Version 6.03 is ready. You might wonder where did 6.02 go, well, I sent it to Slitherine as usual weeks ago but nothing happened. Coronavirus problems? I hope not.
Either way, if you don’t want to wait an unknown amount of time for the update, you can download the following patcher :

Unzip this into your CoM folder and run 601to603.bat. Note that Caster of Magic version 6.01 is required, otherwise it will not work. If you already applied the hotfix, you will likely see warning messages which can be safely ignored. I recommend making a backup before patching anyway – the patcher will not check if your files are the correct version.

This is the changelog :
-Fixed 6.01 bug : when low difficulty should have prevented enemies from stalling, they were sometimes forced to stall instead and failed to attack enemies.
-On Fair difficulty, neutrals are only prevented from using movement speed or invisibility based stalling, they can use flying or “out of ammo” stalling.
-The AI will now use the high difficulty “build more settlers” strategy when they are starting on a different plane from the human player even if that plane is Arcanus.
-Barbarian AI players are now aware they can spend gold to buy Magic Markets
-Fixed bug : AI builds Wizard’s Guild in High Men cities as if it still required a Library instead of a Magic Market.
-Fixed bug : The AI prioritizes unit production in cities that have Orihalcon and have a race that can build Magicians even before the Wizard’s Guild was built.
-Fixed bug : The AI restriction to not produce Trireme when Galley is available in the same city had no effect.
-The AI will not build Carrack in cities where Warship is available.
-AI with Expansionist Objective will build up to almost twice as many ships as other personalities.
-The maximal amount of ships any AI will want to build is capped at 108. (per plane)
-The maximal amount of ships any AI will want to build is also capped at the number of their cities times 4.
-When the AI calculates production priority for various units types based on levels and figure count, the effects from buildings disabled by Evil Presence will no longer be included.
-The AI no longer adds “is production boosting building” priority to University for races that do not get a Mechanician’s Guild.
-Fixed bug : Peaceful AI didn’t have the intended additional power distribution priority to produce RP.
-Fixed bug : The cap of desired mana crystals for power distribution to avoid high skill wizards making too much mana was 8 times higher than intended, making it overflow and possibly making the AI produce no mana when they should have.
-The AI is now allowed to use the lowest tax rate.
-Fixed bug : AI can cast Invisibility on the overland map without knowing the spell if Divine Order is in effect.
-Fixed bug : Additional AI overland spell priority of casting True Sight against Sorcery players had no effect
-The AI will not cast Zombies in combat against Wall of Fire
-Below Master difficulty, the AI will not cast Drain Power before turn 120 even if they somehow obtain the spell early.
-Power Link’s effect is now disabled during Time Stop as intended.
-Fixed bug : Combat summoned Paladins and Catapults don’t count as fantastic units for some effects that affect fantastic creatures only.
-Propose Treaty menu now checks for relation being >= the required amount instead of only >.
-When the AI offers gold after being Threatened, gold amount is now the value determined from the turn count, but no more than half the AI’s gold. Previously, all of the AI’s gold was available, but if the amount to give was higher than that, instead only a quarter of the available gold was actually given.
-AI players will not offer a spell after being Threatened or when requesting a Treaty from the player, if they already gave the player a spell that way – gold will be offered instead. (they realize after the first spell that it wasn’t worth it if the player keeps coming back for more or broke the treaty and needs another one.)
-AI wizards will also not offer a spell if they have been banished by the player previously. (they understand the spell will be used against them and don’t trust the player.)
-Undead Settlers now lose the “Create Outpost” ability instead of having the ability displayed but being unable to build.
-Fixed some outdated descriptions of predefined default wizards (some of them were mentioning retorts they had in older versions)

-fixed bug : The AI sometimes cancelled Time Stop earlier than intended as the formula wasn’t updated to the new maintenance cost mechanics.
-Wild Boars can now be summoned by Fairy Ring
-Floating Island now cannot be summoned by Fairy Ring.
-Fighter’s Guild description now mentions later buildings are unavailable until 1406.
-Fixed bug : Troll Settlers have the stats and abilities of a High Elf Settler when built.
-Fixed bug : When neutral monsters rampage then disappear, undead raised by them don’t disappear and stay hidden in the city, being unable to move and possibly causing issues (as it results in two players having units on the same tile, the city owner and the neutral player -breaking two important game rules, the 9 unit per tile rule and the one player per tile rule at the same time.)
-AI minimal Dispel Magic priority for unit curses is now halved if the unit affected has a production cost below 100.
-Runemaster and AEther Binding now adds at most +6 priority to casting Dispel Magic each (but still 50% of the total priority if it would be less than 6).
-When the AI casts a combat spell that has a slider option (Dispel Magic or Dispelling Wave), the slider amount now depends on the combat situation : The AI will use maximal slider if the enemy is at least twice as powerful, and will use none if the enemy is at least 3 times weaker, in steps of 25% slider cost for each “Army comparison result level”.
-Units raised by Necromancy items gain the Animated status.

May 9, 2020 at 6:57 pm by Seravy
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