Sailor Moon by Seravy (

Command Name Condition Type Effect
a Light Punch Any NA - b Light Kick Any NA - c Heavy Kick Any NA - F+a Lunar Punch Standing S,SA - F+b Slide Kick Standing C,SA - D+a Dive Kick Air A,SA - D,F,c Double Roundhouse Kick Standing S,NA 2 kicks
x Falling Moon Standing,Air A,NP - y Heart Shower Standing,Air A,NP Shots many, low damage hearts. D,F,x Starfall Standing,Air A,NP Make stars fall on the opponent. Slow, high damage spell. D,B,y Starburst Standing,Air A,NP Shot many stars in every direction. Low damage but stuns for a nice amount of time and covers a large area. D,B,x Moon Boomerang Standing,Air A,NP Follows opponent's movements. Opponent gains power if guarded. D,F,y Lunar Beam Standing,Air C,SP Shoots a beam that heats the ground. Damages standing or crouching opponents only. Unguardable while standing. The bar doesn't fill while the beam is active.
D,D,x Moon Healing Escalation Standing - 1000 power cost. Heal yourself for 15% of your missing health plus an additional 40% of the amount of health you lost below 400 if applicable. (example : 500->75, 400->90, 300->145, 200->200, 100->255 heal) D,D,y Moon Healing Escalation Standing - 1000 power cost. Heal the opponent for 30% of their missing health, but they lose 1000 power. Unblockable. D,F,z Moon Tiara Action Standing,Air A,HP 1000 power cost. A powerful projectile attack. D,B,z Moon Gorgeous MeditationStanding A,HP 2000 power cost. Fast, but no damage if guarded. D,D,z Moon Princess Halation Standing A,HT 2000 power cost. Low damage, but ignores dampening, and does a lot of guarded damage. D,F,D,F,z Rainbow Moon Heart Ache Standing,Air A,HT 3000 power cost. Very slow, Sailor Moon is vulnerable to attacks while performing this. Damage is high and affects guarding opponents, but cannot kill them. D,B,D,B,z Starlight Honeymoon TK. Standing A,HP 4000 power cost. High damage, Invincible. Can be used while in blockstun, in this case the command is simplified to D+B+z D,B,D,F,z Mystic Silver Crystal Standing A,HT 5000 power cost. Unguardable damage, ignores dampening, and gain life, Invincible.
Graze forward : YES Graze Back : YES Graze up(super jump) : YES Air graze : YES Air graze limit : 2