Yukari Yakumo RP Version by Seravy (http://seravy.x10.mx/Wordpress)
Yukari Yakumo, the youkai who manipulates the boundaries. She's at least 1200 years old, and is said to have created/moved Gensokyo some time during the late 19th century. She tends to be a pain in the ass to everyone when she's not sleeping. But this doesn't mean that she doesn't have friends, such as Yuyuko Saigyouji, Suika Ibuki, and possibly the shrine maiden Reimu Hakurei, although Reimu never seems to return the friendship most of the time. She's probably the most powerful youkai in Gensokyo, but she rarely attacks humans so there's really no reason to attack her. When she does fight, she prefers toying with her opponents first rather than using her full power off the bat.
Command Name
a Weak attack b Med. attack c Strong attack B+c Strong attack with additional knockback (G Only) F+c Throw z+dir Graze up/back/forward, alternative command : FF,BB,DU Start Power Charge
D,D,a/b/c - Ride the Waves [GA] - Aka "the gap". Yukari does what she does best and opens a gap which absorbs or spits out projectiles. A version: Absorbs projectiles B version: Spits stored projectiles out (horizontal) C version: Spits stored projectiles out (vertical) D,B,a/b/c - Illusion Rift [GA] - Yukari starts off with a backdash, but will fall into one of her gaps and reappear at another gap somewhere on the stage. Yukari will always reappear on the ground in her A & B versions. A version: Yukari reappears from the side of the stage she is facing. No damage. B version: Yukari will teleport behind the opponent for a spin attack C version: Yukari will drop from a gap in the sky onto the opponent. Slower startup, but more powerful. D,F,a/b/c - Boundary Wave [GA] - Originally one of Yukari's spellcards, she uses this as her basic projectile. It will follow the walls of the stage until it makes a half circle. In the air, Yukari will fire it as if she were standing. A version: Fires the wave in front of Yukari B version: Fires the wave on the wall in front of Yukari C version: Same as the A version but much faster and does less damage. F,D,a/b/c - Zen Temple Butterfly [G] - Yukari opens her parasol and spins. You can release a projectile if you miss with the attack and hold an attack button. A version: Yukari spins straight up B version: Yukari spins at a 45 degree angle forward C version: Yukari spins straight forward B,D,a/b/c - Bound to the Grave [G] - Yukari will open a gap, which thrusts 5 grave markers out. Has good knockback, is extremly fast, and causes wallslam. A version: Thrusts 5 smaller grave markers and retracts them back quickly. B version: Same as A version, but slower, larger and more powerful. C version: Yukari launches the grave markers out of the gap.
----------------------------- Level 1 Spellcards ----------------------------- * D,F,D,F,a - Chen Yakumo - Yukari summons her shikigami's shikigami, Chen. Chen will bounce around the stage before disappearing. * D,F,D,F,b - Dashing Quadruple Boundary - Yukari engulfs herself in a boundary and dashes toward her foe. Gives temporary armor. Hits a maximum of 12 times. Can be used in midair. * D,F,D,F,c - Boundary Between Mind & Foot - Yukari swipes her hand which opens a purple shockwave that slashes through the opponent. Can be used in midair. The boundary will open at Yukari's current vertical position. Weakest of her Level 1 spellcards, but cannot be blocked. ----------------------------- Level 2 Spellcards ----------------------------- * D,B,D,B,a - Matter/Antimatter Boundary - Yukari will create two boundaries surrounding the opponent, which will collide violently. If Yukari is hit before the two boundaries collide, they will close. * D,B,D,B,b - Ran Yakumo - Yukari summons her shikigami, Ran. Ran will lunge forward and spin. * D,B,D,B,c - Flesh Dismantler - A powered up version of Yukari's Zen Temple Butterfly, Yukari will pop up under the opponent's location for a total of 10 hits. This attack comes with full invincibility. ----------------------------- Level 3 Spellcards (Z button) ----------------------------- * D,B,F,a - Yukari Express - Summon a train to run over the opponent. The train is unguardable and cannot be grazed, but the startup time is long, so it's easy to interrupt. * D,B,F,b - Nest of Fireflies - Yukari opens a bunch of gaps which fire 20 lasers. The lasers can be blocked. Can be done in air. * D,B,F,c - Yakumo Triangulation - Yukari summons both Ran and Chen. All three will attack the opponent at once.
Graze forward : YES (optional) Graze Back : YES (optional) Graze up(super jump) : YES (optional) Air graze : YES (optional) Air graze limit : 1 ---------- Spellcards ---------- At the beginning of Round 1, you can select which spellcards to use during the match. Up to 6 spellcards can be selected, as long as the total spellcard level (the sum of the levels of each spellcard selected) cannot be more than 9.