Byakuren Hijiri by Seravy ( Sprites by Gomashiro
Originally a user of white magical powers as a Buddhist priestess, she came into contact with black magic when she found the spell of rejuvenation she was desperately searching for. Since then, she practices both types of magic to great success, and managed to be friends with humans and youkai for a while, until humans found out about her dark side and sealed her away.
Command Name Type Cost Condition Effect
a Light attack S,NA - Standing - b Strong attack S,NA - Standing - F/B+a Scroll Smash S,NA - Standing Knocks the opponent far away D,B,a Low spin attack C,NA - Standing Unguardable while standing, makes the opponent fall D,F,a Jump attack A,NA - Standing Jump forward and attack from above. Unguardable while standing. D+a Cr. Light attack C,NA - Standing Unguardable while standing D+b Cr. Strong attack C,NA - Standing Unguardable while standing D,B,b Grazing strong attack S,NA - Standing Same as b, but graze forward before attacking. D,F,b Scroll Launcher S,NA - Standing A scroll strike that hits the opponent up into the air. a Light attack A,NA - Air - F+a Scroll Smash A,NA - Air Knocks the opponent far away b Strong attack A,NA - Air Hit the opponent upwards D+b Spin Kick A,NA - Air Kick the opponent downwards. They will bounce from the ground.
D,F,c Superhuman Move A,SA 40% Standing An extremly fast dashing attack into the air. Unguardable in air. Immune to non-hyper, non-throw attacks while moving. D,B,c Superhuman Kick A,SA 40% Standing Jump forward and kick. Unguardable while crouching. Immune to non-hyper, non-throw attacks while moving. x Light Blaster A,NP 20% Any Fire several smaller projectiles quickly. D+x Light Barrier - 20% Any Create a barrier that reflects projectiles. The barrier releases one projectile for each 20 damage taken. D,F,x Light Bolt A,SP 20% Any A powerful horizontal moving projectile. The enemy gains a noticeable amount of power when it is guarded. D,D,x Summon Light Sword - - Any Summon a light sword. They automatically fly towards the opponent when you graze a projectile, and you can store up to 9. D,B,x Release Light Swords A,SP 20% Any Fire all your light swords at the opponent. c Light Beam A,SP 20% Any Summon 2 lotuses that fire beams. If the lotuses are hit, the beam will be cancelled. D+c Shadow Beam A,SP 20% Any Fire the beams below and above yourself instead of directly ahead. Unlike the Light version, this one damages guarding players. y Shadow Blaster A,NP 20% Any Lower damage than the Light Blaster and moves slower, but reduces enemy power bar instead of filling it on hit. D+y Shadow Barrier A,NP 20% Any Absorb projectiles with a barrier. Convert the energy to power. The duration is low, but it is effective against hypers as well. D,F,y Shadow Bolt A,SP 20% Any A weaker version of Light Bolt that stuns for a while and gives no power to the opponent when being guarded. Will miss if the opponent is in the hitstun of a previous Shadow Bolt. D,D,y Shadow Bomb Charge - - Any Summon a shadow orb. They can't be fired on their own, you need to use the Shadow Bomb move to use them, but otherwise work similar to Light Swords. D,B,y Shadow Bomb A,SP 20% Any Fire a Shadow Bomb projectile from you shadow orbs. The projectile gets stronger as more orbs are included. Has no effect if you didn't summon any shadow orbs. Each additional orb adds 15% damage, increases projectile size, and adds the following effect : 2 orbs : Projectile also damages enemy powerbar 3 orbs : Drains enemy power instead of damaging it 4 orbs : Projectile stuns for a long duration 5 orbs : Cannot be grazed (becomes HP type) 6 orbs or more : Becomes unguardable These effects are cumulative.
