil Omens : 100 (Uses a different spell group “anti-color enchantments”)

-AI will no longer cancel the following overland spells if playing the wrong color : Eternal Night, Evil Omens, Chaos Surge, Tranquility, Life Force. 4 of these had their effect changed or enhanced, Chaos Surge is now not being cast unless Doom Mastery is already in effect and then there is no need to cancel it.

-AI will now always try to dispel Evil Omens regardless of played Realm.

-AI will now always try to dispel Nature's Wrath if not playing Nature as primary.

-AI priority for dispelling Herb Mastery reduced (50->5)

-AI priority for dispelling Tranquility is now 20 regardless of Realm played

-AI priority for dispelling Life Force is now 40 regardless of Realm played

-AI will now properly recognize knowing Suppress Magic as a spell to increase priority of casting enchantments instead of incorrectly adding priority to the anti-color enchantment category.

-AI will now consider casting (anticolor) enchantments regardless of colors played by player, as they no longer have a color related effect.

-AI Combat spellcasting decisions : Death Spell now only counts units with a resistance score where the success rate is a minimum of 30% instead of the default non-zero.

-AI Combat spellcasting decisions : AI now recognizes Syphon Life as a Drain Life spell.

-AI Combat spellcasting decisions : AI now recognizes Fairy Dust as a Ice Bolt spell.

-AI Combat spellcasting decisions : Haste, Berserk and Drain Life now only receives a +5 priority boost instead of +10. (Why these 3 anyway? Original Drain Life was horrible...other two are good I guess.)

-AI Combat spellcasting decisions : AI now recognizes Call Centaurs and Contruct Catapult as a neture summoning spell (Earth Elemental's code but lower priority due to lower summoning cost)

-AI Combat spellcasting decisions : AI now recognizes Summon Zombie, Summon Demon, and Call to Arms as a summoning spell (Earth Elemental's code because there were no life or death combat summons to redirect the code to, realm shouldn't mattter anyway, except at nodes maybe)

-AI Combat spellcasting decisions : AI now recognizes Psionic Spark as a Psionic Blast spell instead of as the removed Word of Recall.

-AI Combat spellcasting decisions : AI now recognizes Heroic Shout as a Fireball spell instead of as the removed Recall Hero, with a fixed priority of 20.

-AI Combat spellcasting decisions : Lionheart now receives the same priority buff as Invulnerability (+30).

-AI Combat spellcasting decisions : AI now recognizes the replacement of Wall of Stone with a noncombat spell and assigns “Not valid” priority correctly. (although I never seen the AI cast it anyway)

-AI Combat spellcasting decisions : Metal Fires now considers fantastic units (because they are now eligible for the buff)

-AI Combat spellcasting decisions : Warp Reality now requires at least 3 more chaos units than the enemy to be cast instead of only 1 more. Spell priority is higher if condition is met. Change is done because this spell it pretty expensive and a waste on only one unit that might even be Hell Hounds.

-AI Combat spellcasting decisions : Raise Dead now only considers “Dead” and “Dead from drain damage” units instead of everything except “Alive” and “Disintegrated”. This might fix the bug (or at least make it less frequent) of the AI raising units carried by the ship in naval battles, I assume those might be the type “Not involved” which was actually considered.

-AI Combat spellcasting decisions : Blur is now not ignored by the priority system and receives the same priority boost as Prayer.

-Counter Magic : Failure to counter a spell no longer decreases remaining power.

-Counter Magic : Succesful counters decrease power by 10.

-Counter Magic : Now has a linear formula : Casting success chance = Spell cost/Counter Magic strength. Spells being more expensive than CM's strength will never get countered, so it works similarly to the new Suppress Magic.

-Counter Magic: Now costs a minimum of 16 mana and a maximum of 80. This means that combat spells equal to or more expensive than 80 mana cannot be countered at all by Counter Magic ( This means Mass Invisibility and a boosted Disnechant Area only at the moment). In general, it's less effective if the enemy casts expensive spells only (as there is a good chance nothing gets countered before they use all skill), but as strong as ever against low cost spells, so it's a pretty good protection against direct damage spells.

-Nodes use the same formula as Counter Magic, but their strength is 50. This means your 50+ mana spells will be always successful, and your 25 mana ones have an exact 50% chance of working.

-Fixed a possible instability source added by a previous change (although it never actually caused a problem).


-Major : Fixed a bug caused by the previous update in the AI spellcasting that caused the AI to cancel spells and restart casting another one at the beginning of turn instead of continuing it, which caused Spell of Return to not complete.

-Towers now go through the normal spell roll procedure instead of forcing one random spell into the treasure ignoring costs. This means that if the tower actually rolls a spell it does not have treasure points for, it might not contain any spells, but it will always attempt to roll for a spell first.

-Forester's Guild now requires a forest to be built. (Sawmill doesn't because it's intended to be a general purpose, important production building.)

-Slightly increased advatages for the AI on hard and above levels, it felt a bit too weak.


-Major : New Scoring system : +4 for spells, +2 for people, +4 for fame, +200 for wizards, +100 for spell of mastery, Easy 0.5x, Normal 1x, Hard 1.5x, Extreme 2x, Impossible 2.5x

-Added new landmass : Tiny and adjusted the amount of land cells for each : Tiny = 150, Small = 250, Normal = 400, Large = 600, Huge = 800. Unfortunately the smaller options fail to find fortress locations and hang way too often.

-Major : Barracks now make units start as Regular instead of Fighter's Guild.

-Barracks is no longer required to build units, its role is replaced by the Smithy.

-Fantastic Stables now only require and Armory instead of a Fighter's Guild

-War College no longer requires an University.

-The military building trees are now :

Barracks->War College

Smithy->Armory->Fighter's Guild->Armorer's Guild


Stables+Armory->Fantastic Stables

Races that cannot build a War College : Klackon, Lizardmen

Races that cannot build Barracks : Halflings

-Major : Spell Ward now has an additional effect : Spells of the selected realm in combat will be countered (100% chance), affects both players.

-Major : AI spellcasting : Spell Binding now works and has the same effect as for the player (100% chance of stealing spell). Original code first did a dispel roll for the spell, then converted the spell ID into an enchantment ID to steal the spell on success, which had no effect because it already had an Enchantment ID before the conversion so converting it again messed up the data.

-Major : AI diplomacy : Defeating another wizard will now yield a +50 boost to your relation with wizards who were at war with the defeated wizard, no change if they had no treaty, and -40 if they had a pact or alliance.

- Major: AI diplomacy : Banishing another wizard will now yield a +25 boost to your relation with wizards who were at war with the defeated wizard, no change if they had no treaty, and -20 if they had a pact or alliance.

-Major : AI Diplomacy : Starting (and default) diplomatic relations use a completely new calculation , see below :

First gain +2 relations for each shared book (including all realms, even Death).

Then calculate an aligment for the wizards : Alignment=(Nature+Life)-(Chaos+Death).

Subtract 3*(abs(Wizard Alignment1- Wizard Alignment2)-4) points from relations. Note that this reduces relations if the alignment difference is higher than 4, but improves it if the difference is less.

The total maximum possible positive relation is 35 (13 shared books), highest negative is -66 (all 13 books from opposite realms). Sorcery books have no effect on wizard alignment. It's pretty unlikely to have a significant penalty here unless you commit to a large amount of good or evil books and find an opponent who did the exact opposite.

-After a battle at a town, building destruction chance is capped at 60% instead of 75%.

-After conquering a town, there is no additional +10% chance of destroying a building (if you didn't walk to the inside, or used destruction causing spells, everything stays safe)

-After conquering a neutral town, there is no additional 50% chance to destroy buildings.

-Finding a spell from a banished wizard requires a minimum of 1 book for common, 2 for uncommon, 3 for rare, and 4 for very rare. Same for trading spells.

-Adjusted Spell desirability data in the spell table (previously unknown purpose byte 14h) to reflect the current value of spells better.

-Lairs now require 3 books for rare and 4 for very rare spell findings of their realm instead of the original 2 and 3. Uncommons and commons can both be received with only 1 book. This is different from diplomacy and banishing, where you do need 2 books for uncommons.

A quick summary of the effects of each book you have, regardless of where they came from :

1st book : Contains 3 common and 1 uncommon spells. Allows finding common and uncommon spells in dungeons. Allows trading for common spells. Allows finding common spells from defeaed enemy wizards.

2nd book : Contains 2 common, 1 uncommon and 1 rare spell. Allows trading for uncommon spells, allows finding uncommon spells from defeated enemy wizards.

3rd book : Contains 1 common, 1 uncommon, 1 rare and 1 very rare spell. Allows finding rare spells in dungeons and from defeated wizards. Allows trading for rare spells.

4th book : Contains 1 common, 1 uncommon, 1 rare and 1 very rare spell. Allows finding very rare spells in dungeons and from defeated wizards. Allows trading for very rare spells.

5th-10th books : Contains more spells, reduce casting cost of spells of that realm by 2%, increases research of that realm by 3%.

11th and above : Reduce casting cost of spells of that realm by 2%, increases research of that realm by 3%. You already have all spells available from the 10th book so no more spells.

-AI Diplomacy : Casting Evil Omens now causes a -20 diplomatic penalty to all wizards regardless of realm.

-AI Diplomacy : Casting Aether Binding now has no effect on diplomacy.

-AI Diplomacy : Casting Nature's Wrath now causes a -20 diplomatic penalty to all wizards who own a non-Nature book.

-AI Diplomacy : Casting Zombie Mastery now has no effect on diplomacy.

-AI Diplomacy : Casting Doom Mastery no longer causes a diplomatic penalty

-AI Diplomacy : Casting Life Force no longer causes a diplomatic penalty

-AI Diplomacy : Casting Tranquility no longer causes a diplomatic penalty

-AI Diplomacy : Casting Crusade no longer causes a diplomatic penalty

-AI Diplomacy : Casting Holy Arms no longer causes a diplomatic penalty

The remaining global enchantmenst that still have diplomatic effects are :

Eternal Night -12 once, -1/turn

Evil Omens -20 once, -2/turn

Aura of Majesty +10 once, +2/turn

Suppress Magic -25 once, -2/turn

Nature's Wrath -20 if owning any non-nature book once, -2/turn

Chaos Surge -10 if not owning a chaos book once, -1/turn

Great Wasting -20 once, -2/turn

Meteor Storm -15 once, -1/turn

Armageddon -25 once, -2/turn

-AI Diplomacy : Successful trading of a spell now counts as a +7 diplomatic action instead of +5. This is now applied when receiving a spell of equal or higher research value instead of just higher, as spells with equal value are much more frequent now.

-AI Diplomacy : Positive diplomatic actions performed to a wizard that had a negative realtionship with the performer are no longer capped to only raise relationship to a +10 at best.

-AI Diplomacy : Negative diplomatic actions no longer have a double effect on a wizard that had a positive relationship with you. They still are less effective the worse the relationship is if already at far below zero.

-AI Diplomacy : Positive diplomatic actions no longer have a double effect on a wizard that had a negative relationship with you. They still are less effective the better the relationship is far above zero however.

-AI Wizard generation : Now can select Life+Death books at random instead of only having that from choosing the default wizards that have both.

-AI Wizard generation : Now can't select more than 10 books of a type.

-AI Wizard generation : Myrran now costs 2 for the AI.

-AI Diplomacy : Casting Corruption is now a -5 strength diplomatic effect instead of -25.

-AI Diplomacy : Casting Raise Volcano is now a -10 strength diplomatic effect instead of -50. Seriously, this spell had a worse penalty than nuking two cities with Call of the Void.

-Volcanoes now have a 1% chance to revert to mountains instead of 2%. I found absolutely no reference to generating ores at a random chance in the code, this feature seems to be unimplemented. While it would be nice to have, volcanoes not helping the enemy is actually more beneficial when using the spell for offense, so I don't plan to implement it, it's not worth it.

-Fixed Nature's Eye not giving 2 research as intended (I accidentally overwrote this code when adding Tranquility's research effect)

-Fixed the description of the Resist Magic unit ability to correctly display +5 crosses

-Wizard's Guild cost is increased to 700, research reduced to 3

-University cost is reduced to 125, research reduced to 5

-Sage's Guild research is reduced to 9

-Aura of Majesty now adds +2 relation per turn.

-Animist's Guild now requires Forester's Guild instead of Stables

-Parthenons now correctly display the amount of power produced on city screens.

-Cathedrals now correctly display the amount of power produced on city screens.

-Alchemist Guilds now correctly display the amount of power produced on city screens.

-Wizards Guilds now correctly display the amount of power produced on city screens but it's still show as negative

-Evil Presence now correctly displays the amount of power produced on city screens even if the owner has Death books, but it's still shown as positive

-Sages Guilds now correctly display the amount of research produced on city screens.

-Wizards Guilds now correctly display the amount of research produced on city screens.

-Gold produced as taxes is now correctly displayed in the city screen.

-Gold produced by the Marketplace is now correctly displayed in the city screen, but does not include bonuses from Bank, Merchant's Guild and Prosperity. Only the trade bonus is included.

-Gold produced by the Bank is now correctly displayed as 30% of taxes in the city screen but disregards Marketplace due to lack of coding space.

-Gold produced by the Marketplace is now correctly displayed as 40% of taxes in the city screen but disregards Marketplace due to lack of coding space.

-Sawmill production is now corrrectly displayed as 8

-Forester's Guild, Miner's Guild and Mechanician's Guild production is now correctly displayed, but disregards the +8 from the Sawmill due to lack of coding space.

-Forester's Guild now produces +3 food without counting as using the land, so it's not reduced to 1 if the city is already overusing the land. (Granary and Farmer's Market works like this)

-Forester's Guild's food production is now correctly displayed.

-AI diplomacy : Minimum relation required for having your treaty considered is unchanged, the values I found in the code are : Wizard's Pact +10, Alliance : +50, Declaration of War on another : no requierment, Break Alliane with : +25, Peace Treaty : No minimum. Additionally, if the player has an alliance with the wizard, and is at war with the target, asking for war has a 50% chance to be automatically accepted, otherwise additional demands need to be fullfilled, but there is no chance of outright rejection, meaning an Alliance is a pretty useful treaty.

-Psionic Blast now costs 25 mana.

-AI building buying decision : Instead of the original, random based code that compared the price of the product multiplied by a random number with the gold reserve regardless of needs or personality, the AI will now buy products if any of the following is true :

1.The AI has 10000 or more gold

2.The product is a Sawmill, Wizard's Guild, or Nightmare. (I wanted to include more like Paladins, Doom Drakes and other top units, but out of coding space sadly.)

3.The AI has 12 times the cost of the product or more in gold. For example a Marketplace (60 production) will be bought if the AI has 1440 or more gold.

If neither of these conditions is true, the AI will not buy the product.

-AI building to build selection : Sawmill now has the highest priority, unless playing Lizardmen which cannot build one.

-AI building to build selection : Barracks is no longer included in the priority list.

Note : The priority list completely disregards any restrictions on buildings and forces it through anyway. Meaning that races who cannot build certain buildings will get them under AI control if they are included in the priority list.

-AI building to build selection : Smithy is still the second highest priority (no change but first is now Sawmill)

-AI building to build selection : Builder's Hall is no longer included in the priority list.

-AI building to build selection : Granary is no longer included in the priority list.

-AI building to build selection : Shrine is still in the priority list as the last element (no change except that this is now the third one instead of the sixth, the list is shorter), fortunately all races can build this. While I could add more buildings, I don't think the current system really needs anything specific to be built early other than these thee (in fact Shrine is not even a must have) and as it would disregard resitrictions and make the AI cheat, I prefer not to use that code space. Non-priority building selection is also unchanged.

-Neutral Town building selection : Smithy is now a priority, Barracks is not.

-Neutral Town building selection : Builder's Hall and Granary are no longer a priority so they won't disregard building restrictions.

-AI combat spellcasting : The AI will now never cast spells of a warded realm in combat. (Also some good news : There are roughly 120 bytes of coding space left in the combat spellcasting priority procedure, so a whole lot of additional stuff can be added later if the need arises. For reference, the check for spell ward took ~45 bytes so120 bytes are a lot of space. All this space came from Word of Recall's code which was quite extensive. There are also a few other removed spells that can be used to make space, although I don't see an immediate need to add new conditions to combat spellcasting at the moment, the predefined priorities are pretty well done for at least the important spells.)

-AI combat spellcasting : The AI will no longer use Syphon Life on Death Immune targets

-Nightblades now have +1 attack, defense and health, making them have better stats than halberdiers.

-AI overland spellcasting type selection : Zombie Mastery adds only 10 instead of 100 to disjuction type priority.

-AI overland spellcasting type selection : Aura of Majesty no longer adds to disjuction type priority. (was +25)

-AI overland spellcasting type selection : AEther Binding no longer adds to disjuction type priority. (was +25)

-AI overland spellcasting type selection : Doom Mastery adds only 15 instead of 200 to disjuction type priority.

-AI overland spellcasting type selection : Crusade adds only 50 instead of 100 to disjuction type priority.

-AI overland spellcasting type selection : Just Cause no longer adds to disjuction type priority. (was +10)

-AI overland spellcasting type selection : Holy Arms adds only 10 instead of 100 to disjuction type priority.

-AI overland spellcasting type selection : Charm of Life adds only 25 instead of 200 to disjuction type priority.

-AI disjuction target selection : Evil Omens is now always priority 200 regardless of spell books to match new effect.

-AI disjuction target selection : Zombie Mastery is now priority 15 instead of 50

-AI disjuction target selection : Aura of Majesty is now priority 5 instead of 20

-AI disjuction target selection : Aether Binding is now priority 1 instead of Wind Mastery's 15

-AI disjuction target selection : Nature Awareness is now priority 3 instead of 10

-AI disjuction target selection : Nature's Wrath is now priority 200 if either primary or secondary realm is non-Nature.

-AI disjuction target selection : Doom Mastery is now priority 25 instead of 50

-AI disjuction target selection : Meteor Storm is now priority 60 instead of 30

-AI disjuction target selection : Armageddon is now priority 100 instead of 40

-AI disjuction target selection : Tranquility is now priority 5 instead of 200 regardless of Realm to reflect now effect.

-AI disjuction target selection : Life Force is now priority 25 instead of 200 regardless of Realm to reflect now effect. Also worth mentioning that the original code was bugged, it checked for Chaos realm instead of Death.

-AI disjuction target selection : Just Cause is now priority 1 instead of 15

-AI disjuction target selection : Holy Arms is now priority 20 instead of 30

-AI disjuction target selection : Charm of Life is now priority 20 instead of 60

-AI disjuction target selection : Great Wasting is now priority 40 instead of 20

-AI disjuction spell choice : Top priority is now Spell Binding, then Disjunction True, then Disjunction, and none if the AI has neither. Note that the AI now actually considers Spell Binding as an enchantment removal spell instead of just a general purpose spell that can be used anytime.

-AI Spell Binding target selection priorities (yes the AI had separate code for these despite the spell not working at all) :

Eternal Night – 50 regardless of owning death books

Evil Omens – 120

Zombie Mastery - 50

Aura of Majesty - 1

Aether Binding - 30

Suppress Magic - 120

Time Stop – 10 (can't steal anyway)

Nature Awareness - 1

Nature's Wrath – 100 regardless of any books

Herb Mastery - 20

Chaos Surge – 1 regardless of Chaos Books, spell does the same thing even if opponent controls it

Doom Mastery - 50

Great Wasting - 20

Meteor Storm -40

Armageddon -100

Tranquility -64

Life Force -80

Crusade - 80

Just Cause - 3

Holy Arms - 30

Planar Seal - 10

Charm of Life -60

Detect Magic -1

Awareness -1

Note that quite a few spells have a high dispel but low steal priority or the other way around, depending on the effects.

-AI overland offensive spell casting priorities : priority is now a fixed value instead of being relative to the spells's casting cost. Some of the spells seem to overlap with spells in other categories.

Blizzard : 3

Earthquake : 10

Spell Blast : 10

Stasis : 1

Time Stop : 25

Corruption : 25, high value because the spell is cheap and spammable

Fire Storm : 7

Raise Volcano : 50, also cheap and spammable

Chaos Rift : 20

Call of the Void : 200

Famine : 30

Warp Node : 15

Black Wind : 15

Drain Power : 20

Evil Presence : 40

Cruel Unminding : 20

Pestilence : 50

Cursed Lands : not in the game

Subversion : not in the game

AI decisions : Maximum tax rate being used is now 6 (2.5gold) instead of 4(2 gold). Minimum is unchanged(3). Unrest penalties for the last two rates are no longer too harsh for use.

Aether Binding : Doubled the amount of Skill Pool gain.

-Air Elemental : Defense reduced by 3

-Restored max retorts to 6, there is no need for more than that, but max books stays at 19.

-Sky Drake breath attack is reduced to strength 15.

-AI power base decision : AI will now look at their power base distribution once every 1-4 turns instead of once every 15-25. (lol)

-AI power base decision : During the first 30 turns, the AI will focus on producing mana for early expansion instead of doing a roughly even distribution.

-AI power base decision : Default is 10% research, 25% skill, 15% mana and another 50% selected at random weighted by needs and preferences. Original was 15 res, 10 skill and 25 mana, too low for skill.

-AI power base decision : Militarist now considers mana a priority (to maintain armies) and perfectionist prefers skill (to cast more spells) instead of the other way around.

-AI power base decision : Having 200 or lower skill now makes the AI consider skill a priority, instead of 100 or higher skill making research as one.

-AI power base decision : Having over 1000 mana will no longer replace the mana choice with 50% chance of skill, 50% chance of research. Instead, having 4000 mana turns “mana” choices into “skill” ones, and won't select research, if you have too much mana, it's a clear indication of skill being insufficient.

-AI power base decision : Having more skill than 12.5% of the mana reserve turns all skill choices into mana instead of having 400% more skill than mana doing it...for example at 100 skill, the AI will go for mana if they below 800 mana remaining instead of the original 25.The AI will try to have enough reserve for 8 turns (or 2 battles at rangex3) as a minimum.

-AI alchemy decision : AI will now turn gold into mana when having less than 1/16th of gold in mana instead of 1/32.

-(optional) fixed Clow/Eriol's staff being cut off halfway on the research screen


-Fixed Barracks help text to correctly display 0 maintenance.

-Fixed ore produced gold displays

-Fixed ore produced power displays

-Fixed dwarven double gold not being applied to road/river trade bonus displays even though it does get applied into the actual gold produced.

-Limited number of primary monsters in lairs to 6 to avoid the inconvenient situation of the 1 secondary monster being stronger due to excessive remaining points

-Autosave now happens every turn instead of every 4th turn.

-Mana Short event is now replaced by Aether Flux event : All spells cost 50% less to cast.

-Disjuction event is now replaced by Stroke of Genius event : Every wizard's current research makes a progress of ~9900 points, resulting in immediate research of the current spell, except for Spell of Mastery.

-Surveyor now shows the correct production and gold bonus value, taking into account the new effects of Sawmill, Forester's Guild, Mechanician Guild, Miner's Guild, Prosperity, Marketplace, Bank, Merchant's Guild, and also fixed the bug of Inspirations adding 100 to the display despite only adding 50 to actual production from the original game.

-It now costs 0.5 movement to move through enchanted roads. Warning, this only affects newly created roads. Loading a prevous save with already made roads still allows free movement because cost is decided at the time of road creation and kept in the save data afterwards.

-It now costs 1 movement to move through normal roads.

-New Game generates no roads between the neutral cities, to avoid having pre-generated roads that ignore the new movement costs. Considering the huge trade gold bonus they grant, finding them already built is too good anyway.

-Removed the check from placing the starting capitals that caused frequent failure of generating new games on tiny to medium landmass. The check was most likely for the quality/amount of land available for the town at the selected location. Some other parts still seem to sometimes cause hanging, but less frequently.

-Each plane now has 6 neutral towns generated on them instead of 15 at start.

-Newly generated towns at the game start no longer have roads under them.

-Book and Retort treasure now costs 800 points not 600 each.

-Minimum distance of duneons from each other is now 1 not 2 (probably was the other reason tiny landmass generation failed)

-Enchant Item and Create Artifact : Making accessories no longer costs double for stat points.

-Counter Magic is now 14-70 mana, instead of 16-80.

-Pathfinding units now have the proper interaction with roads : moving at 1 on normal and 0.5 on enchanted roads.


-AI combat spellcasting priorities : Counter Magic now calculates priority based on number of units instead of adding a flat +30.

-Aether Flux has ended message is now properly displayed

-Counter Magic combat help icon now displays the proper information

-Metal Fires combat help icon now displays the proper information

-AI combat spellcasting priorities : Doom Bolt now gets a +18 priority boost

-AI combat spellcasting priorities : Mind Storm now gets a +15 priority boost

-AI combat spellcasting priorities : Having an invisible unit in battle only adds +30 to disenchant area priority instead of +160.

-AI combat spellcasting priorities : Each combat global enchantment only adds +20 to disenchant priority instead of +30 (except for the two predetermined exceptions, Wrack and Call Lightning)

-AI combat spellcasting priorities : Disenchant area priority no longer gets a boost for its high casting cost (it event got this boost if there was nothing to dispel!)


-High Elf Magicians now have Magic Immunity but cost 180 to build.

-Fixed the bug that max population cities couldn't lose population as well as gain, instead of only being unable to gain.

-Great Wasting now causes +5 unrest in every nonfriendly town

-All units reduce unrest now, even heroes

-Reduced the resistance of most Troll units. I seem to have overlooked them when adjusting normal unit resistances, being the last race in the database.

-Grand Vizier will no longer attempt to build unavailable buildings.

-AI Building choices : Adjusted the priority of various building types. Reassigned some buildings into other groups to reflect their new function better. Note : This data is actually used by the Grand Wizier too, which assumes the player is a Pragmatist wizard (can be changed if you change the personality of your wizard by an editor, the actual personality value is used). The following buildings received a huge priority boost : Granary, Farmer's Market, Marketplace, Sawmill, Library, this does not guarantee they'll all be be chosen first but it's quite unlikely to build anything else while there are not built since they have priority in the thousands compared to the other building's tens.

-Grand Vizier will never build units for you, only buildings.

-Grand Vizier will never change your production order if you are producing units in the city. If you want to stop making units, you need to change to a building or trade goods or housing manually and the Vizier will take over for you after that order is complete.

-Fixed Bug : re-buying a bulding that was destroyed or sold this turn results in an “ghost” building, it is there but has no effect. Looks like this was caused by some code which belongs to an unimplemented feature, if you build something that is already built (not even possible), it increases the building's status by 1 instead of normally building it. Maybe a building level up system they decided not to go with?

-Excess production will now carry over to the next project and isn't lost.

-Excess population growth when reaching the next 1000 will not be lost.

-Death units can now heal naturally both on field and in town, except for : Zombies, Skeletons, Wraiths, raised undead. They still cannot be healed by other means (including life and nature spells etc)


-Trolls cannot build Fantastic Stables as it doesn't unlock any units for them.

-Fixed memory corruption bug from 0.42, I forgot to clear two bytes of unused code in the production carry over edit.

-Re-enabled the land quality check for placing starting fortresses, but now the minimum acceptable is much lower than original, so there are no failed map generations, and you still won't start in the middle of deserts or tundras with a max pop of 5 or less like in previous 0.4x versions. Out of roughly 30 new games generated, none crashed or had a max pop below 10 for the starting city with this setting.

-AI : New unit producing priorities : Now each unit has its own priority value instead of using the formula priority=(cost/10)^2. Priority uses unused byte 19h in the unit tables.

-AI : producing units is prioritized in towns with less than 6 units inside instead of 4.

-AI : AI is now somewhat more likely to build units in general

-AI : AI is now less likely to produce trade goods : instead of doing it in 25% of owned towns, it does so for 25% of the owned towns above the first 6, so no production is wasted at the beginning of the game.

-AI : AI will now build sawmill and smithy even if there are no units in town, before this change it was stuck not building anything in empty dwarven towns as they can't build military units without a smithy, and wasn't willing to build smithy before having at least one unit defending the town. Yes, this will unfortunately leave new outposts more vulnerable but that 1 spearmen wouldn't stop anyone anyway.


-Golems now only need an Armory instead of an Armorer's Guild, the race already has Hammerhands for that building.

-Golems now have Magic Immunity

-Golems now cost 150 to build.

-Rangers now require a Forester's Guild instead of the impossible to build Animist's Guild.

-AI will now not flee from battle when one of their heroes is in the fight and the enemy has the advantage. While this normally would be a good strategy, heroes aren't following the same rules as normal units in power : A single, well equipped hero can easily outperform a stack of 9 good units, and this potential wasn't reflected in the AI's approximated unit value, at least, I have seen near invicible AI heroes flee and die in shame far too often. In fact, most heroes I couldn't have defeated, died this way. I rather have the AI sacrifice some weaker heroes than to not use their stronger ones to their full potential. The AI can still flee if their entire army is made from settlers and engineers however.

-Dwarves can no longer build Wizard's Guilds and Sage's Guilds. (The race is waaaay too powerful with the strong normal units, high resistance, double gold, and double mineral bonus, also dwarves hate magic usually)

-AI Combat spellcasting targeting : AI will now consider units with a resistance greater than 6 invalid targets for Drain Life, greater than 10 invalid for Syphon Life.

-AI Combat spellcasting targeting : AI will now consider units with a resistance of 8 or higher after spell save modifiers invalid for resistance roll based curses instead of 10 or higher (using a spell for 10-20% chance is outright stupid and a waste of mana). Instant kill spells (Petrify, Banish, etc) are not affected.

-War Mammoths now have 10 health per figure instead of 12.

-Added another +7 priority to Doom Bolt


-When a new unit is created (summoned, recruited, built, found) it will ALWAYS be the one that gets pushed off the square in case of having 9 units there already. This will allow you to keep producing new units in cities without having to return the garrison every time when a better unit was produced, and in general, helps to keep your stacks of units the way you left them.

-Fixed possible bug in undead rising (left there when I tried to get the “raise over 9” work)

-Removed hardcoded cap of 2 on scouting range of units.

-Scouting is now displayed as the amount the unit can see on top of the base 1. So Scouting I can see 2 cells, Scouting II 3, Scouting III 4, and finally Scouting IV can see 5 cell away. Unfortunately the game does not support displaying numbers greater than IV, but any higher scouting range than 5 cells is excessive anyway. These new numbers actually match the original description of the ability better.

