Hotaru Futaba by Seravy (
Normal Attacks
Standing : a; b; x (low); y ; z (throw) Crouching : D+a ; D+b ; D+x; D+y (all of them low) Air : a (high); b ; x (high); z (throw) Specials
D,F,x - Special kick that launches the opponent into the air. D,F,y - A version of D,F,x that jumps higher. D,B,x - A kick that smashes the opponent into the ground. Does additional damage against opponents in the air. Cannot be comboed after crouching attacks, but can be used in air. (high) D,B,y - A kick designed specially for counters. You cannot be hit by NA,SA and NT type attacks while doing it, and it can be used from guardstun. Cannot be comboed after other attacks. c - A kick powered by energy. It can reflect projectiles if you time it well. Cannot be comboed after other attacks. D,F,c - Energy Projectile D,B,c - Two-hit special kick, with the second hit unguardable while crouching. D,D,x - A spinning jump that looks as though you were trying to pierce the heavens. Supers
D,F,z - Attack the opponent multiple times D,D,z - Climb up on the oponent, kicking him in the face. This is a throw type attack so it fails when the opponent is using uninterruptable moves. D,B,z - A powerful energy attack that starts with a kick which is unguardable in the air and ends in a throw type finishing. Movement
Graze forward : YES (optional) Graze Back : Jump (optional) Graze up(super jump) : YES (optional) Air graze : NO
Comboing : a -> b,x,y,D+x,D+y, specials, supers b -> x,y,D+x,D+y, specials, supers x -> y,D+y, specials, supers y -> specials, supers D+a -> D+b,D+x,D+y, specials, supers D+b -> D+x,D+y, specials, supers D+x -> D+y, specials, supers D+y -> specials, supers D,F,x -> D,F,y ; D,B,x ; D,D,x, supers D,F,y -> D,B,x ; D,D,x ; supers D,D,x -> D,B,x D,F,z -> D,D,x ; D,B,z ; D,D,z c -> Nothing D,B,y -> Supers D,F,c -> Nothing D,B,c -> Nothing