Sayuri Kurata 
	by Seravy (

Name Command Cost How to use Type Effect
Light Attack a - - NA - Med Attack b - - NA - Hard Attack c - - NA - Throw x - - NT - Ah, got your skill y - Standing S,ST Counter an incoming physical attack with a throw. Magical Cutter y - Standing A,SA A coutner kick that works only from guard states during guardstun, and only after you have used "Ah got your skill" successfully this round. Magical Sword D,F,a - Standing S,SA Charge forward and cut the opponent with your staff Double Magical Sword D,F,b - Standing S,SA Two cuts, the first will make the opponent fall upward, the seond hits him in the air. Magical Shot D,F,x - Standing A,NP Shoot a star projectile at forward. You cannot have more than star projectile on the screen, and cannot use it if the opponent is already falling. Diagonal Magical Shot D+x - - A,NP Shoot a star projectile diagonally downward. If done on the ground, it'll bounce back into the air. Magical Starfall D+y - Standing A,NP Shoot a star diagonally up that falls down due to gravity. Harder to hit with this, but also does more damage. Magical Card D,F,y - Standing C,SP Throw a card into the ground. The card explodes into an electric pillar shortly after touching the ground. It is unguardable in air. Instant Charge Start 500 - - Can be used after hitting. Halves current damage dampening and allows you to use any attack, making it possible to combo anything into anything else.
Graze forward : YES Graze Back : YES Graze up(super jump) : YES, also diagonal graze up Air graze : YES Air graze limit : 3
Super Moves
Magical - Thunder A spell that summons thunder around you. Also attempt to grab the opponent to make sure he'll get hit. The grab cannot be guarded on ground, and the thunder cannot be guarded in air, so the only way to guard this is to guard on the ground, out of the reach of the grab. Interrupting the attack is possible, however. Cost : 1000 Command : D,D,z Type : A,HT and A,HP Can be used while : Standing Magical - Explode Dash forward and touch the opponent with your staff. If it is successful and isn't guarded, the opponent will be unable to move, and you make them explode. Both you and the opponent are invincible when the attack is successful, so it cannot be interrupted after that point. Cost : 1000 Command : D,D,y Type : A,HT Can be used while : Standing Magical - Superstar Attack The same projectiles as Magical Shot, but shoot many of them repeatedly. Cost : 1000 Command : D,D,x Type : A,HP Can be used while : Standing Magical - Agents Materialize some secret agents who shoot at the opponent with guns. This attack cannot be interrupted, but you can take damage while attacking. Cost : 2000 Command : D,F,D,F,z Type : A,HP Can be used while : Standing Magical - Thunderstorm A large scale magical thunder attack. Hits a wide area in front of you. It can only be guarded while standing. Cost : 3000 Command : D,B,D,B,z Type : A,HP Can be used while : Standing Magical - On Stage Sayuri's strongest attack. Cost : 4000 Command : D,D,c Type : A,HT Can be used while : Standing Magical - Pressure Grab the opponent and smash them into the wall. For every 1000 power spent, you will repeat the attack again, until your power runs out, or the opponent loses. Cost : All power, minimum 1000 Command : D,F,D,F,c Type : A,HA Can be used while : Standing or Air Combo Order (Any attack can be chained after any attack before them in the line) a or D+a -> b or D+b -> c -> D,F,b -> D,F,a -> Super moves or instant charge -> D+b -> jump and do air attacks Most important changes from EFZ gameplay : -Counter can be used against ANY attack if you successfully used "Ah got your skill". The attack doesn't need to be the one reversed by it. (The reason for this change is primarily based on mugen coding limitations*) -No Recoil guard -No Reinforce gauge or reinfore attacks -Instant charge can be used for a power cost. It also pauses the opponent for 10 ticks to make it easier to continue the combo. -Some attacks behave differently, and there are new super moves * There is no "Whose hit am I guarding from which of his attacks" trigger. P2stateno isn't accurate enough to be used for this. The opponent might have changed states already before the guardstun ends, and it might be P4 or a helper who is attacking as well.