Aura by Seravy (
Command Name Condition Type Effect
a Basic Hacking - NA basic light "punch" b Kick Standing S,NA unguardable while standing x Strong Hacking - NA basic hard "punch" D,F,x Data Flow - NT Envelop the opponent in an orb of data and push him against the wall at high speed. Unguardable. c+direction Teleport - - Doesn't work unless the second Phase of Morganna is activated.
Bar cost attacks
c Protected Area Bar A,NA Close range continous attack (hold down c). Works as counterattack against NA,SA or NT attacks. D,B,x Infinite Telekinesis Bar NT A telekinetic attack that lasts until your bar runs out. y Data Fragment 50 Bar A,NP Fast, Spammable, low damage projectile D,B,y Data Block 200 Bar A,NP Homing slow projectile D,F,y Data Beam 200 Bar A,SP A simple, slow beam attack D,D,y Summon Guardian 400 Bar - Summons a Guardian that attacks the opponent using Data Beams. The guardian is immune to physical (NA,SA,HA,NT) damage. Only the center of the Guardian can take damage.
Graze forward : YES Graze Back : YES Graze up(super jump) : YES Air graze : YES Air graze limit : 5

Super Moves

Data Highway
A close range attack that provides full invincibility. The damage isn't that good. Command : D,D,z Cost : 1000 Type : S,HP Data Drain
A special attack that drains data from an opponent. Cannot be guarded, but can be interrupted by hits. It is not affected by damage dampening and always does full damage if it hits. Command : D,F,z Cost : 2000. Free to use when the opponent is under Protect Break status. Type : A,HT Drain Arc
An improved version of Data Drain that was originally desined to hit two opponents at once. Although it is not necessarily used for that, it is capable of doing more damage and is faster than the regular Data Drain, however, it is also easier to avoid by movement, including grazing, and it is interruptable for the full duration. It is similar to Data Drain in that it cannot be guarded and the damage ignores dampening. Command : D,B,z Cost : 2000. Free to use when the opponent is under Protect Break status. Type : A,SP Drain Heart
The strongest form of Data Drain that affects a large area and does high damage. It can be guarded, unlike the more concetrated versions, but it does guarded damage, and it also provides full invincibility during the effect. The guarded damage is doubled if the opponent is under the Protect Break status. Command : D,B,D,F,z Cost : 3000. Type : A,HT Delete
Cannot be used unless the opponent is in protect break status. Delete the opponent for an instant victory. Works the same way as Data Drain, so it is easy to interrupt. Command : F,D,B,z Cost : 5000 Type : A,HT Key of the Twilight
Reconstruct your body when killed from backup data stored elsewhere. As it requires the understanding of the concept of Death, it cannot be used unless Skeith, the Terror of Death has been activated. Command : Automatic Cost : 6000 8 Phases of Morganna
Summon the 8 phases responsible of collecting data on human behavior and improvement of Aura's AI. Each use calls the next phase, so this attack can be used at most 8 times. When called, the phase executes a low damage unguardable attack. Each phase is a little bit stronger than the previous one. In addition, the data collected by the phase is integrated into your AI module, giving you additional abilities. Phase I - Skeith - The Terror of Death By providing understanding about the concept of death, it enables the Key of the Twilight ability. Phase II - Innis - The Mirage of Deceit By providing information about how to decieve others, it enables the Teleportation move. Phase III - Magus - The Propagation This information allows you to control up to 3 guardians at the same time. Phase IV - Fidchell - The Prophet This information allows you to refill your bar 50% faster Phase V - Gorre - The Schemer This program increases your hacking efficiency by halving the amount of time needed for a Protect Break. Phase VI - Macha - The Temptress This information improves your homing Data Block projectile. Phase VII - Tarvos - The Avenger This information allows you to control up to 6 guardians at the same time. Phase VIII - Corbenik - The Rebirth The final phase enables you to regenerate damage to your body. Passive Abilities
Firewall Attacks that do over 5000 damage in a single hit do greatly reduced damage on Aura. Data Hiding Data Drain and Delete has no effect on Aura. Virtual Body Aura doesn't gain life from healing attacks. Infiltration Use a hacking module to infiltrate the data of the enemy. After a certain amount of time, Protect Break appears on the opponent indicating that the hacking is completed. Hitting the opponent, even if the attacks are guarded, speeds up this process. Opponents under Protect Break status do half damage on Aura, and many super moves have improved performance against them. System Plugins Aura takes 5% less damage for each summoned Guardian.
Press S,S,S during intro to activate DEBUG mode! (Alternatively, you can use the AuraDebug.Def file)
In Debug mode, the following information will be automatically displayed : State number of characters with green number. Damage taken by characters in red number floating upwards. Life gained by characters in green number floating upwards. Power gained by characters in blue number floating upwards. Power lost in yellow number floating upwards. Total damage taken in red number (displayed above state number) Debug mode controls : START : Toggle Debug Mode Control panel ON/OFF. While the control panel is turned on, the character cannot move. F,B : Move cursor left/right on parameter number U,D : Increase or decrese parameter's current digit (shown in yellow) c,z : Scroll through the list of commands to perform a : Perform Selected Action using the selected parameter number b : Toggle attack analisys ON/OFF. Starts enabled. Displays startup and posthit time of incoming attacks, frame advantage, number of hits and total damage from the attack. Note that these only function corrently if you are not attacking. Debug mode commands : 1.Damage Does damage equal to selected parameter. Damage affects entire screen. Hitdef attr is controlled by first digit of parameter number the following way : First Digit Hitdefattr 0 A,NA 1 A,SA 2 A,HA 3 A,NP 4 A,SP 5 A,HP 6 A,NT 7 A,ST 8 A,HT 9 C,HT The damage affects all opponents. The hit has zero hittime. 2.State Hits the entire screen with an attack that puts the opponent into his own state number equal to the selected parameter number. Affects all opponents, the hitdefattr used is A,HT. 3.VarList Lists the opponent's variables. Activate again to go to the next page. There are 5 pages. 4.Anim Displays the opponent's parameter numberth animation 5.Enemyvarset Sets the enemy's int variables directly. The first two digits of the parameter number selects the variable, and the remaining digits are the value it will be set to. Example : Parameter number 1200421 sets the opponent's var(12) to 421. 6.Clear Set all total damage display counters back to 0 7.Slow Slows down everything. Everything is parameter number times slower. Uses Superpause for the effect. 8.NoGB Disables Background In Debug mode, you can move freely in air (Fly), and your life is not reduced by taking damage.