-Units have new scouting ranges :

1 : All other units not mentioned below.

2 (Scouting I) : all Shaman, all Dark Elves, Hell Hounds, All Giants, Doom Bats, Sprites

3 (Scouting II) : All heroes except those that have more, Trireme, Galley, all Priests, Manticores, Doom Drakes, Wolf Riders, Efreet, Great Drake, Death Knights, Djinn, Sky Drake.

4 (Scouting III) : Ranger hero, Warship, Nightmares, Nightblades, Air Ship, Pegasai, Rangers, Angels, Colossus

5 (Scouting IV) : Beastmaster, Chosen,Priestess, Paladin and Druid hero, Demon Lords, Archangels.

Note that new scouting ranges are applied when a unit is created, so you have to start a new game if you want it to work on all units in the game.

-Razing a town now correctly displays the amount of gained fame instead of still subtracting loss for the razing.

-Healing a damaged unit will no longer grant extra maximum health for it. However, spells that allow gaining maximum health by overhealing the unit (Drain Life, Syphon Life, Life Stealing), still allow doing so, but no extra health is gained unless the unit is healed above the maximum health it has.

-New spell : Healing Charge.

Heals a targeted unit in combat for 10, however, this healing can surpass the maximum health of the unit, granting extra hearts. The maximum health increment is divided evenly between figures, rounded down, so a 8 figure unit can only gain +1 health per figure if it had no more than 2 damage before the use of this spell.

-Removed spell : Plane Shift. The AI will no longer attempt to cast it.

-AI now uses the Healing spell's priority calculation for Healing Charge.

-New Spell : Conjure Road – Replaces Enchant Road.

Creates enchanted roads in a radius of 2 around the targeted map cell instead of only upgrading existing roads.

-The event “Bad Moon” now grants -2 resistance to all units in battle, on top of its original effect.

-The event “Good Moon” now reduces the cost of all unit enchantments by half, on top of its original effect.

-The event “Chaos Conjunction” now increases the power of all direct damage spells by 33%, on top of its original effect. The following spells are boosted : Fairy Dust, Ice Bolt, Psionic Spark, Psionic Blast, Fire Bolt, Lightning Bolt, Fire Ball, Warp Lightning, Doom Bolt, Heroic Shout.

Life Drain and Syphon life are not affected because they are resistance based and have no “attack strength” to boost. Note that the boost of Warp Lightning from 11 to 14 strength increases its power by a lot as it means 3 additional bolts will be done.

-The event “Nature Conjunction” now increases the defense and resistance of all non-Death fantastic creatures by 2 in combat, on top of its original effect.

-The event “Sorcery Conjunction” now makes power spent towards increasing skill 4 times more effective (including extra points gained from Aether Binding!), on top of its original effect.

-Earliest turn for Diplomatic Marriage event is now 100 instead of 150.

-Towns with equal or more fantastic units than normal units cannot rebel instead of only those that had more. (It's funny how fantastic units don't reduce unrest yet prevent rebellion in the original version of the game) By the way, towns that have any hero in them cannot rebel either.

-Stroke of Genius even no longer requires Global Enchantments to appear (was replacing Disjunction)

-Caster units cannot add power to spells with a slider during combat, only wizards can. This is to prevent the bug of offering a slider for Spell Charged items. Unfortunately there was no coding space to check for Spell Charge directly, my only option was to change the “Unit ability?” check into “Caster is not wizard?” check. There are only a few remaning pumpable combat spells anyway : Dispel and Disenchant spells.

-Caster units now use ammo to attack instead of mana. Units have the following number of shots :

Sage : 8

Healer : 8

Druid : 8

Warrior Mage : 8

Magician : 10

Wind Mage : 8

Witch : 10

Golden One : 10

Warlock : 10

Unknown : 8

Illusionist : 10

Priestess : 12

Necromancer : 8

Chaos Warrior : 8

Efreet : 8

Djinn : 8

-High Men Magicians now have Caster 20 instead of Fireball Spell. Other Magicians still have Fireball only.

-Spells and MP are displayed together on the combat screen instead of MP taking priority.

-Ammo is displayed when right clicking units, even if they have have mana.

-Golem now has 14 attack, 9 defense and costs 180.

-Treasure generation : Now has a chance of

3/15 to roll gold

3/15 to roll mana

4/15 to roll spell

3/15 to roll item

1/15 to roll prisoner

1/15 to roll special.

Chance of special is reduced from 2/15 to 1/15. While I do want these to be available at slightly lower treasure points, I don't want them to be in every difficult lair due to repeated rolling until points are all used. Chance of item went down from 5/15 to 3/15 for same reason, finding 2-3 top tier items in every difficult lair is excessive.

-Each treasure roll for Gold now contains 50-1000 gold instead of 10-200. This helps balancing out the treasure always ending up as items or specials, by spending more significant portions of points on gold. Note that each roll actually uses up treasure points equal to the gold given instead of a fixed 100 due to a previous change.

-Each treasure roll for Mana now contains 40-800 mana instead of 10-200.

-Reduced spell treasure roll cost to 150 base from 200 base. (150=common, 600 =uncommon, 1350=rare, 2400 = very rare)

-Units defeated in combat are worth 1+floor(unit cost/32) exp instead of a flat 2 exp for everything. Units not killed but raised as undead or transformed into zombies still yield the standard 2 exp each.

-Blademaster now gives +1 to hit for each 3 experience levels. (+3 at max level)

-Super Blademaster now gives +1 to hit for each 2 experience levels. (+4 at max level)

-Fixed display of Blademaster abilities to show the correct amount of gain.

-Equipping an item with the ability “Merging” will now grant “Merging” movement to the hero.

-The Merging Item power is now available for enchanting, and requires 5 Nature books and 900 mana.

-New item power : Teleportation. Costs 1200 mana, requires 5 Sorcery books, and grants Teleportation movement type as well as the Endurance buff. This power replaces the old “Endurance” power which was removed.

-Unit view will now display the unit's effective immunities instead of the base immunites. Yes, that means units with Invulnerability or Wraith form will actually display the implied Weapon Immunity.

-New item power : Inner Fire. Replaces the removed “Giant Strength.” Grants Immolation, Cold and Fire Immunity and +1 attack. Requires 3 Chaos books to enchant, costs 500.

-New item power : Divine Protection. Grants Lucky and Death Immunity. Requires 3 Life books to enchant, costs 800.

-Adjusted pre-generated items to include new powers.

-Readjusted AI disjunction priorities because there were some problems.

-AI will no longer ignore the buying option if zero production is done.

-Hammerhands now cost 220 to build. This unit is far too powerful to cost only 160.

-Ranged attacks will now always use up all movement instead of only 10.

-AI combat disenchant area priority : Having an active Call Lightning or Wrack will now only increase priority by 20 instead of 500, so now there actually is a chance the AI will do something other than wasting all their skill on one big disenchant area spell.

-Fixed Bug : Call Lightning and Fortress Lightning used 14 base strength normal attacks instead of 8 lightning. Why the HELL are these storing there data in Wall of Stone of all things? Ofc they got broken when I replaced that spell.

-Prayermaster now grants +1 resistance to all per 2 levels of experience. Super Prayermaster is 0.75 per level. (meaning max normal is +4 and max super is +6, both achieved one level below maximum)

-Fixed the unit info display for both Prayermaster abilities to display the correct amount. (lol this took 3 times longer than changing the abilities)

-Paladins have 1 more health per figure.

-Restored the 20 Lightning Breath on Sky Drakes, they aren't that powerful as I thought.

-Flying units now move for 0.5 on enchanted roads.

-Fixed bug of AI crashing if no valid targets are available for the spells that received more priority (Doom Bolt vx invisible hero for example), priority will no longer be added unless it was non-negative.


-Losing and winning with spell of mastery now shows new wizards if that feature is installed. The defeated portraits appearing during spell of mastery are still not replaced, due to technical reasons doing so is not possible at the moment. (The tweaker can't seem to replace animations only single images in the LBX)

-Fixed some help texts

-Fixed gold being displayed wrong on city screens and overland due to buggy marketplace hex code used.

-Fixed gold being displayed wrong overland due to it being calcluated at two separate locations, while some changes were only applied to one of these.

-Fixed “halved food upkeep” not applying to actual food produced and converted to gold, only to checks for desertion. Yes, the game actually calculates the total army food upkeep in two, identical subroutines, too.


-Extra production from sawmill is now considered in detailed display for terrain and % based buildings.

-Adjusted AI starting spell preferred order. This is also used when the player selects a default wizard.

-Capturing neutral cities will now grant more gold (1-20 at random per population instead of 1-10)

-Capturing cities owned by other wizards yields gold equal to the city's gold production*2 but no more than half the gold in the wizard's treasury.

-Capturing the enemy fortress will no longer allow stealing half of the enemy wizard's mana reserves. No more free 10k+ mana for banishing the AI on high difficulty.

-Extra gold from marketplace is now considered in detailed display for % based buildings.

-Wizard's Guild now correctly displays the amount of power as positive

-Evil Presence now correctly displays the amount of power as negative

-Raised the resistance of ships ( trireme = 6, galley and warship = 8)

-Weakness now reduces attack by 3.

-Maybe fixed bug “Flight” not raising movement to 3 if it was 1.5 or more.

-Endurace now grants +1 to defense on top of the 1 movement but costs more and is overland only. (this bonus is also applied from Endurance granted by Teleportation items)

-Immolation is no longer affecting ranged attacks.

-Black Sleep now removes all movement types from affected units (bugfix, was supposed to do this but didn't)

-AI Overland casting priority : Endurance is now priroity 7 to reflect improved effect.

-Wraith Form now requires 2 death books to add into items.

-Doom Drakes now cost 180 and have 1 less defense and 1 less firebreath (they are still much stronger than the original)

-Fixed bug : AI not using the caster ability on units. (caused when I separated mana from ammo)

-Fixed bug : Noble displayed +20h (32) gold instead of +20 gold but only added +20 gold. Now the amount is properly displayed.

-Fixed bug : Miner's Guild doubles the effect of Coal and Iron Ore instead of adding 50%

-AI combat casting : Guardian Wind now receives a priority of “Invalid spell” instead of just 0 priority if no enemy units with appropriate ranged attacks are present. 0 priority spells can still be randomly chosen if nothing else receives a high enough priority boost.

-Fixed bug : Chaos Surge now has an effect when cast by the AI.

-Fortresses now generate 1.5 power per book owned and no +5 bonus for being located on Myrror.

-Power display is now updated to show the correct amount of power from the fortress.


-Call Chaos now uses “Healing Charge” instead of “Healing”

-Call Chaos : if Fire Bolt is chosen, it is now strength 30 instead of 15 to match the Flame Strike animation better.

-Call Chaos : if Warp Creature is chosen, it will use a resistance penalty of -10 instead of -1 of original or -5 of the actual Warp Creature spell.

-Call Chaos : Disintegrate no longer does an undetermined amount and type of damage to the units if the resistence roll is passed.

-Call Chaos : Disintegrate now has a -3 resistance penalty, meaning it can kill units up to 12 resistance.

-Call Chaos now costs 65 mana and is show in the “Combat spells” tab instead of enchantments.

-AI combat spelcasting priorities : Call Chaos now uses the same priority calculation as Flame Strike, instead of “no priority”

-Call Lightning, Fortress Lightning : Will now try to find a valid target 100 times before giving up instead of 30. Hopefully this will help avoiding the bug of lightning bolts going missing.

-Call Lightning, Fortress Lightning : If a valid target was found at random, there is no additional 50% chance to ignore it and retry finding another for no reason at all.

-Cloak of Fear (both spell and item power) now has a resistance roll at -3 instead of +0. Restored original costs for the spell. Item power now costs 200.

-AI overland casting priority : Cloak of Fear is now 5 instead of 1 as the effect is more useful now.

-AI unit estimated “defensive” capacity calculation : Defensive Rating is now 4*(Total Remaining Health)*(4+Defense). This calculation is used both in combat and overland.

-AI is allowed to flee when heroes are present in the battle again. Hopefully the new unit value calculation will prevent fleeing with powerful heroes.

-AI unit combat value calculation : The following effects now multiply the unit value : Magic Immunity +100%, Invulnerability +100%, Bonus To Defend or to Hit +33% for each point, Death and Illusions Immunity : +25% each.

-Healing Charge now costs 400 to research.

-Fixed Healing charge missing the help text.

-AI unit estimated combat value calculation : Formula is now {[(Melee Rating+Ranged Rating)*(Defense Rating)]/2048}*(99+Total percentage multipliers,see above)/100 instead of (Melee Rating+Ranged Rating+Defense Rating). Value is capped at 3640 to avoid possible overflows in case of extremely buffed units in a full army. Note that this provides roughly ¼ of the original unit values, even less for low end units. As all units are calculated through this and their relative strengths are used, this shouldn't cause problems, but it might, for example, reduce the priority of castng healing on some units. Considering healing uses 0.25*(unit value) for priority and a weak unit like swordsmen had a value of ~160 for a huge +40 boost, this should actually make healing priorities more reasonable. Overland calculations do not use this subroutine, so they should be unaffected.

-Removed Caster 20 from High Men Magicians, it does not work on normal units unfortunately. Now they have Fireball again.

Several previous changes seem to have gotten lost due to an unknown reason before the release (probably had the file open in two hex editors), these are added again :

-Reapplied : Wizard's Guild now correctly displays the amount of power as positive

-Reapplied : Evil Presence now correctly displays the amount of power as negative

-Reapplied : Weakness now reduces attack by 3.

-Reapplied : Maybe fixed bug “Flight” not raising movement to 3 if it was 1.5 or more.

-Reapplied : Endurace now grants +1 to defense on top of the 1 movement but costs more and is overland only. (this bonus is also applied from Endurance granted by Teleportation items)

-Fixed help text still showing 4 strength for Immolation.

-AI combat : Mana is no longer considered when calculating remaning total shots in army.

-AI combat decisions – Relative army strength : AI will now consider an enemy “overwhelmingly stronger” if they are 5x more powerful instead of 3x. This significantly reduces the chance of the AI running away when not absolutely necessary, as well as the AI considering the situation “hopeless” for spell selection in combat less often (which generally goes after direct damage spells and doesn't cast anything else).

-Fixed bug : Doom Bolt graphics appear at the wrong location when used by AI or Auto.

-AI is now more likely to prefer using Caster mana instead of shooting. It now requires 30+ ranged attack strength to have a 100% chance of shooting instead of 20+.

-AI will no longer ignore previously assigned roles of units when doing the second part of the assignment

-AI will remain idle with flying units if enemy army is at least “significantly stronger” instead of using melee. This effect seems to get overridden in some cases when something else forces units to attack anyway.

-Death units (mainly created undead) now gain the mentioned, but missing immunities (Poison, Illusions, Cold) as an actual ability.

-Fixed bug : Bard hero counts as Life unit and gains no exp.

-Animist's guilds now cost 240 to build, they are far too powerful to cost 160.


-Surveyor : If a Dungeon and Corruption are both present, the display of the dungeon takes priority.

-If no city is present in combat, game will not add the city wall defense bonus to units standing inside the wall area.

-AI flying units will not remain idle if enemy has an ammo advantage even if they are significantly stronger.

-AI flying units will not remain idle if enemy has a fortress in battle.

-AI Attack Rating calculation : Life Steal now adds +100 to the score per figure instead of +60. (equivalent to 5 swords)

-AI Attack Rating calculation : Stoning Touch now adds +200 to the score per figure instead of +60. (equivalent to 10 swords)

-AI Attack Rating calculation : Death Touch now adds +200 to the score per figure instead of +60. (equivalent to 10 swords)

-AI Attack Rating calculation : Illusion now multiplies the rating by 3 instead of 5

-AI Attack Rating calculation : Illusion and Eldritch Weapon multiplier is now applied before adding points for touch attacks, as those do not benefit from ignoring armor.

-AI Raise Dead casting priority : “Not involved” units (those that are carried by ships) are no longer counted as potential targets.

-Raise Dead : “Not involved” units do not count into the check for spell validity, and cannot be selected as targets.

-AI Animate Dead casting priority : “Not involved” units (those that are carried by ships) are no longer counted as potential targets.

-Animate Dead : “Not involved” units do not count into the check for spell validity, and cannot be selected as targets.

-Paladin heroes now have Illusion immunity instead of Magic Immunity.

-Black Knight heroes now have Death Immunity instead of Magic Immunity.

-Paladin and Black Knight heores have 2 lower starting attack strength (meaning they now only have a +2 boost instead of the +4 others got)

-Fixed bug of “not involved” units always getting killed in battle even if their army is fleeing.

-As a side effect to the above, I expect lost naval battles near land to cause units carried to escape to the available land cell instead of dying on the ships.

-Fixed Barracks help text not showing up

-The Holy Bonus on the Bard hero now actually works. (level wasn't set to 1)

-The Chosen now has Holy Bonus. (level 1)

-The Chosen no longer has Missile Imunity.

-The Chosen no longer has the +4 starting health boost other heroes got.

-The Chosen now has a mana capacity level of 4 instead of 6, equivalent to the better spellcasting heroes, but 1 below the top tier ones.

-If you already have 9 units in the current army, it does not prevent the creation of zombies or raised undead. Instead, they leave the battle location as though they were fleeing.

-Dwarven Settlers now cost 50 more than the normal cost because Dwarven towns are very powerful : Building one at a spot with an ore will immediately yield double the normal bonus for an impressive boost of gold, power or production.

-Cloud of Shadow now costs 800 to research instead of 1600


-Undid the surveyor change as it prevented terrain specials from being displayed at all, instead of the intended effect. Unfortunately fixing the corruption disabling dungeon display isn't that simple as I thought.

-Ghouls now move 2.

-Fixed Aether Binding's casting cost not being 300.

-Fixed weakness still having -8 resistance penalty instead of -7

-Disenchant Area is now overland only. If you want to remove unit spells, use Dispel Magic. For global combat enchantments, you need Disenchant True.

-Disenchant True no longer has triple power in combat.

-The Golden One hero now has a staff/sword slot instead of only sword.

-Dungeon generation now uses the intended new values of monsters instead of the default. (I didn't realize the editor only updates this data in wizards.exe where it does nothing and ignores magic.exe, I actually had to make my own editor to do this.)

-As a side effect to the above, werewolves will appear now as normal. Having the same cost as Night Stalkers prevented them from being chosen.

-As a side effect to the above, extremely overpowered secondary monsters won't appear with weak primary ones anymore. (no more 6* ghouls, 1x death knights as secondary)

In general, Sky Drakes, Arch Angels, Death Knights and Demon Lords and other high end monsters are 50-100% more expensive so you'll find fewer of them with better treasure. Other changes worth noting are Demons (80->350), Phantom Warriors (20->60).

-Towers now have a random amount of monsters between 650-3050 instead of 650-1200. This should make games more varied, in some, contact with the other plane is easy, in others, much more difficult.

-New FLEEING system :

Your unit's speed <= fastest enemy unit's speed -2 : Your units dies.

Your unit's speed = fastest enemy unit's speed -1 : 50% chance to flee

Your unit's speed = fastest enemy unit's speed : 50% chance to flee

Your unit's speed = fastest enemy unit's speed +1 : 66% chance to flee

Your unit's speed = fastest enemy unit's speed +2 : 75% chance to flee

Your unit's speed = fastest enemy unit's speed +3 or more : chance to die is 1/(2+the difference).

This system will provide the deafult 75% fleeing chance to heroes against base movement normal units due to heroes having 4 movement, so they aren' treated as exceptions.

speed” refers to the maximum (overland) movement the units has per turn.

-Middle town section now grants +3 defense again like insecticide if City Wall is present. However, ONLY if city wall is present, the other bug remains fixed.

-Reduced the movement speed of ships : Trireme 3, Galley 3, Warship 4. These new values should be more reasonable both for actual movement purposes and the new fleeing mechanics. Warships will still be able to 100% kill move 2 units carried by the enemy ships.

-Floating Islands now move 3 instead of 2 because they shouldn't be inferior even to the most basic ships.

-AI combat dispel magic priority : code completely rewritten. Priority is now 7*number of enchantments on the unit with the most enchantments. Unit curses count as priority 16 regardless of amount. True version has +21 priority over normal version. AI will now only count enchantments worth dispelling, and ignores some of the weak ro combat irrelevant stuff like Water Walking, Wind Walking, Holy Weapon etc.

Note that this is only used for deciding which spell to cast, not for selecting the actual target of the dispel.

-AI combat dispel magic targeting priority : Shatter is now worth 20 priority instead of 10

-AI combat dispel magic targeting priority : Unit combat value now has ¼ the weight of the original, so the actual types and amount of enchantments will be more relevant.

-AI combat dispel magic targeting priority : Iron Skin is now worth 40 priority instead of 20

-AI combat dispel magic targeting priority : Invisibility is now worth 50 priority instead of 10

-AI combat dispel magic targeting priority : Magic Immunity is now worth 50 priority instead of 25

-AI combat dispel magic targeting priority : Lionheart is now worth 40 priority instead of 30

-High Men Cavalry has 1 more resistance (3 instead of 2)

-High Men Pikemen has 2 more resistance (4 instead of 2)

-Nomad Pikemen has 1 more resistance (5 instead of 4)

-The procedure that applies stats and ability gains from effects now resets byte 18h,19h and 1Ah (Immunity, Abilities) to the unit's base values before adding any gains.

This fixes the bug : dispelling enchantments that grant abilities in those bytes has no effect (granted ability remains on unit without the enchantment)

This should fix dispelling the following enchantments :

Magic Immunity, True Sight, Guardian Wind, Immolation, Cloak of Fear.

Enchantments that grant attack properties (holy, eldritch weapon) are not fixed, dispelling those will still only remove the remaining parts of the effect, if there are any (Flame Blade).

As this fix entirely reapplies those abilities from the base values every time a unit's stats are evaluated, this might have unforseen side effects, although unlikely as it was supposed to do this, and worked this way for most other stats like attack, defense, resistance originally. I assume they forgot to include the immunities and abilities in the function. If any such side effect is discovered, please report, I haven't found any yet.


-Arcanus nodes now have 4-14 tiles (maximum 4 higher than original, minimum 1 less).

-Myrror nodes have 7-20 tiles (maximum , minimum 3 lower than original).

Due to the above, while Myrror will still have more treasure, power and stronger monsters than Arcanus, there will be better variance. It'll be now possible to find pretty decent nodes with useful treasure on Arcanus for late game, and some easy ones for the early game on Myrror, but on average, Myrror will stil have ~50% advantage.

I wanted 7-24 for Myrror but it crashed the game, 20 is probably the limit it can generate.

-Description of myrran now mentions the better minerals and stronger nodes.

-Reduced the number of starting picks to 12. Some default wizards were unable to use up all 13 picks due to hard limits, and 13 picks felt one too many especially considering the 10 book limit.

-Adjusted default wizards to match the new pick amounts. Note that Patchouli still has Archmage without clearing the requirement of 4 identical books, but I'm going to leave this as an exception.

-The default wizard portrait version of the mod should now be safe to use, I'm using a new, self-written patcher as the one I used wasn't relyable.


-AI will now cancel Time Stop if having below 1424 mana left instead of waiting until they are out of mana. This is both to save their enchantments and summoned units, and to avoid leaving themselves too vulnerable.

-Fixed Bug : When AI cancels Time Stop, it remains in effect until they run out of mana anyway as the variable “TimeStopWizardID” is not cleared, only the enchantment itself is.

-AI now requires 5000 mana to consider casting Time Stop instead of 3000.

-AI will no longer disband any fantastic units during Time Stop.

-Fixed bug : units using spells (healing etc) have the spell reloaded every combat turn. Caused by “dispel not removing abilities” bugfix of previous version.

-Spell of Mastery cannot be traded or found from banishing.

-Fighter's Guild is no longer allowed for Gnolls because they have no unit that needs it, and it no longer has the “make unit regular” function.


-Draconian Engineers now require a Builder's Hall only.

-Mind Storm now reduces melee attack by 3 instead of 5. All other stats including ranged attack are still reduced by 5. Cost is reduced to 35.

-Fixed bug : special attack types (gaze, touch, etc) are not performed if attack strength (hidden for gaze) is zero.

-Night Stalker, Gorgons and Basilisk no longer have a hidden ranged attack strength, as their gaze now works without that.

-AI combat spell targeting : Fireball will skip the “target the most wounded unit” modifier when targeting to better take advantage of the immolation property.

-AI combat spell targeting : Heroic Shout will skip the “target the most wounded unit” modifier when targeting to better take advantage of the immolation property.

-AI unit attack target selection : Priorities have been adjusted. Ranged attackers have greater priority. Keeping the same target has much lower. Hitting something this turn if able has lower but does not ignore units on the edge of the movement allowance. Other modifiers unchanged. This should make AI units much smarter. Original had a massive +25 boost for targets nearby, which was the rough equivalent to having 25 swords more than enemy shields, or going after a ranged unit that had 48 attack strength so...enough to overrule pretty much any other modifier. Now you can actually see the AI avoid hitting very strong units with weak ones, and going around them to hit something else instead, even if it takes an extra turn to reach.

-AI overland unit value calculation : Now uses [(Ranged rating+Melee rating)*Defense Rating]/512 instead of (Ranged rating+Melee rating+Defense Rating) and [(Ranged rating*2+Melee rating)*Defense Rating]/512 instead of (Ranged rating*2+Melee rating+Defense Rating)

-When a new unit is generated on a stack of 9 units, if the unit is owned by the player it will be the new unit that gets moved out of the stack (no change to previous version). However, in case of the AI, the unit with the lowest (gold, production or mana cost)/16+unit level will be moved. This helps the AI upgrade their garrisons with less outdated units instead of being stuck with 9x Hell Hounds at fortress for the entire game because those were summoned first.

-Restored Minotaur's cost to the default 200, they are too powerful to be cheaper than than. (probably didn't notice the default +2 to hit when setting the lower cost)

-Fixed a bug in the Chaos Surge fix (jmp address was off by one at the end of the effect)

-Reapplied : Immolation is no longer affecting ranged attacks.

-Reapplied : Black Sleep now removes all movement types from affected units.This should be the last two changes I lost when working on it at 5am and overwriting the good file with an old one somehow.

-Paladins have +2 attack to make up for the loss of Armor Piercing, and their cost is reduced to 240 because the current abilities no longer justify the cost of 300.

-AI is no longer unable to dispel if Holy Arms is in effect. However, Holy Weapon adds nothing to dispel priority so it won't trigger wasted dispels hopefully.

-Magic Immunity item power now costs 2500 and requires 8 Sorcery books. The power is significantly less common on predefined items.

-Aura on items are now the correct color for new item powers : Inner Fire (red), Teleportation (blue) and Divine Protection (white) in the game. Colors in the editor are unchanged, not worth the time.

-AI will no longer disband units under the effect of Stasis. This closes the way of abuse to cast Stasis on a city then attack it after all defenders are disbanded. The AI will disband units if he cannot pay their maintenance and low resistence units are usually more likely to have a low “value” to get disbanded before others.

-Stasis now costs only 100 mana.

-Fixed zombies and undead gained over 8 getting pushed away instead of over 9.

-AI Overland casting priority : Time Stop priority is raised to 150 from 25, as it no longer has harmful side effects on the AI.

-AI buying production : AI is now able to buy immediately after deciding what to build instead of the next time it runs the procedure and is still producing it. This should now stop the AI from amassing 30k unused gold on higher difficulties.

-AI buying production : AI will automatically buy only if having 25 times the required gold in reserve instead of 12 times. This should allow the AI to maintain a healthier gold reserve to buy artifacts and hire heroes and was raised to balance out the availability of immediate buying. This only applies if no other conditions for buying are met. Buying of priority buildings and over 10k gold are still automatic.

-Phantom Warriors now have 1 more figure. They were just a little bit too weak to be a better alternative than the psionic spells even when the enemy was near.

-The Beastmaster hero now has a ranged attack and a bow slot. The game didn't have enough heroes that could use a bow (only 4 out of 35, in fact).

-Fixed bug : AI is not casting spell blast anymore

-AI overland spellcasting : AI will not use Time Stop if it's already in effect.

-Byakuren now has Myrran instead of 1 Life book and Charismatic to increase the variety (and realms) of Myrran wizards picked by the AI. It was annoying to almost always have a Sorcery wizard on Myrror.

-AI is now allowed to enchant items or create artifacts after turn 120 instead of 180.

-AI will now use the amount calculated from remaning skill and mana when deciding how much slider to use for Counter Magic instead of the “ignore calculated value and use a random amount anyway” logic specified as an exception for this spell. New Counter Magic is pretty useless if low slider is used, and random will do that more often than not. Banish and Drain Life does the same but as those no longer have a slider it doesn't matter.

-AI combat spellcasting priority : Banish now has a +20 priority boost

-AI combat spellcasting priority : Word of Death now has a +20 priority boost

-Dwarven Hammerhands, Swordsmen, Halberdiers, and Engineers have 1 fewer health each. Having +2 health per figure on top of all the other racial bonuses was far too excessive.

-Dwarven population growth is now only +30 instead of +40.


-The Rouge is now a fame 5 hero.

-The Druid hero now has Call Centaurs.

-The Beastmaster hero now has Call Centaurs.

-The Necomancer Hero now has -3 Life Steal

-The Necomancer Hero now has Summon Zombie instead of Weakness

-The Necomancer Hero now has 4 random mage abilities insetad of 2

-The Ranger now has 1 random abilities (any) instead of Might, and has Lucky.

-Warrior Mage now has 2 levels higher mana pool.

-Warrior Mage now has Agility

-The Sage now has the spells Confusion and Disenchant True instead of the original two

-The Golden One now has 3 random abilities.

-When a unit with more total damage than maximum health (ghost units bug) is converted to a battle unit for any reason (combat, viewing etc), the unit will be set to have 1 remaning figure with 1 remanining health instead of the invalid amount.

-”Ghost” units can now heal naturally to “debug” themselves without entering combat.

-Heroic Shout no longer counts as Fire damage.

-Fairy dust is now a strength 6 armor piercing cold attack that hits all figures. AI will not priorize damaged units with this spell as it is blizzard type so more figures=better.

-Fixed Dark Elf spearmen having 0 ranged strength.

-Orc Cavalry now has First Strike

-Nomad Pikemen only have 6 figures now, High Men still have 8 but cost 10 more.

