Vita by Seravy ( Original version by Finir
Name Command Cost How to use Type Effect Hammer attack a - Standing S,NA Kick b - Standing S,NA Strong hammer attack F+a - Standing A,NA Unguardable while standing Jump Kick F+b - Standing S,NA Crouching Light attack D+a - Crouching C,NA Unguardable while standing Crouching Strong attack D+b - Crouching C,NA Unguardable while standing Air hammer attack a - Air A,NA Unguardable while crouching Air strong hammerattack b - Air A,NA
Load Cartridge z 200 Bar Any - Loads one Cartridge Double Load D,D,z 400 Bar Standing - Loads two Cartridges Forcefield c 400 Bar Any S,NA Makes nearby opponent fall, low damage, protection from non-hypers and hyper throws Fire Birds D,F,x 400+ Bar Any A,SP Uses up the entire bar Fire Orb x 400 Magic Air A,NP Fire Orb v2 y 400 Magic Air A,NP Fire Orb v3 x 400 Magic Standing A,NP Fire Orb v4 y 400 Magic Standing A,NP
Graze forward : YES Graze Back : YES Graze up(super jump) : YES Air graze : YES Air graze limit : Unlimited
Combo Sequence : b or D+a -> a -> F+a -> F+b or D+b Passive ability
Vita is an agressive character, so she loses power during the startup of guarding or when idle. However, succesful guarding of an attack returns power to her, and attacks that last long can generate a significant amount as her patience runs out quickly, and anger fuels her attacks. She also brings magical powered cartridges with her into every battle, which provide her an overwhelming advantage at the beginning of the combat, but when the cartridges run out, she'll be at a disadvantage instead, because she relies on brute force rather than tactis. Super Moves

Vita's super moves rely on magical cartridges. She starts each match with 5 of them. You have to load the cartridges with the load cartridge command to be able to use super moves. Each loaded cartridge also provides a 2% bonus to attack damage simply by being there. Powerbar cannot be used to perform super moves, but every 7000 power gathered provides equivalent energy to a newly loaded cartrige. Hammer Spin
Spin around with your hammer for piercing damage. If you hold a and b down, the damage is a little bit increased. Normal projectiles and normal attacks are unable to hit you while spinning. Command : D,F,z Cost : 1 cartridge Type : S,HA Flamewave
A long range fire attack. Command : D,B,z Cost : 1 cartridge Type : S,HP Flame Strike
A flaming hammer strike. Cannot be guarded crouching, but does halved damage in air. Command : D,D,c Cost : 1 cartridge Type : S,HP Panzer Shield
A "defensive" attack... a magical barrier that blocks any non-super attacks for a limited amount of time. If the shield takes damage, the duration is shortened. It allows attacking from behind freely, so it's best to be used in an offensive way. Command : D,F,c Cost : 1 cartridge Type : S,HP Gigant Hammer
Grow the hammer to gigantic size, and strike the opponent below. It can only be used from the air, and cannot be guarded crouching. The damage is outstanding but it consumes two cartridges. Command : D,D,c Cost : 2 cartridges Type : A,HA