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Mima is a ghost who first appeared in the first Touhou Project game, Highly Responsive to Prayers, as the stage 10 boss of the Jigoku Route. She returned in Story of Eastern Wonderland as both the final boss and Marisa Kirisame's master. She was available as a playable character in both Phantasmagoria of Dimensional Dream (TH3) and Mystic Square (TH5). She has yet to appear in any of the windows Touhou Project games despite her popularity among fans. Mima is a ghost who wants to enact revenge on the human race for an unknown reason, and seeks to ressurect herself in the process. It is believed that she now haunts the area around the Hakurei shrine, and is usually referred to as an evil spirit by others.
Command Name
a Weak attack b Med. attack c Strong attack F+c Throw z+dir Graze up/back/forward, alternative command : FF,BB,DU Start Power Charge
D,D,a/b/c - Stellar Missile [GA] - Mima fires a shot upward and in front of her, which detonates for 10 hits. A version: Fires at a 70 degree angle upward. Quick Startup, +50% damage against opponents in the air, air unguardable, and can't hit crouching opponents. B version: Fires at a 35 degree angle upward. Slower Startup, but more likely to hit standing opponents, also air unguardable and can't hit crouching opponents. C version: Fires directly in front of Mima, Slowest Startup, causes wallslam. 50% more damage against standing opponents, can hit crouching opponents and is NOT air unguardable. D,B,a/b/c - Meteor Staff [GA] - Mima will strike the opponent with a forward thrust of her staff. All versions cause wallslam and are unguardable crouching. A version: Mima dashes back before lunging forward. Gives small invulnerability to nonhyper, nonthrow attacks during backdash. B version: Mima stays in one spot before teleporting ahead and lunging. Will turn around to face opponent if she teleports behind them. C version: Mima will stay in one position. If Mima is hit during this time, she will counter attack for twice the amount of damage recieved or 70 damage, whichever is higher. Only works on physical attacks. D,F,a/b/c - Orreries Satellite [GA] - Mima will fire 4 rotating orbs ahead of her. If used in the air, the orbs will alter their trajectory downward if the opponent is below Mima. Cannot be used if Orreries Sun is in effect. A version: Moves slowly, but does higher damage. B version: Moves fast, but does lower damage. C version: Moves fastest, and orbs will ricochet off the floor and walls. Damage is low. B,F,a/b/c - Elemental Spark [GA] (alternative command : F,B,a/b/c) - Mima fires a beam downward. The angle of the beam can be altered by holding the directional buttons. The button pressed determines what element is used. A version: THUNDER. Low damage, but come out quickly and has the widest angle range. B version: FIRE. Slower startup, but higher damage output. Also burns the ground, damaging whoever touches it. C version: ICE. Slower and low damage, but freezes the opponent on contact. The ice will break after 4 seconds or when the opponent is hit, whichever occurs first.
----------------------------- Level 1 Spellcards ----------------------------- * D,F,D,F,a - Ritual Sign "Orreries Sun" [GA] - Mima will summon 4 rotating orbs around her that last for about 10 seconds. During this time, Mima's Orreries Satellite special attacks will be replaced with the following: A version : Aimed rapid-fire attack B version : Powerful horizontal laser beam C version : The orbs glow darker and can hit the enemy. This effect is cancelled if the A or B version is used later, and if an orb hits, it disappears. * D,F,D,F,b - Star Sign "Escape Velocity" [GA] - Mima will punch forward. If she connects, she will follow up with an uppercut and launch the opponent upward as she trails after them. * D,F,D,F,c - Flash Sign "Earthlight Nova" [GA] - Mima will raise her staff and sweep the ground with a beam from her staff. After a moment, energy beams will erupt from the ground across the stage. ----------------------------- Level 2 Spellcards ----------------------------- * D,B,D,B,a - Astronomical Instrument "Orreries Solar System" [GA] - Mima will summon 6 rotating orbs around her. The orbs will spread out and damage opponents nearby, as well as absorb projectiles. * D,B,D,B,b - Black Magic "Event Horizon" [GA] - Mima creates a black hole, which will suck in everything. Hits fullscreen, and has full invincibility, and it is very fast, but damage is not that good. * D,B,D,B,c - Star Sign "Flare Star" [GA] - Mima will summon six energy orbs around her opponent, which after a while will collide. The attack will also deal extra damage depending on the opponent's power bar (roughly 42% more damage when the opponent is at full power). Also does good guarded damage, but it's possible to move out of the way to avoid it, and it can be interrupted by hits, too. ----------------------------- Level 3 Spellcards (Z button) ----------------------------- * D,B,F,a - Complete Darkness "Twilight Spark" [GA] - Mima will dash offscreen and fly into the background where she will then charge dark energy. Then, she will fire a gigantic beam at the opponent, causing mass destruction. Unblockable and hits fullscreen, but has a long startup time. Mima is vulnerable before and during the dash. * D,B,F,b - Magic Cross "Grand Cross" [GA] - Mima will summon 6 rotating orbs around her in a grand cross formation. The resulting energy from the formation will cause shifts in the earth's gravitational pull, damaging whatever is directly above or below Mima's north and south poles. Air unblockable, and fully invincible. * D,B,F,c - Star Sign "Oort Cloud" [GA] - Mima will summon a giant cloud at the top of the screen. The cloud will summon 9 meteors total, all aimed at the opponent. Mima can move around while the cloud is active but can't power charge. The meteors do decent guarded damage.
Graze forward : YES (optional) Graze Back : YES (optional) Graze up(super jump) : YES (optional) Air graze : YES (optional) Air graze limit : - ---------- Spellcards ---------- At the beginning of Round 1, Mima can select which spellcards to use during the match. Up to 6 spellcards can be selected, as long as the total spellcard level (the sum of the levels of each spellcard selected) cannot be more than 9. ---------- Flight ---------- Unlike most characters, Mima does not jump. Instead, the directional keys control her flight movement. As a result, Mima is very lightweight and is not affected by friction as much as other characters are. Moves that are denoted as "Ground Only" indicate that Mima must actually be touching the ground.