-Call to Arms now costs 70 (Paladins are stronger now)

-War Mammoths now have Cold Immunity

-Dragon Turtles now have Fire Immunity

-Rangers, the Ranger hero, Steam Cannons and Elven Lords now have Poison Immunity

-Holy Word now has an additional -3 penalty for undead instead of -5

-Syphon Life now displays an unused grahical effect similar to Drain Life.

-Removed Cruel Unminding

-New spell : Reaper Slash – Strength 40 single target direct damage spell for 32 mana, blocked by poison immunity.

-AI combat targeting : Syphon Life will now select target the same way as Drain Life (by checking target's resistance)

-AI combat targeting : Reaper Slash will now be used on poison immune targets.

-Magic Spirit and Guardian Spirit now have Poison Immunity.

-Fixed casting cost reduction not being applied for owning exactly 5-7 books.

-Artificier now sets the total cost reduction to 50% instead of adding 50% so it's no longer cumulative with Runemaster.

-Fixed bug : Flying units have a view range of 5 regardless of their actual scouting range.

-The current combat turn is displayed between “Mana” and “Range” as “Turn : x”

-Normal Units no longer have a hardcoded maintenance of (gold cost/50), instead the actual maintenance cost in the Unit Tables is being used. (Spearmen are still hardcoded to 0)

Normal units (Orc race has 1 lower maintenance on most standard units) :

Trireme : 1

Galley : 2

Catapult : 1

Warship : 4

Spearmen : 0

Swordsmen : 1

Halberdiers : 2

Bowmen : 1

Cavalry : 1

Shaman : 2

Settlers : 2

Priests : 3

Magicians : 3

Engineers : 1


Berserkers : 2

Centaurs : 2

Manticores : 2

Minotaurs : 5

Nightblades : 4

Warlocks : 4

Nightmares : 6

Doom Drakes :5

Air Ship : 4

Hammerhands : 8

Steam Cannon : 2

Golem : 5

Wolf Riders : 2

Slingers : 1

Longbowmen : 1

Elven Lords : 4

Pegasai : 2

Pikemen : 3

Paladins : 5

Stag Beetle : 2

Javelineers : 2

Dragon Turtle : 1

Horsebowmen : 1

Rangers : 3

Griffins : 3

Wyvern Riders : 4

War Trolls : 3

War Mammoths : 5

-Berserkers now have +1 to hit to be able to damage high defense units like Stag Beetles even without an Alchemist Guild.

-Adjusted AI resource advantages. “Easy”, “Normal” and “Hard” should be somewhat less difficult, while “Extreme” and “Impossible” are roughly the same as before.

-AI Combat spellselection priority : Entangle now receives the same boost to priority as Black Prayer instead of none at all.

-AI building priorities : Military buildings have slightly higher priority

-AI building priorities : Power buildings have slightly lower priority

-AI building priorities : Expansionist Military building priority boost is higher

-The game is now not using item slot “0”. I suspect this slot is directly related to the “two items sharing data” bug that causes player's items to randomly get replaced.


-Barbarian hero now has 2 more thrown.

-Beastmaster hero, Mana Pool level is reduced to 1 form 2.

-Bard is now 150 gold / fame 5 hero instead of 200/10.

-Bard hero, Mana Pool level is reduced to 1 form 2.

-Druid hero now has 1 random mage ability

-Druid hero is now fame Gold 100/Fame 0, as it isn't any stronger than Beastmaster anymore, just different.

-Illusionist now has a level 5 Mana Pool instead of level 3.

-Necromancer now has Super Arcane Power, 1 level higher mana pool, Sage and Noble, but no random abilities. Mage random abilties grant a bunch of stuff you wouldn't expect on a Necromacer like Prayermaster or Lucky or Charmed...

-Huntress is now 150 gold / fame 5 hero instead of 100/5.

-AI combat spellcasting priority : Healing spells now receive “C type” base priority instead of none at all. (C Type means highest priority when facing an equal strength army, and boosted priority in all cases except when at an extremely bad situation). This should make the AI use healing more frequently in situations when certain spells receive a big base priority (like direct damage in case of “overwhelming advantage”)

-Summon Champion now costs 500 because the higher exp rewards make heroes have much better potential even in late game.

-Autosave now happens at the beginning of the new turn instead of in the middle of the end turn process.

-War Bears now costs 55 to summon and 1 to maintain.

-Werewolves now cost 125 to create and 2 to maintain.

-AI wizards will not try casting Spell of Return if their skill is below 25 instead of below 40. This should make it somewhat less likely for one AI to premanently eliminate another at start.

-Attacking a wizard's capital (and losing) is now a -40 diplomatic action instead of -60. The latter often caused an overflow if the target was lawful which doubled it, turning the negative change into a huge positive one.

-Famous now costs 1 pick

-Runemaster now costs 2 picks but does not require any books.

-AI now gets Runemaster for 2 picks and Famous for 1.

-Famous and Runemaster now have the new cost when found in treasure.

-Infernal and Divine Power are now merged into one retort and does not require books to get. The new retort name is “Cult Leader”

-New retort : “Guardian”. The wizard's units gain +1 to hit, +1 to defend and +1 resistance when defending the wizard's cities. Guardian costs 2 picks. Guardian does not have any book requirements. Guardian does not cast the Prayer spell and is cumulative with it. The stats gained being identical is just a coincidence.

-New retorts no longer need Life/Death books when finding them in treasure.

-All wizards now have a chance weighted as 1 to select the Pragmatist objective.

-Cult Leader now only grants a weight 2 chance for the personality Maniacal while the Infernal Power it is replacing had 4.

-Myrran now adds 1 weight to Pragmatist instead of 1 weight to Chaotic.

-Life Wizards are now allowed to be Maniacal. Death Wizards are now allowed to be Peaceful.

-Conjurer now adds 2 weight to Pragmatist instead of Perfectionist.

-Warlord now grants 3 weight to Militarist and 1 to Expansionist instead of 2 and 3.

-Sorcery Mastery now grants 1 weight to Pragmatist instead of Militarist.

-Node Mastery bonus is no longer cumulative with the Sorcery/Chaos/Nature Mastery node bonus. It is still cumulative with events and other modifiers though.

-Adjusted AI spell trading preferences (for example Spell Binding is now liked because the AI can use it)

-Fixed bug : Number of lairs to generate was set 1 higher than the supported maximum.

-Builder's Hall now grants 50% bonus to housing.

-Sawmill no longer grants bonus to housing.

-Fixed bug : Berserk sets the unit's defense value to -20 instead of zero, which causes a crash at the end of turn when the AI tries to calculate the value of units. As a side effect, it might be possible to raise defense with effects that get applied later than Berserk.

-AI unit value defense calculation : negative value is now treated as 0 for additional safety.

-Alchemy : maximum amount you can transfer at once is now 10000 mana/gold.

-Scoring screen now shows the new wizard portraits (if that option is installed)


-Optional default wizards : Seravy now has no chaos books, and Archmage instead of Node Mastery

-Optional default wizards : Patchouli now has Sage Master instead of Archmage and a different set of books (3/3/3/1/1 instead of 3/3/1/2/2)

-Optional default wizards : Clow Reed has Runemaster instead of Conjurer

-Optional default wizards : Satori has Conjurer instead of Chaneller and no longer has Death books.

-Research put towards obtaining Spell of Mastery directly is 4 times less effective. With the abundance of power and research sources, getting it was way too easy, only taking ~20 turns after getting the last very rare spell. The RP gained from the Stroke of Genius event is not reduced, so it will still be a significant boost to your research.

-Researched spells reduce the cost of researching Spell of Mastery 4 times less (1/8th of the spells's cost used as reduction)

-AI will no longer put 70% of power towards research if Spell of Mastery is being researched, instead it'll follow the normal distribution rules.


-Ore power is now correctly displayed in your fortress town detailed display.

-The Invisibility unit enchantment and item power now grants the Invisibility unit ability to units. The invisibility unit ability is refreshed from the unit base stats when unit stats are calculated so the spell can be properly dispelled despite this change. This should fix Invisible units not appearing invisible in combat or overland. If there are any remaining inconsistencies between the effects of the 3 different kinds of invisibility, it should also get rid of those. Note that the Invisibility unit ability will not show up on the unit if granted that way as abilities are displayed directly from the unit template (except for the ones where I changed this behavior, like immunites or immolation), but there is no need to, because the spell or item power will be displayed.

-Halflings now cannot build Animist's Guilds

-Itemmake.exe now sets the “artifact” flag on items if any power costs more than 400 to match changes in wizards.exe. Pre-defined items are updated.

-Restored check for AI Create Artifact and Gift of Gods to always get an item marked as artifact if taking a predefined one.

-Restored check for AI Enchant Item to always get a non-artifact item if taking a predefined one.

-When using Create Artifact, the AI can get items costing 2250-4500, instead of only picking in the range of 15000-30000 mana and failing to find any, generating an item with random stats instead after failure.

-Undead fantastic units no longer cost 50% more to maintain, instead they have the normal cost of maintenance.

-Minor adjustments to Mana and Production multipliers for AI difficulty on Easy/Normal/Hard.

-Gift of the Gods no longer has a requirement of the item being an artifact and only containing enchantments the receiving wizard can add himself. Instead it has a requirement of the item having a value of 3000-6000. This should also ensure that the event will always grant a powerful, valuable item.

-Fixed bug : Stroke of Genius reduces remaining cost of Spell of Mastery to zero if above 32767.

-Fixed bug : There was no check for Spell Charges at AI item creation, the AI was able to get any premade items even with spells they didn't have available.

-Fixed Insecticide exclusive bug : All units have an equal priority of taking damage in strategic combat instead of highest defense units being selected less frequently. Instead, highest cost units take damage least frequently which might have been what this change was trying to achieve but didn't. This should help the AI preserve their stronger units.

-Strategic Combat : damage taken by the winning army is more evenly distributed instead of the same unit taking all the damage until it dies or damage runs out. This change allows a strategic combat to end with more than one damaged, but surviving unit. It should help the AI preserve more troops though wars and clearing encounters.

-Fixed bug : when finding spells in lairs, books work the opposite of intended. 2 or less books allow rares and very rares, higher doesn't instead of the other way.

-When finding spells in lairs, 1 book allows commons only, 2 allows uncommons too like in all other cases, instead of both allowing both.

-Astrologer now uses a new formula for Power Rating = (Power Base)/8+(Casting Skill/2) instead of Power Rating = Power Base which resulted in a full bar for most of the game on high difficulties.

-Astrologer now uses a new formula for Army Rating = (Sum[1+(Unit Rating)/20])/30 instead of (Sum[Unit maintenance gold+Unit maintenance power]*2)/5. For reference, Unit Rating of a Death Knight is around 500, something like a Stag Beetle is about 100, Skeletons or Spearmen are less than 5. The old formula was pretty flawed, especially considering undead have zero maintenance so they don't add to the total at all. Thanks to the new, revised unit rating for the AI, this should be a much more accurate representation of the actual military power a wizard controls.

-Astrologer research rating is unchanged. For reference, each spell adds points equal to their number within their realm, so a common is 1-10 points, an uncommon 11-20 and so on. While the actual impact of high rarirty spells is higher than this, I see no reason to change the calculation, it's reasonable. It does seem to check all realms, including arcane, as though it had 40 spells, which makes me think the unused bytes after the spells are reserved for the 26 unused arcane spell slots.

-Experimental : The AI will no longer consider the player's armies 4 times weaker than they actually are. (Reversal of Insecticide change)

-Experimental : The AI will no longer consider towns a valid attack target if he holds and Alliance or Wizard's Pact with the owner (instead of trying to attack them and then cancel the movement.)

-Experimental : Restored orignial 10x priority to towns controlled by wizards the AI is at war with, compared to towns controlled by “Peace” status wizards, compared to insecticides 7 multiplier.

-Experimental : The AI will no longer consider towns a valid attack target if he isn't at war and has Peaceful or Lawful personality.

-Secondary realm now plays a role in selecting a wizard's personality and objective.

-The AI is no longer cheating by making a specific uncommon spell always researchable (based on the primary realm, the best uncommon summon spell).

-Fixed bug : AI checks for spell ID FFD5 insteaf of 00D5 for Spell of Mastery at F424Eh (failed insecticide fix, 1.31 checked for “5A = Fire Elemental, lol”)

-Peaceful and Lawful wizards skip the “get aggressive over time” procedure, which sets a hidden variable that increases the chance of them attacking you.

-Phantom Warriors can now move 2.

-Fixed Bug : Ranger hero has Doombolt instead of Lucky.

-Fixed bug. Correct effect is : When Wizard A is allied with Wizard B who is at war with Wizard C, there is a chance Wizard A declares war on Wizard C. Old code was When Wizard A is allied with Wizard B who is at war with [The Player], there is a chance Wizard A declares war on Wizard C if they aren't also allied. This only worked correctly when Wizard C was the player, which was not gurateed.

-In the previous scenario, Wizard B can now be the player. Originally it wasn't possible, the player's allies would not declare war on the player's enemies, unless directly requested.

-The chance for such a declaration of war is now 1:15 instead of 1:10.

-When threatening a wizard, if they paid gold to avoid the war, they'll not consider declaring war themselves for 10 turns longer than before.

-When forming a new treaty, the wizard will not consider breaking it or declaring war for 15-40 turns instead of only 7-15.

-Personality modifiers for declaration of war table changed. (Higher = less chance of war)

Maniacal : 0->0

Ruthless : 10->10

Aggressive : 20->30

Chaotic : 30->10

Lawful : 40->60

Peaceful : 50->80

-Old Declaration of war formula which was replaced : War if Relation+Personality Modifier+Military Situation Modifier+Hidden Diplomacy Modifier<-150 = war.

Where Military Modifier is calculated from the relative army strength on the starting continent of the wizard declaring the war. Yes, units anywhere in the rest of the world are ignored. And yes this means if you respected your treaties and stayed away from their continent, you'll have no army there and the AI will most likely think they have an overwhelming advantage (assuming it even checks for advantage and not disadvantage which would be even more stupid)

-Broken treaties between two wizards no longer cause everyone not invloved to receive a penalty to the “Hidden Diplomacy Modifier” towards the wizard performing the act.

-Adjusted AI overland unit value formula (divided by an additional 16 because strong units were hitting the cap too early so their realtive power towards weaker troops was not properly reflected)

-Militarist and Expansionist wizards check for a need on war based on relative military strength every turn instead of at a 5% random chance.

-Peaceful wizards will not declare war or break treaties due to their Militarist or Expansionist objective. (Lawful wizards were already not doing that)

-New declaration of war formula for the Militarist and Expansionist extra check :

If (Target Army Strength/Own Army Strength)*150+Relation+Hidden Relation+Personality Modifier-(Difficulty level*10)<50 then war is declared.

For example if your opponent is chaotic (+10), You have half their army strength only(+75) and play Extreme (-30) then you're barely safe at +55 with a neutral relation but if the gap in army strength grows, or relations worsen even a little, war will be declared.

In short, they'll attack anyone who has a bad relation with them, and/or has too weak military strength and looks easy to defeat. They'll also break their treaties to be able to do so if needed. The only way to be safe from these wizards is to have an army comparable to theirs or maintain a high positive relation. If they are lawful or peaceful, this process does not apply, they'll never declare a war just because they are more powerful.

-New declaration of war formula for the generic check :

200*abs(Own army strength-Enemy army strength)/(enemy army strength+own army strength)+Relation+Hidden Relation+Personality Modifier-(Difficulty level*20)<0 then war is declared.

This check happens randomly at a 5% chance per turn and is done for all personalities.

For example if you have half the enemy army strength (+66), against an aggressive wizard (+30), at impossible difficulty and neutral realtions you are barely safe (total +16). If the wizard was Chaotic, or your army was stronger, they would declare a war.

This formula gives the highest chance of war when at equal military strength, and the chance decreases sharply as the gap widens in either direction.

-Threatening military effectiveness now uses new formula instead of the original “who has more expensive units on my continent” check : 100*(Target Army Strength/Own Army Strength)-100-10*Difficulty. Other factors unchanged, but personality modifier table changes apply here too, so it's much easier to threathen peaceful and lawful wizards than others. In general, you would want an equal or stronger army to threathen (preferably stronger).

-Propose Treaty military modifier now uses the same value as Threaten instead of that continent based crap.

-Propose Treaty now only gets a random(30) added chance instead of random(100)

-Propose Treaty now only gets half as much boost from the diplomacy variable “Willingness to listen to treaties”

-Having a stronger army than another wizard no longer has a 5% chance to drop relations by 10 at the end of every turn for no reason at all.

-Killing a hero now grants a 50% higher diplomatic penalty, killing units 50% lower, settlers and engineers 100% higher.

-Attempting to exchange spells reduces diplomatic willingness by a lower amount than originally.

-There is a ¼ chance instead of 1/8 for the AI to offer peace if other conditions are met.

-There is a ½ chance instead of ¼ for the AI to offer a spell instead of gold, if able, when asking for peace.

-Major bugfix : Diplomatic relations no longer need to be severely negative for the AI to take diplomatic actions at all, including positive actions. This is why only peace treaty ever worked. This also means that checks to need of war for hatred will be made more often, but those have their own check for negative relations so the check was redundant there anyway.

-Chance to run the procedure that considers offering a treaty is roughly 6 times higher.

-Changed combat attack targeting priorty weight of ranged units, it is now 3+(ranged strength/4) instead of 3+(ranged/2)

-Offering gold as a tribute is now twice as effective.

-Offering spells as a tribute is now less random, instead of random(8)+random(8), the effectiveness is 8+random(8).

-AI secondary Wizard's Pact offer is now based on total army power instead of total number of towns controller. Same for Peace, and gold/spells offered along with the proposal.

-AI is now able to offer a Wizard's Pact down to -50 relationship instead of +0 if the player has greater overall army power rating.

-AI has twice the normal chance to offer something when proposing a treaty (but only if the military situation roll is passed)

-AI summoning priority : Skeletons 50->10

-AI summoning priority : Ghouls 5->10

-AI summoning priority : Hell Hounds 32->10

-AI summoning priority : Night Stalker 20->30

-Warship can now carry 8 units like all other ships

-AI Drain Life and Syphon life targeting : units with too high resistance are now considered invalid targets instead of valid but zero priority ones.

-Metal Fires now grants the intended +3 missile attack strength

-Amazon hero defense lowered by 2. This hero is far too effective for a non-champion, having Might, Blademaster, Thrown attacks and Charmed all in one.

-Banishing or Defeating a wizard now uses diplomatic action code “being too powerful” again instead of none.

-Overextension warning minimum number of towns is now (Land Size*4) instead of (Land Size*3). You are allowed 4 on Tiny, 8 on Small, 12 on Fair, 16 on Large and 20 on Huge land without a penalty.

-Chance for the AI to ignore a negative event is slightly lowered (random(50)>event severity instead of random*75))

-Implemented a trigger for the event type “Thank you for attacking the forces of my enemy” which was available in the game but unused.

-Implemented a trigger for the event type “Thank you for attacking the forces of my enemy, here is some gold” which was available in the game but unused. This event replaces the previous one if and only if you have an alliance with the wizard. Gold is awarded immediately after the battle which triggered the event and it comes from the gold reserves of the wizard offering it (so you get less if they are low on money).

-Having an Alliance allows you to have units near that wizard's town without triggering a penalty.

-AI will always unpick the default Myrran trait first and take Cult Leader, before deciding what else to unpick and what to pick from extra picks left. This ensures that the requirement of having a Myrran wizard will not be fulfilled by the same 1 (or 4) faces in every game. Taking a 2 pick retort instead is necessary to make sure the wizard does not have a significant re-pick advantage over others which would result in them taking Myrror first 75% of the time anyway. Cult Leader was chosen because it both provides an advantage the AI can use well, is realm neutral, and isn't directly overpowering or annoying. Runemaster would be unfun with extra dispel chances, Guardian does not suit most default Myrran wizards who play death and sorcery, Warlord is too good, and Chaneller...well that would be the other reasonable option but Cult Leader feels better for an AI.

-Fixed “Break your alliance with” AI request incorrectly filling the name parameter.

-Astrologer army strength is now a minimum of 1 to prevent division by zero crashes.


-Changed the unit and hero experience table. Levels generally need a little bit more exp for lower levels, and much more for higher ones.

Level 2 : 25

Level 3 : 80

Level 4 : 150 (max level for normal units without warlord)

Level 5 : 275

Level 6 : 450

Level 7 : 700

Level 8 : 1200

Level 9 : 2000

This should balance out the faster leveling available from more exp/unit in battles (it'll still be faster than the original, but heroes won't reach level 7+ in the early game anymore)

-Items in treasure are now only 60% more valueable instead of 100% more valuable compared to the points spent to add them. However, the range of the roll has been extended so it's still possible to get up to 6000 value items, it just requires more treasure points in other words stronger monsters to defeat.

-AI will now consider 1 larger size of unit stack ideal, new formula is 3+(turns/20) max of 9.

-AI will now consider towns with 4 or less defenders insufficiently defended in “stop nearby units” procedure instead of 3 or less, and town radius for this decision is increased to 3 from 1.

-Fixed logical flaw : AI does not run power distribution main part if there is no spell to research. It simply puts half the research onto skill, half on mana, and done, never gonna chance it again unless casting Spell of Mastery. Which will happen usually, but what if a player changes the AI to not have the spell? Then they'll be stuck eternally on the same power distribution.

-AI Defensive units needed : Fortress always needs 9 units instead of 5. (Reversal of insecticide change)

-AI Defensive units needed : For normal towns, max possible amount selected is 9 not 6. (Reversal of insecticide change)

-AI Defensive units needed : 4+(Population/4) for normal towns, roughly 1 more than before.

-Fixed bug : AI passes unit type instead of unit ID as parameter when deciding on how to split up armies for the unit value calculator. Now the decision should correctly send the best units instead of...who know what at random.

-AI patrolling Stack split decision : If fortress, don't remove units from the stack for stack building purpose after turn 50 at all. Units kicked out of town by “Defensive units needed” will be available anyway.

-AI patrolling Stack split decision : AI can now distinguish between guarding a node and guarding a town.

-AI patrolling Stack split decision : AI will not remove units guarding a normal town to build stacks after turn 50, similary to fortress. Instead, the cheapest unit after production of the 10th unit is moved outside the city. This ensures that the best units will be defending the the AI towns.

-AI patrolling Stack split decision : AI will split up units patrolling a node to build stacks if the node had 7 or more defenders. At least 3 units have to remain guarding the node. The AI will attempt to send the strongest units available, if less than all of them are needed for the next stack. This is the opposite of the behavior when defending cities, which use the best available units. Unlike cities, nodes can be easily retaken and even if lost until melded, the continue to grant power to the AI. Temporal low defense should not cause a long term vulnerability. Losing a city, even for a turn, however is very, very bad, builds get destroyed, people die, enchantmets are lost, and a war declaration is automatic.

-Defense and Resistence are more expensive on items.

-Right clicking on relocated city enchantments will now display the correct help text.

-Hero level up dialog will now show “+1 to hit” at the correct level(s)

-Hero level up dialog will no longer display stats gained from abilities (nothing shown is better than incorrect info, and changing all the calculatios to match the new amounts would be weeks of work I expect). No idea how to alter the amount of defense and resistance gain displayed. Original was +1/level for all of these so I wouldn't be surprised if it was a big hardcoded “1” somewhere, or worse, part of the image or a text constant.

-Hero level up dialog now shows the “+1 defense” at the correct levels.

-Hero level up dialog now shows the “+0.5 resistance” instead of +1 because resistance is only gained once every 2 levels now.


-Grand Vizier is unable to build Housing if populaton>=5

-Banishing a wizard now uses diplomatic event code 6 (thanks for helping), 0 (no event) or 7 (overextension warning) based on the relationship of the banished wizard with the others. Defeating a wizard still uses 7 (overextension) for all cases. Let's face it, if you take all their terriroty to trigger this, you ARE overextending, even if they are happy about the other guy being gone forever.

-Wizard's Guild, Miner's Guild, Mechanician's Guild maintennce is lowered a little.

-Slightly adjusted AI maintenance difficulty modifiers.

-Experimental : Check for more defenders needed is now run every turn instead of every 3rd (reversal of insecticide change)

-Adjusted defenders needed formula for towns : (pop/2)+4 units.

-AI to AI diplomacy : If already having an Alliance, don't roll for forming a new Wizard's Pact.

-AI to AI diplomacy : randomness reduced, difficulty level modifier increased.

-AI to AI diplomacy : “willingness to consider treaties” modifier has halved effect, it is a -200 to 200 value that changes very quickly during the game, adding it raw totally unbalances the check.

-AI to AI diplomacy : Alliance has to pass a check for the sum of modifiers >=200. Original was same amount for both Alliance and Wizard's pact (150), ironically this means the AI always formed an Alliance first, and next time demoted it to a Pact due to the other bug, then back to Alliance, oscillating every time the roll was successful.

-AI to AI diplomacy : AI is not able to propose an Alliance or Wizard's Pact if they are already at War. Peace has to be offered first.

-AI to AI diplomacy : AI is not able to trade spells with people they are at War with.

-AI to AI peace treaty : now uses the default relation based formula instead of..some unknown and seemingly unrelated variable

-Chaos Channels : Fire Breath is now strength 3. Fixed help text on Demon Skin.

-AI combat unit movement targeting : Units that have a Breath, Thrown or Gaze attack receive an extra +12 priority boost on targets reachable this turn.

-Fixed incorrectly working new feature : When AI has a new unit in a full map cell, always the weakest gets pushed away based on unit COST and level (instead of maintenance). AI relies on this procedure to make sure best units stay for protecting towns, so fixing this was quite important.


-Removed a redundant and misplaced roll for AI peace offer check

-Removed condition “nonzero event required” for pece checks. War prevents negative events and positive events are rare during it.


-Fixed bug : If a treaty offer was immedaitely accepted, before the secondary offer containing gold or spells was made, the player still got the gold or spell anyway, form the offer they never saw happen.

-AI treaty offers now contain 20*random(10)+(AI total gold)/8 gold if that option was triggered, instead of (AI Army Strength/(random(3)+1)+CurrentTurn) which was a really poor amount.

Note that the AI still does not lose the offered gold, and does not require to actualy have it in the treasury for the offer, but the player will receive it properly. Due to code space and time issues, I rather not try fixing this one. The AI gets more than enough gold advantage, this small amount doesn't really matter.

-Fixed bug : Player does not get the offered spell if spell code was greater than 128.

-Fixed bug : Spell name is not displayed if one is offered in exchange for a treaty by the AI. (Caused by no text being displayed at all unless gold was offered...which is not possible if you already get a spell)

-Fixed bug : when requesting a peace treaty, chance of receiving a spell or gold offer is higher the stronger the AI is compared to the player instead of the other way around.

Formula still does not match other treaty offers but at least both reward the player for being stronger now.

One is 30*Power/PlayerPower<random(100), the other is 30*Playerpower/Power>random(100).

The former can have a 0% chance of success if AI is strong enough and 100% is unreachable, the latter is 100% chance if the player is strong enough and 0% is unreachable. Overall the new treaty offer has more favorable odds towards the player than the peace treaty offer.


-Fixed bug : Casting Raise Dead when 7 or more units are dead crashes the game. The menu window with the pages seems to be broken somehow, I redirected it to use the normal one. 8 dead unis fit in there without problems.

-Fixed bug : Casting Animate Dead when 7 or more units are dead crashes the game. The menu window with the pages seems to be broken somehow, I redirected it to use the normal one. The menu might overextend the screen if there are a too many units (including enemy ones), though, not sure what happens then.

-Fixed “banish my enemy” diplomatic event displaying the player's name instead of the banished wizard's.

-AI unit combat rating is now 1+(formula) to avoid the AI perceiving really weak units like spearmen as having 0 value, thus thinking there is nothing to attack (I observed a whole army not attacking a lone spearmen and retreating after 25 turns on auto, I suspect the cause was the enemy total army power being zero)

-Experimental : Spell of Return now costs 500. As the AI is now better at protecting their capital, ultra-cheap Spell of Return is probably both unnecessary and undercosted.

-Fire Giants now have 6 more melee, and magical ranged attacks instead of rocks. They should now be a viable midgame unit.

-Doom Bat now costs only 200 to summon.

-Chimeras now cost 250 to summon.

-Basilisks now has +3 melee and +1 armor

-Stone Giant now has +3 melee and ranged.

-The Magic Immunity item power cannot be enchanted on items due to being overpowered and unfun. Unless you find one of the very few (I think 4 total) predefined Magic Immunity items, it's unavailable. There is no way to grant unremovable immunity to magic for potentially unstoppable heroes anymore.

-Units revived by Animate Dead gain “Animated” buff - +1 attack, ranged, defense, To Hit, and weapon immunity, on top of the original effect of granting “Undead” with all the related immunities and effects.

-Fixed problem : When AI asks you to break an alliance before proposing a treaty, they offer the spell or gold they were planning to offer for the treaty here too. However, this offer has no effect other than giving you a second chance of breaking the alliance, you cannot get the spell this way, only by then refusing the treaty afterwards and then accepting the bribe again when offered. Instead of this weird behavior, the AI will now not offer a bribe at all if you refuse to break your alliance, as it wasn't supposed to get offered there in the first place, it was for accepting the proposed treaty.

-In the above scenario, accepting the “break alliance” proposal right away will no longer clear the bribe to be offered, as it is not the same as accepting the treaty itself without the bribe.

-Secondary monsters in lairs contribute their full value towards the treasure calculation instead of only half.

-Fixed spell in treasure requiring 150*(rarity^2) points correctly, but only subtracting the default value of 50*(rarity^2)

-Prisoners now only use up 400 treasure points instead of 1000

-There is no random modifier when converting monster value into treasure. Always 100% of the value is the treasure for Arcanus and 125% for Myrror.

-Nomads cannot build Armorer's Guilds as none of their units require it currently.


-Fixed bug : Only the very last unit in battle counted into the diplomatic penalty instead of all of them when killing enemy armies as the attacker. If that unit was the player's, no penalty was applied at all.


-AI summoning priority : Fire Giant is now 20 instead of 15.

-AI combatspell priority : Animate Dead now gains “E” type priority and -100 if no valid target is available just like Raise Dead, instead of these adjustments missing. Animate Dead also receives and extra 10 priority for each available dead to choose from (Raise Dead does not receive this bonus).

