Bernkastel by Seravy ( original author : Baggy
Command Name Condition Type Effect
a/b/c Normals - NA - x+direction Teleport - - - DF a/b/c Crystal Blast - A,SP Release 2 crystals that each fire a projectile at the opponent DB a/b/c Scythe Strike Ground S,SA Invincibility to NA/SA attacks on startup. A fast scythe strike. DB a/b/c Scythe Strike Air A,SP Invincibility to NA/SA attacks on startup. A projectile attack directed towards the ground. Start Call striker 1 Need ctrl Start+down Call striker 2 Need ctrl
Crystal Laser ------------- Fire laser beams forwards quickly. Invincible except during cooldown. Command : D,F,z Cost : 1000 power Type : A,HP Blue Truth --------------- A fullscreen attack which is unaffected by dampening. Command : D,B,z Cost : 2000 power Type : A,HT Red Truth --------------- Can only be used after a successful hit of "Blue Truth", and it's unguardable. Command : D,B,z Cost : 1000 power Type : A,HT Witches' Eye ------------------ A powerful illusion attack that only works at close range. Unguardble, but missing on opponents in hit/blockstun, like throws. The damage is roughly 37% of the maximum health of the target. Command : D,D,z Cost : 3000 power Type : A,HT Witches' World -------------- A powerful, unblockable attack. Be careful, as it can be interrupted during startup. Command : D,F,D,F,z Cost : 4000 power Type : A,HT
Graze forward : YES Graze Back : Jump Graze up(super jump) : YES Air graze : YES Air graze limit : 5