The next version of CoM will have 2 new spells in the Death realm. One is a rare combat spell that hits all enemy units for irrecoverable damage with a twist : the fewer units are hit, the higher the damage becomes!
The other one will be a replacement for Berserk. The new spell will be called Blood Lust, and will still provide double melee power, but only against normal units. However the zero defense drawback will be replaced by “unit becomes undead”, and the spell will be overland only, and much cheaper to cast.
I expect it’ll take about 4-5 days of testing before I can release, at the very least I’m going to play a whole game using 10 Death books to see how these changes work in practice.
It’s also worth mentioning there are new bugs found : Banished AI players lose their mana crystals due to a miscalculation in Alchemy, and the town data recalculation doesn’t trigger when it should. Be absolutely sure you update to the new version when it becomes available!

October 23, 2016 at 7:00 am by Seravy
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