Sailor Saturn (new version) by Seravy (
Name Command Cost How to use Type Effect
Nut kick a - Standing S,NA - High kick b - Standing S,NA - Roundhouse kick c - Standing S,NA Can be used while in blockstun, causes fall. Crouching kick D+a - Standing C,NA Unblockable while standing. Crouching stab D+b - Standing C,NA Unblockable while standing. Crouching strong kick D+c - Standing C,NA Unblockable while standing. Causes fall. Skullbreaker DFa - Standing S,SA Unblockable while crouching. Causes fall. Raising Slash DFb - Standing S,SA Launcher Triple Combo DFc - Standing S,SA 3 hit combo move. If the first attack doesn't hit, the other two are skipped. Toeblaster DDb - Standing S,SA Unblockable while standing. Air Slash a - Air A,NA - Divekick b - Air A,NA Unblockable while crouching.
Spinning Slash DBa 20% Standing A,SA Jump into the air and spin the glaive. Graze. Silent Wall DBx 40% Standing - Create a barrier that blocks non-hyper projectiles for 3 seconds. Power of Silence DBy 60% Standing - Gain power whenever time is slowed or stopped by the opponent. You bar refills 50% slower. You can cancel this effect by inputting the same command again after at least 2 seconds passes. (This does include superpauses at the beginning of super moves!) Saturn Ball x 20% Any A,NP A simple, horizontal moving projectile. Ribbon Revolution y 20% Standing C,NP A powerful ribbon attack that hits at a specific of distance only, and must be guarded low. Skydome DFx 20% Standing A,NP Multiple projectiles filling the sky in every direction. Cosmic Debris y (D+y) 20% Any A,NP An air-to-ground projectile attack. D+y while standing jumps to use this move. Planetary Rain DFy 20% Standing A,NP Fire multiple projectiles directly up. They fall down around yourself to provide cover fire.
Death Dive Break DFz 1000pw Standing S,HT Dash forward (graze) and stab the opponent, then kick them. Unblockable. Silence Buster DDx 1000pw Standing A,HP A powerful, fast projectile. Greater Silent Wall DBz 1000pw Standing A,SP A barrier that blocks projectiles (including hypers!), and damages any opponent touching it, knocking them backward. Lasts 8 seconds. Border of Life DDy 1000+pw Standing - Healing move. Holding Y extends duration, cost and healed amount. Graze, Dodge, uninterruptable. Pushes opponents backwards. Death Reborn Revolution DDz 2000pw Standing S,HT A medium range AOE attack. Graze, invincible to non-throw physical attacks. Destruction Rain DFDFz 3000pw Standing A,HP Destruction rains down from the heavens. A really powerful, uninterruptable magic attack. Silent Glaive Surprise DBDBz 3000pw Standing A,HT Destroy the World. Has a long casting time. Graze, Dodge while casting, uninterruptable. Deals 500 unblockable damage to everyone. While the world is destroyed, Players periodically gain power and their health converges towards 50%. This effect counts as a hit and is capable of interrupting attacks. (The tournament organizers will restore the world to its previous state after the end of each match, the effect is fortunately not permanent.)
Graze forward : YES Graze Back : YES Graze up(super jump) : YES Air graze : YES Air graze limit : 3

Combo Sequence : DFc -> a or D+a-> b or D+c->c or DFa ->DDb-> DFb