Nitori Kawashiro by Seravy (
Nitori is a very shy Kappa who lives on Youkai Mountain. Since she's an engineering nut, whenever she sees something man-made, she takes it apart and puts it back together. Because of this, her clothes are stuffed with tools. She gained a considerable amount of technological knowledge this way, even more so thanks to the objects coming from outside Gensokyo that utilise high level technology. Her primary form of attacking involves modern technological weapons, but being a Kappa, she is also able to control water if she decides to do so. Command Name Type Cost Condition Effect
a Light Attack S,NA - Standing - F+a Extanding Arm S,NA - Standing - F+b Kick S,NA - Standing - b Piercing Attack S,NA - Standing Does a bit of damage when guarded. D,F,a High Hammer Attack S,NA - Standing Unguardable while crouching,Launch opponentinto air D,B,a Low Hammer Attack S,NA - Standing Unguardable while standing,Launch opponentinto air D+a Crouching long Attack S,NA - Standing Unguardable while standing D+b Crouching Pierce Attack S,NA - Standing Unguardable while standing,Does a bit of damage when guarded. D,F,b Low Drill S,NA - Standing Unguardable while standing, multiple hits. a Air Light Attack A,NA - Air - b Air Kick A,NA - Air - F+b Air Piercing Attack A,NA - Air Does small damage when guarded
B,D,a Opto-Camouflage S,SA 20% Standing Evade NA,SA type attacks by turning invisible and dash forward for an unguardable attack. B,D,b Nitro Boost S,SA 20% Any Grazing move, charge forward into the enemy. D,F,x Roundsaw C,NP 20% Standing Only one can be on screen at a time, Unguardable while standing. D,D,x Turtle Bomb C,SP 20% Standing A walking bomb that follows the opponent. x or D+x Rapid Fire A,NP 5% Standing - y or D+y Machine Gun Attack A,NP 20% Any - D,D,y Install Machine Gun A,NP 40% Standing Installs a Machine Gun that fires twice. It is destroyed if it gets hit but normals cannot hit it. c Magical Water Cannon C,NP 20% Any Fires homing, high pressure water balls. D,F,y Rocket Launcher A,SP 20% Any Does some damage when guarded. D,B,c Bubble Cannon A,NP 40% Standing Install a cannon that attacks with water bubbles. They don't do much damage but can stun the opponent for a good amount of time. Similarly to machine guns, normals can't destroy it. D,F,c Laser Cannon A,SP 20% Crouching Shoot laser into air. Hits in air only. D,B,y Mobile Barrier A,SP 30% Standing A reflective barrier that focuses incoming NP or SP type projectile attacks into a laser beam, but only works once. You can't have more than 2 of these summoned at a time. D,B,x UFO Barrage A,SP 20% Standing Summons a UFO that drops some bombs and moves on a spiral path.