-High elf Magicians no longer have Magic Immunity and their cost is restored to default.

-Restored AI Create Artifact casting to turn 180+, turn 120 is too early for investing into several thousand mana spells.

-For AI trade offers, a roll of 50 or more has to be made instead of 25 or more (formula is relation+hidden relation+personality+random(100)>=X, so this still allows trade offers from maniacal wizards at -50 relation or higher, at least not at -75)

-Replaced nonsensical trade spell quality formula with a more reasonable one, this should allow trade to pop up more often.

-Fixed bug : AI spell trade offers fail to happen due to contradicting conditions : A spell with a value <= the expected amount is selected from a list of spells having a value >= to that amount, so only spells having the exact same “trade value” are eligible which is a rather rare occurance. This was why you only ever got one spell to select from when the game supports up to 4.

-Implemented missing feature : When the AI trades for a spell with the player, now they'll actually receive the spell.

-Marketplace now costs 90 to build.

-Dark Elf Spearmen now have only 1 strength ranged attack.

-Fantastic Stables cost 500 to build.

-Slightly reduced the amount of magical ammo on heroes. Values available are 6-10 now instead of 8-12 depending on hero. Might adjust further if necessary.

-Reduced Bank and Merchant's Guild maintenance by 1

-”Peace Willingness” no longer increases by a flat +10+random(5)+random(5) every turn for every wizard. Instead, it increases by +4 every turn, and an additional amount during war, which depends on the relative military strength of the two sides : If Wizard B is 25% or more stronger than Wizard A, Wizard A receives +10, if 25% weaker then -15, and if 50% weaker then -25 “Peace Willingness” total. This should prevent the AI from offering peace to people considerably weaker than them.

-”Peace willingness” is now ignored when deciding how much the AI wants to continue the audience going.

-AI will no longer automatically dismiss below average units purely based on their cost being below average, and instead will keep using them. It's already able to select the better units for defending towns, so weak units should get used up in offensive armies meanwhile instead of getting disbanded. It also has a dedicated procedure to dismissing units if low on gold, mana or food, which selects the weakest units anyway.

-Increased the chance for the AI positive diplomatic offer procedure to run. Now it is 1:7 if no event happened, (event strength+1)/7 otherwise. (original was ~1:133, not considering other bugs, and previous modification improved it to ~1:20. It was still too low.)

-Fixed contradiction : AI is dropping “grudge” over a negative event, or offering a treaty at a chance of 0/x if it has a “grudge” and 2/x otherwise, unless a positive event happened that turn (those don't exist except for the one I added). This way dropping the grudge was impossible without a positive event. Now the roll is 1/7 in all cases.

-Experimental : AI becomes aggressive on turn 70.


-AI is allowed to distribute their power more freely. Only 20% mana is required, the other 80% can be used on anything as needed

-AI is allowed to take mana instead of research if low on mana instead of only replacing skill choices with it. Research is available from buildings anyway, even if none is made, the AI can still progress, and slow research is better than losing due to being unable to cast spells all the time. In fact, when AI is low on mana, it will only produce mana and nothing else now.

-AI will always adjust their power distribution every turn as needed instead of only every Xth turn.


-Fixed bug : AI spell trade offers scale the opposite direction as intended (better relations result in worse offers)


-Spells not available for research gain a +5 priority to their value (half of a rarity rank) instead of the value being multiplied by 1.5 in trades. This should make it easier to do trades with 10 book wizards, who can research everything, as the spells the player mainly want will only be worth a flat +5 more not +50% more if the player wants a spell he can't research in the future.

-Spells that already are available on the research list of a player get reduced trade value by 5 instead of being cut in half. Again, this should help in trading with 10 book wizards, who most likely already have the spells you could offer available for research even if you managed to get ahead in research and have a spell they don't.

These two effects together basically meant that a trade could use a 3x multiplier on value if the spell given was available for immediate research and the spell received was unavailable even for the future, which actually was the most likely scenario when trading with 10 book AI wizards.

-The AI preference value now adds +5 to the spell value per point instead of +10 to allow more fine-grained weighting. Values for spells readjusted.

-The AI is no longer unable to build towns after turn 100 in the presence of another wizard's units. (Reversal of insecticide change, and also a fix over original behavior which allowed it only at a 20% chance)

This restrictions is harmful. Assuming the wizard with the units is an ally, this causes both wizards to be unable to settle the spot until the other withdraws all the units in the area, slowing down both AI. It also allows the player to always take free spots before the allied AI does. In case the unit is an actual enemy, they will kill the settlers anyway, building a town at least increases the chance to pull in defenders before the attack.

-When the AI asks you to break an Alliance and you refuse, relationship drops by 50+random(30) points instead of instantly being set to the lowest possible (-100).

-Spell Binding now costs 1200.

-The Haste item power now costs 1500.

-The Haste spell costs twice as much to research (but same to cast)

-AI will now dismiss below average units again, but only if the total number of units in game is nearing the limit. However, in that case, it will do so regardless the turn count, every turn. Only the generic half of the procedure is used, which does not dismiss heroes, settlers, engineers, spirits or other valuable units. The other half, which is intended to thin town defenses, is skipped because it's not “hero safe”, in fact, heroes have a rather high chance to get sent away as their cost is low compared to summoned units. However, condition is stricter, instead of units below ¼ the average army strength, now 1/3 is checked.

-Casting Aura of Majesty now only adds a +4 one time event instead of +10, but +2 per turn is unchanged. Spamming the enchantment was too easy to abuse for gaining lots of relation points in a short amount of time.

-Experimental : AI is allowed to take out 1 unit from non-fortress towns having 9 units to build stacks again, however, only 1 unit at a time instead of 4, and never from the fortress. This should help the AI build better offensive armies that can contain summoned units and better heroes, instead of those getting stuck on defense duty 100% of the time.

-Scoring : Spell of Mastery is worth +250 again because it is now harder to cast


-Forester's Guild maintenance is now 1.

-Lizardmen Growth is increased significantly.

-Lizardmen Settlers is cheaper.

-Fixed the invisibility bugfix from 0.7 as it was not working at all. I'm pretty sure I tested and it worked, but for some odd reason the file contained an obviously wrong code instead.

-AI will only offer a Wizard's Pact based on military strength if the player is at least 50% stronger than them, instead of just stronger by any little amount. Relationship based offers are unchanged. One of the main War/Break Pact triggers is having close to equal strength, so a slightly stronger army would have a high chance of triggering both, possible causing the AI to oscillate between offering then breaking the pact. That would look silly. Also, it's way too easy to have just that 1-2 extra spearmen over the AI at the beginning if the difficulty isn't set too high.


-Adjusted roll for relationship based Wizard's Pact and Alliance offer.

Original was (relation+pact willingness+hidden relation+personality+random(100))>50. Out of these pact willingness is usually 100, making this a guaranteed success no matter what.

New roll is (relation*2+pact willingness+hidden relation+personality-random(100))>=120 for Pact and 200 for Alliance.

-Fixed BUG : AI peace offers use the player's “peace desire” variable instead of their own, so peace will be offered in exactly the opposite situation as it should. To make room for this, the additional random 25% chance check had to be removed, it was unnecessary anyway.


-Fixed bug : Breaking a treaty ADDS to the hidden diplomacy modifier instead of reducing it.


-Reduced chance of book/retort treasure to 55% of the prevous versions.

-Myrran is no longer greyed out when you have exactly 2 picks remaining on the Custom Wizard screen.

-You are now able to select Famous for 1 pick if you have exactly 1 pick left

-You are now able to select Myrran for 2 picks if you have exactly 2 picks left


-Fixed : “Peace desire” is not adjusted by military strength for the AI's relation towards the player, only the other way.

-Further reduced hero magical ammo

-The player's ally can now declare war on the player's enemy even if not requested, the same way it happens between AI allies.

-AI combat targeting : AI is not able to target Cold Immune units with Cold Bolt and Fairy Dust

-Experimental : Conquering an outpost now runs the regular “conquer city” process instead of skipping it. I expect this to

1. When the AI fails to notice the player attacking their empty outpost, no penalty was given and no war started, now it results in a war as attacking normal cities do.

2. When the wizard had his fortess in an outpost, the “banish” procedure was not ran and this caused a crash (according to the wiki anyway, I never encountered this situation, but the code did skip checking for a fortress.)

3. Have no effect on the fact that outposts always get razed after an attack.

-The difficulty level modifier is only applied to declaration of war rolls if the human player is the target.

-Adjusted roll on militartist/expansionist declaration of war : When [Relation+Hidden Relation+Personality-150*(percentage of relative army weakness)-10*Difficulty)<=-75, war is declared. Was -100 before.

-Fixed bug : AI declares war on anyone if “player wars<difficulty” and relation is bad, instead of only on the player.

-Adjusted Difficulty level food modifier to be lower, this should make Famine and Corruption more useful in stalling city growth. The maintenance modifier is more than enough to make sure AI units don't starve to death so excess food production is not that important. Adjusted a few other difficulty modifiers slightly, normal should be a bit easier now.

-Great Drakes now move 4, and cost 20 to upkeep.

-Threatening formula changed, weight of random element is less. You can expect about 50% chance of success if you own an equal strength army and the target has an average personality. This should make it much less likely to succeed with threats while being weaker than the target. The original provided about 50% chance when your army was 40% weaker than theirs.

-AI combat unit targeting : All units will now prefer to attack units affected by Black Sleep instead of only ranged units doing so.

-AI combat spell selection priority : Reaper Slash now has a +10 priority.

-AI combat spell selection priority : Syphon Life now has a +8 priority.

-Psionic Blast is now strength 16 for 24 mana. Illusion damage is too powerful to have a common with strength 20, which would mean an average of 6 defense-ignoring damage, 60% as good as Doom Bolt. Strength 16 still yields an average of 4.8 damage, making this superior, but riskier to use than Psionic Spark.

-Experimental : Fire bolt is now strength 20 instead of 18.


-Created zombies and raised undead now add +7 to the total diplomatic penalty at end of battle instead of not being considered “killed” units due to being alive again by the time that is calculated.

-Fixed bug : Trying to talk to the AI when they have a “reward X gold for attacking” event queued up will crash the game instead of showing the event message.

-Banishing or defeating a wizard will now use event code “0E” instead of “07” because the text seems more approprite (“stop taking over the world” instead of “leave my territory”)

-Fixed bug : Animate Dead allows keeping enemy units after battle. (I thought 1.31 already fixed this, or at least insecticide? Seems I was wrong....)

-Fixed bug : Zombies and raised dead retreat with the attacker when the defender's side wins, ending up on the same map cell.

-Fixed Wrack not having the intended +0 spell save and still using +1 instead.

-Fixed bug : units drained by Mana Leak out of ammo do not lose their shooting ability.

-Fixed bug : Entering combat does not initialize City Wall status if no town is present, causing the variable to have an invalid value (neither 0 nor 1). This was responsible for the (already fixed) invisibile city walls bug, but it can also cause other weird effects, like the AI pretending to defend a city where there is none, or units leaving the place of towers empty, so eliminating the root of the problem was needed.

-AI disjuction targeting : adjusted priority of dispelling Eternal Night. It now gains extra priority if the disenchanter has no Death books instead of when they have Life books.

-Fixed bug : When a raised undead or zombie has nowhere to go on the map and the stack is full, it keeps dying due to no space then getting raised again because race is not changed to “Death”, resulting in a “128 units have been raised” message and a stack with over 9 units.

-When threatening, if the higher roll for a spell offer is passed, but the wizard has no spell to offer, the offer will be downgraded to gold instead of nothing at all.


-AI to AI diplomatic event strength modifier now activates on turn 150 instead of 200.

-Relations will now gravitate towards the starting value at a speed of 1-2 points every 3 turns if the relation is above the starting value and needs to be lowered, instead of only once every 10 turns.

-The “thanks for hurting my enemy” event, both the one rewarding gold and the one that does not, requires killing a minimum of 30 diplomatic points worth of army in one battle. (That's either one hero, or a larger number of other units) Both the relation awarded and the gold is now directly calcualted from the event strength, ignoring all modifiers that would alter the relationship effect of the event.

-The event has a 25% chance of triggering instead of 100%, when the required amount of enemy units have been killed off.

-Wraith form costs 10/50 mana instead of 20/100. It simply isn't powerful enough to cost more, and the effects are only useful when the entire stack has it.

-Berserk costs 20/100.

-Wraiths have -2 Life Steal instead of -1 (or the original -3). They are not available as a starting spell anymore so the nerf is not needed to be that big.

-Neutral towns have a 100% chance to be any race, instead of 25% chance of any race, 75% chance of same race. There are fewer neutral towns, so more races should appear in them.

-Nomad Horsebowmen requires an Armory like all other cavalry and bowmen unit.

-Nomad Rangers require a Fighter's Guild because they are quite superior to horsebowmen

-Nomad Rangers now have 3 health per figure to make up for the low amount of figures.

-Generic war/treaty break needed check is done at a 1/7 chance instead of 1/20 every turn.

-Generic war/treaty break needed check now has a -10/difficulty level modifer instead of -20

-Generic war/treaty break needed check now requires a +20 total score to not trigger instead of 0.

-Wizard's Pacts now improve relations at a 1/3 chance per turn instead of ½. An average of +1.5 points a turn was way too fast.

-Alliance now improves relations at a 1/3 chance per turn instead of ½. Points improved are only random(4) instead of random(6). An average of +3 points a turn was way too fast.

-Pikemen maintenance reduced to 2.

-Doom Drake resistance lowered to 8, Cost raised to 240.

-Diplomatic events during war now add 100% of the base effect strength to the target's peace willingness value, but have no effect on the performer. In other words, negative events, like killing their stuff, will make them less willing to offer or accept peace, while positive events make it more likely. If you are actively blowing up their stuff, they won't offer (or accept) a peace anymore, even if they are weaker than you.

-Casting Call of the Void now generates a strength -40 diplomatic event instead of -20.

-End of turn peace willingness adjustment values have been changed :

No war or even military strength : +4/turn

25% or more weaker military : +7/turn (instead of +14)

25% or more stronger military : -3/turn (instead of -11)

50% or more stronger military : -8/turn (instead of -21)

-When the AI offers a peace treaty, regardless of your response, their peace willingness is reduced by 50. This should stop the AI from spamming peace offers too much, it takes 6-10 turns to regain this amount on average.

-Warp Lightning is restored to default strength, even the +1 strength felt way too good.

-Fixed : Possession does not have “death immunity” flag set in the spell tables so the AI can cast it on immune units. (Untested)

-Fixed bug : On the New Game screen, wizards with more than 2 book types have the wrong books displayed for the first two screens.

-Available building list now displays up to 12 items instead of 10 to make use of all space on screen. However, it's possible to unlock more than 12 in which case you still can't select some. Be careful when building Library or Builder's Hall as those can unlock a lot of stuff. At the very least, you can now build anything when starting the game, prior to unlocking more.

-Unit list will no longer appear grey when the town is full.


-Extended building list to 16 items by removing the unused space between them. Now you can always see every available building no matter what you build.


-Paladin and Black Knight heroes no longer have a book requirement. Only Priestess and Necromancer requires you to have at least 1 Life or Death book.

-Adjusted spell realm to personality and objective choice chance tables a little

-Personality modifiers for diplomacy changed again. (Higher = better chance to accept stuff, less chance to declare war)

Maniacal : 0

Ruthless : 5

Aggressive : 10

Chaotic : 20

Lawful : 40

Peaceful : 80

-Adjusted AI to AI diplomacy somewhat, pacts and alliances are now a bit less likely to form and difficulty level increases the chances much less.

-Militarist break treaty or war declaration check is done at a 1/3 chance per turn instead of 100%.

-”The magician” hero optional name and picture changed : Chinatsu → Orin

-AI combat spell priority tables have been changed, particularly row “B” which is mostly used by buffs and curses, and column “overwhelming disavantage”.

-Magic Vortex now belongs to priority group “D” turnaround spells instead of group “A” nukes.

-Flame Strike now gains +4 priority per unit instead of +2.

-AI combat decisions : Army ranged rating now is sum(ranged attack*figures*ammo/16) instead of sum(ranged attack). This should help the AI to properly judge when leaving the city walls is necessary.

-AI combat decisions : Flying units will not skip their turn against overwhelmingly stronger enemies if the enemy army has a flying unit.

-Fixed bug : Evil Presence cannot be cast on cities owned by wizards who have Death books, even though the effect partially works on them.

-Fixed bug : When targeting an overland spell (unit, city etc) if a plane shifting stack was selected prior to casting, and Planar Seal was in effect, the Plane button was not available, so the spell couldn't be cast on the other plane. Now it'll automatically deselect units before casting the spell to avoid this problem.

-Fixed bug : Possession also applies Creature Binding (0.90)

-This time fixed AI targeting Death Immune units with Possession properly.

-Centaurs have 2 more ranged and 1 more melee but 2 less defense, cost 60, and require a Fighter's Guild. Primary purpose of this change is to make Call Centaurs a bit more viable as a summon, and secondary objective is to make them a different tier than bowmen.

-AI combat spellcasting priority : Fireball will not gain the base priority if the target doesn't have a minimum of 4 figures. Priority boost is category “A”+4*(figures-3) otherwise.

-War Bears now have +1 to hit. Nature realm summons should not just be good, they should be outstanding, as that's supposed to be the primary strong point of the realm.

-Basilisks now move 3.

-Cockatices now have -4 Stoning touch instead of -3 and move 3 instead of 2

-Chaos Spawn has 22 hp instead of 15

-Stone Giants have 25 Hp instead of 20 and 12 defense instead of 10. They should be worthy of being a Rare Nature summon.

-Sprites now cost 80 to summon instead of 100.

-Dispel Evil is no longer getting Holy Word's priority bonus (reversal of insecticide change), but it is still type “D” not “A”. Instead it gets a +20 priority like Banish.

-AI combat spellcasting priority : Fixed bug : Flame Strike was not possible to cast in some combats due to it being treated as “this enchanment is already in effect” by the AI.


-Fixed bug : You could summon Demons with the unit ability if you already had 9 units which could potentially crash the game. Now if you try to do so, nothing happens (but you unfortunately still lose the turn)

-When a Demon is summoned in combat, there is a 50% chance that it'll become a greater demon, which does not have caster 40, but has Life Steal -4 and Death Touch -4 instead. Overland demons will always have Caster 40.

-Fixed AI power distribution bug : Spells already available for research in the book are not considered when deciding if there are spells left for research. This causes the AI to spend nothing on research when there are only 8 or less spells left (including spell of mastery).

-The positive event that happens when you kill enemy units now adds a fixed +9 relations instead of (enemy relation loss/2) to avoid overflows. (You might still cause an overflow if you trigger the event 4 times after already at Harmony in the same turn, bringing it from 100 to over 128, but that's very unlikely)

-Moved GP and MP on F9 screen, you can now read it even if the wizard has lots of books.

-Unit display will now show the current amount of Summon Demon abilities left, instead of always the maximum

-Unit display will now show the current presence of “Caster” instead of default. (Demons can now lose it so this is needed to avoid displaying “Caster 0” on them)

-Unit display will now show the modifier for Death Touch and Life Steal.

-Towers are now required to be on a continent for both planes, not just one of them. Main reason for this change is the AI, as only full flying/swimming stacks could use the deafult towers most of the time.

-The minimum required distance between 2 towers is now 4 instead of 10. The minimal distance between a tower and a node is 1 instead of 4. As the other condition is stricter and more important, I reduced the requirements here to make sure the generation fails as rarely as possible.

-Fixed bug : Myrran nodes are being placed where Arcanus has land.

-Magician hero has Destruction, resist at +0 or be disintegrated.

-Necromancer hero has Super Sage instead of Noble.

-Elven Archer has +2 resistance.

-Elven Archer has a magical ranged attack but retains her bow slot and 8 ammo. Bows work with magical (and rock) ranged attacks now, however this hero is the only one who has that setup currently.

-Reduced the maintenance cost of some high-end summoned units like drakes.

-New unit ability : Quick Casting. Unit can cast spells for 3 movement points, allowing multiple spells or using another attack after a spell. Only one unit has this ability, the Illusionist champion, who was way behind what you would expect from champions. Yes, Illusion is an awesome attack type, but any hero can have it from weapons, and that's the only (non-random) ability she had.

Ability replaces the unused Land Corruption slot.

-AI units will not attept to cast a spell if they have less than 10 MP remaining, to avoid the situation when no spell is available for the remaining MP and the turn gets wasted..

-Priestess and Necromaner hero are now available without books. Their spells are often useless if you already have access to their realms.


-You gain +1 fame after combat if at least 12 exp worth of enemy was defeated instead of 8. This change is needed as 8 exp does not equal 4 units anymore.

-You gain the above +1 fame even if your fame is 20 or higher, originally this only worked below fame 20.

-1 fame is awarded for defeating units that have a cost of 500 or higher, instead of 600 or higher.

-Units with both “melee to hit” and “ranged to hit” bonus at the same time have the shared amount merged into “global to hit” which can be displayed in the unit info.

-Units with no ranged attacks whatsoever have melee ranged bonus moved into global to hit directly. (note that gaze, thrown and fire breath are ranged attacks, not melee)

-Fixed bug : Thrown weapons bypass weapon immunity. Caused by a faulty check.

-Finding Chaos, Nature and Sorcery Mastery requires at least 4 books of their realm.

-Blizzard now does a strength 15 cold type armor piercing magical attack which is hitting units, not figures. Blizzard now costs 100.

-Fixed bug : AI units with thrown or breath attacks sometimes didn't attack enemies stronger than them due to a small bug in the target rating bonus for this situation.

-Fixed bug : Evil Omens has no effects on spells with variable costs (slider, artifact)

-Fixed bug : Aether Flux has no effect on spells with variable costs

-Weakness, Possession, Black Sleep, Confusion, Mind Storm, Vertigo, Shatter now appear in “Unit spells” like all other curses do.

-Fixed : Research display shows 4 times the normal time after researching Floating Island

-Fixed : previous research fix caused the AI to not spend enough on casting skill by accident.

-When “Unit_Die” is called for an already dead unit, it does not go through the process again (possible source of memory corruption)

-Reversal of insecticide bug/feature : Casting Nature's Awareness automatically casts Detect Magic as well. (intended function was to only do this for RVL cheat)

-Removed feature : Casting Nature Awareness estabilishes contact with every wizard immediately, including already defeated ones, which makes them reappear in the astrologer.

-Removed feature : Having Nature Awareness in play at any time visibility is calculated estabilishes contact with every wizard, including already defeated ones, which makes them reappear in the astrologer.

Note : Despite the above two changes, you will still estabilish contact with everyone (who is still in the game) through their units being in your visible range, but it takes 1 turn longer.

-(no change) : The AI actually adds the “cost reduction in percentage” modifier to AI combat spell priority instead of the “effective cost reduced by modifiers”. Both me and Kyrub misread it and assumed it's adding the cost itself, funny. Turns out there was no need to fix this one.

-Small adjustments to some spell research costs. A few low tier commons cost as low as 50 RP.

-Fixed “X, you have become too powerful” specifying the AI player's name instead of the human player's in the text constant in diplmsg.lbx

-Removed Planar Seal

-New enchantment replacing Planar Seal : Divine Order.

-AI enchantment casting : Divine Order is weigthed based on spell book colors and amount of caster and everyone else, weighted by treaty status. Life books are considered benefitting from the spell (+1), while Death and Chaos is considered incompatible (-1). Sorcery and Nature books are considered neutral. Own books are weigthed 2x, Ally books 1x, Pact partner books 0.5x, No treaty -0.5x, and War -1x. If total result is 10 or higher, the enchanment can be cast.

-AI Spell Binding priority : Divine Order is priority 0, effect is no different regardless of owner, but maintenance has to be paid for it.

-AI disjunction targeting priority : Divine Order dispel priority is -(casting divine order rating)

-AI disjunction needed decision : If “divine order casting” rate is -10 or below and it is in play, casting Disjunction spells priority is +200.

-PWR cheat now sets 300 casting skill to everyone (better for testing purposes)

-PWR cheat no longer unlocks Arcane spells (to avoid unlocking Spell of Mastery which is bad for testing purposes...and bad in general)

-Finding a 10th book will now yield 3 researchable very rare spells, the same amount picking the book does, so finding 10 books should provide all spells.

-Personality modifier for casting spells in the “harmful spell” category, like raise volcano or famine, changed :

Maniacal : +1000 (from +40)

Ruthless : +500 (from +40)

Aggressive : +200 (from +10)

Chaotic : +200 (from +10)

Lawful : -200 (from -40)

Peaceful : -200 (from -20)

Note that this entire sum gets divided by 4 before being used which is why high numbers are needed. The generic base value at war on hard difficulty is around 400.

-Summon Demon is now enabled for casting overland for the AI.

-Fixed bugs that would cause the AI to try casting a spell in the “harmful overland” category without having a spell of that type. Some summons and even Wall of Darkness enabled them!

-AI overland casting : Fixed Iron Skin enabling city buff category instead of unit buff.

-AI overland casting : Unit buff priority doesn't decrease as the turn counter increases. There are plenty of powerful late game enchantments still worth casting then.

-Fixed bug : AI cannot cast Flying Fortress unless the spell is already in effect?!!

-AI can now target any of their towns with Flying Fortress like the player.

-Fixed bug : Wind Walking units in a stack reactivate units and grants them +0.5 movement. However, units will not be able to move as much as the windwalker if their movement allowance is lower and movement isn't done in one continues move as a side effect. Since this side effect is worse than the bug itself, this fix has been reverted.

-Fixed bug : When one unit in a stack is out of movement, or the stack merges with another that is out of movement, the entire stack loses all remaining movement. Note : You have to manually press done when moving stacks of units that have uneven movement speeds. It might be inconvenient, but better than losing all remaining movement which might be needed.

-When Diving Order is in effect, the AI is more likely to cast city and unit enchantments overland, as well as “harmful” spells, containing all city curses and a few other spells.

-AI receives a priority boost of +150 to overland summoning if knowing Great Wyrm, Great Drake, Sky Drake, Demon Lord, Arch Angel

-AI receives a priority boost of +80 to overland summoning if knowing Hydra, Behemoth, Colossus, Death Knights

-Fixed AI logic flaw : AI units not currently having a target do not count into relative army strength. In other words the AI underestimates his own army if defending a town and passing to stay behind the walls.

-AI Wall Crusher units move and attack as though wall wasn't present.

-Troll units now move 2.

-Minor adjustments to the starting health and attack of some heroes (+/- 1, sometimes 2)

-The research cost of very rare spells has been raised to match the increased power production capacity of cities in the late game (with the standard being 6000 instead of 4000, top spells being 8000, discounted still at 1000 or 2000 usually)

-War Trolls now have 8 health per figure

-War Mammoth now has +1 attack and +2 health per figure

-Sage hero has Phantom Warriors

-Necromancer has Illusion and Death immunity.

-Immunities now set 100 defense instead of 50 when applicable.

-The Unknown is now available from Summon Hero, not Summon Champion.

-Wraith Form now grants Poison Immunity, and the ability to ignore Weapon Immunity like magical weapons, and costs 15/75.

-Trade offers made by the AI decrease the AI player's “trade willingness” variable again.

-AI Trade offers will not happen if “trade willingness” is 0 or lower. This should hopefully limit trading spam.

-Restored original amount of “trade willingness” loss per trade attempt because it was possible to trade pretty much every spell in one go.

-Fixed bug : Diplomatic events resetted trade and treaty willingness values to the copy of the other player, even though these variables are assymetric!!!

-When the AI casts a spell that targets a player which isn't spell blast (only drain power remanining in this category, but in the unmodded game it'll apply to more), it'll now use the intended target and skip the spell blast mana check instead of skipping the check and target selection, defaulting it to the human player. (Improvement of previous bug fix)

-Fixed the Chosen having no maintenance.

-Fixed all sorts of bugs in “AI power distribute main strategy”

-Boosted priority of very rare summons for the AI

-AI combat spell selection : Mind Storm is now in priority group “C” instead of “D”

-AI combat spell selection : Air Elemental, Earth Elemental, Phantom Beast, Call to Arms, Cracks's Call receives more priority

-AI combat spell selection : Priority boost of Invulnerability and Lionheart is now only +20 instead of +30 which was quite excessive.

-Powered up Storm Giants to be worth the summoning cost.

-Restored Wraiths to their original stats because there was no need for the nerf, they were overpowered only as a starting rare. Wraiths can now heal naturally.

-When Spell Ward counters a combat spell, it will now display “defending wizard name's Spell Ward spell has caused...” instead of “ Node has caused...”

-AI combat spellcasting decisions : Prayer and Flight now receives +3 priority per unit counted instead of +2

-AI combat spellcasting decisions : Flight pririty boost if nonzero enemy fliers present : +12 instead of +20

-AI combat spellcasting decisions : Web gets +15 priority instead of +10 if there are enemy flying units.

-AI combat spellcasting decisions : Web gets +20 priority past combat turn 10. This should help against stalling players that run around, if the AI actually still has skill and mp that late in the combat.

-AI combat spellcasting decisions : Web now belongs to priority group “B”, prefer when at an advantage instead of “C” prefer at neutral.

-Fixed bug : units enchanted by Wind Walking can only be attacked by units that can atack fliers. (Unit ability has no such problem)

-AI will no longer target units that already have haste with haste.

-AI will no longer target naturally invisible units with invisibility.

-Fixed bug : Entangle works on non-corporeal units even though it shouldn't. Intentionally didn't fix it for flying as that trait is far too common. If it didn't work on them, the spell would be worthless. Also, even flying units have to land every once in a while and get caught, considering an overland turn is an entire month, so a battle turn is like an entire day.

-AI combat spellcasting decisions : casting Holy Weapon, Eldritch Weapon or Flame Blade to counter Invulnerability now has a lower priority boost. Most units bypass Weapon Immunity even without that thanks to magical weapons, so direct damage and summoning is a way better tactic.

-Adjusted priority gained to disjuction type overland spells from the presence of various enchantments again because the AI was dispelling far too much :

Eternal Night +40 (from 100)

Evil Omens +300 (Unchanged)

Zombie Mastery +10 (unchanged)

Suppress Magic +2000 (unchanged)

Nature's Wrath +400 (unchanged)

Chaos Surge +25 (from 100)

Doom Mastery +15 (unchanged)

Great Wasting +100 (instead of +50)

Meteor Storm +100 (unchanged)

Armageddon +200 (unchanged)

Tranquility +10 (instead of +20)

Life Force +25 (instead of +40)

Crusade +20 (from +50)

Holy Arms +10 (unchanged)

Divine Order +40 (instead of +80)

Charm of Life +25 (unchanged)

Aether Binding +3 (instead of 0)

Spells not listed had and still have no effect on AI casting disjuction.

