Ryuuguu Rena 
	by Seravy (http://seravy.x10.mx/Wordpress)
	Spirites by Baggy

Name Command How to use Type Effect
Light Attack a - NA (standing, crouching and air versions) Med Attack b - NA (standing, crouching and air versions, crouching version launches opponent into air) Hard Attack c - NA (standing, crouching and air versions) Aerial Slash up DFc Air A,NA Opponent falls further up Aerial Slash down DBc Air A,NA Opponent is smashed down to the ground Power Kick D+c Air A,NA A strong downward kck that does up to 3 hits. Throw F+c - S,NT or A,NT - Power Punch DFa Standing S,SA A powerful punch that creates a shockwave. Has a large area of effect vertically, but the horizontal distance is limited. Wide Slash DBc Standing S,SA Use the cleaver for a wide area slash. Launcher Slash DDc Standing C,SA Unguardable while standing. Sliding Kick DFb Standing C,SA Unguardable while standing, grazes non-hyper projectiles. Somersault Jumping SlashDFc Standing A,SA Unguardable while crouching, grazes non-hyper projectiles. Pressure Slash DBx Standing A,SA An attack that creates hard wind pressure to cause multiple hits. Throw Cleaver y Standing A,NP Throw a cleaver forward. It does a lot of damage but has a lot of recovery so if it fails to hit, you are vulnerable.
Graze forward : YES Graze Back : YES Graze up(super jump) : No Air graze : No
Combo Sequence : a or D+a -> b -> c or D+c -> DFc or DDc -> DBx or supers \-> D+b \->DFa In air : a -> b -> DFc -> c -> DBc -> D+c Super Moves
Flame Strike
Damage dampening has halved effect on this attack, so it is ideal to finish a combo with. Command : DFz Cost : 1000 power Type : S,HA Can be used on : Ground only Punch Rush
Dash forward and deliver a large number of quick punches. Invincible to physical attacks and normal throws. Command : DBz Cost : 2000 power Type : S,HA Can be used on : Ground only Shockwave Slicer
Create a projectile of sharp wind pressure. The projectile does medicore damage but also damages the opponent if they guard it. Invincible to non-hypers while creating the projectile. Damage dampening has halved effect on this attack. Command : DFy Cost : 2000 power Type : A,HP Can be used on : Ground only Gigantic Cleaver Rampage
A powerful spinning attack that uses a huge cleaver. At the end of the attack, you throw the cleaver at the opponent. Cannot be interrupted. Command : DDz Cost : 3000 power Type : S,HA ; A,HA Can be used on : Ground only Fury Mode
Do 25% more damage with all physical attacks, and regenerate some health meanwhile. Command : z,z Cost : 1000 power Duration : 15 seconds Can be used on : Ground only