s Select Spellcard z Use Spellcard (consume card) D,D,z Declare Card (consume card) D,F,z Use Declared Spell Card (25% lower cost, does not consume any cards) D,D,c Bomb A,HT 1 Bomb Any Pushes the opponent back while being invincible for a short time. Does no damage. Requires bombs to be enabled in c Chain Spellcard (only while using another, appropriate spell)
Graze forward : YES Graze Back : YES Graze up(super jump) : YES Air graze : YES Air graze limit : 5
The top, thinner bar is called Burden Bar, and it represents the damage dampening. The closer the bar is to being full, the lower your damage output is. The bar shows the damage reduction in percentage : A full bar means your attacks will do zero damage. The bottom, thicker bar is called Danmaku Bar, and it is the power you need for most projetile/special moves. If you use the entire bar up, it'll be turned into red, and moves that require bar will be unavailable until it is filled to the max. It fills slowly all the time except when using skills that consume it, and faster if the opponent has fallen to the ground. Moves that need this bar have the required amount listed in the COST column, where the whole bar equals 1000. The two star icons in front of the bars are the Bombs. You can use them via the D,D,c command, and it will make a nearby opponent fall, while giving you invicibility for a short duration. You can gain new bombs at random when hitting the opponent, and start each match with one. You can see your spellcards at the bottom of the screen. (If they are not there, make sure you are using the correct screen resolution ratio of 4:3) Grazing
By holding the z button down and pressing a directional key, the character will move quickly in that direction. This movement is so fast that you can avoid being hit by projectiles while moving this way. It doesn't work against hyper projectiles (those with a type of HP listed), which is unlike the original Touhou games, so you have to be more careful when to do this. In exchange, the guard break mechanism of the original game is not present here : You are free to guard as long as you wish, but be careful about chip damage, unguardables, and guarding in the wrong state : guarding all the time is rarely a good strategy. Card System
You can configure your deck of cards using the DeckConfig.exe utility. You can have any number of cards in your deck, and each card can have any number of copies. The deck can never run out, if it would, a new deck of the exact same contents is generated. When construction a deck, you have to -Include at least 5 different types of card. -Have no more than 50% of your deck made of the same card. The deck counstruction program won't allow you to break these rules, but you better know about them in advance, anyway. If you have any trouble with the spellcard system, delete the deck.dat file, restart Deckconfig.exe, ignore the error message, and save. Doing this will generate a new, empty deck configuration file. There are four types of card. -Skill cards will increase the power of one or more special attacks, or they give you a new move or passive ability. -Stage cards generate a permanent effect of some kind that, unlike a passive ability, has effects on something other than yourself. -Spell cards will provide a one-time effect when used, usually an attack, but sometimes other, more special effects. -System cards are spell cards that are common for all Touhou characters. You can declare a card, that allows you to use it without needing any copies of that card, and allows you to level it up. Skill cards cannot be declared. Stage cards cannot be used, only declared, they have a passive effect. When you attempt to use a Stage card, it will be automatically declared instead. Declaring a new card will remove the old declaration and all levels of that card will be lost. Declaring an already declared card will level it up by 1. Declaring a card costs 33% of the card's normal cost. Using a declared card costs 75% of the normal cost. The maximum level of a declared card is 4. If this level is reached, any further copies of the card are immediately removed from your deck. Declared Spell Cards sometimes also grant passive abilities. Cards that are ready to be used have a GREEN frame of light around them. Cards that can be declared have a RED frame. When performing a spell, you can sometimes chain another one, by the c button. You either need to select the card you will be chaining, or have it declared. Spells that allow chaining other spells have the spell listed in their description. Chaining a spell costs 1000 less power than using it, and there is no additional discount even if it is declared.


