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Name Command Cost How to use Type Effect Light attack a - Standing S,NA - Long light attack b - Standing S,NA - Hammer Strike c - Standing S,NA - Crouching LA D+a - Standing C,NA Unguardable while standing Crouching Long LA D+b - Standing C,NA Unguardable while standing Sliding Kick D+c - Standing C,NA Unguardable while standing Aerial LA a - Air A,NA - Aerial Double attack b - Air A,NA hits 2x Aerial Downward attack D+c - Air A,NA Unguardable while crouching Throw F+c,B+c - Standing, Air S/A,NT Unguardable Launcher D,F,b - Standing S,NA -
Concentrate x+y - All Create a sudden burst of energy that shields you from non-hyper attacks for a second and recovers your bar. Your bar drops to empty after this second immediately. Creature of the Deep x 200 Standing C,SP A squirrel toy raises from the ground below the opponent. Unguardable while crouching. Creature of the Deep D,D,x 200 Standing C,SP A squirrel toy raises from the ground below the opponent. Unguardable while crouching. This one knocks the opponent to the other direction. Lord? Master? D+x 400 Standing C,SP A large number of squirrel toys come from the ground in a line moving forward. Unguardable while crouching. Toy Knife D,F,x 200 Standing A,NP Throw two times 3 knives forward. If you hold down x or press it again, the second 3 knives are thrown upward instead. Outside the Window y 200 Standing,Air A,SP A slow moving projectile that teleports the opponent above yourself when hitting. Rotten World D+y 200 Standing S,SP Unknown generates an explosion around herself. She is invincible while performing this attack. Hide & Seek F+y or B+y 100 Standing,Air - Unknown teleports to the selected direction. The directional button must be held down at the moment of the teleportation for this to work. Can be used after guarding and attack, and doing gives invincibility for the startup frames. They are everywhere! D,B,x 400 Standing,Air A,HP/SP Many knives surround the opponent and hit them from all directions. This attack cannot be grazed if the opponent was inside the circle. The damage is high and does some even when guarded.
Graze forward : YES Graze Back : YES Graze up(super jump) : YES Air graze : YES Air graze limit : Unlimited Flying : Yes
Special Ability
Unknown can fly. To stay in air, press up again while jumping. She'll also go into the flying state after super jump and air dashes. There is no limit for the duration of flight but the height is limited. She can also use any amount of air dashes without landing. Super Moves
Great Migration Call a large number of toy squirrels at once. The can come from front or back depending on the command. The damage is weak, but you can easily combo. Command : D,F,z or D,B,z Cost : 1000 Type : C,HA Useable : Standing Solar Throw a powerful fireball at the ground from the air. Command : D+z Cost : 1000 Type : A,HP Usable : Air Cruel World An improved version of Rotten world causing more explosions and damage, with full invincibility. Command : D,D,y Cost : 2000 Type : A,HT Usable : Ground Swimming up the Waterfall UNKNOWN does a short hop and grabs the opponent's feet. She then rides a chain of giant plush toys into space, trailing the unfortunate opponent along with her. Finally, she comes back to earth and her mount regurgitates the opponent onto the floor in front of her. This attack is unguardable while standing and misses if the opponent is in the air. It ignores damage dampening but fills the dampening bar to the maximum when hitting. The attack provides immunity against physical attacks and projectiles during the hop but throws can hit. Command : D,B,D,F,z Cost : 3000 Type : C,HT Usable : Standing Denial of Existence A very powerful attack that eradicates everything. Unknown's most damaging attack. Unlike most of her attacks, this one doesn't have invincibility, but cannot be interrupted. The area of the attack is about half a screen wide for both directions, so using it at the center of the screen will make sure you'll not miss. Command : D,F,D,B,z Cost : 4000 Type : A,HT Usable : Standing Inside the Barrel Drop an unguardable barrel on the opponent, then thrown knives into it. The knives have a random chance of hitting or failing. The chance is 70%-(current power/100)% for each knife throw. On failure, if you don't have any more power left, the move ends, and the opponent doesn't take damage (except for the initial hit of the barrel) On failure, if you still have 1000 or more power, 1000 power is spent to rotate the barrel and throw a knife again. On success, the damage is (initial hit+90*Total number of knives thrown), so each failure increases the damage of the next knife throw by 90. Command : D,D,z Cost : 1000+ Type : A,HT Usable : Standing