Many of you are already be aware but Slitherine obtained the rights for Master of Magic last summer. You might already know that they’re including the -previously unofficial- patch in the official release, but I haven’t talked about Caster of Magic.
So Caster of Magic will be available for sale on Steam, GoG, and Slitherine’s website starting today!
While that means you can’t download it for free anymore, I hoping this money will ensure I’ll be able to continue developing Caster of Magic in the future no matter what happens, and ideally, produce proper source code for it as a next step in development. As you already know, Caster of Magic was developed entirely by hacking the executable files as no one has the source code for the game anymore. While I was able to get very far using the current approach, at this time the really important missing features – enabling more than 4 enemy wizards in the game for example, or adding new content without having to remove the same amount of existing stuff – will require source code. That said, this is a plan for the future, and as long as possible I will keep patching the current Caster of Magic.
Obviously, the optional anime portraits won’t be included, those remain available for download from my website separately, and of course, you need to own the game first to use it.
The Master of Magic patch is now version number 1.52 and will be part of the official release of the game, which is also available on Steam and Slitherine’s website starting today, in addition to the existing GoG version. The contents are similar to the 1.51 patch but any included change originating from me or Kyrub’s Insecticide that changed gameplay is removed and now available as optional patches, so you don’t have to worry about that anymore. Lots of thanks to Drake178 for his help in making that possible!
Different versions are not compatible. If you own the game on GOG, you have to buy the DLC on GoG as well. Same applies to Steam and Slitherine own website. This is especially important as it was reported it is possible to buy the DLC without the base game there but it’s not possible to install it that way anyway.

February 25, 2020 at 4:44 pm by Seravy
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