System Cards
A spellcard to recover your lost health. Cost : 2000 Level 1 : Heals 250 life points. Level 2 : Heals 260 life points. Passive : Slowly regenerate life while fighting. Level 3 : Heals 270 life points. Passive : Regenerate double the amount of life while fighting. Level 4 : Heals 280 life points. Passive : Regenerate triple the amount of life while fighting. New Card Album
Reinitializes your deck, and draws a new hand of five cards. The cost reduction doesn't apply when using your memorized spellcard. Level 1 : Reinitialize Deck. Level 2 : Reinitialize Deck. Passive : Using cards costs 10% less power. Level 3 : Reinitialize Deck. Passive : Using cards costs 20% less power. Level 4 : Reinitialize Deck. Passive : Using cards costs 30% less power. Danmaku Booster
A spellcard that refills your Danmaku bar by converting power. When used, your bar stays at maximum for 8 seconds, and you cannot gain power while this effect lasts, plus an additional three seconds after it ends. Cost : 1500 Level 1 : Bar stays at maximum for 8 seconds. Level 2 : Bar stays at maximum for 9 seconds. Passive : Your bar charges slightly faster while fighting. Level 3 : Bar stays at maximum for 10 seconds. Passive : Your bar charges faster while fighting. Level 4 : Bar stays at maximum for 11 seconds. Passive : Your bar charges even faster while fighting. Spell Cards
Drop an army of robots from above. They explode when touching the ground. (Note : Unlike the IAMP version, the explosions in this one can be guarded both standing and crouching.) Cost : 1000 Type : A,SP Level 1 : Normal duration Level 2 : +10% duration Level 3 : +20% duration Level 4 : +30% duration Air Strike
Drop bombs from the air. While the explosions don't do all that much damage, it lasts for a long duration and is great for diverson. (Note : Unlike the IAMP version, the explosions in this one can be guarded both standing and crouching.) Cost : 2000 Type : A,SP Level 1 : Normal duration Level 2 : +10% duration. A few bombs are also dropped as a passive effect. Level 3 : +20% duration. A few bombs are also dropped as a passive effect. Level 4 : +30% duration. A few bombs are also dropped as a passive effect. UFO Escort
Release a large number of UFO gadgets that can fire weak projectiles at random. Cost : 1000 Type : A,NP Level 1 : Basic effect Level 2 : More UFOs and duration Level 3 : Even more UFOs and duration Level 4 : Most UFOs and duration Fountain of Kappa
Release a large amount of water bubbles directly under the opponent. Unguardable while standing. The damage is low, but you are free to move and attack while the spell is in effect, however you can't use hammer attacks. Can be chained into : Geyser Cost : 1000 Type : C,SP Level 1 : Normal effect Level 2 : Wider area, more damage Level 3 : Even wider area, more damage Level 4 : Same area as Lv3, more damage Bubble Prison
Trap the opponent into a bubble. While this spellcard doesn't do damage on its own, it won't add any burden, so it's a great way to make sure a larger attack hits, or just to gain a few seconds of time to recover your bar or plan your strategy. Although unguardable, it's slow and can be interupted, so be careful about using it at the correct time. Leveling it up can make it considerably faster. Cost : 1000 Type : A,HT Level 1 : 40/60th of a second to execute Level 2 : 32/60th of a second to execute Level 3 : 24/60th of a second to execute Level 4 : 16/60th of a second to execute Surprise Grenade
Call a robot, that bows toward the opponent, and grenades are fired from its head immediately. A fast, effective surprise attack. Cost : 1000 Type : A,HP Level 1 : 6 grenades. Level 2 : 7 grenades, improved damage. Level 3 : 8 grenades, improved damage. Level 4 : 9 grenades, highest damage. Gigawatt Laser
A powerful beam gun that can cover a large area with a beam attack. Can be chained into : Petawatt Laser Cost : 1000 Type : A,HP Level 1 : Lowest damage Level 2 : More damage Level 3 : Even more damage Level 4 : Highest damage Petawatt Laser
An even stronger beam gun that can cover a large area with a beam attack. It is essentially the same as Gigawatt laser, but significantly stronger. Can be chained into : Zettawatt Laser Cost : 2000 Type : A,HP Level 1 : Lowest damage Level 2 : More damage Level 3 : Even more damage Level 4 : Highest damage Zettawatt Laser