-AI will use overland spells that have a slider (disenchant, disjunction) at 2x the base strength instead of 3x to conserve mana and reduce casting time, also to avoid the AI always dispelling eveything the player casts on first try which is far too unfun.

-Cracks Call does irrecoverable damage again. Heroes are too ustoppable with Resurrection otherwise.

-AI combat spellcasting decisions : Improved calculation for Dispel Magic, Dispel Magic True

-Swordsman hero has been completely redesigned into a spellcaster warrior (name not changed) because it was far too similar to the “Knight” hero (Leadership,Legendary,Constitution overlapping, 1 random fighter pick on each further increasing chance to gain each other's abilities)

New abilities : Armsmaster, Constitution, Agility, Blademaster, Caster (lv3), 2x random fighter abilities. Spells : Healing, Raise Dead.

-A minimum of +1 relations needed to “Break Alliance with” to be considered instead of +23, but the roll difficulty is still the same, and rather high. This is to allow using the option with success when the player has a large military superiorty but doesn't have the money or matching books to raise relations over neutral

-You can't ask for a declaration of war on someone the AI has an alliance with. You have to make them break the alliance first.

-Replaced code to calcualte relation bonus from gold tribute. It is now (1+random(3))*(Option Selected*2+1)/2. If you select the first menu item, you get 3-6 points, if you select the last one, 9-18 points. Although it looks like the first option is the most profitable, it isn't, because the amount needed gets raised after every offer.

-When your treaty gets broken due to the staying near AI towns with troops, it will now use event code 1Fh (breaking treaty because your units are near) instead of 5 (Breaking treaty through “Break Treaty” menu)

-When your treaty gets broken by attacking their units despite the warning message, you get even 20h (Breaking treaty because you attacked me) instead of event 5 (Breaking treaty through “Break Treaty” menu)

-When the event mentioned above is in queue and event 9 (attack on town) happens, it'll be upgraded to event 21h (breaking treaty because you attacked my city)

-The penalty for breaking a treaty by attacking has been reduced to -20. There is an additional, separate penalty if the attack causes any actual damage, or if a town is involved, anyway.

-The penalty for attacking a town (and failing to conquer it) has been increased to -25 from -20. These two changes are required to make it possible to upgrade the event, see above, the second penalty has to be higher.

-Negative diplomatic events will now fill the “event to mention when rejecting player's offer” variable which had correct effects, but wasn't actually used at all.

-New difficulty level modifiers on AI to AI diplomatc events : +30% positive and -10% negative effect per level above Normal. (Original was double positive, 0.33-1 on negative based on difficulty, bonus to positive was always applied) This means the hardest is 70% negative and 190% positive diplomatic modifier. The original modifiers were strong enough to make AI even ignore Spell of Mastery from other AI.

-Fixed bug : 10% chance to instantly declare war every turn the Spell of Mastery is being cast has no effect due to checking wrong parameter : Referred wizard ID=0Ah instead of Event type=0Ah

-When the AI decides there is a need for War but a treaty is in the way, there will be a 100% chance to break the treaty now instead of only 25-50%. Note that there will be a reason for the AI to call this procedure, it's not just on a whim, bad relations or other reasons are needed so having a chance of it taking no effect is unacceptable. Especially, as this is the only way the AI can break a treaty with another AI. The old effect still applies to Easy difficulty (where the original game never broke the treaty ever). The treaty already saves you from the declaration of war once, there is no need to further escalate this effect by not breaking it. Note that this is separate from the AI's reaction to player actions, this only applies to cases where the AI wants to start a war for some reason (mostly because you are a threat, the relations are bad, or you are already at war with their allies, or due to their militarist/expansionist objective)

-Fixed bug : War Needed and adjacent unit check for AI to AI diplomacy is not run every turn, instead of only once every 7-15 turns. Another reason why AI pacts never break.

-AI will skip the adjacent unit check in AI to AI diplomacy completely. They are unable to avoid going near each other's cities and this would pretty much make the pact between AI harmful to them instead of beneficial, as it would always break and generate a future penalty. The AI can do this to the player anyway, I see no reason why they shouldn't do it to other AI.

-When the AI complains about your units near their towns, if you do have a treaty, event code 16h will be used (Leave the area of my city or I break the treaty) instead of even code 49h (leave the area of my city)

-If you do something that triggers an AI warning event, and you have a treaty, event will get upgraded to “warning, treaty might get broken if you continue” event instead. Event 8 and 9 (attacking troops, cities) will not get upgraded, those actions already break the treaty so the text “I'll break the treaty if you keep attacking my cities” does not make sense, although it is present in the files.

-When the AI breaks treaty as a result of a “warning” event, the message will get upgraded to “Treaty broken because of X” events 20h-26h instead of not mentioning the broken treaty.

-Roll that determines whether the warning message is stored away and has consequences like breaking the treaty or declaring war on repeated offense is now checked for -50 total instead of -100. Treaty willingness modifier is halved for this roll. Roll is now personality+relation+hidden relation-d100+treaty interest/2<=-50. In general, the better the relationship, the more likely it is to suffer no consequences after the warning, but the roll is less influenced by the “mood” and more by the actual relations.

-AI will roll for random(25)<=Event severity to proceed with the warning message. This means that anything that causes a 25 or greater relation shift at once always shows the warning. (was 50 before and 75 initially) However, the above roll can still save you from the negative effects.

-Casting Evil Presence, Famine or Chaos Rift now causes a -6 diplomatic event instead of -5. Pestilence causes -10 instead of -8. Other spells unchanged.

-Further adjusted AI peace variable adjustment, now it was too slow and took forever before the AI was willing to consider a peace offer.

-Destroying enemy troops have halved effect on the peace willingness variable compared to other negative events.

-Fixed : Positive events have no effect on relations during war (should be negative only)

-Changed natural convergence of relations roll to allow reasonable effect even if relation is near extreme values. This is why “Hate” almost never improved on its own.

-Reduction of relationship point gain for having positive relation already is removed. Losses are still reduced at already negative relation, though. It's far harder to gain relations so there is no need for it do be that difficult (you only have the tribute option, waging war against someone they don't like, trading spells or using Aura of Majesty. These are all quite limited so a hard cap of halved effect above 24 points is...not fair. Especially with an automatic convergence to the starting relations, which means even if you do have a pact to improve relations, that is only enough to negate to automatic loss if it's not halved.)

-War declaration to player if relation is 30 or lower and he is in fewer wars than the difficulty level would prefer it has signifiactly lower chance of happening. Instead of (-Relation/10) out of 15, the chance is out of 60. This means a 5% chance per turn at -30 compared to the original 20% which is one in 5 turns, far too high. The war still will happen eventually, but this should help reducing the “everyone declares war at the same time” effect on turn 75 and spread it over a little. (War from militarists will still be almost immediate, and their allies will join soon as well to keep the player busy)

-AI to AI peace treaty now has an effect.

-AI will no longer declare war automatically on the AI ally's AI enemy instantly, instead they do it through the normal, 1/15 chance one that observes the effect of peace treaty. Without this, it's impossible for an AI to make peace with 2 members of an alliance, as war would immediately get redeclared before making peace with the second wizard too.

-Fixed : Game crashes when AI tries to cast Drain Power (problem with previous fix)

-Fixed : Player gets skill when the AI casts Drain Power. Note : this fix overwrites parts of code from subversion and cruel unminding, both already removed spells. Don't try to restore them by editing spelldat.lbx, they'll crash the game.

-Resurrection now costs 500 mana.

-Draconian Engineers can no longer fly. It seems like the AI uses them to build roads through water if they can.

-Fixed bug : When a wizard is casting the Spell of Return and is defeated before finishing, the spell keeps being cast, and on completion the wizard can start a new spell, which can trigger a “Spell of Mastery started” event from the no longer existing wizard. Who knows what side effects spells being cast by dead wizards had beyond that...

-The hiring cost of Chosen (which is never used anyway) is lowered to make sure the AI uses the unit on offense. It can be resummoned an infinite number of times so it's a bad strategy to keep it on defense.


-Fixed non-gensokyo version not having two important treasure generation changes.

-When the player threatens the AI and war is declared, text group 4 “AI reaction to player war declaration” will be used instead of 27 “AI declares war on player”

-If an AI warning passes the initial roll and is at second time without a treaty, the war roll will be abs(Event strength)>=random(100) for war. Personality can no longer modify it, you had the first two rolls to save you using that.

-Applied the Flame Strike AI fix (randomly unable to use due to checking for combat enchantment present) to Holy Word, Death Spell, Mass Healing, Call Chaos.

-AI can now cast Evil Presence on any wizard's city instead of only those owned by Death wizards?!

-Yukari's new default retort is Channeller

-Byakuren's new default retort is Charismatic

-Magic Immunity AI unit combat rating bonus is only +50% instead of 100%.

-Fixed : Cathedral not showing Evil Presence effect.

-Hammerhands maintenance reduced to 6.

-Hammerhands have 4 health per figure again.

-Power gained from Dark Elves is now displayed correctly.

-If a unit assigned for melee attack has no valid target, while attacking a city, they will move into the city even if they are not raiders/monsters.

-Fixed bug : Confusion doesn't return control of unit at end of turn, which leads to various problems including the dispel exploit.

-AI will never target dispel at a unit temporalily controlled by Confusion, nor will it add to the priority of casting Dispel Magic spells.

-AI combat spellcasting priorities : Black Sleep is now type B (press advantage) instead of type D (turn around)

-AI combat spellcasting priorities : Mass Invisibility now receives 16 less priority but gets priority boost from group C as well as B and gets +3 priority per unit owned.

-AI combat spellcasting priorities : Wall of Fire is now type C and adds 4x nonimmune enemy units priority.

-AI combat spellcasting priorities : Darkness now gains +5 priority per units affected favorably instead of +3

-AI combat spellcasting priorities : Adjusted bonus prority of Lightning Bolt, Warp Lightning, Doom Bolt, Disintegrate, Word of Death, Black Sleep, High Prayer

-Herb Mastery now has an additional effect : Units gain 1 hp per turn during battle, as though they had regeneration (they don't revive from dead though)

-Herb Mastery cost and AI casting priority increased.

-AI disjunction spell type priority : Enchantments controlled by allies are ignored.

-AI disjunction spell targeting priority : Enchantments controlled by allies are ignored. Note that Spell Binding will be used to “share” enchantments between allies, so your enchantments aren't safe if your ally has that spell they are a valid target to it. Allies won't initiate casting it just to take your spells due to the above change, but if there are enemy spells that trigger casting it, your spell will be stolen first if it is better. Also note that spells that hurt your ally will reduce relations every turn and will eventually result in a broken treaty, after which they can dispell it.

-At the time of the AI warning the player, the treashold for consequences has been lowered, now a roll of 0 or lower will result in the AI considering the warning a “first offense” instead of at -60 or lower.

-Fixed bug : Invunerability cannot be dispelled.

-Fixed bug : Confused AI units are ignoring the “move randomly” part of the effect.

-AI will move units at random if they are assigned to melee and have no valid target, if the combat does not take place at a city. This helps finding invisible units and makes it harder to kill them with flyers. In town combat, defenders stay in the town, and attackers try to enter it to cause damage. Looking around for invisible units and ignoring the city is not a good strategy most of the time.

-You can find heroes in the treasure even if your stack has 9 units after the battle.

-Fixed an AI bug that caused the AI to miscalculate the carrying capacity needed for a ship requesting stack.

-AI power distribution : When Time Stop is being cast, allocate all power for producing mana.

-War Trolls move 1 more.

-Meteor Storm does a strength 6 attack to units, cost raised to 800.

-Spell Binding cannot fail.

-Artifacts do have the proper cost set in the “total cost” used by suppress magic instead of a...different amount.


-AI will not consider eliminated or uncontacted players when deciding to use an overland curse.

-Fixed bug : if score is too high on Impossible difficulty, it turns to negative.

-Depletion and New Minerals events now work


-Crack's Call costs 25.

-Fixed bug : Book cost reduction modifier for AI is calculated wrong, spells might cost negative MP and skill to use

-Experimental change to AI ship movement, trying to make the AI move the empty ships out of the way so loaded ships can go to the shore.


-AI wizards will no longer mass-merge all their books into one realm at the start of the game at a 20% chance. This feature allowed them to have 11 books and a starting rare spell. Instead, they'll only drop all books of all but one realm, and keep the picks for the regular random selection process which does not ignore the 10 book limit.

-This time, AI ship movement seems to be working as intended.


-Warp Creature now selects the effect at random like in the original game.

-Call Chaos now has a -15 resistance penalty when applying Warp Creature.

-Call Chaos now applies Confusion instead of the “do nothing” option. This effect cannot be resisted and bypasses any immunity.

-Great Wasting now corrupts 6-8 cells per turn instead of 4-6.

-Armageddon now generates 6-8 volcanoes per turn instead of 4-6.

-experimental : any new volcano raised has a 20% chance to contain a new mineral.

-Adjusted chance of each mineral :

Iron – 6

Coal – 3

Silver – 5

Gold – 2

Gems – 1

Mithril – 2

Adamantium - 1

-experimental : you can raise volcanoes over hills, mountains, or existing volcanoes.

-Each additional warning event from the AI increases declaration of war chance on the next warning by 4% until the waning history is cleared. This should prevent the warning spam from negative enchantments, and ensure that war breaks out instead. (as those are generally 1-2% chance of war per message without this bonus)

-Animist Guild no longer reduces unrest

-Oracle reduces unrest by 3 and costs 300.

-Oracle requires Builder's Hall instead of University (and still requires Temple)

-AI will now target the best city with curses instead of always only the fortress.

-AI will check for Nature Ward instead of Chaos Ward and Consecration when selecting a target for Earthquake.

-Phantom Beast costs 5 more mana

-Call Centaurs cost 3 more mana

-Construct Catapult costs 5 less mana

-Earth Elemental costs 10 less mana

-Gargoyles have +1 defense and +2 resistance

-Magic Vortex now does 7 damage.

-Magic Vortex will always hit any nearby unit with lightning. Strength of the lightning is 20.

-Chaos Surge now grants +2 resistance on top of the original effect.

-Multiple Chaos Surges are now cumulative, but the additional copies only grant +1 to stats instead of +2

-Shatter costs 2 less MP

-Awareness has been removed from the game. Nature Awareness has been renamed to Awareness and uses Awareness's picture. AI is now allowed to cast “Nature” Awareness.

-Move Fortress is now an Arcane spell. Move Fortress now costs 250.

-Psionic Spark has been removed from the game.

-New Sorcery spell : Focus Magic

-New Nature global enchantment : Survival Instinct

-Unit view now displays hero spells.

-Rampaging monsters can now destroys a player's capital (unfortunately, it'll display “raiders destroy” anyway, but at least it's possible now.)

-Haste is now Very Rare.

-Flying Fortress is now Rare.

-Summon Champion costs 600.

-Elven Lords have +1 life

-Chaos Rift does strength 11 lightning bolts instead of 8.

-Nature's Cures now cost 50.

-Fixed not losing fame in battles for losing too many units.

-Move Fortress and Summoning Circle are now in the Special Spells tab instead of City enchantments.

-Fixed : Bonus hit and defend from Lucky isn't showing up outside combat on the unit, if Lucky was granted by Divine Protection.

-AI will not disband duplicate settlers and engineers and will try to use them. (Experimental)

-Call Chaos no longer crashes the game at random, however, the effect is not displayed (the display was responsible for crashing), instead the screen flashes red and that's all. This is a temporary solution until we find what causes the crash.

-Reduced the DP loss for detroying units to 1-5 per unit from 1-8. The main purpose of this change is to reduce the chance of the destroyed units outweighing the conquered city in the diplomacy message. Units turned to Zombies or undead are still worth 7 points each.

-Spell of Mastery now displays the correct amount of turns on the research (F3) screen.

-Adjusted AI casting priority of all city buff spells.

-Call the Void and Earthquake are now in the Special Spell category instead of City Enchantments (they do target cities but don't enchant them, so they should not benefit from Divine Order)

-Fixed automatic crash on turn 384 if AI has any ships bug introduced in 1.0.

-AI allies are now able to request the player to declare war on their enemies. Refusal causes an instant loss of 50 relation points, which isn't modified by any modifiers.


-If you would receive over 6 items after a combat from dead heroes, you now actually receive them instead of being limited to only 6.

-Fixed bug : AI equips a shield into a staff slot.

-Vault size has been increased to hold 8 items.

-AI can now use their vault to store items.

-AI will now equip items to heroes every turn from the vault if possible.

-Changed personality effect on hostility evaluation during peace.

Maniacal : +32%

Ruthless : +24%

Aggressive : +16%

Chaotic : +8%

Peaceful and Lawful don't evaluate hostility this way (old change). They only become hostile during formal war.

-Declaration of War resets both involved AI players' Main Action Continent to allow immediately selecting a new one, hopefully selecting the one the enemy is at to being an invasion.

-Breaking a treaty, or forming a Peace Treaty does the above as well, to make sure no more forces are sent needlessly to that continent.

Thanks to these changes and the improvement to AI ship use, hopefully the AI can perform at an acceptable level on Tiny and Small land sizes.

-Wizard Pact now automatically sets hostility to zero the same way as Alliance, attacking isn't possible for both anyway.

-Changes/adjustments to AI reevaluate hostility.

Maniacal +32% chance to increase hostility, Ruthless +24%, Aggressive +16%, Chaotic +8% instead of original modifiers.

-Longbowmen have 1 lower ranged attack and gained Long Range.

-Life Drain costs 10.

-Summon Zombie costs 20.

-Fairy Dust costs 13.

-AI can now cast Berserk at overland.

-Iron Skin, Holy Armor, and Demon Skin (from Chaos Channels) applies the armor after the effect of Berserk reducing it to zero. Other effects might, or might not apply, depending on when the Berserk was cast. Combat Berserk

-Completely rewritten the entire overland AI buff targeting process, so it will now :

-Not cast Chaos Channels on already Chaos Channelled units

-Not cast buffs only valid for normal units on fantastic units

-Prefer stronger units when targeting, based on actual unit stats.

-Prefer units in the fortress.

-Prefer heroes

-Prefer units in larger stacks

-Not target a unit with a buff if the unit already has the relevant ability (True Sight – Illusions Immunity etc)

-Target Settlers with Water Walking, Flight, Planar Travel more often

-Target the cheapest unit available with Lychantropy

-Never target a hero, ship or settler with Lychantropy

-Prefer stacks with the most regenerating units when targeting regeneration to build towards a fully regenerating stack

-Prefer stacks with the most invisible units when targeting invisibility to build towards a fully Invisible stack

-Avoid stacks that contain a unit with a pathfinding enchantment when targeting Pathfinding

-Avoid stacks that contain a unit with a windwalking enchantment when targeting wind Walking

-Prefer the higher movement unit when targeting wind walking

-Not cast Heroism on units with more than 60 xp

-Prefer casters with Focus Magic

-Prefer regenerating and high melee units with Berserk, avoid high defense units.

-Prefer units with more buffs for Spell Lock. Units with no buffs on them are not targeted unless they are also fantastic (Spell Lock protects against banishing type spells)


-Movement is displayed as a number on unit view.

-”To Range” and “To Melee” is displayed for units that have a to hit bonus specific to one attack type.

-Runemaster and Artificier not cumulative for the AI as well now.

-AI elemental resistance combat spell needed calculation completely rewritten, conditions on using anti-magic unit buffs changed.

-Fixed bug with lawful wizards razing more even if not angered

-AI will now hire mercenaries starting from turn 15.

-Heroes will always have the lowest possible chance of taking damage in strategic combat

-AI will avoid moving through cells containing enemy units unless it is the intended destination.

-Lairs will now display “A few” for 3-4 units, “many” for 5+, and “a” for 1-2.

-To hit and To def is now displayed if below 0.

-Fixed bug : Terror does not have the intended resistance modifier

-Fixed bug : Terror applies global resist bonus from prayermaster/resist to all/holy bonus twice during the roll.

-Fixed problem of AI considering stacks of many weak units (shamans, skeletons, swordmen etc) having a power of 0 and not being able to attack even undefended targets at all.


-The optional portrait files now replace the merchant portrait with Recette.

-Fixed AI bug : ships carrying settlers get stuck on shore

-AI will prefer to build Ship Wrights Guild early on Small and Tiny land size

-AI is now limited to 1 ship per 10 turns into the game instead of 35, and a max of 16 instead of 4.

-Small or Tiny land size doubles the chance for the AI to produce ships.

-AI will reevaluate continents more frequently.

-Holy weapon is now available in combat and works!


-It is no longer possible to enchant spells with a slider into items. (both in game and with itemmake.exe)

-Heroes can now use the spell slider again.

-Fixed bug : Spell lock does not protect Haste

-Fixed bug : Spell lock dispelled but no message

-Fixed bug : Spell lock displays wrong spell name for moved spells and replaced enchantments


-New AI combat unit buff spell targeting procedure : various spells have various targeting criteria, defensive spells prefer heroes and stronger units in genereal, offensive buffs usually target the unit with most figures and melee attack. Units standing in the gate also gain extra priority.

-Further improved AI dispel magic targeting and fixed some bugs in it.

-Spell reward from treasure now can't contain an arcane spell if rarity is Rare or Very Rare, to avoid finding low value spells instead of the appropriate rarity. (Arcane does not have rares or better)

-Pikemen (both types) lose 1 melee attack and 1 defense. They are far too powerful due to the Armor Piercing to have more attack than a Halberdier which is the same tier.

-Fixed bug : when checking if adjacent land cell is empty for disembarking a ship, the check orders the addition and the multiplication wrong Y*3Ch+Ymodifier instead of (Y+Ymodificer)*3Ch, resulting in the occupied cell considered empty and blocking the disembarking completely.

-The AI can now use ships to attack targets over sea.

-The AI now has a max ship limit based on both land size and turn count instead of just turn count.

-Fixed the buggy To Melee display on the unit production screen.

-AI can now use Astral Gate.

-AI can now use Planar Travel and Plane Shifting on units.

-Fixed bug of AI targeting a flying unit with a melee attack if another, nonflying copy is present.

-The AI can now use idle flying/waterwalking units or stacks to launch a ground to sea attack.

-The AI will not target Spell Locked units with Banish or Dispel Evil (they're immune)

-Units entering a ship don't get set to patrol status automatically

-Fixed bug : Units automove during time stop.

-Fixed Bug : AI can't attack due to nonexisting central structure.

-New formula for AI Disenchant True casting priority in combat. Also updated Dispel Magic a little -Fixed Vault item bug affecting certain people only.

-Fixed bug : AI spends more skill into slider than available.

-AI units evalute their destination every turn instead of being “stuck” with an obsolete order. They can turn around and attack something else if the target is no longer desirable.


-Righteousness costs 500 to enchant into artifacts

-Player capitals do not start the game with a Barracks already built.

-Increased the number of neutral towns by 1 per world

-Increased the change and maximum size of “large” neutral towns

-Adjusted the list of starting buildings neutral towns can have : Granary is no longer on the list, but War College was added. Changed required size for some of these, too. (Builder's Hall still not on the list)

-Neutral towns will now have only starting buildings that are allowed for their race, same for starting garrisons, which now check for the correct building's presence.

-Power gained from Dark Elves is now displayed correctly.

-Neutral stacks have slightly more preference towards player towns on higher difficulties.

-Neutral stacks consider amount of defenders at target more strongly now.

-Each difficulty level now produces as many raiders as the level 2 higher did before.

-Raiders are scaled down based on turn count before turn 80 to avoid unstoppable early attacks.

-Revolting Raider now adds +2 to the generated stack size, but does not turn off the AI fortress reduction if one is present.

-Revolting Raiders now makes raiders spawn roughly 40% more frequently.

-Myrran raider stacks are no longer halved in size.

-Doubled rampaging monster budgets.

-Fixed bug : Skeletons get dismissed at low mana even though they cost 0 to maintain.

-Fixed bug : Losing unit enchantments due to low mana shows wrong unit name.

-Fixed : AI settlers get stuck over sea

-Fixed : AI noncorporeal units/heroes get stuck over sea

-Fixed a few drowning bugs (fleeing, AI etc)

-Fixed : Mass Healing doesn't work while True Light is in effect.

-Rewritten shortest path finding algorithm in overland movement (used by all types of movement), this should fix unknown bugs like units not being able to enter an empty map cell for no reason at all.


-Fixed : AI engineers cannot build roads

-Fixed : Hidden relation has a reversed effect on hostility rolls

-Lawful wizards can now declare war based on military superiority if militarist or expansionist. Now only peaceful wizards cannot.

-Wizards gain peace interest if their enemy has at least 50% of their army strength instead of 75% (so making peace is easier now)

-AI will not consider holy avenger/dispel evil touch for casting Resist Magic and Magic Immunity. There is no guarantee the wizard has any death or chaos units in battle for this to be relevant.


-When the player asks for a Peace Treaty, now the peace interest variable will be used instead of the treaty interest.

-Unit enchantments with 0 maintenance will not get dispelled when out of mana.

-Undead are raised in automatic combat if the winner has Death spellbooks (Life Drain, Syphon Life, Summon Zombie, etc is not required, but amount scales up by the number of Death books), or if the winning army contains Life Steal or Create Undead units.

-AI combatspell priority : Prayer is now +7*number of own units in battle.

-AI combatspell priority : High Prayer is now +7*number of own units in battle.

-AI combatspell priority : Blur is now +4*number of own units in battle.

-AI combatspell priority : Holy Word is not going to be used unless it hits a minimum of 3 figures.

-Fixed bug : AI doesn't lose gold when giving it to the player when being threatened.

-Fixed bug : Leaving the Threathen menu without doing anything still results in a penalty.

-Fixed bug : AI grants a short audience but ends it before the player can do anything.

-Fixed relation value changes causing an overflow when the amount is too high.

-Revised stat gains of normal units on levels. Veterans are more worth it now, and elites are less of an extreme jump in power. Overall amount of stats is roughly the same, except resistence has been reduced significantly, only the Regular and Elite levels grant + to resist now.

-Fixed bug : AI units disembark from the ship into occupied map cells (dungeons, nodes, towns)

-Fixed bug from 1.31b : AI transports suddenly stop and units carried walk into the ocean without the ships.

-Gorgons have +1 melee and -1 better gaze modifier.

-Aura of Majesty now has a maintenance of 5.

-Aether Binding now has a maintenance of 10.


-AI units can use melee attacks in combat with 0 melee strength if they have a breath, thrown, gaze or touch attack to make the attack still capable of inflicting damage (in theory, actual chance of doing damage is not checked).

-All units will drown at the end of turn if over water without an appropriate ability or transport.

-New movement type stacking procedure that fixes bugs. Additionally, noncorporeal and flight is now mixable, a stack containing both will be considered flying instead of walking.

-AI will not leave city area due to enemy archer advantage if there is a Wall of Shadows

-AI will now compare own army ranged power to enemy when deciding on an attack, instead of requiring a zero own ranged power.

-Fixes a minor bug with AI disembarking

-Hostile actions now reduce the Peace Counter so it's no longer possible to curse enemy cities unpunished during a Peace Treaty.

-Fixed bug introduced in 1.32 : game checks for the wrong players Peace Interest when the player asks for a Peace Treaty

-Fixed bug : shortest path does not recognize enemies in towers

-Generic war declaration formula is slightly stricter now.


-Fixed bug : units start combat in towns on the inaccessable central structure position.

-Fixed bug : AI ignores casting modifiers when using slider in combat, resulting in negative mana.


-AI will now consider sea to land attacks with flying/swimming/windwalking stacks.

-Holy Bonus and Resistance to All now shows the bonus level

-Magical items now cost 2x as much gold as their item value at the merchant. This way of obtaining items bypasses the need of using casting skill, and gold is usually easier to get than mana, so the same cost is far too good. It also bypasses the randomness of finding treasure, because you can decide to not buy the item if it's not needed. This matches the 2x production cost of buying.

-Treasure point to item value modifier is now 1.5 instead of 1.6

-Removed bonus To Hit from all predefined accessories, as it cannot be crafted in the game.

-Max resistance on items have been changed to :

Accessory : 3

Staff/Wand : 4

Shield : 4

Chain : 3

Armor : 2

Mace : 3

Everything else : no resistance available. (no change)

Most predefined items have been edited to meet the new restrictions, there are a few exceptions.

-Adjusted the starting resistance of several heroes by +/- 1 or 2.

-The Resist Magic item power is now more expensive and requires 3 books

-Fixed a bug that might cause the AI to cancel casting the Spell of Return

-AI sea to land, sea to sea and land to sea attacks now recognize units with Flight, Water Walking and Wind Walking enchantments.

-Adjusted AI advantages for difficulty : Extreme and Impossible are a little bit easier.

-Fixed bug : Chaos Channels not granting flight overland


-Fixed bug : AI wizards prevent each other from reevaluating hostility way too much.


-Water Walking now costs 25.

-Fixed bug : AI only dispells Nature's Wrath if the spell's owner has a non-Nature primary realm instead of checking own.

-Fixed bug : AI only dispells Chaos Surge if the spell's owner has a non-Chaos primary and secondary realm instead of checking own.

-Minor updates to AI sea to sea and sea to land attack procedure (now recognizes Wraith Form, considers own stack land power if destination is on land)

-Fixed insecticide bug : Artificier halves required gold for merchant offers, but not the price subtracted, possible resulting in negative gold after purchase.

-Wraith Form is now a common spell (effect is unchanged)

-Terror is now a rare spell. Resistance penalty is -4, cost is 40 MP, and it adds a -1 to hit penalty for all enemy units (regardless of resistance or immunities, but only at the start of the next turn).

-Cloud of Shadow now costs 150 to cast, 2 to maintain due to improved effect of included spell : Terror.

-Fixed bug : some diplomatic actions crash is enemy army strength in astrologer is 0 (now minimal strength is 1)

-Fixed bug : AI wall crusher units sometimes get stuck (failed attempt of making AI use the ability)

-Fixed AI bug : stacks sometimes fall apart when heading towards an attack target if the units have different movement speeds.


