Yuyuko Saigyouji RP Version by Seravy (http://seravy.x10.mx/Wordpress)
Yuyuko Saigyouji, who was once a human almost 1,000 years ago, now exists as a ghost occupying the Netherworld. When she was alive, she had the ability to invoke death in anything mortal. In fear of her own power, she committed suicide, and her body was used to seal the youkai cherry tree known as Saigyou Ayakashi. As a ghost, she retained her ability to invoke death, but slowly forgot who she was when she was alive. As a human, she met and befriended the boundary youkai Yukari Yakumo, a friendship that would last even after her death. Yuyuko's gardener, Youmu Konpaku, is extremely loyal to her, and takes things seriously in contrast to Yuyuko who is often carefree and whimsical. She also has a reputation among Touhou fans as a big eater due to her dialogue in Imperishable Night, which more than often involves the night sparrow, Mystia Lorelei.
Command Name
a Weak attack b Med. attack c Strong attack F+c Throw z+dir Graze up/back/forward, alternative command : FF,BB,DU Start Power Charge
D,D,a/b/c - Eternal Wandering [G Only] - Yuyuko will summon 6 wisps which will pulsate around in a circle. The wisps will cancel other projectiles, but will disappear. A version: Summons wisps low, Does extra damage against standing or crouching opponents. B version: Summons wisps above Yuyuko's head, Does extra damage against opponents in air. C version: Summons wisps at opponent's position, slower and doesn't do extra damage. D,B,a/b/c - Light of the Undead [GA] - Yuyuko's trademark laserbeam from IaMP and SWR/UNL A version: Spreads 5 lasers in a narrow arc, fastest but weakest. B version: Spreads 5 lasers in a wider arc, a bit slower but does a bit mroe damage. C version: Same as the A version, but hits multiple times and is much slower, but does a good amount of blocked damage. D,F,a/b/c - Possessions of the Deceased [GA] - Yuyuko launches herself upward and grab the opponent. Unblockable, and cannot hit crouching opponents. A version: Normal damage version, and drains 1/3 power stock from the opponent. B version: Normal damage version, drains the life from the opponent. C version: Higher damage version, but no additional effects. B,D,a/b/c - Butterfly Dream Dance [G Only] - Yuyuko's famous fanspin. Graze while moving. A version: A medium range spin for high damage. B version: Yuyuko dashes a good distance before spinning. Lowest damage, but it can reach very far. C version: Launches Yuyuko upward. Does the most damage and is the fastest, but also has the least range.
----------------------------- Level 1 Spellcards ----------------------------- * D,F,D,F,a - Death Sign "Ghastly Dream" [G Only] - One of Yuyuko's trademark spellcards. Yuyuko lets loose a ring of 12 rotating phantom butterflies. * D,F,D,F,b - Flowery Soul "Ghost Butterfly" [GA] - Yuyuko spews a bunch of butterflies that will trace and home in on the opponent. The butterflies will explode when they come into contact with anything, including projectiles. Can be blocked. * D,F,D,F,c - Nether Sign "Peaceful Route to the Underworld [G Only] - Yuyuko releases a bunch of wisps around her that fly upward. Has some startup invincibility. It's mostly effective if against opponents in the air, where it is unguardable, too. ----------------------------- Level 2 Spellcards ----------------------------- * D,B,D,B,a - Deadly Dance "Law of Mortality" [G Only] - Yuyuko summons 6 wisps that circle around her for a short time. The wisps will protect Yuyuko from some projectiles, as well as hit the opponent. The wisps will disappear when they make contact with anything or if 6 seconds pass by. * D,B,D,B,b - Sakura Sign "Sense of Cherry Blossom" [G Only] - Yuyuko swipes with her fan upwards. Has startup invincibility and is air-unblockable. * D,B,D,B,c - Deadly Butterfly "Endless Nap" [G Only] - Essentially the same as Ghastly Dream, except that it has a much larger range and Yuyuko will launch two rings of butterflies. ----------------------------- Level 3 Spellcards (Z button) ----------------------------- * D,B,F,a - Death Sign "Invocation of Death" [G Only] - Yuyuko Leaps into the air. If successful, she will drag the opponent to the ground where she uses her ability to invoke death in any mortal. Kills the opponent instantly, but works on a success rate. This move will always fail to kill Immortals. Success chance formula : Lost Health%+If(Health%>Enemy Health%,2,0.6)*(Health%-Enemy Health %)+(Lost Enemy Health%)/5 Examples : Yuyuko Enemy Chance 100 100 0% 100 75 55% 100 60 88% 100 50 100% 100 25 150% 90 100 4% 90 90 12% 90 75 45% 90 60 78% 90 50 100% 75 100 10% 75 75 30% 75 60 63% 75 50 85% 75 25 100% 50 100 20% 50 75 40% 50 50 60% 50 25 100% 25 100 30% 25 75 50% 25 50 70% 25 25 90% 25 20 100% 20 20 100% 10 20 100% * D,B,F,b - Life Limit "Ticket to the Netherwold" [GA] - Yuyuko fires a wisp at the opponent. If it hits, 6 wisps will form around him/her and follow, disappearing one at a time. They will detonate once they are all vanished. The explosion is unblockable, but the initial projectile isn't. The wisps will disappear prematurely if Yuyuko is hit. * D,B,F,c - Resurrection Butterfly - 10%, 30%, 50%, and 80% [G Only] - Yuyuko spews forth lasers and butterflies from the ground in an upward fan around her. Yuyuko is completely invulnerable while the lasers are active. This spellcard will level up each time it is used, where it will spawn more butterflies and do more damage. The first use is perhaps the weakest of Yuyuko's level 3 spellcards, but it will grow much stronger.
Graze forward : YES (optional) Graze Back : YES (optional) Graze up(super jump) : YES (optional) Air graze : YES (optional) Air graze limit : 1 ---------- Spellcards ---------- At the beginning of Round 1, you can select which spellcards to use during the match. Up to 6 spellcards can be selected, as long as the total spellcard level (the sum of the levels of each spellcard selected) cannot be more than 9.