Nagato Yuki by Seravy ( Orignial version by i@
Note : The amount of available striker summons can be selected in Default is unlimited.
Command Name Type Cost Effect
a Light attack NA b Medium attack NA c Strong attack NA
D,F,a/b/c A,NP A simple projectile attack. Movement pattern depends on the button used. D,D,b A,SA A jumping special attack D,D,a S,SP Attempt to freeze the opponent. It's a slow attack but has high accuracy. D,D,x - A shield that can block non-hyper projectiles for 3 seconds D,B,a S,SA Jump forward and punch the opponent. Graze. D,B,b S,SA A stronger, slower version of the above without graze. F,D,a A,ST Special throw that hits opponents in air only F,D,b S,ST Jump forward and throw the opponent. The jump evades normal attacks (NA). D,D,c S,SP Fire a projectile that travels forward slowly and blocks other projectiles. Doesn't do much damage unless guarded. F+b C,NA Sliding kick D+b A,SA Diving kick. Come down from the air quickly, and can hit opponents on the ground. Unguardable while crouching. U+b A,SA Same as above, but teleport above the opponent directly. Works against opponents on the ground or already falling ONLY. F/B/D/U+s - Teleport to Forward, Back, or near the opponent. Holding up will make you appear in air.
x - Absorb Barrier. Blocks an NA,SA,NP or SP type attack and gains life equal to the damage. y - Dodge. Works against non-hyper, non-throws. Holding F or B results in a dodge roll. START - Power charge.
D,F,x A,NP 1Asakura Asakura throws some knives. D,F,D,F,x S,HA 2Asakura+1000 pw.A powerful, unguardable attack that hits both players. Doesn't hit crouching players, though. D,B,x 1Kimidori Kimidori puts up 3 projectiles around yourself as a barrier. They will hit anything that comes close to you. D,B,D,B,x 2Kimidori+1000pw.A strong healing move.
D,F,z S,HA 1000 A big punch that includes rapid forward movement. D,D,z A,HA 1000 A jumping hyper attack, unguardable in air. D,B,z A,HA 1000 Kick up into the air. Mostly useless against standing opponents. High damage and awful accuracy. D,F,D,F,z S,HP 1000 Turn into a witch and release a lightning attack. Invincible on startup, and the attack is uninterruptable. A slow attack, but the damage is excellent! F,D,z S,HT 2000 A powerful throwing attack. F,D,B,F,D,B,s - 3000 Turn on a special mode with boosted attack strenght, and reduced defense. If the special bar is filled, the enemy is erased from existence and you win. You are unable to gain power in this mode.
Graze forward : Yes Graze Back : Yes Graze up(super jump) : Yes Air graze : Yes Air graze limit : 5 Changes -Removed the KFM sprites from the SFF. Yes, they were in there. Seriously. -Converted to SFFv2 -Fixed syntax errors in cns -Enabled guard while jumping/landing -Adjusted liedown.time and forced it to always work -Added single button recovery commands -Changed character scale from 0.47 to 0.5 -Changed Statetype=S/Statetype=C into Statetype!=A in cmd -Changed Remap section in the cmd to map attack buttons to a,b,c and others to x,y,z (feel free to change it back if you prefer the original) -Added damage dampening and adjusted damage values -Added facep2=1 to attacks -c,D+c are no longer unguardable in air -Crouching a doesn't hit opponents in air or falling anymore -Fixed anim 410 not having clsn2 on the last frame -b and D+b can no longer be comboed after itself many times -Added POTS "Prevent Undergound Juggles" Code -Replaced run state with the standard run state my characters use (but kept the velocity acceleration), to allow jumping,crouching, etc -Replaced "hop back" with run back -Added clsn2 to throw (throwing the enemy should not make you invincible) -Removed power gain from using super moves -Changed hitdef type to match the attacks (P for projectile, H for super/hyper, etc) -Added P2defmul=1 to Superpauses to avoid them doing reduced damage in combos due to buggy defence related engine behavior. -Removed full invincibility from dodge, it now works against non-hyper non-throws only. -Disabled playerpush while dodging -Merged the 3 different positioned delayed ice projectiles into one that targets P2 directly. -The delayed ice projectile now freezes the opponent. -Removed the rolling attacks. They look like the dodge roll, which is confusing...and this character has more than enough moves even without them. -Added startup time for DDb/c kicks (state 1410-1420) because they had 0 -Changed the shield-like attack (DDx+y) into a shielding ability. -Added missing clsn2 to first frame of FDb special throw -Fixed the air downward kick to be able to hit (in original, character reached ground before hitdef activated most of the time) -The barrier ability (x) no longer works against hypers but you gain life equal to the damage blocked instead of 10. -Removed ~ from the beginning of commands (to prevent them from register keys not intended as part of the command, like cruching, walking or guarding) -Changed a few harder to use commands to easier ones (for example a+b+c+dir. of teleport to s+dir.) -Updated teleport : no invincibility at startup and end of animation, and 3 directions available, forward, back, and to the opponent (down) -Changed portrait to the other one included in the original -Removed a whole ton of code that was doing nothing, like setting never used variables and such -Added some clsn2 to the startup frames of the jump kick super (it still has a lot of priority, though) -Added compatibility with grazing for projectiles (they are removed when reversed now, and use P type in their hitdef) -Other minor changes I don't even remember -Replaced AI : --Now uses difficulty settings from the options menu, adjusted to match difficulty levels of my characters --Common states updated with AI where necessary --Simplified conditions on using attacks --Includes high/low attack, projetile, and invincibility/reflection detection module to recognize such moves from my characters.