The strongest laser gun possible. It looks the same as Gigawatt and Petawatt guns, but it is considerably more powerful. It also has a small, built-in shield generator that reduces any incoming damage by half. Cost : 3000 Type : A,HP Level 1 : High damage, 50% damage reduction Level 2 : Higher damage, 60% damage reduction Level 3 : Even Higher damage, 70% damage reduction Level 4 : Highest damage, 80% damage reduction Geyser
A sudden outburst of water directly below the opponent. Unguardable while standing. Cost : 2000 Type : A,HP Level 1 : Lowest damage Level 2 : More damage Level 3 : Even more damage Level 4 : Highest damage Aerial Fortress
Ever wondered where all the Parabots are coming from? There must be some kind of a base up there... Fire a strong beam weapon, while staying out of reach. The beam can be grazed, but it lasts pretty long, and pierces defenses, making it dangerous. Even though the damage is low, and cannot be increased by leveling up, it ignores burden, always doing full damage. Cost : 2000 Type : A,SP Level 1 : 250 damage, 100 damage when guarded. Level 2 : 250 damage, ~133 damage when guarded. Level 3 : 250 damage, ~166 damage when guarded. Level 4 : 250 damage, 200 damage when guarded. PDLC99MW Linear Gun
A extremly powerful gun that requires a long time to properly target. Firing fails if the opponent moves too much, but you are out of reach for the opponent while targeting. The damage is very outstanding. Cost : 2000 Type : A,HT Level 1 : 390 damage Level 2 : 420 damage, 10% better target tracking Level 3 : 450 damage, 20% better target tracking Level 4 : 480 damage, 30% better target tracking Hisoutensoku
Nitori's secret ace for the battle : A giant robot. Although she keeps it in secret to use it only when really necessary, everyone knows about it already... It's way too obvious due to its extreme size. Nevertheless, it's capable of a really powerful attack, but it's very slow to use. Cost : 4000 Type : A,HT Level 1 : 700 damage, 300 guarded damage Level 2 : 800 damage, 370 guarded damage Level 3 : 900 damage, 420 guarded damage Level 4 : 1000 damage, 490 guarded damage Stage Cards
UFO Activity
Maintain a continuous assault by employing UFO gadgets. The UFOs will appear periodically and fire a laser beam at the ground. Cost : 2000 Type : A,SP Level 1 : 1 UFO every 10 seconds Level 2 : 1 UFO every 8.33 seconds Level 3 : 1 UFO every 6.66 seconds Level 4 : 1 UFO every 5 seconds Glimmering Depths
Kappa are supposed to make people drown, aren't they? Keep filling up the area with water until the opponent drowns. The opponent will drown if their head is underwater when taking a hit, or when spending too much time underwater without jumping above the surface. Shorter opponents will be at a disadvantage... Cost : 3000 Type : S,HT Level 1 : Opponent can spend 1.5 seconds underwater before drowning. Level 2 : Opponent can spend 1.33 seconds underwater before drowning. Level 3 : Opponent can spend 1.16 seconds underwater before drowning. Level 4 : Opponent can spend 1 second underwater before drowning. Skill Cards
Invention Prototype Testing
Use prototype equipment for improved performance. Affects : -Nitro Boost (More velocity, more damage) -Roundsaw (Faster, more damage) -Turtle Bomb (Faster movement) -Opto Camouflage Armor (Faster Movement, more damage) Cost : 1000 All Levels : Improves performance of listed attacks. Light Arm Upgrades
Improve the performance of your guns. Affects : -Rapid Fire (more damage) -Machine Gun attack (more damage, faster projectiles) -Install Machine Gun (faster projectiles, more duration) Cost : 1000 All Levels : Improves performance of listed attacks. Heavy Arm Upgrades
Improve the performance of your cannons and rocket launcher. Affects -Magical Water Cannon (more damage) -Double Shot (more water cannon projectile damage) -Rocket Launcher (more rockets) -Bubble Cannon (fires more frequently) -Laser Cannon (More cannons) Double Shot
Upgrades your machine gun attack (y) into the skill "Double Shot". Double shot fires a machine gun first to stun the opponent with fast projectiles, then fires a magical water cannon for strong damage while the opponent is still stunned. Only the standing version of y is affected by this upgrade. Cost : 1000 Level 1 : Enables Double Shot Level 2 : Machine gun projectiles are a bit faster and do more damage Level 3 : Machine gun projectiles are faster and do even more damage Level 4 : Machine gun projectiles are the fastest and do the most damage Shield Generator Unit
An invisible barrier that reduces the strength of incoming attacks. Cost : 1000 Level 1 : 8% damage reduction. Level 2 : 16% damage reduction. Level 3 : 24% damage reduction. Level 4 : 32% damage reduction.