Kano Kirishima by Seravy (http://seravy.x10.mx/Wordpress)
Kano gained the ability to use the magic spells of the Warlock class of her favorite game. She has a wide array of magic spells available, primarily offensive due to the class. When she defeats an opponent, she gains an item from the same game as a reward. Command Name Type Cost Effect
Physical Attacks
a Light attack S,NA - b Medium attack S,NA - c Strong attack S,NA - D,D,a Staff Strike S,SA - Unguardable while cruching D+a Crouching light attack C,NA - Unguardable while standing D+b Crouching medium attack C,NA - Unguardable while standing D+c Crouching strong attack C,NA - Unguardable in air a Air light attack A,NA - Unguardable while cruching b Air medium attack A,NA - Unguardable while cruching c Air strong attack A,NA - Unguardable while cruching D+a,b,c Staff Surfer A,NA - Grazing attack F+a Sliding Kick C,SA - Unguardable while standing F+c Staff Spinner S,SA - - F+b Throw S,NT - Unguardable F+b Aerial Throw A,NT - Unguardable
Basic Spell attacks
x+y Concentrate - All Create a sudden burst of energy that shields you from non-hyper attacks for a second and recovers your bar. Your bar drops to empty after this second immediately. x Napalm Beat S,NP 200 A short range basic attack spell. The damage itself isn't too good, but this move has very good comboability. It can also be used as a counterattack from guarding state against NA and SA attacks, but doing so dampens damage much more than normally. F,D,x Soul Strike S,NP 200 A simple, yet effective projectile attack. Can be chained from Napalm Beat, by entering the command early. D,F,x Fire Bolt S,NP 200 A standard attack spell. Three bolts of fire moving on a straight line forward. D,B,x Fireball S,NP 200 A very fast projectile attack that doesn't do too good damage. Can be chained from Fire Bolt. D,D,x Firewall S,NP 200 A wall of fire. Useful for keeping opponents away, but don't expect much damage. You can't have more than one out at a time. D+x Fire Pillar C,SP 200 A fire pillar trap. Damage is much better than firewall, but it activates only once. You can't have more than one out at a time, but it lasts twice as long as a Fire Wall. This can start combos, but doesn't activate if the opponent is already being hit, so it is not useful to continue them. y Frost Diver A,SP 200 Attempt to freeze the opponent. Damage is minimal, but the chance to freeze is high. D,F,y Cold Bolt A,NP 200 A bolt that has a chance to freeze when hitting, but it doesn't hit already frozen opponents. Can only have one active at a time. D+y Earth Spike C,NP 200 Raise a spike directly below the opponent. The damage is somewhat low, but it will always appear at the right location to hit...unless the opponent is in the air. D,B,y Heaven's Drive C,SP 200 Raise multiple earth spikes in front of you for a more damaging spell. D,F,z Lightning Bolt A,NP 200 Does higher guarded damage if the opponent is in air. D,B,z Thunderstorm A,ST 400 This spell takes some time to cast, but it is very powerful, and hits a wide area. Grazing it is impossible.
Super Spell attacks
D,D,z Safety Wall - 1000 Create a magical barrier around you, that blocks all physical attacks, and lasts 10 seconds. D,D,b Sightblaster A,SP 1000 Create a small fireball that goes around you in a circle. D,F,D,F,z Jupitel Thunder A,HP 1000 Hit the opponent with a lightning bolt directly. D,D,y Frost Nova A,HT 1000 Freezes opponent. Damage done is low, but it is great to start a combo. F,D,B,x Sightrasher A,HP 2000 A sudden burst of flames covering the entire fighting area. D,B,D,B,z Lord of Vermillion A,HT 2000 A powerful, but somewhat slow lightning attack that hits a large area around the target. It can be chained after Jupitel Thunder and Thunderstorm. It's uninterruptable after the Superpause. D,B,F,y Waterball A,SP 2000 Rapid-fire a large number of waterballs at the opponent. A pretty powerful spell damage-wise, but it can easily be guarded or grazed. D,B,D,B,y Earth Strain C,HP 2000 Raise large spikes of earth in large numbers on the entire stage. Unguardable while standing. It can be chained after Earth Spike and Heaven's Drive. F,D,D,x Soul Expansion A,HP 2000 A powerful version of soul strike, that can be chained after it. D,B,D,B,c White Imprison A,HT 2000 Unguardable : Hold the opponent in a special time-frozen state for 7 seconds. The opponent will be immune to physical attacks while in this state, but magical attacks work normally. B,D,F,x Meteor Storm A,HP/HA 3000 You can start a combo with it, but the damage will be greatly reduced if you do. B,D,F,c Gravitational Field A,HT 3000 Create a gravational anomalty that pulls the opponent and does unguaradble damage. You cannot move or attack while casting this spell, but it is uninterruptable. B,D,F,y Storm Gust A,HP 2000 An AOE offensive spell that hits unfrozen opponents 10 times, and freezes opponent on every 3rd hit. D,F,D,F,y Storm Gust Lv10 A,HP 4000 An AOE offensive spell that hits unfrozen opponents 10 times, and freezes opponent on every 3rd hit, but on this level also does a high amount of damage. D,F,D,F,x Hell Inferno C,HP 4000 A highly damaging attack. Can be cancelled into from a Fire Bolt and cannot be interrupted. B,D,F,D,B,x Comet A,HT 5000 A massive force of destruction. Can be cancelled into from a Fire Bolt or Hell Inferno. D,F,D,F,c Terta Vortex **** 7000 The most powerful spell, combining the four elements. Casts Lord of Vermillion, Meteor Storm, Storm Gust and Earth Strain simultaneously. You are completely invincible while using this spell.
START Inventory Brings up a list of your items.

Graze forward : YES Graze Back : YES Graze up(super jump) : YES Air graze : YES Air graze limit : 3 Item System
Whenever you defeat an opponent, you are rewarded with an item. Item rarity depends on the difficulty level, your remaining health, type of victory, and move used for finishing. Available items listed by rarity (most common first): Red Potion. Heal for 50 HP. Use by the A button on the inventory screen.
Blue Gemstone. Allows casting Safety Wall once without a power cost.
Yellow Potion. Heal for 150 HP. Use by the B button on the inventory screen.
White Potion. Heal for 300 HP. Use by the C button on the inventory screen.
Blue Potion. Gain 1000 Power. Use by the X button on the inventory screen.
Arc Wand. Normal spells do 5% more damage.
Feather Beret. Reduces damage taken by 5%.
Bloody Branch. Summon a powerful monster for help.
Wizardry Staff. Normal spells do 10% more damage.
Yggdrasil Seed. Heal for 500 HP and gain 2000 Power.
Giant Fly Wing. Enables teleportation by F+x and B+x
Sohee Card. Increases passive power generation by 50%.
Thara Frog Card. Reduces damage taken by 10%.
Sasquatch Card. 5% Chance to freeze opponents when taking a physical attack.
Phen Card. Make your spellcasting uninterruptable for Super spells.
Dark Lord Card. 10% Chance to produce the effect of a weak Meteor Storm when taking a physical attack.
Lady Tanee Card. Your spellbar refills 50% faster.
Lord Kaho's Horn. +20% damage done with normal spells and physical attacks, reduces damage taken by 20%.
High Wizard card. Do +30% damage by Super spells.