Onpu Segawa by Seravy (http://seravy.x10.mx/Wordpress) Original version by Taruse


Command Name Condition Type Cost Effect a Light attack Standing S,NA - - b Kick Standing S,NA - - x Heavy attack Standing S,NA - - a Crouching heavy attack Standing C,NA - Unguardable while standing b Crouching light kick Standing C,NA - Unguardable while standing, can hit opponents on the ground x Crouching hard kick Standing C,NA - Unguardable while standing, can hit opponents on the ground, causes fall a Aerial light attack Air A,NA - - b Aerial kick Air A,NA - Unguardable while crouching. x Aerial hard kick Air A,NA - Unguardable while crouching. D,F,a Fullmoon Spin Standing S,SA - - D,B,b Crescent Kick Standing S,SA - Can be used while guarding. D,F,x Rising Moon Punch Standing S,SA - Launcher D,F,b Falling Moon Kick Standing A,SA - Jump forward and do a powerful knee attack, unguardable while crouching D,F,x Broom Smash Air A,SA - Ram into the opponent using your broom. D,B,a Catapult Magic Standing S,NT - Unguardable throw that launches the opponent far up into the air to cause damage from falling.
D,D,a Heart Piercer Any A,NP 20%bar A strong projectile that moves straight forward fast D,D,b Heart Waver Any A,SP 20%bar A medium strenght projectile that turns towards the opponent once. D,D,x Heart Changer Any A,SP 40%bar A somewhat weaker projectile that changes direction up to 3 times, and isn't removed by grazing, so it is quite difficult to avoid. D,F,y Idol Beam Any A,SP 20%bar A simple beam attack. y Rolling Ball Any A,NP 20%bar A projectile that rolls on the round. Unguardable while standing. D+y Rising Piercer Standing A,NP 20%bar Higher version of Heart Piercer. D,B,y Magical Beating Standing A,SP 20%bar A powerful, close range special magic attack that can be chained after normals and into supers.

Combo Sequence : a or D+a or D+b -> b -> x -> specials or supers D+a or D+b -> D+x air a or air b -> air x Magic Ball moves
Restore magic
Refills your bar to full, even if it was turned red. If your bar wasn't empty, you gain power based on the remaining amount of bar up to 500 power for a full bar. Cost : 1 Magic Ball Command : c Strength Up!
Increases your close range attack damage by 25%. Long range attack damage is unaffected (projectiles, beams, etc). Cost : 2 Magic Balls Duration : 20 seconds Command : D,D,c Lunar Influence
Make everyone (including yourself) fall asleep and gain 3000 power. Cost : 3 Magic Balls Duration : 5 Seconds Type : A,HT Command : D,B,c Forbidden Magic
Heal yourself. This magic is forbidden for a reason : There is no way to actually heal wounds, you can only transfer them. After using this spell, you'll keep taking damage until the end of the round. Additionally, it reduces your defese PERMANENTLY by 15%. This defense loss carries over to the remaining rounds or matches. Cost : 3 Magic Balls Duration : Until you return to the character selection screen Command : F,D,B,D,F,c Link
A magic spell that links your heart with your audience, enhancing courage and stamina. Your defense increases by 40%, and you gain power. Cost : 4 Magic Balls Duration : 30 seconds Command : D,F,c Super Moves
Failed Magic
When casting a spell, there are times of failure that result in huge explosions. This is usually not an intended effect, but in a fight, it might actually be useful. Does 250 damage to everyone including yourself, is unguardable and ignores damage dampening. Cost : 1000 power Type : S,HT Command : z,z Warm Up
A simple magic spell that burns the opponent Cost : 1000 power Type : S,HP Command : D,F,z Heat Up
A more advanced fire spell that has a longer range and does more damage. Cost : 2000 power Type : A,HP Command : D,B,z I'm busy!
Rush toward the opponent and do a chain of attacks. Full invincibility on startup, but the damage is somewhat low. Cost : 2000 power Type : S,HA; C,HA; S,HP Command : D,D,z Supreme Idol Beam
A very powerful beam attack that does a lot of damage, even some when guarded. Unfortunately, it is easy to interrupt it. Cost : 3000 power Type : A,HP Command : D,F,D,F,z Idol Hurricane
A powerful spinning attack. It's kinda slow to start and does low damage, but it's unguardable, and nothing except HP and HT type attacks can interrupt it. Cost : 3000 power Type : A,HA Command : D,B,D,B,z