WIP – New hero abilities - February 18, 2016 by Seravy

I’ve added new hero abilities to Caster of Magic. It’s done, and will be included in the next release. There are 9 new abilities : Capacity, Battlemage, Divine Barrier, Guiding Beacon, Supply Commander, Logistics, AEther Master, Ritual Master and Soul Linker.

Master of Magic 1.5 unoffical update, RC1 up for download! - January 1, 2016 by Seravy

Because the bugs I fixed for Caster of Magic certainly deserve to be fixed in the original game too. This aims to be an update to Kyrub’s insecticide project, because he is not going to update it any more.


Caster of Magic 1.0! - December 16, 2015 by Seravy

Caster of Magic 1.0 is available for download now, and 1.1 will be available in a week or so.
Those who have been wondering what this game/mod is, there is a guy named Hadriex on Youtube who uploaded some gameplay videos (he usually plays 2 hours a week every sunday).
First part of his current ongoing game :

And the previous one, he didn’t manage to win here, unfortunately, but I guess that’s not unheard of if you select Impossible difficulty without knowing how the mod changes the game :

Caster of Magic 0.5 is now available for download! - September 27, 2015 by Seravy

The last major update that adds new spells or features.
Future updates will be for balance, fine-tuning, fixing bugs, and improving the AI.

Caster of Magic 0.4! - September 21, 2015 by Seravy

Caster of Magic 0.4 is now up!
The highlights :
-2 new events replacing Mana Short and Disjunction
-Normal roads now cost 1 to move on to match Pathfinding effect
-Enchanted roads now cost 0.5 to move on
-No more freezing during map generation with New Game, as restrictions on town and dungeon placement are less severe.
-Minor adjustments to lairs
-Fixed most remaining bugged gold/power/production displays.
-Accessories no longer cost double mana to create
-Autosave is done every turn now

I obviously didn’t have time to do extensive testing beyond launching the game and see if the changes had the intended effects, so minimal balance or AI related changes this time.

Caster of Magic 0.3! - September 20, 2015 by Seravy

The newest update is available for download.
What’s new?
Plenty of stuff, there is a changelog in the attached document file at the end. Most important are the changes improving the AI and diplomacy.

0.21 fixes a bug introduced by 0.20 - September 14, 2015 by Seravy

Please re-download.

Caster of Magic 0.2! - September 14, 2015 by Seravy

This update deals with the AI, which now recognizes the changed spells properly.
Download link is the same.

- September 11, 2015 by Seravy

And now for something completely different!
I have completed a Master of Magic mod, Caster of Magic !
This allows you to play the old game Master of Magic with seriously improved gameplay! On top of that, if you install the optional Gensokyo folder, the default wizards and heroes will be replaced by Touhou and anime characters!
The file only contains the patch, you need to download the game itself for yourself (Piratebay always helps or it’s on sale at Gog.com I think)

Status update - May 18, 2015 by Seravy

As you have probably noticed, I didn’t make any progress on Mugen the past month.
There is a very simple reason for that : I’ve been working on the Touhou RPG. It’s still very far from completion, but I made good progress. There are monsters up to lv70 now, and one character is already complete with all the skills functional. The crafting system is also working, although most items don’t have a recipe or materials to be made yet.
I’ll most likely continue working on it instead of Mugen for some more time. It would be nice if I could finish an early alpha release this year.

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WIP Status
None at the moment.
Caster of Magic always needs more testing and updates.