-Draconian hero now has 5 Fire Breath instead of 9

-Sprites now have an upkeep of 2.

-Basilisks now have +1 armor.

-Hero abilities are now split to three groups : Mage, Warrior, Leader instead of only Mage and Warrior.

-Armsmaster is now a Leader ability. Leadership is now a Warrior Leader ability.

-New random Mage hero ability : Capacity – increases ammo by 1 per 2 levels. Super version exists.

-Sage heroes now produce 6 RP per level. Super Sage heroes produce 9.

-New random Mage hero ability : Aether Master – hero produces 8 RP per turn per level. Super version exists.

-New random Mage Leader ability : Guiding Beacon – All unit in the army gain experience level/3 to their ranged attacks (both missile and magical)

-New random Mage Leader abilitiy : Soul Linker – All friendly fantastic creatures alternatingly gain +1 To Hit or +1 To Def during combat for every 2 levels of experience. Super version exists.

-New random Leader ability : Supply Commander – All friendly units in combat have +2 ammo.

-New random Mage Leader abilitiy : Divine Barrier – All friendly units in combat gain +1 defense per 3 levels of experience. Super version exists.

-New random Warrior Leader ability : Logistics – All friendly units in combat gain +0.5 movement per level of experience.

-New random Mage ability : Ritual Master – Hero produces 4 power per experience level each turn. Super version exists.

-New random Warrior Mage ability : Battlemage – Hero gains 1 MP per experience level when performing a melee attack or counterattack. MP cannot go over the maximum value. Super version exists.

-Swapped optional portrait of Beastmaster and Druid

-Beastmaster now has Soul Linker and 2 lower starting melee attack but higher ranged.

-Dervish now has Logistics.

-War Monk now has 2 random abilities instead of 1.

-Assassin now has First Strike and +1 movement.

-Wind Mage now has Guiding Beacon.

-Illusionist hero now has 6 ammo instead of 8.

-Priestess now has Divine Barrier and 1 random ability, but no longer has Arcane Power

-The Knight now has 2 random abilities.

-The Druid now has Ritual Master and no random ability.

-The Chosen now has normal Leadership instead of super, and has Divine Barrier, Guiding Beacon, Super Battlemage.

-The Ninja now has 3 random abilities instead of 2.

-The Necromancer now has Ritual Mastery

-Heroes are now assigned to the following groups (only those that have random abilities are listed):


Orc Warrior

War Monk





Black Knight






Elven Archer



Warrior + Leader





Mage + Leader



Wind Mage


Warrior + Mage

Warrior Mage

Chaos Warrior

All types


Golden One



-AI will now cast Web to remove flight from units when Crack's Call is available to use on them.

-The game can now list up to 16 units on the change production screen. No more vanishing spearmen!

-Astrologer “Magic Power” renamed to “Power Production”, no longer includes casting skill, only power income.

-Astrologer “Spell Research” renamed to “ Spell Power”, now includes research+casting skill.

-Historian graph no longer includes “Spell Power”, instead adds “Army Strength”, “Power Production” and the hidden “Total Population” together. This means that the graph will not contain any variables that cannot be reduced by conquest (skill and research).

-Historian will now show the graph of banished wizards.

-The AI will now prefer spells that can target heroes, especially if the spell is Crack's Call, Disintegrate, Word of Death, Mind Storm, Doom Bolt, or Raise Dead.

-Fixed bug : Dispel Magic always works for removing curses from own units.

-AI Overland casting : Earthquake now has a priority of 25

-Fixed bug : AI targets Divine Order with Disjunction when they shouldn't, due to priority going negative.

-Fixed bug : Crusade applies extra level twice during combat for health calculations.

-Rightousness now costs 40 to cast, 1000 to enchant into items.

-Colossus now moves 3.

-Behemoths now have Regeneration

-Behemoth now moves 3.

-Great Wyrm now has Armor Piercing.

-Colossus now has 12 defense.

-Colossus now has Illusion Immunity

-Colossus now has 37 health.

-Necromancer now has Super Soul Linker

-Warlock has Super Ritual Master

-Fixed Inspiration displaying the wrong amount of production in the detailed view.

-Righteousness has been removed from the game.

-Added new very rare combat enchantment : Supreme Light.

-Added Heavenly Light, it is now a common city buff with completely new effects.

-Removed True Light from the game.

-Inspirations is now a rare instead of a very rare.

-Slightly adjusted AI default spell picks for the start of the game to add preference to some buffed or new commons.

-Bless now adds +5 def and resist but costs 7/35.

-Removed the item power “Righteousness”

-Added new item power “Shadow” for sword/mace only. Allows the weapon to damage enemies by hitting their shadow. Effect : Gain Thrown equal to base melee attack/2. Requires 3 Death books, costs 500.

-Divine Protection item power now costs 1000.

-Bless item power now costs 200.

-Wraith Form item power now costs 400.

-Planar Travel item power now costs 300.

-Fixed a crash bug when summoning a noncorporeal unit into a full island city.

-Ships no longer have a gold maintenance. The AI is unable to disband ships (due to the risk of units drowning if carrier), and now that they use a decent sized fleet this causes them to disband their entire land army even heroes due to lack of gold if down to the last 1-2 cities.

-Heroes cannot desert due to lack of gold. Other units will desert instead if any exists, otherwise nothing happens.

-AI cannot disband heroes due to lack of gold.

-Ships and catapults have no food upkeep. (main reason is the above, AI being unable to disband ships, so their land units would starve to death)

-Forming a Peace Treaty cannot improve relations over neutral (0).

-Parthenon, Temple and Cathedral now has a maintenance of 1 only.

-Wizard's Guild now costs 600 to build.

-Dispel Magic, Disel Magic True now costs 200, and Disenchant Area now costs 400 to research.

-Magicians now have Caster 20 instead of Fireball Spell, but they can always cast Fireball from the mana in addition to whichever spells you have available.

-Manticores now have Weapon Immunity, 3 figures with poison 4 and 5 health each.

-Efreet now have +9 health, +3 melee and +6 ranged attack

-Great Drake now has +5 health and +5 attack

-Hydra has +1 melee and fire breath

-Colossus now has +5 melee and ranged attack.

-Demon Lord has +5 melee, ranged and health.

-Arch Angel has +2 melee, +5 Health

-Angel has +4 melee, +7 health

-Great Wyrm has +5 melee.

-Storm Giant has +3 ranged and +5 health

-Djinn has +3 melee, +8 ranged, +9 health.

-Sky Drake has +5 attack, +5 Health.

-Regeneration now costs 45/225 to cast.

-The bonus To Defend is only applied to the first 15 defense points a unit has. Additional defense above 15 is always rolled with the base 3/10 chance.

-When the AI uses Resurrection, it will prefer the highest level hero available. However, better heroes are considered as though they were 1-4 higher level. The most preferred heroes are the Swordmen, Illusionist, Necromancer, Paladin, Black Knight, Chaos Warrior at +4, the Thief, Draconian and Amazon at +3. All other heroes are +0 to +2. Random abilities are not considered, the modifiers are constant. Original code ignored hero level completely and always revived the highest ID number hero (which might have been a level 1 champion)

-AI resurrection casting priority increased from 100 to 150.

-AI will use “Declare War” type messages when the player conquers a city and triggers war, instead of “Warning, you attacked my city” type messages which make better sense if the player lost and there is no war yet.

-Monthly reports will now display city growth regardless of size (reversal of insectice change)

-AI will now prefer targeting the best unit available with Raise Dead or Animate Dead. AI will now consider casting these spells to be the same priority as healing the unit would be if it was alive, so stronger units increase the likelyhood of casting the spell. Raise Dead specifically prefers targeting heroes on top of unit stats, and the spell will gain extra priority to be cast.

-Fixed bug : AI is unable to use Animate Dead

-Fixed bug : When the AI uses Animate Dead, the human player selects the target.

-AI will consider the potential damage done when targeting nukes in combat twice as important as the remaning health of the unit to try to maximalize the damage done.

-AI will prefer targeting heroes with direct damage spells as though the spell was able to do twice as much damage to them.

-Storm Giants now have Missile Immunity.

-Fixed bug : Terror works on Death Immune enemies.

-Fixed bug : newly created zombies have 1 or 2 points of damage sometimes.

-The AI will prefer targeting ores with Corruption and Raise Volcano.

-The monster amount scaling on difficulty level adds monsters as though the difficulty was 1 higher to account for the insecticide downward difficulty level shift. (Normal was 2 now it's 1)

-Towers now have 1200-3600 points worth of monsters instead of 650-3050.

-Fixed bug : Runemaster has no effect on Disjunction when used by the player.

-Fixed bug : Runemaster has no effect on combat spells Dispel Magic and Disenchant Area, or the effect is applied without the retort introduced by insecticide.

-Fixed bug : Invulnerability cannot be dispelled by overland Disnechant Area.

-Fixed overland disenchant area showing the wrong spell names for moved or new spells.

-Fixed bug : combat summoned units do not have effects applied to them until next turn (like High Prayer)

-AI now avoid building settlers of some races if a more preferred race is available in another controlled city.

-AI is now allowed to to have build a second settler on a continent where they already have one, but not more than that. This helps spreading on large/huge land where it would take too much time for them to travel one at a time.

-AI is now allowed to produce settlers in cities with a populaton of 3 or higher instead of 5 or higher to prevent getting “stuck” with the best available race in the moutains with a low max. pop.

-Nodes now have a strength 60 countering aura instead of 50.

-Changed AI number of starting picks :

Easy = 12

Normal = 12

Hard = 13

Extreme = 14

Impossible = 15

-Fixed bug : Revived zombies retain scouting level of the original unit.

-Djinn and Wind Mage hero now uses the same shot type as the Sage and Illusionist. This means Resist Elements and Elemental Armor no longer protects against these two units.

-Focus Magic now grants shot type that used to belong to Djinns, not available on units without the buff. This fixes the bug of the bonus damage applying when it wasn't supposed to.

-Fixed Focus Magic granting infinite ammo for some units.

-Shot type 22h (from Focus Magic) is now Sorcery type instead of Nature.

-Paladins have 6 armor, 6 melee and have Armor Piercing again.

-High Men Priests have Resistance to All +1 but lost 1 of their own resistance since they gain it back from the ability.

-Fixed bug : when starting the game, AI wizards spend 2 picks on Famous instead of Runemaster.

-AI will prefer to produce mana if below Turns*10 instead of Turns*3.

-AI will avoid to produce mana if above 10000 instead of 4000.

-Halved the effect of casting cost modifiers on AI combat spell selection.

-AI will prefer “A” category spells (direct damage) if number of enemy units is 2 or less

-AI will prefer “E” category spells (summons, spells that take control of enemy units) if number of own units is 2 or less

-Eternal Night now grants -1 resistance to all non-death units controlled by wizards other than the caster both in combat and on the overland map.


-Diagonal movement in combat no longer costs an extra +0.5 in an inconsistent way.

-AI uses windwalkers to carry the entire stack over sea instead of only sending the windwalker.

-Combat enchantments granted by other effects (Cloud of Darkness) now show up as actual enchantment icons

-Fixed bug : If the AI is the defender during combat, there is an excess end of turn before the player's turn starts.

-Fixed bug : AI takes two turns before the auto battle is switched off, effectively cheating.

-Fixed bug : AI sends settlers to wrong place because uses an unset variable instead of actual plane of location

-Adjusted AI preference of sending settlers into a tower instead of a location on same plane

-AI will never send a settler into a tower if already reached a spot that can be settled.

-Adjusted bugged insecticide “other plane settling” priorities. Now the AI won't ALWAYS send every settler into the other plane, and even expansionist will at least use a few on its homeland. It's entirely stupid to completely ignore one plane, even more so if the wizard started on Myrror.

-Adjusted AI priorities for selecting settling locations. The best spots will now be usually selected.


-When using Spell Blast against a wizard, relations drop and a warning might appear.

-When the human player dispells or steals a global enchantment belonging to an AI, relations drop and a warning might appear. There is no such effect if an AI dispells another AI's enchantment.

-When the the player asks an AI to declare war on another AI, if they have a peace treaty, they'll refuse until it expires.

-Heroes now gain EXP from armsmasters, but no more than 2 each turn. This includes the Armsmaster herself.

-Reduced the exp reward for some high end (rare or very rare) summoned monsters.

-Reduced EASY difficulty AI advantages.

-Fixed bug : Heroes under AI or auto control can cast fireball as though they were magicians.

-Fixed bug : AI avoids targeting heroes with Crack's Call instead of preferring

-New Experience tables for leveling : 30,80,180,300,550,900,1400,2500.


-Fixed bug : Overland spellbook shows incorrect amount of turns in some cases

-Slightly increased cost of Barracks, War College to go match the more valuable veteran level, and higher exp requirements.

-Fixed bug : The spell charges menu does not work.

-Random game generator : Generate.exe included. It generates a random set of starting parameters for your land, race, and wizard options. Spells not included, selecting the right spells for the right game is far to important to randomize.

-Reapplied : AI will now target the best city with curses instead of always only the fortress. (no idea why but this change seems to have vanished)

-Reduced AI's preference of troll shaman and improved preference of War Trolls and Mammoths. Troll Shaman are still somewhat more preferred than other types of shaman, but not to the point of rivalling high end units anymore.

-Fixed : game interface unresposive when all units immobilized

-Fixed : player's turn ends when all units immobilized before being able to cast a spell

-Fixed : info and flee buttons end player turn before spellcasting if all units immobilized

-AI will no longer break alliances if their two allies are at war with each other (didn't work half the time)

-Break Alliance and Declare War proposals now consider relative army stength of the two AIs and personality has a reversed effect (more peaceful will accept less often)

-Dark Elf cities now generate 1 power per population again.

-Fixed bug : AI cannot cast Prayer unless the player has High Prayer in effect (intended code was “AI cannot cast Prayer if they have High Prayer in effect”)

-Fixed : The effects of Supreme Light stop affecting units with magical ranged attacks if they run out of ammo.

-When the next combat unit is autoselected, it'll be the unit with the lowest ID available instead of the one being physically closest to the one already selected, which is completely meaningless. This should at least ensure that melee units get prompted for commands first, and ranged afterwards (followed by any combat summons as last)


-Fixed bug : Wall of Darkness cast in combat is not recognized by the AI, units get stuck instead of proceeding for a melee attack.

-Halberdiers cost 60 to build instead of 70

-High Elf racial resistance bonus is now +1 instead of +2

-Nomad racial resistance bonus is now +3

-Updated the resistance of some units mostly Shaman.

-Priests now have a standard resistance of +4 over the base amount of the race

-When the next combat unit is autoselected, it'll be the unit with the highest (Melee-Ranged) attack rating, ensuring that units get prompted in the order of melee, then ranged.

-Animist's Guild maintenance lowered to 3

-Mechanician's Guild production bonus raised to 35%

-Bank, Merchant's Guild maintenance lowered to 2 and 3 gold.

-Inspirations now adds 100% production, but costs 4 to maintain. Note that this bonus is added the same way as other % based production bonuses, meaning this spell will not double your total production. If you have a 175% production (from building or terrain bonus), it raises that to 275%.

-Elven Archer hero now has Super Capacity, +1 to hit, and can have ANY type of random ability instead of Mage type.

-Adjusted combat terrain generation.

-Fixed bug/missing feature : Floating Islands do not properly put a floating island under units in combat.

-Trolls no longer have a +1 resistance racial bonus

-War Mammoths have 1 more resistance and 1 more melee.

-Beastmen no longer have +1 resistance racial bonus (race specific units not changed)

-Dark Elves now have a +2 racial resistance bonus instead of +3

-Spearmen have +1 melee, but 1 less resistance, defense and 2 less figures.

-Klackons can no longer build Shrines, but can build Universities, although no Mechanician's Guilds still. (They don't have unrest to need a shrine or oracle, and never had the cathedral. No shamans or priests either.)

-Removed Temple and Armory.

-New building : Colosseum, requires Fighter's Guild and Barracks. Generates 5 fame and reduces unrest by 1.

-New building : Amplifying Towers. Requires Alchemists Guild. Generates 7 casting skill.

-Shrine now produces 2 power, Cathedral 6 power, both costs more to build.

-Bowmen and Cavalry type units now require a Smithy instead of an Armory.

-Smithy now costs 80.

-Priests require a Parthenon instead of Temple.

-Dragon Turtles have +2 resistance.

-Lizardmen no longer have -1 resistance racial penalty.

-Halberdiers have +1 melee and resistance.

-Javelineers have +1 melee, ranged and resistance but cost 15 more.

-Pikemen cost 75 instead of 90/100

-Fixed : Strength of Fire Bolt was still set to 18 when it was supposed to be improved to 20.

-Star Fires now costs 12, is strength 23, and hits any fantastic creature.

-Dispel Evil is now save -1, hits any fantastic creature, costs 20, undead modifier is an additional -3. Name changed to Exorcise.

-Hell Hounds have a resistance of 5.

-Fire Elementals have a resistance of 4.

-Skeletons have a resistance of 3.

-Shadow Demons have a resistance of 7.

-Phantom Beast has a resistance of 6.

-Phantom Warriors have a resistance of 4.

-Charm of Life now costs 1500 to cast.

-Longbowmen now require Forester's Guild+Smithy instead of Sawmill+Armory.

-Large Shield now adds +3 defense against ranged attacks.

-Berserkers now require a Fighter's Guild instead of Armorer's Guild.

-Mountains now add 10% production.

-Heavenly Light now shows up in detailed city power sources view.

-Life Force now shows up in detailed city power sources view.

-Eternal Night now reduces displayed power amount in detailed view.

-Tranquility now shows up in detailed city research sources view.

-Nature's Eye now shows up in detailed city research sources view.

-AI now considers building units a lower priority on the home continent than elsewhere (reversed behavior, original preferred home continent for units, away places for buildings)

-AI now considers building units less important, but presence of military buildings in city can raise this priority up to 2-3 times the original base amount.

-AI will be more likely to build units instead of trade goods if all buildings are built.

-Militarist and Expansionist AI has an even greater preference of military buildings.

-The AI no longer considers Shrine a must-have building.

-Fixed bug : AI Chaos wizards can begin the game with 11 books

-Draconians have +1 racial resistance instead of +2

-When a city is taken by an attack, there is a 20% chance of buildings to be destroyed, regardless of owner. (restoring original feature but higher numbers)

-Nightblades now have 2 health instead of 3. (The -1 to hit bonus from the invisibility makes it quite difficult to damage them even without higher health)

-When an AI unit with a ranged attack is unable to target anything, if it doesn't have over half of its ranged attack power in melee then it will not try to find a target for a melee attack.

-Dark Elf priests cost 20% more because their ranged attacks are stronger.

-Golems require a Fighter's Guild in addition to the Mechanician's Guild.

-Holy Avenger is renamed to Exorcist, resist at -3, and an additional -3 if undead, affects all fantastic units.

-Change Terrain now costs 40.

-Gargoyles now cost 110, have 5 melee.

-Fire Giants now cost 125, have Fireball Spell, 18 health.

-Chimeras now have 9 melee, 6 fire breath.

-Chaos Channels now adds strength 4 Fire Breath.

-Paladins have 1 less armor.

-Pegasai have 1 less melee.

-Resist Elements now costs 5/25, adds +4 def/resistance.

-Nature's Eye costs 40.

-Heavenly Light costs 60.

-Chaos Spawn costs 350.

-Efreet costs 450.

-Inner Fire no longer adds +1 attack.

-Djinn now costs 600, has +1 resistance.

-AI will now consider Pestilence a curse to remove

-AI will no longer try to remove Flying Fortress from the human player's cities (Changed Disenchant cannot do it anyway!)

-AI will no longer target Disenchant Area on the human player's buffed units/stacks (Changed Disenchant cannot do it anyway!)

-Disenchant Area can now target own cities or units only to remove negative effects. It can still target warped nodes as well. It still cannot be used in combat.

-Disenchant True can only target enemy cities and units on the overland map, to remove positive effects. It cannot target warped nodes. It can still be used in combat to remove both positive and negative effects. Renamed to Dispelling Wave. Can be used for 15-75 mana in combat, 75-375 overland. Dispelling power on units is halved compared to Dispel Magic (but it hits all units!)

-AEther Binding now increases the effectiveness of Dispel Magic, Disjunction, Disechant Area and Dispelling wave to double, but costs 400 to cast, 20 to maintain. This effect also applies to your caster units, unlike Runemaster.

-Dispel Magic True and Disjunction True are removed from the game.

-AI will now prefer using Dispels in combat if Aether Binding and/or Runemaster is in effect.

-Ships are now allowed to gain flight from Chaos Channels.

-Lionheart now costs 40/200.

-Lighning Bolt and Ice Bolt are strength 35.

-Cloud of Shadow costs 200, maintenance is 4.

-Warp Node now costs 100.

-Wraiths and Cloud of Shadow now both have the standard research cost.

-Lycanthropy now has a halved research cost.

-Eldritch Weapon now costs 7/35, has 1 upkeep.

-Shatter and Warp Creature have double research cost.

-Corruption has halved research cost.

-Sky Drake, Lightning breath is reduced to 18 (but melee stays 25)

-Nature's Wrath only triggers on spells costing over 333 but includes Arcane spells too. Earthquakes more powerful, 8% chance of unit and building destruction. Casting cost reduced to 800.

-Destruction item power and ability now destroys entire unit, costs 600, 4 books.

-Weapon abilities are now displayed on heroes if the appropriate weapon is equipped.

-Klackon, Dwarven and High Elf Halberdiers now have Negate First Strike

-Stasis can now be used in combat, in addition to the overland, with the following combat effect : Target unit must resist at -5 or becomes locked into stasis : It cannot act for the remainder of combat, or until dispelled. Costs 25/125 mana.

-Terror's Resistance penalty is now -3.

-Survival Instinct cost 600, but grants +1 To Hit instead of +1 melee.

-Warp Reality is now a Very Rare spell.

-Doom Mastery is now a rare spell, casting cost reduced to 666, maintenance raised to 18.

-Doom Bat is now rare and has 16 melee, has Doom, and 30 health, costs 400.

-Fire Storm is now uncommon.

-New Spell : Aether Sparks – Sorcery Common, instant combat, 12mp, does a strength 20 magical damage to the target, and the target loses half of its mana and magical ammo.

-New Spell : Uranus' Blessing – Sorcery Rare city enchantment, 300mp, Combat in enchanted city starts with a 50mp Counter Magic in effect for the defender. Wizard's Guilds and Alchemist's Guilds produce an additional 7 power. Amplifying Towers produce and additional 7 skill. Newly produced units are built as though an Alchemist's Guild was in effect, even when there is none.

-Confused units will always die at end of battle, not just when “retreating exhausted” and cannot regenerate.

-Death Spell now costs 60.

-Summon Demon costs 41/205.

-Haste no longer doubles counterattacks.

-Healing Charge now heals 8, costs 30.

-Incarnation now has normal research cost.

-Earth to Mud now affects 7x7, costs 20.

-Renamed spells : Metal Fires → Blazing March, Death Spell → Massacre, Death Wish → Final Wave, Word of Death → Annihilate.

-AI will now cast spells against invisible armies that either grant illusion immunity or hit all invisible enemies.

-AI will now cast spells that help against Flying Fortress (flight, air elemental, magic vortex etc)

-AI is now able to use Magic Vortex.

-Fixed Magic Vortex Lightning bolt strength.

-Fire bolt is now strength 24.

-Warp Lightning now starts with a strength 11 bolt.

-Universities now cost 140.

-Fixed a possible source of the AI gold = 30000 bug.

-Adjusted monster lair cost and EXP per kill tables.

-AI will no longer consider neutral cities and units as “hostile armies” when evaluating continents. This made the AI get stuck on its home continent due to a strong neutral town “holding” the main conquest continent as the home continent.

-AI will now always evaluate for a settling target when evaluating all continents, not only if it was due to the timer expiring. If non-timed reevaluations were frequent, this made the AI unable to ever set a settling continent.

-War Bears have +1 melee.

-Giant Spiders have 6 melee, 5 health, Missile Immunity and Wall Crusher.

-Basilisk has +1 to hit and costs 250.

-Stone Giants have +2 melee and ranged.

-Cockatrices cost 200.

-Gorgons have +3 melee and +1 health.

-The AI is now allowed to declare war on turn 40 the earliest.

-The AI is allowed to turn hostile on turn 37 the earliest.

-Golems and Steam Cannons now have Wall Crusher

-AI can now use Wall Crusher units to move towards and attack units standing on an existing wall segment.

-Adjusted the scouting range of some units.

-Fixed bug : Game crashes after Call Lightning if Sound Effects is off.

-Warships now have only 25 health instead of 30.

-Warships now have 10 ammo instead of 12.

-Removed the effect of the “AI OUTPOST GROWTH MULTIPLIER” from the AI difficulty table and replaced with with a linear effect, for each difficulty level above easy, there is a 25% chance to receive the extra 1-3 growth, instead of the original, which gave as many % chance to receive it as the multiplier, which was always set to over 100 anyway.

-“AI OUTPOST GROWTH MULTIPLIER” in the data tables now functions as “AI OVERLAND SPELL COST MULTIPLIER”. The casting cost of ALL overland spells except Spell of Mastery and Return are scaled by this percentage. This affects overland spells only, and has no effect on combat. This does not change the “total cost” of the spell used for various effects, like Suppress Magic, only the effective mana and skill requred to cast it. Currently set values : Easy : 100, Normal : 80, Hard : 66, Extreme : 50, Impossible : 40. This means the AI can cast 25% more spells on Normal, 50% more on Hard, 100% more on Extreme and 150% more on Impossible. This bonus is independent of the bonus they receive to their power income and only applies to casting overland spells. The intention is to allow the AI to successfully conjure up enough forces of rare or better fantastic creature to become relevant to the game, instead of the human player being able to avoid attacking the one or two cities with such units guarding them while taking over the rest of the world unresisted with their own stack of powerful units. When Spell Blast is used against an AI player, this cost reduction is considered and will not count towards the required mana to blast the spell.

-Adjusted prioirty of various summoning spells for AI Overland casting.

-When the AI fails to find a spell to cast, it will cast Magic Spirit instead of nothing at all, allowing another spell to be cast afterwards instead of skipping an entire turn on spellcasting. (Note that this will be done even if the spell is not known, which cannot happen without editing the save file anyway.)

-The AI can now properly target with Fire Storm, Blizzard, Black Wind and Stasis instead of hitting random (sometimes even own!) stacks.

-The AI now properly casts Summon Demon overland through the summoning spell selection, instead of the curse selection (Demon was a replacement of a curse spell)

-Barbarian Swordsmen have Thrown 2 instead of 1.

-Barbarian Cavalry have Thrown 3 instead of 1.

-Draconian Swordmen have Fire Breath 2 instead of 1.

-Draconian Halberdiers have Fire Breath 3 instead of 1.

-Dark Elf Halberdiers have 3 magical ranged attack instead of 2.

-Dark Elf Cavalry have 3 magical ranged attack instead of 2.

-Fixed bug : Units fail to enter combat in tower.

-Dwarves can now build Ship Yards and Maritime Guilds.

-When the AI casts Spell Blast, if there is any possible target that is casting Spell of Mastery, they'll be selected. If there are multiples, the lowest player ID is chosen (human player is 0).

-The AI will now research Detect Magic, but will only cast it if they know Spell Blast.

-The AI has a high priority of casting a “curse type” spell if Spell of Mastery is being cast by an enemy, or if another spell on the “to blast” list is being cast and Detect Magic is in effect. The curse spell cast when any of these conditions is true will always be Spell Blast.

-When targeting with Spell Blast and Drain Power, the AI will target the player casting Spell of Mastery. If none are available, they'll target the player casting anything on the “to blast” list. If that's also not available, they'll target a random enemy, giving a higher chance to the enemy with the lowest player ID.

-Spell Blast cost is reduced back to 50 – AI is now casting spells faster so a quick reaction time is needed. As the AI is now also using the spell properly, and it has diplomatic consequences, there is no reason for the raised cost anymore.

-AI and auto now gets the 1 manual movement for owned Magic Vortexes. Movement will be directed towards the most enemy and fewest own units.

-If the AI knows the spell “Time Stop” they have a raised preference of producing mana.

-Fixed bug : Only True Sight allows firing through Wall of Darkness, but Illusions Immuntiy does not.

-Fixed bug : AI tries to melee flying units with nonflying units when the unit has a ranged attack but cannot use it.


-Changed some of the landmass generation parameters to result in more varied maps (continent sizes and number of continents are more random)

-In the optional portrait files, the Illusionist hero's unit sprites have been redrawn to match the character name and portrait. More heroes might be changed one at a time, as this is a very time consuming process.

-Wizard's name and spells appear on the side they start the battle on instead of the player being forced to the left, the AI to the right even if they are not fighting on that side.

-Fixed bug : Dispelling Supreme Light, Terror, Warp Reality shows wrong spell name (and uses wrong mana cost)

-Stoning costs 200 instead of 150 for items.

-Fixed bug : AI targeting with Corruption and Raise Volcano targets otherwise invalid spots if an ore is present (allied cities, etc)

-Increased the maximal number of overland units to 2000. Note : This changes the save game format, meaning they are no longer compatible with other versions of the game!

-New scoring system!

-AI will now move into towers to change plane even if the continent on the other side contain mixed towns of enemies and allies.

-New formula for node monster pool : (Node Aura Tiles-3)*50*(3+random(5)), meaning 200-400 points for each additional tile.

-Arcanus strong lairs are now 300-3250 points of monsters, Myrror lairs are 300-3750.

-Fixed bug : Focus Magic has unintended interaction with magical/mithril/admantium weapons on the overland map.

-In the optional portrait files, the Thief hero's unit sprites have been redrawn to match the character name and portrait.

-Wizard names can be up to 16 characters long instead of 10.

-Hall of Fame now stores and displays the two primary realms of the player for each stored score. Note that this information is only displayed if the Hall of Fame is accessed from the main menu, not when displayed after the end of a game. Note that realms do not get updated during the game if new books are found. It will always display what you started the game with. This is unlike races, where casing Move Fortress will make the race displayed change.

-Fixed bug : The player's secondary realm is incorrectly set to nature when the primary realm is nature, or the wizard has only one type of book. This value is used on the new hall of fame screen and by AI.

-Fixed Fire Giants, Gargoyles not having the updated casting cost.