s Select Spellcard z Use Spellcard (consume card) D,D,z Declare Card (consume card) D,F,z Use Declared Spell Card (25% lower cost, does not consume any cards) D,D,c Bomb A,HT 1 Bomb Any Pushes the opponent back while being invincible for a short time. Does no damage. Requires bombs to be enabled in c Chain Spellcard (only while using another, appropriate spell)
Graze forward : YES Graze Back : YES Graze up(super jump) : YES Air graze : YES Air graze limit : 5
Combo sequence : a,a or D+a -> b or d+b -> F+a -> D,B,a -> D,F,a -> D,F,b -> Danmaku/spellcards D,B,b -> any of the above except F+a
The top, thinner bar is called Burden Bar, and it represents the damage dampening. The closer the bar is to being full, the lower your damage output is. The bar shows the damage reduction in percentage : A full bar means your attacks will do zero damage. The bottom, thicker bar is called Danmaku Bar, and it is the power you need for most projetile/special moves. If you use the entire bar up, it'll be turned into red, and moves that require bar will be unavailable until it is filled to the max. It fills slowly all the time except when using skills that consume it, and faster if the opponent has fallen to the ground. Moves that need this bar have the required amount listed in the COST column, where the whole bar equals 1000. The two star icons in front of the bars are the Bombs. You can use them via the D,D,c command, and it will make a nearby opponent fall, while giving you invicibility for a short duration. You can gain new bombs at random when hitting the opponent, and start each match with one. You can see your spellcards at the bottom of the screen. (If they are not there, make sure you are using the correct screen resolution ratio of 4:3) Grazing
By holding the z button down and pressing a directional key, the character will move quickly in that direction. This movement is so fast that you can avoid being hit by projectiles while moving this way. It doesn't work against hyper projectiles (those with a type of HP listed), which is unlike the original Touhou games, so you have to be more careful when to do this. In exchange, the guard break mechanism of the original game is not present here : You are free to guard as long as you wish, but be careful about chip damage, unguardables, and guarding in the wrong state : guarding all the time is rarely a good strategy. Card System
You can configure your deck of cards using the DeckConfig.exe utility. You can have any number of cards in your deck, and each card can have any number of copies. The deck can never run out, if it would, a new deck of the exact same contents is generated. When construction a deck, you have to -Include at least 5 different types of card. -Have no more than 50% of your deck made of the same card. The deck counstruction program won't allow you to break these rules, but you better know about them in advance, anyway. If you have any trouble with the spellcard system, delete the deck.dat file, restart Deckconfig.exe, ignore the error message, and save. Doing this will generate a new, empty deck configuration file. There are four types of card. -Skill cards will increase the power of one or more special attacks, or they give you a new move or passive ability. -Stage cards generate a permanent effect of some kind that, unlike a passive ability, has effects on something other than yourself. -Spell cards will provide a one-time effect when used, usually an attack, but sometimes other, more special effects. -System cards are spell cards that are common for all Touhou characters. You can declare a card, that allows you to use it without needing any copies of that card, and allows you to level it up. Skill cards cannot be declared. Stage cards cannot be used, only declared, they have a passive effect. When you attempt to use a Stage card, it will be automatically declared instead. Declaring a new card will remove the old declaration and all levels of that card will be lost. Declaring an already declared card will level it up by 1. Declaring a card costs 33% of the card's normal cost. Using a declared card costs 75% of the normal cost. The maximum level of a declared card is 4. If this level is reached, any further copies of the card are immediately removed from your deck. Declared Spell Cards sometimes also grant passive abilities. Cards that are ready to be used have a GREEN frame of light around them. Cards that can be declared have a RED frame. When performing a spell, you can sometimes chain another one, by the c button. You either need to select the card you will be chaining, or have it declared. Spells that allow chaining other spells have the spell listed in their description. Chaining a spell costs 1000 less power than using it, and there is no additional discount even if it is declared.


System Cards
A spellcard to recover your lost health. Heals 300 points of life when used. Cost : 2000 Level 1 : Heals 250 life points. Level 2 : Heals 260 life points. Passive : Slowly regenerate life while fighting. Level 3 : Heals 270 life points. Passive : Regenerate double the amount of life while fighting. Level 4 : Heals 280 life points. Passive : Regenerate triple the amount of life while fighting. New Card Album
