Princess Silver by Seravy (

Command Name Condition Type Effect
a Attack 1 Any NA - b Attack 2 Any NA - c Attack 3 Any NA - D,F,b Sweep attack Standing S,SA A powerful attack that can send even the Shinigami flying far into the air. F+a Princess Tackle Standing,RunningS,SA Grazing z Princess Jump Jumping down A,NA A technique frequently used by a certain famous plumber against monsters. Unguardable, must be used at an exact timing. b Counter Kick Stand Guarding S,NA A kick attack that should be used during guarding to counter NA, SA and NT type attacks. F+c or B+c Dodge Standing - Roll around to dodge NA,SA and NP type attacks
x Wishing Star Air,Standing A,NP A star drawing that reacts to the wish of hitting the opponent. It has excellent homing capabilities, although it doesn't do much damage. y Rainbow Grafitti Air,Standing A,NP A slow, but strong projectile that moves forward, while doing a rotating movement. D+y Rainbow on the Sky Standing A,SP Draw a rainbow on the sky. A powerful anti-air attack, that is unguaradble but cannot hit standing opponents. D,F,y Rainbow Laser Any A,ST A beam attack fired directly from the Crayon Pen that cannot go though objects, so it's easy to obstruct with a projectile blocking wall of any kind. However, it cannot be grazed. D,B,y My Little Princesses Any C,SP Drawings of Silver in various colors rush towards the opponent. Unguardable while standing. D,F,x Rainbow Binder Any A,SP Draw a circle around the opponent to bind them and seal their powers.
Graze forward : YES Graze Back : YES Graze up(super jump) : YES Air graze : YES Air graze limit : 3 Super Moves

Sweep Tornado
Spin around to damage nearby opponents. Can be interrupted by any attack except NA and SA types. A basic, low cast attack. Cost : 1000 Command : D,F,z Type : S,HA Royal Healing
Heals 225 life. Cost : 1000 Command : D,D,z Type : S,HA Flower Star
Create a big pentagram from flowers that damages the opponent when touched, and allows you to fly. Cost : 2000 Command : F,D,B,U,z Type : A,HP Royal Failure
Cost : 2000 Command : D,B,z Type : A,HP Royal Highness
An attack that does exceptionally good damage for its cost, but unfortunately does nothing when it is guarded. Cost : 3000 Command : D,F,D,F,z Type : A,HT Spiral Rainbow
A powerful beam attack that does damage even if guarded, and provides full invincibility as well. Cost : 3000 Command : D,B,F,z Type : A,HP Happy Dance
A low damage super move, that guarantees damage as it provides full invincibility, is unguardable and ignores damage dampening. If the opponent knows this dance, they'll be forced to perform it. The spell doesn't work when the opponent is using an uninterruptable ability, or is invincible, so there are cases when it misses. Cost : 3000 Command : D,B,D,B,z Type : A,HT Circle of Enchantment
Creates a magical circle that gives protection against magic attacks. All P and T type attacks miss you. The circle lasts 10 seconds. Cannot be used when a Circle of Protection is active. Cost : 1000 Command : D,D,c Circle of Protection
Creates a magical circle that gives protection against magic attacks. All A and Normal T type attacks miss you. The circle lasts 10 seconds. Cannot be used when a Circle of Enchantment is active. Cost : 1000 Command : D,D,y Rainbow Cutter
Powerful beams of light sharp enough to cut the opponent. It's unguardable, but the accuracy is terrible so the number of hits and amount of damage varies greatly. It is also interrupted by hits, so it is very risky to use. Bigger opponents are more likely to be hit, so it is very good against oversized opponents. Cost : 3000 Command : D,F,B,z Type : A,HP
Passive Ability
Defense increases based on the amount of power available. Special thanks to Noah for ripping the sprites from the source game for me, and for his help in color separating them.