Flandre Scarlet RP Version by Seravy (http://seravy.x10.mx/Wordpress)
Flandre Scarlet, the younger sister of Remilia Scarlet and the Extra stage boss of Embodiment of Scarlet Devil. She is mostly locked up in the Scarlet Devil Mansion's basement due to her immense destructive power. she can destroy any matter simply by moving the "eye" of the object into her hand and crushing it. Because she is always locked in the basement, she has virtually no contact with the world outside the mansion and has never seen a live human other than Sakuya Izayoi, Reimu Hakurei, and Marisa Kirisame. Her lack of contact with the outdoors also means she has no experience, and, being a vampire like her sister, she cannot properly drink blood, which leads to her being fed her meals instead. Her lack of experience also affects her ability to control her power in combat, usually leading to her accidentally destroying whatever or whomever she comes into contact with.
Command Name
a Weak attack b Med. attack c Strong attack F+c Throw z+dir Graze up/back/forward, alternative command : FF,BB,DU Start Power Charge
D,D,a/b/c Shockwave - Flandre will leap up with a ball of energy, smashing it into the ground when she lands. The B and C versions can grab airborne opponents and slam them into the ground. The shockwave itself can only be blocked low and cannot hit airborne opponents. A version: Fast, shortest range B version: Slower, medium range, grabs airborne opponents C version: Slower, longest range, grabs airborne opponents D,B,a/b/c Counter Clock - Flandre will launch a spinning clockwork gear, which will bounce off walls. A version: Fires horizontal B version: Fires 45 degrees upward (ground) or downward (air) C version: Fire both A and B versions, but the startup time is much slower D,F,a/b/c Laevatein - Flandre swings her infamous sword of destruction, launching the opponent skyward. The sword can also OTG. A version: Fastest, but low damage. B version: Slower, hits twice. C version: Slowest, hits four times, has startup invulnerabilty against NA and SA attacks, causes wallslam B,F,a/b/c Destruction Arrow - Flandre will leap upward and back, thrusting herself forward and down. If Flandre is clinging to a wall or is otherwise in the air, she will immediately dash A version: Fast, lowest damage, grazing B version: Slower, causes wallslam, grazing C version: Fast, highest damage, grazing, but you'll get hurt on impact.
----------------------------- Level 1 Spellcards ----------------------------- * D,F,D,F,a - Taboo "Lavatein" [G Only] - Flandre takes out the infamous sword of destruction and slams it above the opponent's head. If it successfully makes contact, it will groundslam the opponent upward, with Flandre following after him/her while spinning the sword wildly. Can only be blocked high or in the air. * D,F,D,F,b - Taboo "Cranberry Trap" [G Only] - Flandre will summon eyes that will traverse the walls of the stage, aiming at the opponent and shooting as they move. Useful as cover fire. Flandre cannot charge power during this spellcard's duration. * D,F,D,F,c - Taboo "Hell Catastrophe" [GA] - Flandre will rise into the air as a magic circle appears under her, shooting energy upwards. Cannot be blocked in the air, and has full invincibility. -------------------------------- Level 1.5X Spellcard (counts as Lv2 for spellcard selection) -------------------------------- * D,B,D,B,a - Taboo "Four of a Kind" [G Only] - Flandre will summon 3 additional copies of herself, which will follow her movements for a limited time. During this time, juggle checking will be disabled, as well as using other spellcards, power charging, and EX specials. The length of the effect depends on how much power Flandre has, and all of it will be used up. ----------------------------- Level 2 Spellcards ----------------------------- * D,B,D,B,b - Forbidden Barrage "Starbow Break" [GA] - Flandre will rush back and forth across the screen, lasers trailing her along the way. Flandre becomes immune to projectiles during the attack. Also provides immunity to crouching attacks. Due to the attack coming from both directions, holding both forward and back is sometimes necessary to guard against it. * D,B,D,B,c - Taboo "Kagome Kagome" [G Only] - Flandre will initiate a slash that, if it makes contact, will trap the opponent in a cage as Flandre mercilessly tortures her opponent with a stream of shots. The initial slash is unblockable and there is invincibility against physical attacks on startup. ----------------------------- Level 3 Spellcards ----------------------------- * D,B,F,a - Q.E.D. "Ripples of 495 Years" [GA] - Flandre will rise up into the air, gathering a ball of energy. The ball will implode upon itself, sending out shockwaves across the screen. This attack provides full invincibility while used. * D,B,F,b - Secret Barrage "And Then Will There Be None?" [G Only] - Flandre rears up and charges forward at sonic speed. Anything caught in her path will suffer a savage barrage of attacks from Flandre hiding in the darkness, only to finish up by moving the "eye" of the opponent into her hand and smashing it, killing the opponent instantly. Has some startup time before the dash and despite the attacks appearance, is actually a close range attack. NOTE: As with anything involving instant death, this spellcard does nothing to Immortals. * D,B,F,c - Taboo "Royal Flush" [G Only] - Flandre leaps up and creates 4 clones of herself, which bombard the opponent with her Lavatein multiple times. Unguardable while crouching.
Graze forward : YES (optional) Graze Back : YES (optional) Graze up(super jump) : YES (optional) Air graze : YES (optional) Air graze limit : 1 ---------- Spellcards ---------- At the beginning of Round 1, Flandre can select which spellcards to use during the match. Up to 6 spellcards can be selected, as long as the total spellcard level (the sum of the levels of each spellcard selected) cannot be more than 9. ---------- Wall Cling ---------- Hold B or F near wall (during dashes): - Flandre will cling to a nearby wall. Flandre can use most aerial attacks from her wall cling stance, and will stick to the wall again by holding back. ---------- Destructive Power ---------- - Unlike most characters, Flandre has a massive 170 attack power. This, however, is offset by her inexperience, and thus only has 666 life (normally characters have 1000). Take care when handling this unstable glass cannon.