Reinitializes your deck, and draws a new hand of five cards. The cost reduction doesn't apply when using your memorized spellcard. Level 1 : Reinitialize Deck. Level 2 : Reinitialize Deck. Passive : Using cards costs 10% less power. Level 3 : Reinitialize Deck. Passive : Using cards costs 20% less power. Level 4 : Reinitialize Deck. Passive : Using cards costs 30% less power. Danmaku Booster
A spellcard that refills your Danmaku bar by converting power. When used, your bar stays at maximum for 8 seconds, and you cannot gain power while this effect lasts, plus an additional three seconds after it ends. Cost : 1500 Level 1 : Bar stays at maximum for 8 seconds. Level 2 : Bar stays at maximum for 9 seconds. Passive : Your bar charges slightly faster while fighting. Level 3 : Bar stays at maximum for 10 seconds. Passive : Your bar charges faster while fighting. Level 4 : Bar stays at maximum for 11 seconds. Passive : Your bar charges even faster while fighting. Spell Cards
Divine Restoration
An "attack" that heals and reduces power bar. Hits everyone and fullscreen. Cost : 1000 Type : A,HT Level 1 : Heals 400 life and reduces power by 3000 Level 2 : Heals 450 life and reduces power by 4000 Level 3 : Heals 500 life and reduces power by 5000 Level 4 : Heals 550 life and reduces power by 6000 Focused Magic Barrier
A barrier that blocks incoming attacks. It draws some of its power from spell casting, so it is only active while using projectile moves or spell cards. In exchange, it costs a lot less than a fully active barrier spell would. Cost : 1000 Level 1 : Block up to 200 damage Level 2 : Block up to 250 damage Level 3 : Block up to 300 damage Level 4 : Block up to 350 damage Dawn of Power
A spell that generates additional power. Maintaining it slows your danmaku bar charge speed. This card has no effect while Danmaku Booster is active because it does the opposite of that card. Cost : 1000 Duration : 20 seconds Can be chained into : Diamond Ring Level 1 : Gain 3000 power. Danmaku bar charge speed is reduced to 25%. Level 2 : Gain 3300 power. Danmaku bar charge speed is reduced to 25%. Level 3 : Gain 3600 power. Danmaku bar charge speed is reduced to 25%. Level 4 : Gain 3900 power. Danmaku bar charge speed is reduced to 25%. Diamond Ring
A very powerful unguardable attack that utilizes both light and darkness. It takes a long time to prepare, but you are free to act during the whole duration except when it takes effect. The damage from the spell is not affected by burden, but all other damage done is reduced to 20% while it is damaging the opponent. Using the card while the previous one is still in effect does nothing, and this includes the 10 seconds of cooldown period as well! Cost : 3000 Duration : 10 seconds startup, 10 seconds effect, 10 seconds cooldown Type : A,HT Can be chained into : Dawn of Power Level 1 : 291 unguardable damage Level 2 : 321 unguardable damage Level 3 : 351 unguardable damage Level 4 : 381 unguardable damage Manifestation of Mahavairocana
An attack with a low cost, and great damage.Also targets the opponent's position directly. Unfortunately, it's slow, so it's easy to move out of its way, and it can be interrupted, too. Cost : 1000 Type : A,HP Level 1 : 216 damage, 40 guarded damage Level 2 : 228 damage, 50 guarded damage Level 3 : 240 damage, 60 guarded damage Level 4 : 252 damage, 70 guarded damage Omen in Purple Mist
A spell that generates a large number of projectiles in front of you. Can be used in air. The damage is horrible, but it lasts for a while, so it keeps any opponent busy who dares to come close. Grazing is not possible, the projectiles are too close to each other to avoid. The spell fails if you already have one summoned. Cost : 1000 Type : A,HP Level 1 : 7 seconds duration Level 2 : 8 seconds duration Level 3 : 9 seconds duration Level 4 : 10 seconds duration Butterfly of Makai
A medium damage spell that comes with full invincibility. Can be used in air. What makes it outstanding is the side effect it causes : on a successful hit to the opponent they will have reduced attack and defene for a duration. Cost : 1000 Type : A,HP Level 1 : 10 seconds duration, -20% attack and defense. Level 2 : 10 seconds duration, -25% attack and defense. Level 3 : 12 seconds duration, -25% attack and defense. Level 4 : 12 seconds duration, -33% attack and defense. Notes : -Due to the limitations of the Mugen engine, the spell will not trigger while the enemy is using an uninterruptable spell, because in that case it is impossible to distingiush the hit from a hit to a projectile, barrier or striker. I believe it triggering on a hit to any of those would be a much worse alternative. -Also due to the engine not having features to directly affect enemy defense and attack outside of a closed game environment, the spell will buff your own defense and attack instead to achieve this effect to take less and do more damage as though the opponent was affected. This means that everything will be affected not just the player you managed to hit, but all of their summons, projectiles, helpers, partners in simul, etc Both of these issues will be dealt with as soon as there is a new version of the engine that makes it possible, if that ever happens. Revealing Light Sword
