This page will be an attempt to list all versions of Master of Magic and help you pick which one you want to play, as there are many.

Master of Magic 1.31
This is the last official version of the game. Earlier versions exist but they are definitely not recommended and have a lot more bugs in them, and even worse game balance. If you want the original MoM game, this is your choice. You can buy it from GoG, Steam, or Slitherine’s website.

Master of Magic 1.40n
Also known as Insecticide this is a patch made by Kryub that fixes bugs in the game and also has some AI, UI and other changes but the main focus is bug fixing. Overall better than 1.31 obviously – a game that crashes half frequently is always better – albeit I didn’t like the AI changes – more aggressive AI is a good thing, but this one is way too reckless, so once you figure it out, it’s probably easier to beat. You can get it from the Realms Beyond Forum. Obsolete.

Master of Magic 1.5 (Final)
This is my continuation of the Insecticide patch. Fixes another few hundred bugs, makes diplomacy actually work, and contains some serious AI improvements. Like 1.4, it also has a few changes to map generation such as the amount of treasure. Basically this is a collection of bug fixes and AI improvements I did while making my mod. Obsolete.

Master of Magic 1.51 RCx
This is the next version after 1.50 that has even more of the same – bug fixes and AI improvements. Obsolete.

Master of Magic 1.52+
The first patch that is included in the official game release. If you buy the game, it should be already included.

Caster of Magic
This is my mod. While it mostly retains the original gameplay and rules, it’s a major overhaul to everything else, new or better balanced spells, new or better balanced units, etc. It’s kinda like a sequel to the game than a patch. If you want to play the best one out there, this is for you. However, a fair warning, the AI is quite competent in this one. Unlike the original where even the Impossible difficulty is fairly easy, here you probably want to start out on Normal or even Easy until you become more familiar with what changed. It also has an optional folder included that can turn wizards into anime characters, but you don’t need to use it if you don’t like that stuff. You can purchase this as an addon on GoG, Steam, or Slitherine’s website.