Furude Rika by Baggy, (Site) edited by Seravy (http://seravy.x10.mx/Wordpress)
Command Name Condition Type Effect Start Taunt Standing - Gain 1000 power a Punch Standing S,NA - F+a Kick Standing S,NA Can only be used after "a" b Mop attack (3 types) Standing S,NA - D+a Crouching attack Standing C,NA Unguardable while standing D+b Crouching mop attack Standing C,NA Unguardable while standing a Aerial attack Air A,NA Unguardable while crouching b Aerial mop attack Air A,NA Unguardable while crouching D,F,b Sliding Kick Standing C,NA Unguardable while standing
x Dodge Standing - Evade NA,SA,HA,NP and SP attacks/projectiles. No effect against hyper projectiles or throws. y Dusty! Standing A,NP Use your mop to generate dust. B,F,a or B,F,b Mop Riding Any A,SA Fly into the opponent on your mop. Unguardable while crouching. D,F,a Mop Special Any A,SA 5 ticks of invincibility against NA,SA and NT attacks on startup. D,B,a Syringe attack 1 Any A,NP - D,B,b Syringe attack 2 Any A,NP - Assist moves (enabled after losing a round)
c Hanyuu's energy projectile Standing S,NA;A,NP D+c Hanyuu's low attack Standing C,NA c Hanyuu's aerial attack Air A,NA B,F,c Hanyuu Dive Kick Standing A,NA D,B,c Oyashiro Barrier Any A,SA
Super moves
Kakera Dan
Shoot some projectiles from yellow crystals at an almost instant speed. Command : D,D,a Type : A,HP Cost : 1000 power Hanyuu's Mudamuda
Hanyuu attacks the opponent with a chain of 7 attacks. Not available in Bernkastel Mode. Command : D,F,c Type : S,HA Cost : 1000 power Satoko Dan
Command : D,D,b Type : A,HA Cost : 2000 Power Hanyuu's God's World
An unguardable attack that stops time. Does more damage if Rika's health is lower. This attack ignores damage dampening. Command : B,D,F,c or D,D,c Type : A,HT Cost : 3000 power Hanyuu's Oyashiro Beam
A powerful beam attack. Provides full invincibility while used. Command : F,D,B,c Type : A,HP Cost : 3000 power
Combo sequence : a -> F+a -> b -> b -> b -> c D+a->D+b->D,F,b->D+c air a->air a(2nd) -> air b
Graze forward : YES Graze Back : Jump Graze up(super jump) : NO Air graze : NO Changes compared to the original : -Fixed head.pos and mid.pos -Fixed intpersistindex and floatpersistindex -Removed gaining 1000 power at the beginning of each round -Bernkastel mode is now activated by pressing 3x start during intro (not allowed for AI) instead of depending on the palette selected -You can't start the game in powerup mode by selecting pal 7-12 either, you have to hold start for that. -Dash forward grazes projectiles -Increased hittime of some attacks because it ended before the next hit in the combo chain could be done. -Statetype=S and Statetype=C triggers are changed into statetype!=A triggers in the cmd -Landing regains control and faces opponent -Jumping allows guarding while holding up -Crouching attacks no longer hit in air (and they aren't unguardable in air either) -Dodge is limited to work against attacks and non-hyper projectiles. (was full invincibility in original) -Removed Pausemovetime from dust helpers (what was pausemovetime doing on those, anyway?) -Fixed Hitdefattr of all moves (normals using hyper and hypers using normal, projectiles using attack and attacks using projectile attribute) -Fixed various syntax related coding bugs -Removed invincibility from Hanyuu on c attack -Fixed invalid state bugs -Removed supermovetime and pausemovetime from Hanyuu/Bernkastel helpers. It's definitely not a good idea to continue attacking during a superpause used by an opponent. -Added holdz+direction dash commands -Disabled cornerpush on the "Mudamuda" attack as it made the final hit not connect most of the time. -Added damage dampening -DFa (mop special) startup invincibility now only works against NA,SA and NT attacks. -Added 3 ticks of startup on DFa (was hitting on time=0...) -Replaced deprecated volume parameters with volumescale -Added facep2=1 for all attacks -Syrengie projectiles are no longer immune to T type attacks -Aerial Syrengie projectiles can also be destroyed by hits now -AI has been moved to state -1, and can only do moves under the same rules the player can -AI now fights according to the selected difficulty level in options -Passive power gain in powerup mode has been removed -Fixed cloning bug caused by having clsn2 on Bernkastel anim 3611 -Adjusted all clsn1 and clsn2 on all animations as necessary -Fixed standing syringe projectile velocities (was referring to a non-existing variable and missed opponent at close range) -Added Attack distance to Oyashiro Beam and other attacks that needed it. -Made projectiles be removed by reversal/grazing -BDc now only does 1 hit (for more damage) instead of multiple smaller hits -DFa now only does 1 hit (for more damage) instead of multiple smaller hits -Super moves no longer give back power when hitting/being guarded -Normals don't give power if they don't contact -Adjusted damage of attacks -Yellow Crystal super move projectiles don't move during superpause anymore -Satoko Dan does only 1 hit now (for increased damage) -Satoko Dan new command is D,D,b -Kakera Dan now uses D,D,a command only instead of both D,D,a and D,D,b (both did the same attack, not a different version of it) -Mop special attack now uses D,F,a only instead of both D,F,a and D,F,b (both did the same attack, not a different version of it) -D,F,b is now the command for sliding kick (used to be D+F+a) -The sliding kick (new command D,F,b) can now be used outside of a crouching combo sequence, and has improved velocity. It can be used as the last move of a crouching attack sequence instead of at the middle. -Mudamuda now costs 1000 to use -Increased run back velocity -Converted to SFFv2 to automatically drop duplicated palettes and eliminate palette lag -Added new palettes 5-12 -Modified D,F,a to always move forward instead of keeping the current movement direction (it was influenced by the command containing F anyway) -Added required animation 12, 5300 -Fixed other, minor problems, removed debug spam sources -Fixed missing required sprite 5071,x bug (sprites had wrong sprite index of 1,2,3 insteaqd of 10,20,30) -Fixed helpers defined as "player" type to be normal helpers instead -Modified command of "dusty" from x+y/a+b to single y (was unused) -Added single button Recovery commands -Reduced power gained by taunting to half -Reduced Guard.Pausetime of most attacks. -Lowered guard.hittime of some attacks -Removed physical attack part of Hanyuu's c attack (it is now purely a projectile attack) -Effects of start button during intro carries over to future matches -BDFc is also available on DDc -Bernkastel Mode version of God's World now adds to the damage dampener (but the attack itself is still not affected by dampening)