A defensive spell that cuts out an area around you from normal space, rendering you invincible. You are unable to leave the area and the opponent is unable to enter, but attacks and projectiles can pass through. The huge glowing swords and the dimension anomaly can make people believe there is a god speaking from inside, so it's a great spell to convey "divine revelations" to your believers under god's name. The spell will fail if you attempt to cast it again while it is already in effect. Any power gain while inside the barrier doesn't happen, including the effect of "Dawn of Power" Cost : 2000 Can be chained into : Light Sword Strike Level 1: 10 seconds duration Level 2: 13 seconds duration Level 3: 16 seconds duration Level 4: 19 seconds duration Light Sword Strike
Summon a large number of light swords quickly to pierce the opponent. A simple but efficient offensive spell card. Cost : 2000 Can be chained into : Revealing Light Sword Type=A,HP Level 1 : ~271 damage Level 2 : ~295 damage Level 3 : ~325 damage Level 4 : ~350 damage Star Maelstorm
A powerful light element attack with a short range and full invincibility. Can be used in air. Cost : 2000 Type : A,HP Level 1 : Lowest damage Level 2 : More damage Level 3 : Even more damage Level 4 : Most damage Devil's Recitation
Byakuren's second most powerful spell, with full invincibility. Can be used in air. It does significant amounts of damage to guarding players as well. The only risk is the extremely slow startup, which gives time to the opponent to go behind you and avoid the hit. Cost : 3000 Type : A,HP Level 1 : Lowest damage Level 2 : More damage Level 3 : Even more damage Level 4 : Most damage Darkness Rejuvenation
The spell that grants eternal youth, which caused Byakuren to turn towards Black Magic. Byakuren practiced this spell until she was able to cast it even in the most critical situations. Can be used while being hit, excluding custom states. The large amount of dark energy involved damages anyone standing nearby. Cost : 4000 Type : A,HT Level 1 : Gain 500 life and do 150 unguardable damage. Level 2 : Gain 600 life and do 200 unguardable damage. Level 3 : Gain 700 life and do 250 unguardable damage. Level 4 : Gain 800 life and do 300 unguardable damage. Flying Fantastica
Byakuren's strongest offensive spell. Comes with full invincibility, can be used in air, and does considerable guarded damage. Does more damage when Byakuren is on low health and this bonus damage is applied to the guarded damage as well. The startup time is rather fast compared to its power. Cost : 4000 Type : A,HT Level 1 : High damage and guarded damage Level 2 : +100 damage and +50 guarded damage compared to level 1 Level 3 : +200 damage and +100 guarded damage compared to level 1 Level 4 : +300 damage and +150 guarded damage compared to level 1 Stage Cards
Master Sorceress
A spell that imporves the efficiency of using cards. Cost : 2000 Level 1 : When cards are used by the D,B,z command, they aren't used up when being cast. Level 2 : All cards count as though they were level 2 when being cast. Level 3 : All cards count as though they were level 3 when being cast. Level 4 : All cards count as though they were level 4 when being cast. Skill Cards
Superhuman Strength
All Physical attacks do +10% damage for each level Cost : 1000 Superhuman Toughness
Take less damage from attacks in combos. Has no effect when taking only one hit. Cost : 1000 Level 1 : Reduce all incoming damage by 6% Level 2 : Reduce all incoming damage by 12% Level 3 : Reduce all incoming damage by 18% Level 4 : Reduce all incoming damage by 24% Aiding Scroll
Byakuren's Scroll will cast a minor healing spell when its master falls to the ground. Cost : 1000 Level 1 : Gain 12 life,100 power, and 10% bar whenever falling to the ground, and stand up 1/12th second faster. Level 2 : Gain 24 life,200 power, and 20% bar whenever falling to the ground, and stand up 1/6th second faster. Level 3 : Gain 36 life,300 power, and 30% bar whenever falling to the ground, and stand up 1/4th second faster. Level 4 : Gain 48 life,400 power, and 40% bar whenever falling to the ground, and stand up 1/3rd second faster. Light Mastery
Powers up Light element attacks. Cost : 1000 All Levels : -Light Blaster : +10% additional damage/level, faster projectile -Light Bolt : +15% additional damage/level -Light Sword : +15% additional damage/level -Light Beam : +20% additional damage/level -Light Barrier : Fires more projectiles Dark Mastery
Powers up Dark element attacks. Cost : 1000 All Levels : -Shadow Blaster : Do more power damage to the opponent when hitting -Shadow Bolt : +25% additional damage/level -Shadow Bomb : Lv1-3 works as though you had +1 orbs for each level. Lv4 adds 30% damage. -Shadow Beam : +20% additional damage/level -Shadow Barrier : Each level increases power gained by 25% Grand Mastery
Upgrade all other skill cards by one level each at once for a reduced cost. This ability cannot be cancelled into grazing, attacks or other skill cards. Cost : 3000