MugenDB is a searchable database for mugen creations. Anyone can add data into it or updating the existing data, and is encouraged to do so whenever he finds anything missing or outdated.

On the main page, you can log in, register, or search the database.

You don’t need to be registered to search, but you do for adding or editing content, or posting comments.

You can fill in any number of search fields, or leave all of them empty. If you leave everything empty, you’ll get all of the data in the entire database as your result. You can display your results in two modes. Full displays at most 20 results, and shows the image/video of the creation directly embedded into the results page. Short mode displays up to 1000 results without images. You have to click on the name to display the page of the creation. This page will list all available data, and all comments added for the creation. You can also add your own comments if you are registered. If you want to update the data, you can do that on this page as well, by using the appropriate link. You have to be a normal User for this to appear.

General Rules :

-Do not add invalid, bad data. If you are not sure about what you are doing is correct, don’t do it.

-If you discover any bad data, fix it. If you find some tags are missing from an entry, add the missing tags. If you know about a mugen creation not in the database yet, if you have a minute of free time, add it. Before adding anything, perform a search and make sure it is not yet in the database.

-Intentionally adding bad data (Vandalizing) is not tolerated. You’ll be banned or restricted for doing it. People can list search results by the date of update, so they’ll find out your evil intentions quick, as it’ll be placed first in the search results. All updates are logged by IP address, so you won’t get away with it. (It is recommended for moderators to do such a search as often as they visit the site)

-Commenting is for providing valuable information about the character. This is generally feedback for the author, or information about the character, like how to play it, or where to find an AI patch and the like. You can have at most one comment per database page, but can edit your old comment.

- The official language for the database is English. It’s against the rules to post non-English comments.

-It’s against the rules to post links to non-mugen content. Racism, hate of any kind towards other users, creators, or moderators is not tolerated. You’ll get a permanent ban for that. (You can still access the database while banned by not logging in, but you won’t be able to log in ever again, so no more commenting for you.)

-Talking about sex is against the rules. Adding characters that contain sexual content is allowed ONLY if you tag them properly and add an image/video that doesn’t contain anything objectionable. Failure to act according to this rule will get you restricted or banned. Keep in mind that a lot of mugen players are way below the age of 18.

-Replace screenshots/videos in a database entry only if there is a reason to. Generally videos are preferred for characters, and screenshots for stages,screenpacks, lifebars. If you add a video, especially if you made it yourself, it MAY NOT contain any hate or bashing towards the creation. The best is a video free of comments containing personal opinions. You have the comments field for your opinions, which is easier to edit later, and other users won’t be tempted to replace the video if they have a different opinion. Replacing a video with a bashing/hate video to lower the reputation of a creation intentionally will result in an immediate restriction of the account. Even if you are right about the flaws. Post your opinion in the comments instead. Generally if there already is a video, don’t replace it unless the creation was updated since the making of the video, or has functionality not visible in the old video, but the new video shows it along everything else the old video did. Replace videos that are against these guidelines, as well.

User Types :


The owner of the place. He can do whatever he wants. It’s unlikely for anyone else to get this position for a long while.


They are in charge of keeping the place clean, and enforcing rules. They can delete posts, restrict, or ban people.


They are the regular users. They can add or update data, and they can post comments.

Restricted User

They can post comments, but cannot do anything else. You have to do something bad to end up like this.

New User

Someone who just registered. They can’t update data added by other users yet, only their own. They are promoted to a normal User automatically if they add 10 or more new database entries, or a week after their registration date. This is a safety measure to give people enough time to learn how things work before they start editing the existing data.

Important : Rules for adding data!

You MUST provide the following information when adding a new entry :

Name – This is the name of the creation.

Author Name – The name of the person who created it.

Mugenversion – Which mugen version it is intended for. The current standard values are : DOS,BETA,1.0,1.0RCx; where x is the number of the release candidate. Beta stands for all pre 1.0 versions that are for Winmugen.

Last Update – This is the date of the last update made by the author for the creation. If you discover that a character has been updated, please update this field immediately, so other users will know about the update of the creation. The format is YYYY-MM-DD. If the author’s site shows the date, use that value. If not, use the date of the latest file in the downloaded creation.

Site Link – This is the link for the creation’s author’s site. If the creation is permanently offline and the author doesn’t intend to update/re-release it, or the author doesn’t have a site, you are allowed to post a link to a hosted version. If you do that, make sure the hosted version is the latest available before it went offline. If you have the latest, unedited version of an offline, unavailable character, do everyone a favor and upload it to a file storing service, like Mediafire or 4Shared. If neither of these options are possible to provide a working download link, add OFFLINE instead of the link into this field. Keep the link pointing to the author’s site if the creation is only temporarily offline before an update, but don’t if it is permanently removed from the site.

Image/Video Link – This is a HTML embeddable image or video link showing the character. If you are using Youtube, just click on the “embed this video” part and copy whatever you find there into this field. If you are using Imageshack, select the HTML Code filed.

If possible, provide a screenshot or video. If you can’t, or the character cannot be shown due to it being a Hentai character, add NO IMAGE in this field.

Tags – This field is a list of words that describe the character.  You have to separate each tag by a space. If a tag has multiple works, connect them with an underline ( _ ) character. Tags start with a capital letter for each word.

Some tags have standard meanings, and must be always added :

Character;Stage;Lifebar;Screenpack;Fullgame – These signal the type of the creation.

Edited – This signals that the creation if an edit of another author’s work.

Original_Author_name – For characters that are edited, specify the author of the original version this way.

If possible also add tags for the origin of the character, like

Anime; Mortal_Kombat; Eternal_Fighter_Zero; Dragon_Ball; Sailor_Moon; etc.

AI related tags are the following :

AI_None – The character has no AI.

AI_Old – The character’s AI doesn’t check the Difficulty level, and uses Beta mugen workarounds to activate the AI.

AI_New – The character’s AI checks the Difficulty level directly, and is noticeably easier on lower difficulty, while harder on higher levels.

AI_Only – The character is not playable by a human.

Hentai – The character has sexual/perverted content and is not suitable for people of less than 18 years old. Not adding this tag where it is necessary is a serious breaking of rules, be careful about it. For these characters, use screenshots that show the character in a non-perverted form/stance. If there character doesn’t have one (like it’ always nude), don’t add a screenshot, instead write NO IMAGE in that field.

If you don’t/can’t add tags properly for some reason (Like you don’t know the creation well enough yet), use the tagme tag.

Read the tagging guidelines before adding tags!

Do not add AI or other patches as creations. Instead, post a comment with a link to them on the original creation’s database page.