Archer by Seravy ( original author : Kuri
Command Name Condition Type Cost Effect
D,D,z UBW activation Standing - - Activates Unlimited Blade Works mode. Works only after all required lines of text was displayed. Text is displayed while defending or being hit for long durations, or when taking 200 or more damage from a single attack. D,F,z 7 Swords Standing,UBW A,HA 1000 Summon swords that fly forward. This attack provides full invincibility for its duration. D,B,z 100 Swords Standing,UBW A,HA 2000 Summon swords that fall from the sky. This attack provides full invincibility for its duration. D,D,c 1000 Swords Standing,UBW S,NA 5000 Hit the opponent with a normal attack. If it connects, pierce him with lots of swords. This is an instant KO move.
D,D,y Binding Chain Standing S,HA 3000 Chains come out of the ground and damage the opponent. This attack gives invincibility while using, and you can combo a Tornado Drill after it. D,B,c Tornado Drill Standing A,HA 2000 Generate a huge tornado in horizontal direction. D,F,c Flying Kick Standing A,HA 1000 Jump up in the air, and kick through the screen. Unguarable in the Air, and grazes through NP and SP type projectiles. D,F,y Skyshoot Standing A,HP 1000 Shoot an explosive arrow upwards. D,F,y Groundshoot Air A,HP 1000 Shoot an explosive arrow into the ground. D,B,y Combo Rush Standing S,HT 1000 Dash forward and hit the enemy multiple times. This move dodges all NA type hits. start Call Rin Any S,SP 1000 Rin fires some ice at the opponent.
D,D,a b or x Throw Knife Standing A,NP - The button used in the command determines the speed and damage of the knife. Faster knives do less damage. D,F,x Arrow Shot Standing,Air A,NP - Shot three arrows forward. F,D,x Down Arrow Shot Air A,NP - Shot three arrows down.
c Thunderstance Standing S,ST - Useable while guarding. Envelops yourself in electricity, striking anyone nearby. The electricity running through your body renders you immune to pain, so this move isn't interrupted by hits. You do take double damage, from hits, however, and using the move itself damages your body. B+a Double Kick Standing C,NA;S,NA First hit unguardable while standing, second guardable only when standing B+b High cut Standing A,NA - Can be used as a counter while guarding. Ungurdable in Air. Counters NA and NT moves. F,D,b Double high cut Standing A,NA - Multiple hits ending with a high cut. Ungurdable in Air. D,B,x Combo Cut Standing S,NA - Multiple hits. F+c Throw Standing S,NT - - B+c Throw back Standing S,NT - - F+b Double Cut Standing S,NA - Two hits a,b,x,y Normal attacks z Launcher for air Combos
Graze forward : YES Graze Back : Jump Graze up(super jump) : YES Air graze : YES Air graze limit : 1

Unlimited Blade Works mode
While in this mode, your power regeneration, life regeneration, and defense is increased, and you have access to some additional attacks.