Vanilla H by Seravy (
A green-haired pale-colored young girl who rarely speaks, and always in a calm, deadpan voice. Most of the time, when she speaks, she refers to God or speaks in a riddle. She has a strange machine, known as the Nanomachine, in her room and often prays to it. Despite all of this, she is quite caring and always follows orders. She is also apparently the possessor of a hot temper, but keeps it well-hidden. She can heal the injuries of others, the effects made visible by a green glow around her hands, and the red gem at her forehead can sometimes project a powerful beam. The nanomachines in her body provide additional defense for her as well.
There are 4 different available modes for this character. Edit the OPTIONS.TXT file in notepad or equivalent to change modes. You can also change the starting health of the Angels. The 4 modes are the following... Solo Mode - Vanilla fights alone. Weakest mode. Normal Mode - You can call the other Galaxy Angels but only one at a time. Boss Mode - You can call multiple Angels at the same time. Nanoboost and Nanorecovery are available. Final Boss Mode - Angels can even be called while being hit. Nanorecovery randomly grants attack, defense or powerbar.
Name Command Cost Requirement Type Effect Light Punch a - Standing S,NA - Light Kick b - Standing S,NA - Normad punch a or F+a - Standing S,NA - Medium Kick b or F+b - Standing S,NA - Hard Kick B+b, or D,B,b - Standing S,NA Can be used during guardstun. Normad Bash x - Standing S,SA Launcher. Unguardable while crouching. Hair Drill D,B,x - Standing S,NA Does guarded damage. Normad Drill D,F,x - Standing S,NA - Normad Bouncer D,D,x - Standing S,NA Hold X for more hits. Crouching Punch D+a - Standing C,NA Unguardable while standing. Sliding Kick D+b - Standing C,NA - Crouching Normad Bash D+x - Standing C,SA Launcher. Unguardable while standing. Throw D,F,a - Standing S,NT Unguardable. Air Light Kick a - in Air A,NA - Air Strong Kick b - in Air A,NA Unguardable while standing Air Normad Attack x - in Air A,NA Unguardable while crouching, long hitstun Air Normad Bash D+x - in Air A,SA Unguardable while crouching
Dodge F+y, B+y - - - Dodges NA,SA and NP type attacks with a short jump Eye Laser y - - A,SP - Double Eye Laser c,y - - A,SP -
Super Eye Laser z,y 1000 PW - A,SP - Super Drill D,B,F,x 1000 PW - S,HA Unguardable while standing, invincibility. Super Normad Spin D,D,a or D,B,F,a2000 PW - S,HA Invincibility, unguardable in air.
Call Mint z,z - Bar - Gain double power from attacking, and Nanoboost happens twice as often. Mint is immune to normals while in her cactus dress, but specials and supers can hit her. While active, your Angel Bar is constantly drained but you also gain power equal to the amount of bar spent this way. In Final Boss mode, the amount of power gained for the bar spent is doubled. Call Milfeulle c,c 20% Bar S,SA Milfeulle runs over the opponent with a motorbike. Call Ranpha c,z 20% Bar A,SA Rapha kicks the opponent. Call Forte z,c 40% Bar A,SP Forte shoots a stun gun at the opponent.
Nanorecovery D+y 1000 PW Bar - Requires boss mode. Invincibility against non-crouching attacks. Heal yourself and all allies. In Final Boss Mode, gain random attack, defense or power levels. Can be used once every 30 seconds, but it recharges faster at lower health. Mint's Fire Breath D,F,z,z 1000 PW Mint called S,HP Transform into a Fire-Breathing Chicken Giant Milfeulle D,F,c,c 2000 PW Bar A,HA Hits both players but cannot hit in air. Hypercannon D,D,b 6000 PW Bar A,HT Does a third of the full damage if guarded. Ranpha Special Kick D,F,c,z 1000 PW Bar A,HA Unguardable while crouching Forte's Finishing Shot D,F,z,c 2000 PW Forte Called A,HP - Shooting Spree D,D,z,c 3000+PW Bar A,HP Hits all players for unguardable damage. Once she starts shooting no one can stop her...she'll keep going until you run out of power.
Passive Ability : Tenacity. Defense increases based on the remaining health. Lower health results in higher defense. Passive Ability : Nanoboost A. Once every 60 seconds, increases defense level by one below 50% health, or attack level otherwise. Requires Boss mode or above. Passive Ability : Nanoboost B. Once every 60 seconds, increases defense level by one if the opponent is below 50% health, or attack level otherwise. Requires Boss mode or above. Defense level : Each level of defense adds a muliplicative damage reduction of 5%. Attack level : Each level of attack adds an additional normal physical attack damage of 5%.
Graze forward : YES Graze Back : YES Graze up(super jump) : YES Air graze : Forward only Air graze limit : 1
Combo Sequence examples : a or b or D+a -> F+a or F+b -> B+b -> or D,B,x -> D,F,x -> x or D+x -> jump+air attacks -> D,D,x -> D,F,x while opponent is falling -> D+b -> x -> jump+air attacks