Alyssa Searrs by Seravy (

Name Command Cost How to use Type Effect
Light attack a Medium attack b Strong attack c Power Charge Start - Standing - Charges faster for each Synchronization Point.
Quick Bolt x 20% Any A,NP A fast projectile that moves forward. Slow Bolt y 20% Any A,NP A slow projectile that moves forward and does more damage. Quick Beam DFx 20% Any A,SP A fast, thin beam attack. Slow Beam DFy 20% Any A,SP A slow, thick, more powerful beam attack. Eruption D+y 20% Standing C,NP A burst of energy from the ground where the opponent is standing. Seraphim Feather I DBy 20% Standing A,SP 3 arrow projectiles that provide cover fire to the area directly in front. Limited to one at a time. Seraphim Feather II DBx 20% Standing A,SP 3 arrow projectiles that move directly forward after a significant delay. Limited to one at a time. Seraphim Feather III DDx 20% Standing A,SP One arrow projectile that traces the position of the opponent and gets released towards them. Song of Angels DDy 20% Standing S,SP Unblockable. Standing opponents will fall. Misses opponents in the air. Synchro-Cancel zz 1 SP Any - Cancel any normal or danmaku attack into any other.
Passive ability : Synchronization -Gain 1 Synchronization point every 10 seconds. -Gain 1 Synchronization point whenever the opponent is down. -Lose 1 Synchronization point when down.
Graze forward : YES Graze Back : YES Graze up(super jump) : YES Air graze : YES Air graze limit : 1 Super Moves
Apollo Blast
A fast, powerful beam attack. Command : D,F,z Cost : 1000 Type : A,HP Hestia
A blast of concentrated energy. High destructive power but hard to aim. Command : D,B,z Cost : 1000 Type : A,HP Celestial Area
A sudden outburst of power. Invincible. Command : D,D,z Cost : 2000 Type : S,HP Muspelheim
Bursts of energy come from the ground, filling the antire area. A very unpredictable attack. Synchronization increases the frequency of the blasts, making it more reliable and powerful. Command : D,B,D,B,z Cost : 2000 Type : S,HP Mysteltainn
A very powerful, uninterruptable attack. An arrow that causes a huge explosion and damages everywhere. Dampening has halved effect on this attack. Command : D,F,D,F,z Cost : 3000 Type : A,HT Golden Lightning
An attack of massive destruction unleashed by Artemis. Unblockable. Will KO most opponents. The collateral damage will reduce Alyssa's health to 1. Command : D,B,D,F,z Cost : 3000 and 8 Synchronization Points Type : A,HT Blessings of Artemis
This ability activates automatically while having 3 or more Synchronization Points, less than 75% health, while charging power and reaching 4000 or higher. Convert powerbar into health. Higher synchronization speeds up this process. Boost defense based on synchronization while in effect. Cannot charge power while in effect. Ratio of conversion is 111 health for every 1000 power. This effect is cancelled when falling down, using a super move, running out of power, or having maximum health. Command : None