-Fixed bug : Divine Protection items display an additional, buggy icon on heroes.

-Fixed bug : Lucky is cumulative with itself (when a hero has the hero ability and gains the unit ability from a Diving Protection item, the bonus is applied twice)

-Fixed bug : Chaos Channels cannot grant Flight (introduced in 2.0)

-The AI is now allowed to split a stack of any size if it's idle to send unit for building a new stack. (was restricted to below 6 units previously). This should help the better units to concentrate into a single doom stack instead of being stuck with a stack of 6 swordsmen. If the stack was idle, that means there was nothing weak enough to attack using the stack anyway.

-The AI no longer skips the “is there a valid path to the destination” check when sending armies to targets. This could potentially cause the AI to repeatedly send a stack to an invalid target, and as only one stack can go for each target at a time, preventing all others from ever reaching it. This could also prevent the AI from marking the continent “uninteresting” if there was no direct path towards possible targets (like a strong node cutting the continent into half)

-Fixed major AI bug introudced a few updates ago that caused some overland stacks to not move (especially not board ships).

-Fixed (hopefully) all flying ship moving on land related bugs, including “stack cannot move”, “Unit not beloning to stack teleports into battle” and “flying ship consumes double movement points on land.”

-Lakes and seas entirely surrounded by land are now filed up with land at the time of map generation. Such inland water bodies acted as a trap where AI ships got stuck, potentially crippling the entire empire's naval capacity by all ships ending up in the lake. Even worse, units attempting to leave the continent by boarding the ship were most likely waiting for the ship to pick them up at the lake!

-The tiles of land for Large and Huge has been decreased by 50/100 to make up for the additional land generated by filling up the lakes. (Which is a random amount, so the exact number of tiles now varies a little. Inland water generally only takes 2-10 tiles per lake but I've seen huge lakes of 50-100 tiles as well.)

-Swamp terrain can now be generated anywhere instead of being limited to areas that would otherwise be forests.

-Fixed bug : Variable that tracks spell realms available to the enemy for AI decisions is not reset between battles.


-Fixed bug : Outposts fail to grow on easy difficulty, growth rate is different from intended on others.

-Adjusted racial outpost growth rate modifiers.

-Spell Ward no longer prevents fantastic creatures from entering cities. However, they receive a -3 to Hit, Defense and Resistance penalty in combat in warded cities.

-AI ranged unit value rating now has same modifications as melee.

-Destruction ability value increased for ranged and melee units value ratings

-AI no longer gets a 50% advantage in strategic combat vs nonhuman opponents. This not only resulted in an advantage against neutrals, but also less damage taken from battles with other AI, as the damage on the bonus health does not translate into actual damage taken.

-Spell power has a larger influence in strategic combat for “direct damage” and “defensive” types.

-Changed which way each realm affects strategic combat. Nature is unchanged, medium direct damage, defensive and low attack buffing. Sorcery is medium direct damage and highly defensive, no buffing at all. Chaos is highest direct damage, nothing else. Life is high attack buffing and defensive but no direct damage. Death is high direct damage and some defensive, but no attack buffing. This means that Life relies heavily on the power of the army you bring. Sorcery and Nature relies on it somewhat, while Chaos and Death generally have a major influence even when having a weak army.

-Fixed game crashing on Magic screen after finding a spell already being researched while banishing a wizard.


-Roads are now generated between/under neutral cities again, and have the correct movement cost.

-Fixed bug : Colosseum counts as a religious building for Cult Leader and Evil Presence

-Oracles now count as religious buildings for Cult Leader and Evil Presence unrest reduction.

-New Option : Minerals. Poor generates a map with significantly fewer and generally less valuable ores. Rich generates a map with significantly more ores and the ores are also better than usual. Some ores might appear in places they are not normally available at : Myrran mountains can have Quork, Crysx and Gems, Arcanus Mountains can have Quork, Adamantium and Gems. Myrran hills can have Quork.

-New option : Climate. Dry generates more deserts and fewer swamps and rivers. Wet does the opposite.

-Chance of Quork in Arcanus deserts is slightly better vs Gems. (4 to 5 instead of 3 to 6)

-Fixed bug : When AI prefers to target overland enemy stacks near own units, plane is not considered.

-Adjusted AI priority of using Fire Storm, Corruption.

-Adjusted AI trading priorty for many spells.


-AI naval overland movement decision optimized to be faster. AI turns should be roughly 2-3 times faster now.

-Fixed various bugs in AI Spell Blast targeting.


-Slightly increased AI priority to move units through towers. This is a minor change but should allow the AI to properly judge which tower is the closest (as minimum priority is still minimum priority when scaled down by distance).

-Fixed another possible problem that causes the AI to bump into other players' units unintended.

-AI can sent multiple stacks to attack the same target, but the second and above stacks MUST be no further than 5 map cells. This should help the problem of AI not attacking properly on large landmass, where the first sent stack is probably too far away to arrive in a reasonable number of turns, while still preventing all other stacks from attacking the target.


-Units moving on the overland map now consider their movement speed when finding the shortest path. (in other words, settlers no longer go around mountains as it doesn't let them arrive faster). This isn't 100% perfect, but way better than the original.

-Earth Lore now reveals the monsters guarding nodes lairs and towers and costs 40.

-Nature Awareness now reveals the monsters guarding nodes lairs and towers.

-Fixed bug : University, Wizard's Guild shows up on detailed research view when it is not built.

-Fixed bug : Game crashes when the AI is casting Stasis or Black Wind on the overland map.


-Reduced AI resource advantages (production, population growth, gold, magic power) for Hard, Extreme and Impossible.

-Fixed : AI attacks units on unmelded nodes when not being hostile

-AI players will now cancel their own city curses on a city they own at the start of their turn (happens if they conquer the cursed city)

-The AI is no longer able to use Spell Blast against Spell of Return.

-Historian now considers the population of the empire with a 5x higher weight.

-Fixed : Game crashes if you target a wizard without having enough mana using Spell Blast

-Fixed : Gaea's Blessing turns Chaos Nodes into Hills.

-Fixed : Gaea's Blessing displays food it does not produce.

-Improved AI stackbuilding

-Changed astrologer army strength scaling (max was reached far too easily)

-Fixed bug : not getting a turn to cast spells when all units immobilized as the defender.

-Fixed : Death Immune units are not immune to Create Undead type damage's effect to prevent regeneration.

-Phantom Warriors, Phantom Beasts, Air Elementals, Fire Elementals, and Earth Elementals are no longer guaranteed to vanish after combat, they only do so if combat summoned. Permanent versions, suchs as raiders or node garrisons can be raised as undead (unless immune).

-Units with Death Immunty or Magic Immunity cannot raise as undead.

-Fixed : Lair contents are revealed when it isn't supposed to happen (resulted by new earth lore feature)

-Adjusted (lowered) the maintenance cost of Phantom Warriors, Phantom Beasts, Air Elementals, Fire Elementals, and Earth Elementals since some of them are possible to have as undead overland units now.

-Fixed bug : “ghost” spells show up on the F3 screen.

-Removed unit : Draconian Engineers

-New unit : Horde. Orc, requires Armorer's Guild, Large Shield, Negate First Strike, 8 figures, stats equal to halberdiers except 1 more melee and 1 less resistance. Cost is 75.

(Was added because Orcs had no use for their Armorer's Guild despite their speciality being to have all buildings. Draconian Engineers was a problematic unit anyway, building roads does not make much sense for a flying race and more importantly, if they fly the AI uses them to build roads in water. And if they don't fly that's kinda silly.)

-Removed unit : Halfling Bowmen (redundant with Sligers and almost impossible to balance out because sligers already have a low attack strength. Bowmen with 2 attack are close to worthless, but 3 and they're better than sligers (same attack, but way cheaper unit)!)

-Removed unit : Nomad Bowmen (Horsebowmen and Rangers, although more expensive, are far superior units, and playing nomads should be about taking advantage of their superior racial bowmen anyway)

-Removed unit : Gnoll Bowmen (Gnolls are a melee race with a melee bonus, it was odd for them to have bowmen in the first place. Not entirely useless but the slot can be used for way better stuff)

-New unit : Halfling Magicians (same as any other magician + Lucky, cost 150)

-New unit : Troll Magicians (as you would expect, 4 figures, regeneration, cost 150)

-Gnolls can build an Armorer's Guild.

-New unit : Gnoll Jackal Riders – 8 figures, Cause Fear, 6 melee, 3 armor, 4 resist, 3 movement, 3 health per figure. Unlike Wolf Riders, this does not have pathfinding and also moves slower, but is more expensive, stronger and requires a higher tier building.

-Fixed bug – heroes don't show up and cannot be summoned when there are 1000 units in the game.

-High Elf magicians cost 135. Draconian Magicians cost 150.

-Fixed Flying Fortress.

-Fixed bug : AI Players don't find spells when the human player is banished.

-Fixed Raise Dead graphics bug.

-Nomad Spearmen and Swordsmen have a strength 1 and 2 bow ranged attack to make up for the removal of nomad bowmen from the race which is supposed to be good at using bows.

-AI no longer considers banished wizard's previous fortress location a target to attack.

-AI can now cast True Sight against invisible armies even if the enemy wizard does not play Sorcery (needed vs invisible heroes, nightblades etc)

-The diplomatic bonus for banishing another wizard's enemy or defeating them is reduced from 25/50 to 15/40.

-Slightly lowered number of units where the AI stops producing and starts disbanding to preserve the ability to create new units.

-Fixed : Normal unit production limit is higher than unit creation altogether, failures to create unit proceed as though it was a success.

-AI now has a separate (lower) production limit for normal units than units in general, ensuring there is always space left for summons, heroes and mercenaries. (unless the human player used up these slots already)

-When a unit fails to get produced due to the unit limit, production is not lost, but kept for the new project or a repeated attempt.

-The AI now prefers to keep twice as much mana crystals in reserve than previously, to avoid running out too easily if heavy use in combat becomes necessary in multiple battles a turn. (amount : 16x skill instead of 8x skill)

-AI can now flee on turn 2 again (was broken by fixing the turn counter to not skip the first turn)

-Confusion costs 18, resistence penalty is -2.

-Petrify has a -3 save penalty.

-Fixed bug : Cloud of Shadow applies Counter Magic as though Uranus's Blessing was cast.

-Fixed bug : Spell Ward breaks units that enter the warded city and match the affected realm.


-All Magicians (and Warlocks) have 2 higher ranged attack to match the stat improvements other normal units received.

-All Priests have 1 higher ranged attack.

-Slingers have 1 higher ranged attack

-Troll Magicians cost 180

-The objective of AI wizards now has an effect on overland spell selection :

Militarist wizards cast summoning spells and unit enchantments more often

Theurgist wizards cast city enchantments and global enchantments more often

Perfectionist wizards cast city enchantments and unit enchantments more often

Expansionist wizards cast summoning spells and curses more often

-Fixed : AI does not cast Evil Omens when it could

-Ore production bonus to units now works on all unit types. Had no effect on shamans, priests, ships, magicians and warlocks prior to this change.

-Annihilate has an additional -2 save modifier against non-fantasic units (for a total of -7)

-Now an Alchemist's Guild is required to use Nighshade (no other building enables it)

-Cathedrals produce an additional 3 power and 1 unrest reduction for each active Nighshade (Alchemist's Guild is required for this effect)

-Fixed : AI sometimes does not recognize Wind Walking when moving armies.

-Fixed : Conjurer displaying incorrect number of research turns in F3 screen.

-AI can now target Mountains with raise volcano (but not volcanoes!)


-There are 2 more nodes on Arcanus and 2 fewer on Myrror. (18-12)

-Arcanus nodes have 5-12 aura tiles. Myrran nodes have 10-20.

-Nodes procude an additional +5 power (multiplied by the magic power setting) each.

-Fixed bug : AI fails to target anything with Warp Node

-Magic Immunity no longer protects from Breath attacks (Fire Breath, Lightning Breath). It still protects from any other magic special attack (gaze, touch etc).

-Resist Elements now grants defense against all magical ranged attacks and spells, but resistance only against Nature realm (petrification)

-Elemental Armor now grants +12 defense against all magical ranged attacks and spells, but no resistance.

-AI is now better able to tell when Resist Elements, Bless, Resist Magic, Magic Immunity and Elemental Armor is needed.

-Mercenaries that appear after turn 100 have magical weapons.

-AI has an increased preference of razing cities scaled up proportionally based on the total cost of summoned units remaining in the army after combat (units with more than 5 damage do not count) and land size. Formula is, added raze chance in % = (Total cost of fantastic creatures*Land Size)/144 where Land Size is 0 for Tiny, 1 for Small, 2 for Fair, 3 for Large and 4 for Huge.

The intended purpose is for AI doom stacks to keep advancing and conquering instead of getting stuck in a city and needing to rebuild the stack.

-Lawful wizards personality modifier for razing is now -25 instead of -200 (and still +25 if holding a grudge over a broken treaty)

-AI can now pick Guardian without having Life books properly.

-Merged retorts : Chaos Mastery, Nature Mastery and Sorcery Mastery into Specialist : All spells of the wizard's primary realm cost 15% less to cast, research of such spells is 15% faster, and enchantments of that realm are twice as hard to dispel. Node bonuses are no longer part of this ability, Node Mastery is required for that.

-New retort : Tactician. All of the wizard's units have +1 DEF during combat, and heroes receive +2 DEF, RES and all attack strengths instead.

-New retort : Overlord. All of the wizard's cities pay double taxes. All cities of a different race are razed automatically after conquest. Overlord cannot be found in treasure.

-Dwarves can now build a marketplace (but it does not produce double gold)

-AI default Myrran wizards will now take Chaneller to replace it instead of Cult Leader.

-Cult Leader now costs 1 pick.

-New retort : Astrologer. Gain +50% overland only casting skill (added as hero bonus) and the effects of Node Mastery (which is replaced by this), costs 2 picks.

-Fixed engineer bug : Engineer has to wait a turn after completing a road before it appears.

-Fixed engineer bug : Engineer cancels road if being unable to move to the next map cell.

-Fixed engineer bug : Engineer has to wait until all engineers in the stack complete bulding the current road, even if one of them joined later and is several turns behind.


-Cities set to housing that already have the max population automatically revert to trade goods at the time they would grow.

-Random game generator updated to include the new retorts.

-Surveyor now reports Wild Game correctly.

-Summoning Circle costs less to research.

-The greeting message from AI wizards now matches their personality better (original game had lawful messages in chaotic slots, and peaceful in lawful, and some really aggressive lines suitable even for a maniacal were in peaceful slots...)

-Fixed AI only picking Myrror with 3 picks remaining. Chance of more than 1 Myrran wizard is slightly higher due to this (still very low).

-If a war starts due to conquering a city from a wizard who is not yet contacted, the greeting message will not appear instead of declaration of war.

-Greeting no longer cancels treaties that were made before the formal introduction.

-Increased the maintenance of Cathedral and Parthenon to 2.

-AI is now able to target volcanoes with Raise Volcano and Corruption to enable destruction of ores created through Raise Volcano.

-AI now prefers the tile with the highest food production for Raise Volcano and Corruption. (This ensures Volcano tiles will not be hit again unless an ore is present, or all other tiles are already unavailable)

-New Ore : Orihalcon Crystals. Adds +1 resistance to units, +2 magical ranged attack if applicable, if Alchemists Guild is present. Also generates 3 power.

-The AI now recognizes Nightshade, Orihalcon and Wild Game as ores for Corruption and Raise Volcano

-Increased the starting stats of the Orc Warrior hero since it offers not so much in the ability department.

-New optional portraits for some heroes.

-The Huntress no longer has +1 To Hit instead it has Web Spell.

-If the AI casts Magic Vortex while attacking a city, the vortex will be summoned in the middle of the city instead of the middle of the combat area to ensure most damage to both the city and the defending troops.

-Dark Ritual no longer reduces population growth rate.

-Fixed bug : AI players do not receive the item from their Gift of Gods events.

-Fixed a possible memory corruption source.

-Lizardmen are now allowed to build Sawmills, but not Forester's Guilds.

-Fixed bugs that cause cities to disappear for no reason.

-Fixed end of combat reporting wrong result sometimes (like “raiders conquered the city” where it was attacked by an AI)

-Fixed neutral city growth bug, neutral city size bug.

-Fixed bug : Wraith Form grants immunity against Wrack.

-Black Wind is now in the category “Special Spells” instead of unit buffs.

-Fixed a bug that prevented heroes and mercenaries from appearing if there were near the maximum units in play but the human player still had slots to get units.

-If the number of units in game exceed 1875, on top of disbanding obsolete units, all AI players with over 500 units have to disband their least valuable units for each 100 units they own. This ensures there will be room for new, superior units, especially summoned creatures during their turn as disbanding is done directly afterwards.

-The cleanup procedure that erases dead/disbanded units and frees up space for new units is now ran after the AI disbands units to make room, and before new units are produced in cities.

-Tranquility and Life Force is twice as effective, maintenance increased. Life Force costs more to research.

-Lizardmen Settlers can move 2 tiles/turn

-Dragon Turtles breath lightning instead of fire.

-All Cavalry units have 1 higher melee.

-Nomad Horsebowmen have 1 higher ranged.

-Beastmen Centaurs have 1 higher health.

-Fighter's Guild now costs 250.

-Beastmen and Orc halberdiers now have Negate First Strike

-Lizardmen can no longer build a Sage's Guild


-Famine, Pestilence, Warp Node, Evil Presence research cost is halved

-Bless now only grants protection from Chaos/Death spells and ranged/breath/gaze attacks. It no longer grants defense against normal melee attacks from Chaos and Death creatures.

-Fixed bug : names of dead heroes are lost for ressurection.

-Werewolves have 1 more melee and health

-Fixed the sound effect of new units

-The AI has a higher chance to accept peace treaty offers (treaty difficulty reduced by 60)

-Offering a tribute (both spell and gold) has a significantly larger influence on peace interest, making this an effective way to get a peace treaty even if conditions are otherwise unfavorable.

-Fixed bug : treaty propasals done by the human player don't reduce treaty or peace interest.

-Evil Presence now fully works on wizards owning Death books. Evil Presence now increases unrest by 3.

-Fixed BUG : The AI is not receiving the maintenance cost reduction on units and spells for difficulty levels at all!

-Reversed insecticide change : The AI is not receiving the maintenance cost reduction on buildings at all!

-The AI no longer receives any food production advantages (it's unnecessary since maintenance is low for them and this just makes their cities resistant to curses instead)

-Reduced AI difficulty resource advantages in production, gold, power for Normal and above levels significantly.

-AI now sets the tax rate based on unrest, and farmers based on actual food needed, and is able to reduce both if necessary, not only raise them.

-Giant Spiders lose Missile Immunity, Wall Crusher, gain movement 5, resistance 9, armor 5. Cost lowered to 90, research to 200.

-Path Finding costs half as much to research.

-Famine now reduces food production to 1/3 instead of ½.

-Warp Node now drains 15 power instead of 5.

-AI Wizards will prefer to disenchant city curses first, Warp Nodes after instead of the other way around.

-Fixed : AI doesn't receive difficulty modifier on power gained from volcanoes

-When an AI wizard is trying to move towards war (declare war or break treaty), if sum(enemy armies)+war target army>constant*Own army then don't do it to avoid overcommitting and getting involved in more wars than able to handle. This affects war declared through the militarist personality, relation level and diffculty, alliances and generic army strength.

-Basilisk renamed to great lizard, loses stone gaze, gains regeneration.

-Gorgons are now 3 figure per unit, each figure is stronger. Gorgons no longer fly and will gain new sprites.

-AI war declaration for low relation now triggers at -40 instead of -30

-The difficulty modifier in generic war declaration is now -8 instead of -12

-Fixed AI bug : priority of casting invisibility and mass invisibility are swaped with each other

-Unicorns gain +1 armor

-War Bears now move 3, are 3 figures and have 1 lower melee and health per figure.

-Fixed : AI can use Fireball on magicians even if they have fewer than 15 mana remaining.

-AI players are now also not allowed to declare war on other AI players before turn 40 to avoid overly frequent early elimination of them.

-Chimeras gain +1 melee.

-Path Finding spell replaced by Land Link. Grants Path Finding plus if the enchanted creature is fantastic, it gains +2 armor and melee and breath attack.

-Catapults, Centaurs and Paladins summoned in combat count as fantastic units.

-Catapults summoned by Construct Catapult have magical weapons.

-Vertigo now reduces chance To Defend by 1 instead of defense. Vertigo now reduces chance to hit by 3.

-When the AI wants to cast an overland summoning spell but has none (except spirits) it will cast a unit buff instead of nothing at all.

-The AI will no longer buff non-corporeal units with Wraith Form in overland.

-When the AI wants to cast a city buff but cannot (every city already has every available buff) it will cast a summoning spell instead of nothing at all.

-The AI will have a higher preference of casting Fire Elemental, Wraith Form, Invulnerability and Summon Demon if all or near all enemy units have no magical weapons or magical ranged or breath attacks.

-The AI will have a lower preference of casting Fire Elemental, Wraith Form if the enemy army has the above.

-Guardian Wind and Warp Wood are now priority group “B” spells : use when at advantage or neutral, avoid if at heavy disadvantage. This will make the AI actually do something that hurts (like nukes or confusion) instead of GW in unwinnable battles.

-Fixed : Nature's Wrath fails to trigger against AI wizards properly.

-AI players have twice the normal chance to cast disjunction if they have Aether Binding in effect (2x chance of success) or they know Spell Binding (never fails). AI players have 3x the normal chance to cast disjunction of they are a runemaster.

-AI players have twice the normal chance to cast disenchant area if they have Aether Binding or Runemaster.

-Adjusted priority of the AI casting disjunction for various enchantments, and the priority of targeting that enchantment when the disjunction is ready.

-AI wizards will not use the spell charges in items if they deem the spell useless or harmful. (example :magic vortex in own city)

-Counter Magic is now category B+C instead of just C, so it will not be used if at a big disadvantage in military power (enemy probably don't need to cast spells to win, and skipping a turn doing CM instead of actual damage is a bad move), this also means it'll be used more frequently when the AI has the military advantage. Additionally Counter Magic will not be used if the enemy has no realms to cast spells of (0 books or neutral).

-AI will not cast Counter Magic in combat unless they can pump it up to at least 40

-AI now considers Focus Magic and Land Link a worthy target for dispelling, and ignores Eldritch Weapon.

-Cockatrices cost reduced to 175.

-When the AI selects a movement or attack target for a seaworthy nonship stack (sea to land attack or intercontinental movement), now enemy cities are seen as possible targets, not just units, allowing the AI to attack an undefended city directly from water instead of having to reach land first. This also allows the AI to priorize cities and attack the more valuable one if multiples are available.

-Weak lairs have a +50 budget so empty lairs should no longer happen except on easy difficulty.

-Arch Angels lose Purify.

-Gaea's Blessing now grants tripled production bonus to forest tiles (+9% instead of +3%)

-Fixed bug : Movement icon is shown as walking on cavalry, forester, swimming, pathfinding units, and swimming on sailing units on stack right click view and the unit's information window itself.

-Fixed : damage in strategic combat is not spread evenly between units the way it's intended, and defense does not correctly have the effect on it either.

-Strategic combat and AI decisions now consider bonus To Hit in unit offensive rating and To Defense in unit defensive rating.

-Fixed strategic combat bug : AI gains an indetermined amount of “defense boost” from magic instead of the intended amount. This can randomly allow them to win without losses.

-Fixed AI bug : AI considers fantastic units as valid targets for shatter when deciding to cast it or not and generally targets wrong.

-Fixed : the Pathfinding (now land linking) spell does not grant actual pathfinding movement, only its effects. (was not possible to notice the difference prior to movement icons actually showing the real movement type)

-The AI now prefers to target their best city with Flying Fortress first.

-Air Elementals are now Non-Corporeal.

-Fixed bug : Flying Fortress is not displayed during combat in outposts

-Fixed bug : Wall of Fire, Wall of Shadows have no effect if cast on outposts. The wizard's fortress is not displayed in combat in outposts.

-Fixed bug : Flying Fortress does not properly work if not player 1 is casting it.

-Changed AI starting spell preferences.

-Fixed bug : a few building options are still not available if too many are unlocked in a town that allows building everything like orcs due to list overflow.

-When AI players trade spells with each other, only spells of similar trade value can be traded (+/-9).

-Fixed bug : ships do not carry units set to “going”, making them drown.

-Stacks containing ships can now leave towns as normal stacks do instead of being reduced to just a ship, or forcing to carry everything out : only units selected to move leave the city.

-When the AI attacks on the overland map unintentionally, the move will be taken back as though a treaty prevented it from being executed. This ensures no accidental attacks happen and peace treaties are never violated. No more engineers lost in enemy towns either!

-Forming a treaty, breaking a treaty no longer prevents the AI from turning hostile towards others for a period of time.

-The chance of hostility triggering on the AI is 8% lower.

-Focus Magic now enables the +2 magical ranged effect of Orihalcon

-Halflings now produce 2/3 research per population instead of double from buildings.

-Optional default wizard Patchouli now has 5 Chaos, 5 Nature 1 Sorcery book instead of 3/3/3/1/1. Sage Master plays very poorly on a wizard with a low amount of books spread around – not enough rares to research.


-AI will select the target city and realm for Spell Ward smarter.

-AI has a higher priority of casting Spell Ward.

-AI is now able to cancel a Spell Ward if a garrison containing creatures of the warded realm gets summoned into it, making the ward unfavorable.


-Aether Sparks now correctly has the intended strength 20 attack power instead of 16.


-Druid hero has Construct Catapult instead of Call Centaurs

-Continents generated are limited to 200 tiles each : continents of very large sizes make the AI fail to notice stacks due to limited size arrays used in decisions (including their own) and generally make the AI inefficient at moving their armies.


-The AI is now able to recognize and use up to 251 of their own overland stacks instead of 80 through the global stack system (used for plane shifting, targeting Spell of Return, disbanding decisions, sending out ships from cities where they were created, settlers boarding ships and checking towers). All other overland unit decisions are made through the continent based system and are unaffected.


-Fixed bug : If there are 80 or more AI stacks on a continent, as soon as all 80 are found, any further units are ignored, even if they would belong to one of those 80 stacks that are still in the limit.


-Fixed bug : AI rarely says “I'm breaking a treaty” when they are meant to say “I'm declaring war”, when declaring war twice in the same turn, also they will NOT go through with declaring war the second time since they already did and doing it twice doubles the starting relation penalty.

-Further improvement to AI's use of Fire Elemental, Wraith Form.

-AI will priorize Eldritch Weapon, Flame Blade and Holy Weapon if there is an enemy unit with Weapon Immunity or 10+ armor. These spells are now priority group “B” use when at advantage, avoid when outnumbered. Countering armor or weapon immunity is pointless if the enemy army has much superior stats anyway.

-AI now has an “A+C+D+10” priority for Disintegrate instead of “C+40”. This ensures Disintegrate will always be high enough priority to be used instead of any other direct damage spell when available, while still maintaining its property of being a “generic” direct damage spell potent enough to use when direct damage is not particularly necessary.

-If the AI knows Disintegrate, it'll priorize it so that the Mind Storm+Disintegrate strategy can be used effectively. Same for Annihilate.

-The AI now recognizes Heroic Shout as a “fireball” type direct damage spell that is superior to fireball : Priority is now “A”+12+(max figures-3)*4

-Fixed : Magic Immunity blocks Lightning Breath when it isn't supposed to.

-Fixed : Resist Elements and Elemental Armor works on thrown attacks.

-Demon Lord and Arch Angel now produce 20 real power instead of merely granting a 10 mana maintenance discount on your other spells.

-Fixed : caster units in combat under AI control fail to attack if they have no spell to use.

-Quick Casting now has an effect even if the spell was countered.

-Fixed : game crashes when the AI tries to cast Spell Ward.

-Fixed another memory corruption source caused by the previous update

-Completely removed obsolete old “enemy stacks” data and old continent rating system since both were no longer used by anything inportant. Freeed up memory is used for global old stack system to handle up to 345 own stacks. The only use of these were to grant lower priority to disbanding troops on continents rated as “not enough presence” - instead now the troops on the main action continent will be disbanded less than others.

-AI prefers to use Black Prayer first if Massacre is known, general preference of Black Prayer slightly higher, preference is even higher is Disintegrate is known.

-The AI will avoid targeting units affected by Black Sleep, Shatter, or Confusion by spell groups 13,14,16,12,4 – Single target instant kill, direct damage and curses.

-The AI can no longer flee during the human player's turn.

-When a Demon Lord fails to cast Summon Demon due to the 9 unit limit, it will not lose its movement points, and can act normally.

-AI players will not lose peace interest towards each other when hit by hostile spells (dispelling, global enchantment, city curses). Other effects alter peace interest as normal. This is to prevent unending wars between AI players due to a global enchantment or spell blast, and also because it benefits the AI player to make peace as then the other AI stops throwing those spells (in case of city curses, nuking and spell blasting).

-AI combat spell priority : Iron Skin +25 → +16

-AI combat spell priority, Berserk, Haste are now type “B” use when at advantage instead of “C” use when even match. Haste also gains a +20 priority on top of that.


-Fixed bug : saved dead hero data still gets corrupted if the save file is loaded from Magic.exe


-Fixed bug : game crashes if the total number of combat units – including dead summons – exceeds 36.


-Fixed : AI casts dispel magic and dispelling wave if Possession or Creature Binding is present on their units.

-Fixed : Uranus Blessing blocks attacks from land units as though it was Flying Fortress

-Fixed : Lucky from items is cumulative with lucky from heroes.


-Minor adjustments to AI priorities on casting global enchantments

-When the AI wants to cast a global enchantment but fails to find on to use, it casts a city enchantment instead of nothing

-Great Unsummoning now only affects enemy units.

-When the AI has Chaos Surge, it will decide casting it based on the amount of Chaos units owned vs amount of Chaos units owned by non-ally other players.

-Fixed bug : When the AI is Spell Blasted, it will not cast anything for their upcoming turn.


-Land Linking now works on Chaos Chanelled units.

-Chaos Chanelled units now properly count as fantastic units on the overland map and are affected by Great Unsummoning instead of Death Wish

-Floating Island resistance has been reduced by 1

-Great Unsummoning now costs 3000 to research, 700 to cast.

-Air Elementals now have armor piercing and +2 Defense.

