Ayu is a melee fighter, with exceptional speed and powerful anti-magic ability, but
her attacks are generally weak, and she is bad at attacking from a long distance.
She can call for partners who attack randomly for additional support, and the partners
can also perform two additional super moves each.

	Commander Ayu 
	by Seravy (http://seravy.x10.mx/Wordpress)

Name Command Cost How to use Type Effect
Light Attack a - - NA - Med Attack b - - NA - Hard Attack c - - NA - Uppercut D,F,a - Standing NA Launcher (press "up" to jump). Kick F+b - Standing NA Jump forward and kick while dodging NA and SA attacks Throw F+c - Standing S,NT Not affected by damage dampening Special Uppercut D,F,c - Standing S,SA As D,F,a but also move forward. Faster, but does less damage. Special Punch D,B,c - Standing S,SA - Downstrike D+c - Air A,NA - Air Throw x - Air A,ST - Spin Cutter y - Standing A,NA Holding Up or Down goes higher Taiyaki Throw D,F,b - Non-Air A,NP - Taiyaki Jump D,B,y - Any A,SA Downward hit unguardable while crouching. Also caounts as a grazing attack. Dash x - Standing A,SA Fall if it misses or is guarded.
Bar cost attacks
Energy Bomb D,D,c 250 Standing S,SA A full invincibility unguardable attack that does low damage, isn't affected by damage dampening, and makes the opponent fall far away, making combos impossible. Magic Shield D,F,x 60/sec Standing - Immunity to magic and throws (NP,SP,HP,NT,ST,HT) Reflect Barrier Back+x 60/sec Standing A,NP Reflect NP and SP type Projectiles. The reflected damage is not affected by damage dampening. Summon Partner Start 500 Standing - Summons Shiori, Sayuri or Mai. Pressing a directional key determines the character summoned : Down = Shiori, Back = Mai, Forward = Sayuri. Only one partner can be summoned at a time. Taiyaki Rain D,F,D,F,b 500 Standing A,SP -
Laser Cannon D,F,y 1000 Standing A,HP - Raging Smash D,F,a 1000 Air A,HT Unguardable Super Speed D,D,z 2000 Standing - Greatly improves your speed for a short duration. Superdive D,D,y 2000 Standing S,HT Unguardable, invincibility against non-throw type attacks Gigapunch F,D,B,c 2000 Standing S,HA - Feather Storm D,B,D,B,z 3000 Standing A,HP More damage if your charge bar is on maximum.
Partner moves
Windstorm Automatic - Shiori - Pushes the opponent backwards Icebird Assault Hold Down+x 2000 Shiori A,HP - Miracle Recover Hold Down+y 2000 Shiori C,HT Heals both players. Magical - Shot Automatic - Sayuri A,NP - Magical - SuperStar Hold Down+y 1000 Sayuri A,SP - Magical - On Stage Hold Down+x 4000 Sayuri A,HT - Sword Slash Automatic - Mai A,NA - Rapid Slicing Hold Down+x 2000 Mai S,HA - Shockwave Impact Hold Down+y 3000 Mai C,HA -
Graze forward : YES Graze Back : YES Graze up(super jump) : YES, also diagonal graze up from ground. Air graze : YES Air graze limit : 5
Shiori, and Sayuri have 500 HP, Mai has 250 HP. They automatically guard normal attacks, but take no guarded damage. Normal projectiles miss them. They take damage from all specials and supers,both projectiles and attacks. They cannot be thrown.