If you have noticed, there were two versions for download in the past few months. “4.01″ is the “official” latest version, but there is an “unofficial” one, “Experimental 9 L”. This one is a separate branch because the changes are fairly large and that always comes with risks of new bugs. However, it has been out for a while (version up to L now) so stability isn’t a problem anymore. As soon as enough information is available on how the changes affected gameplay, this will be made into the next “official” version. However, MoM/CoM games take dozens of hours each and dozens of games are needed to be able to properly judge the new gameplay. I encourage everyone to try this version and report their experience either here or on the forum. These are the “big” new features :
-New rules for wizard banishment. Banished wizards can produce power, and can cast combat spells at a massive 4x range penalty. (you can also see their mana, treaties etc on the Magic screen now)
-New AI overland spell selection procedure. The AI should be significantly smarter at using certain special purpose spells, and have a more appropriate ratio of each spell type used.
-New AI “doomstack” building procedure. The AI should now attempt to gather their 9 best free intercontinental units into one stack. This should make the AI significantly more effective at offense, albeit it might weaken their garrisons a little if the units were coming from there. The idea here is, 9 Sky Drakes attacking another player’s cities should be working better than 9 cities each having 1 Sky Drake protecting it in addition to 8 normal units. I would like to hear if this tactic works out for the AI or if their weaker defenses make them less of a threat.
-New costs for most expensive rare and very rare creatures and unit buffs. These generally got cheaper – rares somewhat, very rares massively. The idea is to make these more accessible, as at the old cost, even with high skill it took 3-5 turns to summon a single creature. This made them a poor choice for the human player, and also meant the AI had a hard time to get enough of them to threaten the player. My main worry here is this is a no-brainer tactic, summon 9 of the best units and use them to obliterate anything. If it’s too accessible, it might undermine the strategy needed to win games. So I’d like to hear player’s experience on this too – is it too easy to summon things now or not, is it too efficient to use those summoned things or not. Do you always find yourself using them, or do you sometimes use them and at other times use other tactics?

I think that’s about it for the “big” changes.

PS : Whoever donated yesterday, thank you very much! I was worried the donation button had problems as no one used it since last Christmas/New Year. I guess people like to donate in the last two months of the year more than the others.

July 31, 2017 at 9:32 am by Seravy
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