-Bow and Sling attack power can no longer be used to break out of Web.

-Blizzard now costs 120 and does a strength 14 attack.


-It is now not possible to summon creatures on invalid tiles in combat. (Towers, central structure, edge of screen. Unfortunately, cursor will not switch to “X” and there is no warning message)

-Units can no longer enter invalid tiles in combat at the bottom of the screen (which can cause them to be impossible to target by spells or ranged attacks), both for human, AI, manual or confused movement.

-Demon Lords now have Quick Casting

-Demon Lords now cast Doom Bolt first, Summon Demon afterwards.

-When the Demon Lord is casting a spell, pressing “Cancel” on the Doom Bolt allows summoning a demon, if any are still available.

-Turn count no longer increases when time is stopped

-Fixed : Heroic Shout didn't work while banished

-It is now possible to use Animate Dead on Death realm units, unless they're also undead.

-AI will use Call Chaos more often if the enemy army contains heroes

-There is a cap of 66 on AI dispel magic priority so it won't get used instead of more important spells like Disintegrate, Call Chaos, High Prayer etc even if a unit has 20 buffs stacked on it.

-AI now correctly recognizes units inside towers to be on both planes for land based overland movement decision. (sea to land and intercontinental does not, but those aren't interested in towers much anyway)

-AI now places combat summons to only legal positions and selects a tile appropriate for the summon (far for catapults, usually near enemies for all others)

-The AI will prefer to target ranged units with True Sight in combat.

-The AI will not cast Regeneration on units that already regenerate in combat.

-The AI will not cast Magic Immunity, Resist Elements, Elemental Armor, Bless and Resist Magic on units already immune to magic in combat.

-The AI will not cast Wraithform on units that already have Weapon Immunity in combat.

-The AI will not cast Immolation on units that already have Immolation in combat.

-The AI will not use Shatter against ranged units (unit might have magical ranged which is immune, against missile, Warp Wood is usually superior anyway)

-The AI will not target units with Fire Immunity by Fire Bolt or Fireball.

-The AI will move units before shooting, casting. Depending on the unit, movement will be done towards or away from the nearest enemy. This effect is limited to Hard or higher difficulty. The AI will even try to go around obstacles if the direct path is blocked. The AI will immediately stop moving if the next step would take all the remaining movement points, and use the originally intended type of attack.

-When the AI sends an overland stack to attack a target, if the stack contains a hero, it needs to be at least twice as strong than if it doesn't for the same target to be considered a valid attack. In other words, the AI will only use heroes in attacks where they have a military advantage, to reduce the risk of losing the hero or the items.

-During combat, the AI will move into the city area after turn 10 with melee units if their intended target is moving faster than themselves and is impossible to reach in a turn.

-When the AI decides to use Caster on a unit, it'll first check if there is any spell to cast for the unit, if there isn't, it'll not queue the “use caster” order on it. This should work way better than first trying to cast then doing something else if it fails, since casting now includes moving backwards/forward first, which should not be done if the unit is not actually casting the spell!

-The AI will always prefer to use Caster instead of shooting on Quick Casting units.

-More elaborate AI decision for “flying unit needs to stall”

-When AI flying units decide not to attack because the battle is unwinnable for them, they'll now move away from the enemy instead of staying still, unless they are defending behind city walls. (requires Hard or higher difficulty)

-AI nonflying units can decide not to attack and move away from the enemy if their movement speed is strictly higher than that of any enemy unit. This happens under similar conditions as flying units trying to stall. Note the AI is unfortunately not moving the units anywhere nearly as perfectly as a human player, so catching them is possible in corners, “running in circles for 25 turns” is far too advanced for the AI to do at least currently. However they might still be able to stall some battles long enough.

-The AI is now able to cast Dispelling Wave on the overland map. Spell is used as though it was a “curse”, and can only be targeted at units or cities of enemies – in other words, hostility must be present. The AI will prefer to hit the location on the map with the most city and unit enchantments it considers “worthy of dispel”, with some having higher priority than others. Priority of selecting this spell instead of other “curses” increases as the priority of the best target grows. The AI can only target cities if they know the location of them, however they can target units without scouting. Yes, this means if your super buffed units are in a city, it'll be hit anyway, but city buffs won't count towards the priority.

-(Nature) Awareness now correctly reveals the location of all cities for the AI.

-fixed : several noncurse spells enable the AI to want casting curses including web, life drain, death wish, great unsummoning, mass invisibility. Spell Blast does not enable casting curses..?

-The AI now categorizes overland “curse” spells into subcategories (unit kill, building kill, warp node, population nuke, sorcery tactical, other) and for each subcategory except “other” adds a fixed amount of priority to the “curse” type. So the more types of curses the AI has available, the more often it'll use the category. This should also let wizards with peaceful personality use their curse spells a bit more if they end up with a lot of those (and helps them overcome the barrier of -50 from their personality for the spells Time Stop and Dispelling Wave, too!)

Earthquake, Chaos Rift are “building kill” type, +40 priority. Famine, Evil Presence are “City Curse” type, +40, Pestilence and Call the Void are “population nuke” +80, Time Stop and Dispelling Wave are “sorcery tactical” +50, Warp Node is +25, Fire Storm, Blizzard, Black Wind are “unit kill” +25, finally Spell Blast, Drain Power, Corruption, Stasis and Raise Volcano are “other” and do not add to the base priority of using curses.

In short : If the AI has better overland curses available, it'll cast curses more often, the same way it does for every other spell category!

(yes this means an AI with many curses and a nasty personality might even go for a curse type victory by using them as much or even more than summons!)

-When the human player uses Auto, units will never use the stall tactics (neither the flying nor the movement based type) and won't move before shooting.

-The game will play the “winning” music on the overland map if total player power>=120% of the strongest AI instead of 90%.

-The game will play the “losing” music on the overland map if total player power<=33% of the strongest AI instead of <=110% of the weakest.

-Slingers now have 1 armor instead of 2.

-Fixed : units keep moving after the battle is over.

-The AI now selects units in an order of preference in combat instead of randomly. (Caster, ranged units will move and attack before melee units usually)

-Fixed : when casting Stasis in combat, displayed message says “X casts Magic Immunity” instead.

-AI now makes a consistent decision on whether to attack into Wall of Fire with a unit or not.

-When the AI decides on combat melee attacks, it uses the real movement cost required to reach the unit instead of an inaccurate simplified one. If the unit is unreachable, it will not be selected as target.

-Offering a spell tribute no longer have automatic double effectiveness if visible relation<0, instead it's scaled the same way as on relation>=0 : the lower the relation, the stronger the effect, reaching 200% only at -100 REL.

-The AI has increased preference to use combat direct damage spells during a Chaos Conjunction.

-The AI will not cast Earth to Mud if the intended target location is already muddy.

-Fixed bug : score rewarded for Time is calculated the opposite way between 1420 and 1440 : earlier finish is worth less instead of more.

-Razing gold reward is reverted to 10% of the total city value. (experimental, gold felt excessive, usually enough to keep going until another city could be razed, resulting in a self-funding conquest. Worried about Inquisitor becoming too weak if it isn't already.)


-Fixed 2.6 bug : cancelling a spell randomly summons a demon.


-Units that give up chasing enemies on the defender's side will now return to the city's area during city combat instead of merely stopping, and will protect the city from damage if able.


-The AI will not send a settler to a location where one of his own settlers is already heading, and the 3x3 area around it.

-Flying and waterwalking settlers select their target as though the entire world was the same continent.

-When the AI casts a unit buff on a Settler, the settler will stop and select a target to move to again. (so if the spell was waterwalking, wraith form, flight, windwalking, chaos channel flight, then the settler gets a chance to select a spot on another continent instead to take advantage of the spell)

-Settlers will not build a city unless they are standing on the best settling location they found for themselves. (Yes they always built anywhere as long as they were stopped in movment, like when disembarking a ship, the city was built right there instead of at the best position)

-Razing a city is worth +1 Fame for each size of the city. (which is 2 more than conquering it)

-Updated the AI's preference of races (Lizardmen is now somewhat higher)

-The AI can now have at most 1 settler on each continent on Tiny landmass, and 2 otherwise. (note : I tried to force a check for the continent actually having a spot to use by a settler but it was unstable and caused random crashes frequently so it's had to be left out.)

-The AI can now have at most 3 settlers on each plane on Tiny landmass, and 4 otherwise.

-Fixed : Corruption and Enchant Road scrolls the map when it isn't supposed to.

-Fixed : After summoning a unit on the overland map, selected unit becomes random instead of the summoned unit itself.

-When the AI would attack units with a settler or engineer (or just head towards doing so), the settler or engineer will be changed to stay in place instead of moving.

-AI will not use Earthquake on cities enchanted by Flying Fortress instead of Nature's Eye (was meant to be Nature Ward but I made a mistake – two actually since Earthquake ignores ward and other protections!)

-Earthquake now has no effect on cities enchanted by Flying Fortress.

-Crack's Call now deals the greater of 21 damage or 5 damage for each living figure in the unit.

-Nomad magicians now look different from Nomad priests and no longer have a bowmen's icon.


-Base item cost for items with no power lowered : 50 for weapons except 100 for Staff, 50 for accessory, 100 for shield and chain mail, 250 for plate mail. This should help making Enchant Item more accessible in the early game for making weak artifacts.

-Resistance cost on items changed to be 120/240/360/480 for +1/+2/+3/+4, making +1 and +2 more affordable in the early game.

-Elemental Armor cost in items raised to 500. It's way more powerful than it sounds, as heroes generally move fast enough to avoid melee combat, and it's easy to grant them immunity to missiles, which leaves spell and magical ranged damage and Elemental Armor blocks those very well.

-Inner Fire item cost lowered to 400. Neither Fire nor Cold Immunity are particularly outstanding abilities and Immolation is decent but a hero rarely has problems dealing with multi-figure low defense units by the time 500 mana becomes affordable.

-Pathfinding cost reduced to 100 : It's nowhere near powerful enough to be worth 200 mana crystals.

-Fixed bug : Nomad magicians under AI control try to cast invalid spells, such as “Bank”.

-When the AI declares war, it'll now use a war declaraton text that implies which war declaration type triggered : militarist, rivalry, warning, alliance, chaotic or low relation.

-AI will no longer try to attack an enemy node if a 3rd party has units on it who is not an enemy.

-Fixed bug : Nature's Wrath fails to trigger on Summon Hero, Summon Champion, Spell Binding, Incarnation, Resurrection, Great Unsummoning, Final Wave

-Casting Great Unsummoning now has a diplomatic penalty of -6 and triggers a “you killed my armies” type of warning message.

-Casting Final Wave now has a diplomatic penalty of -12 and triggers a “you killed my armies” type of warning message.

-When the Grand Vizier is enabled, the game will not pop up “building completed” messages anymore.

-Warlocks now cost 210 to build instead of 240.

-Nightmares now cost 240 to build instead of 300 and 5 to maintain instead of 6.

-Dark Elf growth is slightly improved, they now get +20 people/turn instead of +10. (which is still the lowest in the game)


-Fixed bug : Haste does not double movement for the turn when it is cast.

-Fixed bug : Overland only unit buffs are 5x harder to dispel than they should.

-Fixed bug : Overland Dispelling Wave removes Orihalcon

-Chaotic wizard now have a uniform 1/150 chance to declare war on any wizard each turn, regardless of the difficulty level. (originally higher difficulty raised this chance)

-Chaotic wizards have a 7/150 chance to form an Alliance with any other AI player when positive AI diplomacy is rolled (once every 7-15 turns depending on difficulty)

-Chaotic wizards have a 7/150 chance to offer an Alliance to the human player whenever positive diplomacy is rolled (about once every 7 turns)

-When the AI selects a target for a direct damage spell, regenerating and combat summoned units have a lower priority, already damaged, ranged, flying, or invisible units have a higher priority, and the base priority is (still) the expected amount of damage done to the unit. Spells that do damage to all figures ignore the damage already taken by the unit, but will consider all other factors as normal. Since the damage expected will be higher on more figures, those units will get chosen.

-Drain Life and Syphon Life now also incorporete the above changes. However they'll prefer regenerating units instead of avoid (undead damage prevents regeneration).

-When the AI selects a target for a direct damage spell, expected damage is now being calculated by simulating the spell on the unit 10 times instead of only once for more accurate results.

-The AI will not use direct damage spells one a target unless a minimum of 2.5 damage is expected.

-The Grand Vizier now offers the choice of building all buildings, or all non-military buildings only. The following buildings are not built if the latter is selected :

-Fighter's G.
-Armorer's G.
-War College
-Fantastic Stables
-Maritime Guild
-City Walls

-Fixed bug : Grand Vizier builds housing randomly instead of only in pop 1-4 towns.

-Fixed bug : AI builds housing randomly instead of only in pop 1-4 towns.

-The AI now considers Housing as a “pop/prod boost” building instead of “avoid”. (but is limited to build that only below 5 pop!)

-Fixed bug : Settlers lose sight of their targeted map tile and wander around in circles. Caused by obsolete code that resets “go” orders on units nearby enemy cities and whenever continents are reevaluated.

-Fixed bug : When “all units retreat exhausted”, not involved units count as fleeing and can potentially die (floating island, units carried by ships)


-When the AI decides on an intercontinental attack targeting land, it will not consider own land units in the stack even if the target is on land because the land units are not participating (the land attack system already takes care of that possibility earlier so it shouldn't attempt to here. Note that windwalking makes the entire stack count as nonland as it should)

-When the AI decides on an intercontinental attack targeting land, it requires at least 2x as powerful army as the target, otherwise no attack is done. This is to ensure 1-2s of incoming units do not attack a city with only a few guards then get killed by ranged attacks or spells. Instead they'll go to the gathering point to build a larger stack and attack through the land attack system (which is much more accurate with unit power)

-The AI now considers units up to 14 resistance a valid target for Syphon Life

-Runemaster and Aether Binding now increase the priority of using Dispel Magic or Dispelling Wave in combat by 50% instead of a flat +18 (which caused using the spell on a single enchantment way too often)

-The AI has a +10 priority for using Dispelling Wave and Dispel Magic in ocean battles (if the spell removed is one that enables water movement, the unit drowns so it's worth going for it more than usual)

-Fixed bug : Wraith Form unit enchantment is not recognized as a source of water movement when removing items from heroes.

-Fixed bug : Turning off water walking/flight causes the unit to drown even if it still has some sources of water movement. Also fixed Wraith Form never checking for drowning this way. Note that it won't drown units if wind walking is turned off. Fixing that would be far too difficult. Pointless, too, the units drown at end of turn as they should.

-AI engineers will now properly stop before entering enemy cities while building, instead of not building at all towards them. Note that they'll still move into enemy units on the way as well as into lairs and nodes, it's only for the destination tile.


-Fixed combat Stasis not setting unit movement to 0 for the turn it was cast

-AI is now able to attack adjacent enemy units with melee attacks from inside the city walls to outside. The only exceptions are, the unit at the gate will not move, and when a Wall of Fire is present, if the unit has no first strike, thrown, breath or gaze attack, then the AI will not move to attack and wait for the enemy to attack instead (and take damage from the wall)

-Fixed bug : game consistently crashes during combat under very specific conditions, including having a road and no walking units to attack by a walking army attacking a city. Actual bug was not found but eliminated by replacing the entire “shortest path” algorithm for combat with a bug free own version. (which is hopefully a bit faster too)

-Fixed bug : Evil Omens halves mana production of religious buildings as though it was Eternal Night.

-Noncorporeal units can move on all tiles for 1 movement point during combat – as though they were flying.

-Pathfinding units can move on all non-water non-mud tiles for 1 movement points during combat, unless they are also swimming, in which case they move as though they were noncorporeal.

-Fixed several major bugs in the AI continent evaluation systems, including some division by zero. Hopfully this will improve game stability by a lot.

-AI will not mark a continent “no targets” unless they have at least a stack of 8 units for all land sizes (instead of 5 on tiny, 9 on huge), to ensure the AI does build a large enough stack to be able to attack the human player on Tiny land before turning back.

-Spell of Mastery now only costs 4*40000 to research, except for AI wizards on Extreme and Impossible where it's still 4*60000 for them to compensate for the major resource advantage and expected longer game duration.

-Readjusted AI overland summoning spell priorities again.

-Readjusted AI artifact/item creation chance.

-When the AI is casting Enchant Item or Create Artifact, the selected item will not be more expensive than 10* the wizard's casting skill for item and 12* for artifact. This ensures the AI will finish the item spell in a reasonable amount of time, and also allows the AI to create better items if skill reaches very high.

-Fixed bug : random generated items can only have a value greater than the intended amount instead of lesser or equal. Note that there is no MINIMAL value for the item, if the first 4 powers selected do not use up even half the budget, it'll still provide that item. This is required to make sure the game does not freeze if the budget is too high to cover by any possible item. However, at the very least is is guaranteed to have 4 powers on the item, unless the entire budget is already used by fewer.

-Random generated items can have enchantment powers, not just stats – if such an item is generated for the AI's spell, books requirements are checked!

-Predefined items now gain the +1 or +2 armor for chain and plate mail!


-When the AI is selecting units to use for building a new stack, the best 2 nonhero units in cities will not be selected to ensure cities have a decent protection. As of now, this effect is not enabled for nodes, but it's a possibility for the future if needed. The amount is also subject to change but 2 seems about right.

-AI will move the summoning circle more frequently. AI will now move the circle at a 1/3 chance to each of the following : The fortress (original), The biggest city on the continent with the hihgest ratio of enemy cities to own cities (original) and to each and every city owned one at a time in the order they were created (NEW). This should provide some better defenses in all AI cities than the random crap that can be produced there.

-AI will not summon spirits or floating islands before turn 25 as they are likely not needed that early.

-The AI no longer decides which unit to keep in a city that has over 9 units based on unit cost, instead it has a separate table to decide which unit is a better defender and which is better to send outside to attack.

-AI is now able to move the Summoning Circle earlier than the default turn 80-120.

-The AI is now allowed to pull units for stackbuilding from cities 2 at a time instead of no more than 1. This should slightly reduce the chance of valuable units travelling alone. As city defense decisions are far superior, this should no longer cause a risk of insufficient defenses even if it might leave a city with 7 units for a turn or two.


-The AI will not attempt to move its summoning circle if the human player has Suppress Magic to avoid “countered” message spam.


-Fixed bug : game crashes if a hero gets extremely high attack power due to overflow.

-Armor Piercing, Illusion, Doom and Eldritch Weapon are no longer cumulate on the melee and ranged attack ratings for strategic combat and AI decisions. Illusion is now only a 2x multiplier instead of a 3x.


-Natural gravitation to starting relations is now stronger the further the relation strays from the starting relation instead of the weaker the further it is from zero. In general the effect is stronger overall, and can now counterbalance the gains from a Wizard's Pact if the starting relations are extremely bad.

-Natural gravitation is no longer overwritten if a relation changing event happens the turn it would occur.

-Alliance and Wizard's Pact relation improving effect adjusted

-Aura of Majesty now increases relation based on the current amount, the lower, the more effective.


-Fixed a bug introduced in 2.62, war declaration done by the AI causes random memory corruption.


-Bonus skill gained from Aether Binding and Sorcery Conjunction is now shown.

-Fixed bug : Stasis cast by other wizards is shown when it shouldn't, but not when it should.

-AI is required to keep 8 units in cities again and is limited back to sending one at a time.

-Fixed : Dwarf and Klackon engineers have double the normal movement.

-Fixed bug : AI engineers get stuck when trying to build into a city already containing 9 units.

-Raise Dead now costs 40 MP.

-In the optional portrait files, the Healer hero's unit sprites have been redrawn to match the character name and portrait.

-Adjusted AI to AI positive diplomacy chance and effect power since the original only worked at a 1/140 chance per turn. Effect is now stronger to make up for AI not having any other positive diplomacy options like tributes,trading (they can trade but gain no REL points for it) which the human player has. This boost is necessary because a wizard's pact or aura of majesty is no longer able to max out REL on its own since 2.67.

-For optional wizards, the default retort on Silver is now Alchemy instead of Artificier, and she has 6 Sorcery books with 5 Life instead of the opposite.

-When the AI selects which units to attack by melee troops, combat summoned units receive a significantly lower priority.


-Dead AI unit no longer attempt to finish their movement – causes merging and teleporting units to come back to life with zero figures!

-When AI unit already killed the target in melee and has movement remaining it will not move into the tile occupied by the target, but will stay available for moving again to do something

-Fixed : When an AI melee unit is trying to attack again after it already killed a unit, it sometimes fails to move or moves less than able (especially merging units)

-Fixed : AI units spend 1 movement point extra when attacking with a merging or teleporting unit, resulting in the units failing to attack twice

-Teleporting and merging units will always consider every enemy to be in range when calculating priorities for a melee target, so closer units will not get selected over further units just because of distance – unless they have only 1 movement left.


-When targeting a combat summon, tiles adjacent to a hero have higher priority than tiles adjacent to other units, but less than tiles adjacent to invisible units.

-When targeting a combat summon, if it's a melee ground unit, enemy flying units will be ignored, since they cannot be attacked anyway.

- The AI will now recognize if a unit is unable to do anything in combat faster.

- The AI will priorize expansion before turn 35 instead of turn 50 to close the gap that makes them vulnerable to early attacks.


-AI wizards are now able to cast Earth Gate again

-AI wizards can now move units through Earth Gate. Every turn they'll pool together all units in cities equipped with earth gates (per plane) and put the best 9 units into the fortress, the others divided evenly between all other cities, with earlier founded cities having priority if there are fewer of a unit type than cities.

-Adjusted AI spell trading priorities – including Earth Gate.

-AI now sends only one priest/shaman to purify a tile of corruption

-AI can now recognize multiple tiles of corruptions and send purifies to each one

-AI will no longer attempt to use heroes to purify

-AI now correctly recognize the area belonging to a city when deciding on purify

-AI will send units to purify AFTER attacking targets but still before stackbuilding, leaving continent and defensive moves so attacking targets takes precedence over purification, but anything else does not.

-The AI is now able to target volcanoes and hills with Change Terrain.

-Gold income per city is no longer capped at 255 gold.

-Fixed AI gold per city overflow bug : AI bonus gold was added after the 255 cap check, resulting in the AI receiving less gold than it should (for example 258 gold->2 gold after cutting the overflow)

-Fixed AI production per city and power per city overflow bugs. If overflow would happen, the AI receives the maximum possible 255 power or production from the city instead of a lower amount.

-Added a cap of 30k gold for total income per turn to prevent overflow into negativ income. I don't expect people or even AI to run into that, but just in case. An AI might run into it if playing stuff like inquisitor with prosperity and having 50+ cities.

-The AI now has access to Spell Save modifier information when deciding on spells to cast and targets for them.

-The AI now considers the Spell Save modifier of items when targeting Drain Life or Syphon Life.

-The AI now considers the Spell Save modifier of items when targeting spell group 12 – Resist or Die spells : Banish, Petrify, Exorcise, Disintegrate, Annihilate

-The AI now considers the Spell Save modifier of items when targeting spell group 13 – Curses : Confusion, Vertigo, Creature Binding, Black Sleep, Weakness

-The AI now considers the Spell Save modifier of items when targeting spell group 16 – Curses : Possession, Shatter

-Fixed bug : AI wasn't aware of the save modifier of Shatter and Possession when trying to cast them.

-Spacing of icons on detailed resouce view now depends on amount of resources to fit in the window.

-Steam Cannons now require an University and have 2 less armor but don't require the Miner's Guild.

-Catapults now cost 70.

-Fixed : Corruption appears under Nightshade, Wild Game and Orihalcon instead of over them.

-Gaze attacks on Chaos Spawn now corretly show a negative gaze modifier.

-Fixed : Combat heroism doesn't increase the effect of hero abilities.

-Fixed : Combat heroism ignores warlord and crusade.

-EXP received in combat levels up units immediately instead of at the start of next turn.

-At end of combat, the level up dialog is shown if a hero levels up

-The hero level up dialog shows the new level of the hero, not 1 level above its old level if it gained multiple levels.

-The Quick Casting on AI controlled Demon Lords now works.

-Fixed bug : Game crashes on turn 384+

-Fixed bug : When a webbed unit is raised or animated from the dead, web is removed from it but it still cannot be webbed again as though it was already webbed.

-AI will now try to rampage in the city even if there is a city wall.

-AI will no longer give up chasing a fast unit if that unit is affected by sleep, confusion, stasis or web.

-Fixed some palette problems on optional wizard portraits.

-Completely replaced AI ship boarding procedure with a new, correctly working one. Note that the new procedure assumes every ship can carry any amount of units and will not work correctly otherwise.

-The undead/zombies raised window will no longer be shown after strategic combat because it causes data corruption for an unknown reason. (Zombies and undead will be created as normal)

-If the player picks Myrran, there are a minimum of 2 Myrran wizards on hard or higher difficulty including 4 enemy wizards.


-When an AI settler and a stack of units try to board the same ship at the same time, it'll no longer fail due to assigning too many units.

-Fixed bug : AI settlers does not check if a ship is fully loaded before trying to get in.

-Fixed bug : When AI settlers is trying to get into a ship, it does not order the ship to stay there and wait for it. The ship might leave the shore before the settler gets to move.

-Increased the number of ships the AI wants to have by 2. (5+(turns/32)*(5-Land Size)) instead of 3+same. Main reason, continent segmentation on large/huge lands, and more efficient ship boarding system (ship can get called for any location where units want to get in, not just one place per continent) require more ships in general.

-When a wizard already researching the Spell of Mastery finds spellbooks, researching is interrupted, and progress is stored in the “spell of mastery remaining cost” variable. New reseach can be selected immedaitely (however, only from the first book, if two were found)

-The AI's priority to cast Healing or Healing Charge is now capped at 66 like Dispel Magic. This still makes healing powerful units top priority, but not exceeding critical spells like High Prayer in a large battle or Crack's Calling or Disintegrating an enemy hero.

-AI will now priorize hero types that are likely to stay in capital when equipping. Equipping priority of all heroes adjusted.

-AI naval and intercontinental attacks now recognize wind walking and floating island as effects that allow the entire enemy stack to participate in battle when calculating enemy stack strength.

-Tranquility has been renamed to Enlightenment. Now provides +9 EXP per turn for all heroes owned by the caster.

-First Strike only works on figures with 24 or lower remaining health. If a figure would take 25 or more damage to kill, it'll still get to retaliate.

-Neutral enemies units are worth half the normal amount of EXP since they are much easier to defeat than armies of other wizards.

-EXP value of all fantastic units is revised. Normal units are still worth 1+(cost/32) EXP. Fantastic units are worth 1 to 25 EXP depending on their type. This also affects the amount of undead these creatures can raise as, or raised by in Strategic combat.

-The AI will not keep certain unit types behind city walls and will always use them to move out and attack if able, even if the enemy does not have ranged superiority or mana leak.

-Fixed bug : Itemmake.exe allows selecting invalid icons and crashes.


-Adjusted AI resurrection priorities.

-Fixed AI thinking Magic Spirit, Phantom Warrior and Phantom Beast as nonsea units and attacking them with only a Floating Island due to the army having 0 sea units in it to fight back.

-When a Settler builds a city, it is transformed into a Swordsmen of its own race.

-Lizardmen settlers now cost 100 to build.

-Settlers require a Smithy to build.

-When the AI already has 2 settlers active, they are required to build a Fighter's Guild instead of anything else to make sure military is developed and no overextension happens. However Dwarf cities build Builder's Hall and University instead, to unlock engineers and steam cannons.

-When the AI already has a Figher's Guild in a city, they are required to have at least 4 units in garssion before they can produce a Settler.

-AI settlers will not try to head towards spots that are not reachable for them (path blocked by units or lairs)

-When the Settler is trying to move to the nearest shore to leave continent, it'll move to a tile adjacent to the shore instead of in a range of 2!

-When the Settler is trying to move to the nearest shore to leave continent, tiles already containing 9 units will not be considered as valid targets.


-The AI now priorizes having 4 defending units higher than building the Fighter's Guild.

-Extreme preference of building units if a Fighter's Guild is present for Barbarians and Gnolls has been reduced so that they'll get a chance to build other buildings too.

-The AI will priorize the Ship Wright's Guild on all land sizes now to avoid island start problems, and ensure a timely and sufficent supply of ships. Since even Huge land is separated to at least 3 continents, the ships will be useful regardless of map size. SWG is a cheap building so this should not slow down the AI much. Producing actual ships still doesn't have an extra priority unless the land size is small or below.


-Undid : Settlers require a Smithy to build.

-Updated some predefined items


-AI equips heroes with items smarter. Equipping procedure completely rewritten.

-When units move randomly to look for a target to attack in combat, they will now move on a straight line and will immediately stop and attack if they discover an invisible unit.

-Fixed a memory corruption bug introduced in an earlier version by a typo.

-The AI will not use units to cast Counter Magic in combat if they have less than 35 mana.

-The AI will now only cast Great Unsummoning if the number of enemy fantastic creatures with 12 or lower resistance – allied fantastic creatures of the same is >=5.

-Updated some predefined items

-Rangers are now a stronger unit that requires an Armorer's Guild and has 6 melee, 7 ranged, 4 armor, 8 resistance, 3 movement, 4 health, 4 figures and 6 ammo of arrows

-Fixed AI Disrupt use : It now checks for presence of walls at the correct location instead of outside the battlefield. Fixed the same bug for Crack's Call too, however as that targets units first and walls only if no units are legal targets, in this case the AI goes with the assumption that flying units are most likely behind the walls, so instead of the front, it targets the two towers at back to open a path into the city area where it is least likely units can stop it. If the number of defenders is low enough, this should make it easy to enter the city.

-AI Disrupt use, wall tiles to target and their order of destruction changed to be more effective.

-AI now considers Disrupt a type B (use when at advantage) spell with +10 priority.

-The AI is now forced to reevaluate all continents when a settler boards a ship to make sure it is not going to be sent back where it comes from.

-When the AI selects a main settling continent, it will now check for the availability of a valid spot for building on that continent.

-When the AI selects a main settling continent, selecting continents that are of any type are allowed, except ones with no owned cities yet and existing enemy army presence of at least 1200 production cost total.

-Allied units no longer count as “enemy presence” in global continent evaluations.

-AI teleporting units moving backwards before ranged action should now work.

-If the AI is low on mana, it'll try to conserve it and spend less on unimportant battles.